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Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 3 - Zenith Novels

Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 3

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Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: Damnation

Book 5 Chapter 3: An Impossible Task

This is a competition of luxury.


500 BP, equivalent to 50,000 RMB in the real world, and in some level of meaning it could be worth more than that because it could become adventurer’s own strength and make a more secure life.


Now, the five adventurers of team #641 have spent the equivalent of 250,000 RMB in a day to buy furniture, decorate the room, and make themselves comfortable.


This command of Shen Yi may be the most painful yet favorite order for the members.


In addition to the most basic living needs, Hong Lang bought himself a full box of Havana cigars and a small amount of marijuana. This guy was addicted to smoking. In his words: The greatest advantage in the city is that you can enjoy the delicious taste of tobacco without fear of its poisoning.


Jin Gang added a luxury home theater to himself and installed a lot of movies and games. This showed that Jin Gang is a very thoughtful person. Most of the mission worlds were the movie worlds. Watching movies was not only an enjoyment but also a learning and preparation process. In the past, everyone could only look at the data in an hour of preparation time. As for now, everyone can get ready earlier.


Luo Hao bought himself a lot of food and wine. He specially equipped himself with a luxury wine cabinet filled with various red wines. It’s hard to imagine that this Fatty has an extraordinary love for wine. He likes to drink red wine and prefers to collect wine bottles. For him, it is a symbol of taste and style. As stupid, timid, and fearful of death Fatty was, he still knew how to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.


Wen Rou spent great efforts to decorate her room. The bedroom was finished with jing beautiful wallpaper. A lovely Barbie doll was placed on the bed. The floor was made out of wood and was covered with a carpet. Between the bedroom and the living room, a curtain was made with beads. On the walls are white tiles, accompanied by red velvet curtains. In some obscure corners, they were decorated with flowers and some small carvings. Wen Rou’s flower arrangement art is good, and after those flower branches are weaved by her slender hands, they are exceptionally fresh to any onlookers.


This made Hong Lang’s heart jumped few times, and they all let Wen Rou decorate their rooms. Unfortunately, the BP in the plan were all consumed. It was found that the renovation of the original 50,000 RMB took into account the needs of furniture, that investment was not really large—it was quite a kind of impulse to increase investment.


“One can understand one person from one’s consumption perspective”. Hong Lang and Luo Hao are obviously impulsive consumers. Jin Gang is delicate, and he is not forgetting the practicality while pursuing enjoyment. Wen Rou woman’s instinct has made her pay attention to the quality of life. Even in this precarious world, she would also choose to live a good life every day.


As for Shen Yi, he chose a luxury kitchen and put a large sofa and a large meeting table in the living room. Bloody City also has raw food for sale, which is cheaper, but few adventurers choose to cook for themselves.


On the evening of the same day, Shen Yi personally made a sumptuous dinner. Hong Lang drooled while eating: “I will come here to eat every day. Anyway, if you buy this kitchen and won’t use it frequently, it is wasteful.”


“Me too!” “Me too!” Both Jin Gang and Luo Hao raised their hands.


Shen Yi did not hesitate to refuse: “Do not even think about it, occasionally inviting you to eat is no problem, but cook for you every day? No, not interested.”


For Shen Yi, creating food was actually a kind of spiritual relaxation and pastime. Making something delicious for yourself was one thing, but working free for everyone daily was another matter.


Wen Rou tilted her mouth: “What a pity, I still want to eat your Western-style dessert.”


“If you like it, I’ll do it for you.” Shen Yi answered with a smile.


All people whistled together, the treatment for the beauty was really different.


At that time, Fatty looked at him and wanted to say something. After all, he didn’t say anything.


However, Shen Yi was sensitively aware of it. He smiled and said: “Luo Hao, ask what you want to ask.”


“Hey. I just wanted to say why we have to spend so much BP. In fact, everyone can live a simpler life.”


