Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 27

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Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: Red, Claudiu Wheels

Book 5 Chapter 27: Assault (Part 2)

The bullets flew across the sky, and with the wailing of death, they hit Dreamy’s chest hard, leaving behind three bloody holes in a row and a burning flame. Dreamy’s HP was falling wildly at the rate of 15 points per second.


At the same time, Shen Yi had rapidly swept his body toward the deck. As soon as he landed, three bullets flew towards De Yu, Lu Chio and others.


“Luo Hao!” he shouted.


“Understood!” Fatty slammed his hand and swung a chain.


Containing Chain: a chain that binds and incapacitates the enemy. Bound enemies still have the ability to attack.


As a chain used exclusively for imprisoning opponents, this chain had a strong binding ability, but it had no attacking power. The Containing Chain bypassed No. 47 and flew at Lu Chio. It bound the two at the same time and then flew to De Yu, Lan Bin, and Chen Yi. In a short time all five adventurers except Dreamy were bound by the chains.


At the same time, Shen Yi also rushed over. Flying Claws flew out from his hand, grabbed Dreamy’s neck, and pulled him over.


Flying over the top of Dreamy, Shen Yi and Fatty stood together and shouted to the rear, “Kill him fast!”


Even Xie Rongjun who was hundreds of meters away could also hear this shout clearly through the team channel.


Followed by the Hong Lang, Jin Gang, and Wen Rou trio, they unleashed all their fighting power on Dreamy.


First, using separation and decoy techniques to force team Strike The Blood to actively divide into two teams so as to facilitate their own breakup. Then, with the setup by Shen Yi and Luo Hao, kill off one enemy. That was the core of their operational plan.


In any form of fighting, as long as there was more than one participant, there would inevitably be strategies and tactics. If the choice of Pirates of the Caribbean as a battlefield was a strategic move, then the mode of warfare at the moment was a tactical need.


The strength of team Break Blade was far worse than that of team Strike The Blood. They had to take advantage of their strategy and tactics in order to have a chance to win.


In any type of battle, no matter how many people, no matter how complex the situation, the core purpose was always the same: to create local advantages, and to obtain victory in the overall situation through the victory of a partial battlefield.


Now, in this sea, the battlefield was divided into three parts. The first part was to use the situation to divide the main force of team Strike The Blood, and the second part was to intercept the rest with Shen Yi and Luo Hao. The third part was that Dreamy fell into athe dire situation, being besieged by three people.


No matter how powerful Dreamy was, he could not defeat the trio by himself at all. Not to mention he was an adventurer specialized in mind power. He was better at attacking by skills rather than fighting in close combat.


Choosing Dreamy as the first target was in itself a strategy for the battle. Although his own fighting power was normal, his three skills were quite strong.


Spiritual Seal could seal off opponent’s skills and cause damage. Illusion Spirit could create virtual images. Although it did not possess attack power, several virtual images could confuse opponents. Dream Space was a very powerful and fearful mind-attacking technique that could make one enter a dream and be unable to exit by themselves. It was believed that besides Shen Yi, who had Mental Blessing, no one could fight off this powerful skill. He also had a steady, smart mind and was the brain among team Strike The Blood.


Therefore, Shen Yi’s first killing target was him.


Killing him meant destroying Xie Rongjun’s brain!


At the same time as Shen Yi’s three Fire Bullets hit Dreamy, Jin Gang had already taken the lead and began hitting Dreamy’s body with Cangue And Stocks.


If the other five members of team Strike The Blood wanted to save Dreamy, they had to first go through Shen Yi’s and Luo Hao’s bodies.


It was a fact that Dreamy was fighting one-on-three, but weren’t they fighting two-on-five?


In the eyes of team Strike The Blood’s members, as a strong player in the Common District, a member of the team was only chosen based on personal strength, and they were absolutely the strongest in the Common District. Needless to say, not mentioning a team that had just emerged from the Slums District, even if it was an adventurer who had spent months in the Common District, he could not have been their opponent.


So, when Fatty trapped them, these people did not hurry but decided to take the opportunity to kill Shen Yi and Fatty and then go to save Dreamy.


Dreamy may not be a melee adventurer, but his Vitality was as high as 40 points, so even if he really could not withstand, he could still drink potions. With these five people working together to kill one or two adventurers, it would be much faster than Hong Lang’s trio killing Dreamy.


This idea was fundamentally correct. After all, when Shen Yi had made the trio fight Dreamy to create a partial advantage, he had actually created a partial disadvantage for himself.


However, the disadvantages that come from preparation were completely different from those of the unprepared. The difference lay in one word, prepare.


Since Shen Yi planned use two people’s strength to block the attacks of five members of team Strike The Blood, of course he must have been fully prepared.


When the “River-Blocking Chain Array” was unfolded, Shen Yi and Luo Hao would make today’s battle become a nightmare for team Strike The Blood.






A single arrow took the lead to hit Fatty’s chest and open the prelude to the imminent battle.


Frost Arrow (Rank D): Shoot an arrow to the target, causing damage while also having a freezing effect, slows target’s movement speed and attack speed by 20%.


It was Chen Yi, the only archer in team Strike The Blood.


