Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 28

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Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: Red, Claudiu Wheels

Book 5 Chapter 28: Assault (Part 3)

The most important feature of Bloodline skills was that having a Bloodline meant automatically having all the corresponding skills of that Bloodline. They did not occupy slots on the skill bar and did not consume MP when used, but they had a great limit on the number of uses. The more powerful a Bloodline skill was, the more restrictions on the number of uses.


Even among Rank C skills, the power of Demon Bite was unrivaled. De Yu originally expected to give the other party a heavy hit, but to his surprise, when the little devil bit Fatty’s shoulder, only a few teeth marks appeared.


Damage 1 point.


In other words, Demon Bite did not break Fatty’s defense, so it only caused the basic damage.


De Yu finally understood that the reason Death Drift caused a small amount of damage before was not because the Mana Shield had neutralized most of it.


Death Drift was powerful because it could quadruple its damage, but the damage was multiplied after considering the enemy’s Defense, rather than before. In other words, Fatty’s Defense must be at least 30 to 40 points. If this was really the case, then Demon Bite became useless.


He couldn’t understand how Fatty had such high Defense.


However, he did not even have time to think carefully because just as he used these two skills, Shen Yi also did two things.


The Medal of Honor in his left hand summoned five soldiers, which encircled No. 47. His right hand pulled the trigger while aiming toward Lan Bin.


No. 47’s Vulcan guns swept toward the soldiers. He knew that they were merely cannon fodder, unable to stand the blows. He did not expect that the five soldiers had just paused a bit after were shot, then rush forward again.


The bullets hit them, exposing the alloy skeleton inside. Seeing that, No. 47’s eyeballs almost popped out in anger.


They turned out to be cyborgs like him!


Mechanical fighters vs mechanical fighters, which also meant that both had similar weaknesses.


Five cyborg soldiers rushed to No. 47’s side, two of them holding both of No. 47’s arms, while the other three launched fan-shaped attacks at No. 47. The bullets hit No. 47’s body, sparks flaring up.


No. 47 screamed. Several saw disks flew out from the middle of his armored body of steel, like the miniature version of the Harvester. They spun at a very high speed, flew toward the arms of the five soldiers. However, these five soldiers had alloy skeleton bodies, and it would not be easy to cut them down in a short time.


Moreover, these five cyborg soldiers were well-coordinated, and if one couldn’t hold on anymore, its position would immediately be filled by another soldier. The retired cyborg would immediately return to Shen Yi to be restored by his Activation.


The five mechanical fighters were not No. 47’s opponents, but it was still possible to entangle him on the other side for a period of time so that he could not attack.


At the same time, Lan Bin prepared his third skill.


Shen Yi fired at him at this time. The bullet flew like a meteor from the sky hitting Lan Bin’s chest.


The power of this blow was surprisingly huge. One shot knocked out 70-80 points from his HP. Lan Bin shouted in pain. He knew that this was the result of Shen Yi’s use of mana-imbued bullets. But the thing that actually shocked him the most was finding his own MP suddenly reduced by two points.


To use Wind Wings, he had consumed a lot of MP before. As a Mage, he had multiple skills, but the most troublesome thing was always the lack of MP, so he couldn’t use his skills as he pleased. This attack not only caused him serious harm, but also took two points from his MP. He was so angry that he almost vomited blood.


However, in the next second, two more bullets flew towards him.




Cangue And Stocks(1) (level 1), after hitting the target, deals [ 0.5 x Strength ] damage, also produces a Sealing effect, the target cannot use skills (not including equipment skills), duration of 3-5 seconds, and a Binding effect, the target is unable to move, the duration of 3-6 seconds. After the effect ends, continues to cause a 10% reduction in movement speed, duration 1 minute. Priority 32.


On the other side of the battlefield, Dreamy knew he was in danger.


Jin Gang’s Strength was not high, this punch’s attack damage was about a dozen points, taking into account Dreamy’s Defense, it only caused 3 poor points of damage, but that was not the purpose of the punch. Now Dreamy fell into a dangerous situation.


Similar to Dreamy’s sealing skill, Jin Gang’s Cangue And Stocks applied a Sealing effect in close combat, albeit with a shorter duration, but the seal was more capable. With this hit, Dreamy suddenly felt that all his Skills were not available.


He groaned embarrassingly and jumped up, trying to get himself out of the encirclement and return to his comrades, but he found himself unable to jump.


At this time, Hong Lang had already been used Strong Impact. Dreamy, being unable to move could not avoid it. Because of Strong Impact had already reached level 6, it caused damage equal to 2.2 times the Strength after hitting the target. The attack actually caused more than 130 points of damage to Dreamy. It was so painful that Dream couldn’t shout, only murmured, “Your strength…”


“Yes, it has gone up again,” Hong Lang laughed.


With his left hand raised, a mass of white light flickered over his wrist and Thunder Strike activated.


In order to ensure an instant kill, Shen Yi also gave his Thunder Gauntlet to Hong Lang, making Hong Lang’s Strength reached 65 points, which was rare in Common District.


This hit gave Dreamy another 100 points of damage, which made his whole body curled up like a lobster. He resisted the pain and took out a bottle of healing potion to drink, but unfortunately, the HP he could recover from the potion was far lower than the damage he suffered.


The katana in Wen Rou’s right hand had released a brilliant light.


Katana’s item skill – Chaotic Edge Cut: After the use of the target to create a continuous attack damage six times, each damage is 70% the normal damage.