“Nothing, I just don’t want everyone to be too wronged. You know, Luo Hao, do you know that in order to strengthen your capital and harder to compress your survival needs, it is actually a way of fear? This kind of fear makes you take all your attention. Focusing on the monthly mission, you have neglected many things that you can cherish. In fact, as long as we are willing to live, we can still live comfortably in the city. But because of the lack of confidence in the future, many people are left behind. Obviously qualified to live a good life but dare not let it go…”


After thinking about it, Shen Yi continued: “In fact, there is no need for it. Adventurers are like a knife. The mission world is the goal we are going to cut. A good life is a sharpening stone. Give yourself a better life. The environment can make us feel happy, and the gods will be relaxed and will not be nervous every day. This will be very helpful to our future.”


“The mission world is a stressful, nerve-tight place. If you go back to the city and you have nerve tension every day, you will collapse sooner or later. So the money you spend will be spent, no matter how frugal you are. Giving yourself a good mood. Sometimes it’s more important than anything. At least that’s when we’re alive, we can feel that we haven’t wasted our lives.”


Saying, Shen Yi raised a few glasses to Hong Lang: “Come and do this, everyone will take a rest early. There are still many things to do tomorrow.”




Early in the morning, Wen Rou came to look for Shen Yi and found that he had already got up. He was still holding the PDA and was analyzing something.


Wen Rou hooked his neck from behind, pressing her body against his back and softly said, “How come you are up so early?”


For Wen Rou, this kind of affection with Shen Yi like today was very natural.


“I didn’t sleep at all.” Shen Yi answered with a smile.


Wen Rou gave a strange look at Shen Yi. She stuck to his neck: “Yesterday you said we must rest early and relax, but you worked so hard yourself.”


Shen Yi patted her little hand: “Nothing, when I was researching, I just fell into a focus state. So I forgot about the time. It’s pure interest, and it has nothing to do with stress.”


Wen Rou immediately guessed that Shen Yi was definitely studying the research and development capabilities of Skynet. According to Lan Yan, Skynet’s research and development capabilities are extremely powerful, but it is not easy to transform these technologies into actual products.


None in Bloody City have successfully done it before.


“Is there any result?”


Shen Yi pulled Wen Rou over and placed her on his thigh: “First kiss me and I will tell you.”


Wen Rou was shy, and she looked at Shen Yi with a bashful glance.


Then she actually gently kissed Shen Yi’s lips.


The kiss is like a stimulus in the Shen Yi heart, his blood madly rushed through his body.


He fiercely embraced Wen Rou, and his hands stretched out inwardly into her clothing, and at the same time, he wrapped his tongue with her.


At the same time, the two people’s breathing became a little rough. Sitting gently on Shen Li’s lap, she gently swayed her body. She could feel the change from Shen Yi’s lower body, as well as what possibly happen next.


To be honest, she did not resist.


For men and women struggling for survival in life and death, they may have something to do earlier instead of waiting until now.


But at this moment, a voice suddenly sounded: “Maybe I should warn you, my master, in this room, there are not just you two.”


The voice startled her and she quickly looked back and saw a smile on her palm-top screen that mimics the Shen Yi face.


“Shut up, Zeus.” Shen Yi was not good enough to answer.


“Please don’t misunderstand, Master. As far as I know, human beings do not like to have other people besides them when they engage in such behaviors. Although I’m not human, you know that I already have some human emotions and corresponding wisdom. So… maybe you should turn me off first.”


Shen Yi did not have the nerve to turn off this mouthful computer, but Wen Rou gently blocked him.


In her eyes, the clear has been restored: “Do the main business first.”


“Damn it!” Shen Yi patted it on the table.


After thinking about it, he said, “Go and call all of them.”


Ten minutes later, everyone gathered in Shen Yi’s room.