Fatty did not even dodge. He took the arrow, but it only made the light of his Mana Shield fade a bit. The slow effect was applied, but unfortunately, Fatty did not intend to move. He stood there as if he was rooted, and he did not intend to attack anyone either.


For him, his only role was to trap all the people here and prevent them from leaving this side. As for the others, it was naturally Shen Yi who was responsible for dealing with them.


Chen Ji’s Frost Arrow skill was a waste on him.


At the same time, Lu Chio, Lan Bin, and No. 47 also attacked.


Mind Control (Rank DD): Control the mind of the designated target. The success rate of Mind Control depends on the opponent’s Will, level, mental tenacity, and its skill level. When mind control fails, it produces a stun effect (1-8 seconds) on the caster. When the target character’s level or mental tenacity is higher than the caster, there is a certain chance of backlash. The greater the gap, the higher the chance of backlash.


This was Lu Chio’s skill. He was the same as Dreamy, an adventurer specialized in mind power. The difference was that Dreamy was good at illusion while Lu Chio was good at control.


Although Mind Control was an extremely powerful skill, the success rate was actually very low and the priority was less than 20. Therefore, the skill’s description said “there is a certain chance,”, but as far as he was concerned, that probability wasn’t low.


He knew about Shen Yi’s Mental Blessing, so he used this skill on Luo Hao. As Fatty was a coward, Lu Chio was sure that this skill had a 90% chance of success.


At the same time as he casted, Lan Bin’s wind blade had also cut towards Shen Yi.


As the only adventurer in the team who had a Class, Lan Bin was the one with the most skills. After shooting a wind blade, he immediately followed it with a Flame Impact. He was a Wind Mage, and all wind skills can be directly put into the Class Skill bar. Only skills like  Flame Impact remained in his skill bar.


At the same time, No. 47’s Vulcan guns also roared. As the heaviest of the team, No. 47 was like a small mobile fortress. Wherever he went, he was famous for his powerful attack power.


The three men’s total attack power was very strong. However, at that moment, Shen Yi and Luo Hao did one thing—they swapped positions. They moved when the other party had attacked and completed their respective position changes before being hit. It would be impossible to say that there was no rehearsal in advance.


The first hit was Lu Chio’s Mind Control on Shen Yi—compared to a melee skill, athe ranged skill had a weakness: once the skill was shot, it was out of the user’s control.


The next moment, Lu Chio saw in horror the following scene:


“You used Mind Control on ID E5371.”


“The target has Mental Blessing, the priority of the effect is 31, the target’s Will is 50 points, and the target’s mental tenacity is extremely tough. The probability of success is 0.1%, the odds of backlash is 88%, and the backlash effect is raised to the highest duration.”


“Skill failed, and you are subject to Mind Control’s backlash effect. You fall into the Stun state for 8 seconds.”


Lu Chio was immobile like a clay figurine.


At the same time, Lan Bin’s wind blade and Flame Impact also hit Luo Hao’s body, and the two skills almost destroyed his Mana Shield, but it did not vanish. Luo Hao took a step forward, and raised the Heavy Shield. The bullets that flew towards Shen Yi had been blocked by the shield, with sparks springing brilliantly. Luo Hao’s left hand lifted the shield and pulled the chain with his right hand. He made sure no one could move.


No. 47’s bullets, due to his Expert-level Firearm Forte, were no longer blocked by bullet-proof items. Fatty had to withstand them head-on.


However, while Luo Hao was lifting his shield, the young man with dark hair standing on his side suddenly moved.


When he stood still, he was a handsome guy with a youthful face. But when he moved, he was quick and black like a shadow of death.


Di Yu immediately rushed to Luo Hao’s side, and his hand chopped towards Luo Hao’s head like a sharp knife.


Death Drift (Rank C): approach the opponent with high-speed movements, and deal a  unavoidable blow to the target. The skill’s base attack damage is 60 points, dealing doubles the damage when hitting a weak point.


Di Yu showed his decisiveness and ferocity, beginning his offense with a powerful skill.


When Death Drift hit a weak point, without considering Defense, it could produce up to 240 points of damage. It was probably the most powerful single target attack skill they’ve seen so far and was extremely difficult to avoid.


However, this powerful assault hit Fatty but did not had much effect.


Finally, the Mana Shield cracked and disappeared, but the power of the skill did not diminish, so Fatty’s head was fiercely deflected, and a trace of blood emerged from the corner of his mouth, but otherwise, it was as if nothing had happened.


Di Yu suddenly found that his Rank C skill only caused about 50 points of damage to Fatty.


This discovery shocked him.


How could this be? Was it caused by the excessive cancellation of the previous Mana Shield?


Di Yu’s eyes flashed with light.


In the air, a small devil head with a sturdy image appeared above his back. Its face was like a baby. It issued a sound like crying. The imaginary image of the little devil flew away and flew over to the Fatty’s shoulder, biting him.


Demon Bite (bloodline skill): summons a little demon projection from the abyss to attack the target. The demon is in a projected state, can’t be damaged, attack damage 15-25, duration 15 seconds. Using this skill does not consume MP, and this skill can only be used twice per mission world.

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