Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 29

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Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: Claudiu Wheels, Red

Book 5 Chapter 29: Onslaught (Part 1)

No one could understand why Fatty had such high defense.


Shen Yi gave a sly laugh.


He pressed his left hand on Fatty and activated Despicable Healing Art. Fatty’s lost HP recovered instantly.


No one thought this battle was going to be decided by Fatty.


Thunder Bracelet was given to Hong Lang, but Hong Lang’s Armor of the Guardian and Belt of the Guardian were given to Luo Hao. Armor of the Guardian and Belt of the Guardian added 24 Defense, weakening the damage by 10%, while also reducing the damage from special effects.


The one responsible to break through only had to consider how to enhance one’s defensive capabilities, and the one responsible for sieging only needed to consider how to strengthen the offensive power.


Heavy Shield, Mana Shield, Armor of the Guardian, Belt of the Guardian, plus up to 42 Vitality and his own defense, in the entire Common District, very few adventurers were as tough as Fatty.


Even so, Shen Yi was not satisfied. It could be said he was  abnormal in the pursuit of the extreme.


Wen Rou also gave Fatty her Recovery Ring, so  Fatty’s self-recovery ability increased too, and the Scroll of Upgrading Forte (Swimming) was also given to him so that he could get a 20% bonus when he was fighting on a special terrain like a ship. Team Strike The Blood had no influence on the board of the ship because of their lack of water training. Their strength was greatly affected, the strengths of the two sides was shifting, and Shen Yi’s Despicable Healing Art was used only as a backup…


It could  be said that Shen Yi had long been planning and made sufficient preparations for today. Even Shen Yi himself had equipped Jin Gang’s high-quality heart guards.


No one thought that the humble Fatty would be the key to winning the game.


All of the information previously obtained by team Strike The Blood pointed toward Fatty being the most useless person in team #641.


But this insignificant coward was now a great wall of steel that stood in front of everyone blocking their way to rescuing their teammate.


This was the difference between being prepared and being unprepared!


With the current strength of Fatty and Shen Yi, it would be reasonable to say that winning against the five was impossible, but there was absolutely no problem with holding them up for a few minutes.


However, Dreamy couldn’t wait for that long.


It would be a miracle for him to withstand half a minute, but he could not hold on for longer than that.


“Lan Bin, Chen Yi, save him!” De Yu shouted.


At this moment, Xie Rongjun and the others were not here. The only one who could save Dreamy was a long-ranged adventurer.


Lan Bin waved his hand and a Wing of Wind has formed in the palm of his hand. This skill had a short cooldown. He could use only the power of Wind Wing as much as he wanted to take Dreamy to the air.


At the same time, Chen Yi also bent his bow to shoot an arrow. The target of this arrow was Hong Lang.


Among the three siege adventurers, Hong Lang had the highest strength, the strongest attack damage, and was the greatest threat. He was not seeking to kill Hong Lang, but at least to force him stop attacking Dreamy.


However, at the same time as his two shots were launched, Shen Yi also made his move.


It was two rounds of bullets targeting Lan Bin – he was actually thinking that Lan Bin would attack continuously.


The bullets circulated with a strange light. Obviously, they were two special bullets that had been imbued with mana.


Lan Bin moved the Mana Barrier in his hand to block. He did not expect two rounds of bullets to suddenly change their path, flying from the sides of the shield hitting Lan Bin’s chest.


Lan Bin shouted into the sky as the Wings of Wind in his hand could no longer be released. He was too busy to drink a potion and glared at Shen Yi. “Arc Trajectory?”


Shen Yi shrugged. “You should know you can’t hide.”


The Medal of Honor flashed and an ordinary soldier suddenly appeared above his head.


At the same time, Chen Yi had also released another Frost Arrow.


This arrow broke through and was blocked by ordinary soldier summoned by Shen Yi. The soldier couldn’t even scream, dying right on the spot. However, this skill was wasted.


Being blocked in such a way, the remote skills of both people were wasted.


At this time, Jin Gang had already awoke from the stun caused by Mind-Blowing Shock wave. He rushed to his enemy again. Dreamy knew he was in a dire situation, so he quickly drank a bottle of potion, and shouted for the second time, “Save me!”


This shrill cry came straight to Xie Rongjun’s ear.


“Dreamy!” He called for help two times, the gap between them was actually only a few seconds.


In fact, the entire battle from beginning to the present happened in less than a minute. But in this short one minute, every second had been actually full of danger.


Even if he couldn’t see the battle situation hundreds of meters away, Xie Rongjun felt the danger Dreamy was facing at the moment. He shouted, “Go back and save them!”


Although he shouted, he also knew that saving Dreamy’s life in this situation was hard, he was afraid that it would be too late.


Shen Yi was not there, that made the balance of power between the two sides broken, and his inadequate preparations made Shen Yi even more unpredictable. Xie Rongjun seriously miscalculated the situation between the enemy’s side and his.


This fatal error was due to his arrogance because he had a strong team of his own. It was impossible to devote himself to this battle like Shen Yi and fight it out as a war.