Soon after Dreamy recovered some of his HP, six consecutive strikes hit him.


He yelled and raised a hand to send a wave of mental force at Jin Gang. This skill was from his Disillusionment Bracelet skill, which was not in the scope of the seal. Jin Gang only felt a sharp pain in his brain, he yelled, held his head and stepped back.


Dreamy immediately chose to attack Jin Gang because he knew that this guy was an adventurer specialized in CC skills. Once Jin Gang was allowed to shorten the distance, then the effect of the other skills would come right after, and without a doubt the next attack would be a Heavy Strike.


So anyway, he had to first abolish this annoying guy.


Team Strike The Blood collected information about their specialty, and not only that.


However, the price for this attack was being hit by Hong Lang’s fierce battle axe, followed by another skill from Wen Rou.


Katana’s item skill 2 – Power Cut: double damage of the next attack.


Wen Rou’s current Strength was not high, so the effect of this skill is not as powerful as Chaotic Edge Cut. It only cuts down a little more than 20 points of his HP. However, under repeated attacks, Dreamy’s remaining HP is not enough.


This guy could be said to be the most difficult adventurer they had to deal with until now. An adventurer specialized in mind power, with extremely high Vitality, and his response speed was not low either. So, even if the three attacked him together, using multiple skills, they were still unable to kill him. Jin Gang still felt like his skull was cracked apart after being hit.


Even so, Dreamy was unable to support the attacks, so he screamed: “Save me!”




The two Fire Bullet flew towards Lan Bin like two fireballs, but a shield with bluish water color suddenly appeared in Lan Bin’s hand. The fireballs hit the shield and disappeared.


Mana Barrier (Rank D, level 4): creates a shield that has 400 AP, Defense 8 that can absorb damage. Cost: 5MP


Lan Bin’s Mana Barrier and Luo’s Mana Shield were similar, but Luo’s Mana Shield was a passive defense worn on the body, while Mana Barrier was a shield that has to be held in hands and was an active defense.


This was the biggest difference between a shield and an armor. The former is more defensive, while the latter is more convenient to use.


After Lan Bin blocked the wave of attacks with his shield, he shouted to cast another skill.


Wind Arrow (Rank D), inflicts 60 damage to the target, with an additional wind blade attack following, randomly causing 1 to 12 wind-element damage.


Shen Yi stepped backwards, with Fatty blocking in front of him.


This skill, was blocked by Fatty on his own..


The skill hit Fatty showing a value of 16 points of damage. The additional wind blade attack only did 1 damage.


This result was so low that Lan Bin was a little confused.


Shen Yi knew that this would be the outcome, so he smiled disdainfully.


At the same time, No. 47, who was trapped by five mechanical soldiers suddenly flew up. He kicked a soldier, sending it flying. At the same time the Vulcan gun in his right hand disappeared, being replaced by a silver revolver.


Seeing this gun, Shen Yi’s face has also slightly changed.


Death Revolver (Rank DD), gun kinetic energy bonus damage 48, bullet damage 18, attacking the target with three special damage of freezing, fire, lightning. 1/40 seconds.


“Don’t fight Fatty, attack Shen Yi!” Lan Bin shouted. “Fatty’s defense is very high!”


He did not expect that No. 47 would turn a deaf ear and still shoot at Fatty.




Smoke came from the barrel of the gun.


The huge roar sounded like thunder when the bullet flew out. It was so deafening that everyone’s ears shook.


Fatty’s body suddenly fell back a few steps, blood bursting out from his chest, and there was even electricity lingering around the wound.


“You were attacked by the Death Revolver, causing 25 damage. The bullets were accompanied by lightning-element damage, causing 12 damage.”


“How could this be?” everyone exclaimed at the same time.


The Death Revolver was one of the strongest pistols, slow and powerful, and was known as the king of short range guns. It was one of the best short-distance firearms. In addition to the great power and slow speed, this gun had two more characteristics. It was possible to use any of the bullets below Rank C, it could even even use Rank C bullets but not possible to use with any gun skill. However, in terms of damage, this gun is powerful enough even if it was not used with gun skills.


No. 47 was the only pure mechanized and fortified individual in team Strike The Blood. At the same time, he was also good with handguns. He was an Expert-level Firearm Fort. Vulcan gun was suitable to deal with a large number of enemies, while combine with the Death Revolver was suitable for dealing with a small number of strong enemies.


The damage of Death Revolver was only slightly lower than that of a Rank D skill.


No. 47 finally managed to free himself up from the cyborgs and fired a powerful shot at Luo Hao, but it only inflicted limited damage.


Lan Bin could not help himself and finally shouted, “I told you attack Shen Yi!”


No. 47 said, “I want him to live. He has what I want.”


“Damn!” Lan Bin was angered. He naturally knew what No. 47 wanted, but his behavior was so awful.


Chen Yi shouted, “How much Defense does that damned Fatty have anyway?”


De Yu replied, “His defense should not be less than 35 to 40 points, and maybe he also has damage reduction, so our attacks can only deal 30% to 50% of the damage at most.”


His previous two-handed skill had limited damage, and then the damage from his next attack on Fatty with was minimal, so he finally determined that Fatty’s Defense was already extremely high.


Everyone was stunned when they heard De Yu’s explanation.


Even if Xie Rongjun activated Guarding Fortress, it may not make his defense so high!


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