It could be said that Xie Rongjun’s mistakes were not due to his stupidity, but because his position in no way led him to face and handle a fight between the two sides. This would inevitably lead to such consequences. If he really had to go all out to think about how to deal with a team that had just risen from the slums, I’m afraid that the members of his team would first look down on him.


“I’m sorry. My owner needs you to stay here for the time being. If you can… better never leave.” The cold voice broke Xie’s illusions.


Xie Rongjun suddenly looked at the T-1000, and suddenly he felt a strange sense of vibration under his feet.


“Not good! There are explosives underneath! Run!”


At the same time, the six members of team Strike The Blood also noticed that something was wrong, and jumped toward the sea.




A loud blast.


The Potato, which was still a well-maintained ship, was like a cracked apple slammed by bullets. Wood chips flew like bullets and rushed into the air with blood.


The shock waves generated by the huge explosion were like fierce big slaps, hitting six adventurers and instantly pushing them by tens of meters.


Xie Rongjun vomited a large mouthful of blood and fell in the water.


That f*****g son of a bitch. He had put at least hundreds of kilograms of explosives on the Potato to have such a powerful blow.


How much preparation did he make to deal with me?


Xie Rongjun feared in his heart.


He did not surfaced yet, but countless rounds of bullets had started rushing from the other four boats toward the sea, hitting the surface of the sea making it look like a small fountain.


Xie Rongjun just raised his head from underwater when a bullet flicked over his face leaving behind a small trace of blood. Xie Rongjun yelled, “De Yu, save Dreamy, quick!”


At this moment, he could still think of saving Dreamy, showing that he did have the responsibility of a captain.


However, in the next second, he heard a cold, ruthless reminder.


“Your team member Dreamy has died, 2000 BP will be deducted from each member of team Strike The Blood. You can choose to pay with an equivalent piece of equipment.


You have a special item: Book of Untrust. You can choose to use the Book of Untrust to reject this deduction. The number of remaining uses: 8/10.”




Dreamy was dead.


He died under the combined attacks of Hong Lang and Jin Gang.


His death wasn’t deserved, but it was also deserved. It wasn’t deserved because he had barely had the opportunity to exert his strength being suppressed from the very beginning.


It was deserved because, for the purpose of killing him, Hong Lang trio almost used all their skills. Strong Impact, Cangue And Stocks, Heavy Strike.., almost all their skills were used on him, and also three successive crowd-control skills to not give him any chance to counter.


Just after killing Dreamy, the trio kicked his body to Shen Yi, who grasped the dead body and use Steal.


Steal failed.


“You have killed a member of team Strike The Blood. You will get three random items or a specific item on him.”


Shen Yi said, “Specify items: Diffusion Bracelets.”


“You receive the designated item Diffusion Bracelets (Rank C): Enhance effects of spiritual Skill or Psychic Power. Item Skill: Mind-Blowing Shockwave – causing 30 mental damage to the target and make the target fall into the inattentive state, duration 3-6 seconds.”


Shen Yi did not wait for the message to end and threw the bracelet to Fatty. “Wear it!”


Fatty took over the equipment, his movement was fluent.


From Hong Lang and others kicking the body to Fatty equipping, this set of actions was very smooth and skillful. This could be done in such a way as to kill and seize equipment in combat. It obviously could only be done by training in advance.


Killing Dreamy first, then grabbing the bracelet, and immediately giving it to Fatty to equip it. All these actions deeply angered the other members.


However, things had not yet finished. After taking the equipment, Shen Yi threw the body to Chen Yi. Chen Yi instinctively took the body, but suddenly found himself swaying. When he wasn’t paying attention, Fatty had released the Containing Chain on their own bondage.


He was stunned for a moment, not realizing Shen Yi’s Flying Claws were also coming. It grabbed Chen Yi and shoved him toward himself. “Go!”


Chen Yi’s was swung over the head and flew backwards.


Like picking up toys, Hong Lang and others “welcomed” him with an axe, katana, knuckles, and whips, all at the same time… They were actually determined to kill everyone here.


Dreamy was the first but not the only one. Chen Yi was the second one.


If the  choice to kill Dreamy first was because of his special skills and his role in the team, then the reason for choosing to kill Chen Yi was much simpler.


He was the easiest one to kill among all the people here. A ranged adventurer in melee combat, it was destined to be a tragedy.


When Hong Lang and others killed Dreamy, they needed time for their skills’ cooldown and regain their fighting power, so Shen Yi could pick him up. A common attack by three melee adventurers was enough to deal with a ranged adventurer. Perhaps the killing will not proceed too fast, but at least for Hong Lang, this was still a winning battle without suspense.


“A*****e!” Seeing Chen Yi being pulled, all the members of team Strike The Blood were red-eyed.


What team Break Blade did at the moment was simply unheard of before.


They disguised themselves, they lurked, they sneaked, they killed, they did it all, they also grabbed equipment and even rushed to kill.


The imprisoned chain was like a fence, blocking all adventurers to get out. Everyone was a pig and could only wait for Hong Lang and the others to slaughter them.


This kind of thing happened to the strongest team in Common District, it’s so insulting!


The first one to run away was Lu Chi who had recovered from the backlash of his skill.



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