Shen Yi cleared his throat and said to the crowd: “Our biggest reward this time is Zeus. I studied the night on this wafer chip and see what it can bring us. To put it plainly, this is for the problem whether is this guy worth it for us to have lost all the extra rewards.”


Speaking of this, Shen Yi patted this PDA: “Zeus, tell everyone what you have.”


In the computer, the image of Zeus suddenly changed into Wen Rou’s appearance, and at the same time, a female voice was released: “Hello, everyone, I’m Skynet’s intelligent program Zeus, who is currently obeying my master Shen Yi. As an advanced intelligent program, I am upgradeable. I have the ability of an AI system, at the same time, my program includes a lot of scientific and technological knowledge, which is also my greatest value.”


“What can you do?” asked Jin Gang.


“Many. I know almost all of modern human scientific and technological knowledge, but also include some future technology… It is future technology for you. These technologies include all models of Terminator manufacturing technology, some high-tech cutting-edge weapons manufacturing technology and some include satellites, spacecraft manufacturing technology.”


Hong Lang grinned: “It sounds like you can do anything.”


“It is true, but all I can offer is technology.”


Wen Rou took a step forward: “What are the conditions for turning technology into finished products?”


“Many. First of all, my technical reserves must be researched and developed to complete it. If you want to develop a certain technology you need to invest in the corresponding level of BP. In addition to having a high level of technology, you must first develop a low-level technology foundation. To have T-800’s manufacturing technology, one must first possess the manufacturing technology of T-750, and so on, but because my master has autonomously acquired all Terminator manufacturing techniques related to production from T-600 to T-800 in the world of Terminator, as well as the Harvester and cyborg’s production technology, so this part of the technology does not require additional investment … Master, you must be fortunate that the rule executor did not delete your memory of this part and the relevant information on the computer.”


“This does not require you to remind me, Zeus. Keep going.”


“The second is that it takes a long time to make a Terminator. The best way to build these products in large quantities is to build a production line. Getting the production line is the most difficult part of all the links.”


Hong Lang asked quickly: “How difficult?”


Without waiting for Zeus to answer, Shen Yi already said: “To get a T-600 production line, we must apply to Bloody City. I have tried yesterday and guess what kind of price the city has given me?”


“How much?” everyone felt bad.


“Sixty thousand BP.” Shen Yi replied: “And one such production line can only be used to produce 100 sets of T-600 … which have no Energy Core.”


Hong Lang and others looked at each other.


This investment price and use restrictions are also far too ridiculous.


Shen Yi laughed: “This is just one of the production lines. Skynet has hundreds of technology reserves. Theoretically speaking, if we want to turn all the technology owned by Skynet into reality, the funds that we need to invest can be up to tens of millions of BP, this is only the requirements of Rank CC. If you want to have more powerful technology enhancements, I’m afraid I have to add a lot of zeros to the back. What Lan Yan said, there are people who previously obtained the Skynet program, but no one can really use its role as an adventurer. It means that no one can ever mass-produce these sophisticated weapons through the construction line. And some of these high-end weapons cannot be built without a production line. It is concluded that, for example, Energy Cores requires sixteen different production lines to operate at the same time. The same amount of production is limited, and different types of Energy Cores have different production line requirements.”


“The last thing is that these things cannot be sold. That is to say, we cannot use prior investments to change to a batch of Terminators, then sell them and then repatriate funds… We cannot expand production through business methods.”


Everyone heard almost fainted.


What Skynet owns is actually a science and technology reserve for a huge technological equipment manufacturing plant.


If they can build this mega-factory, they will no longer need to purchase any technology products from Bloody City to obtain a large number of weapons and equipment.


However, the huge demand for building this mega-factory is an astronomical figure.


This does not include the human and material resources needed to maintain the operation of this plant.


No wonder the law enforcer said that Skynet is the most powerful and most useless tasteless reward.


In order to truly bring value to these technologies, it is necessary to invest a huge amount of money.


“This is simply an impossible task.” Hong Lang murmured.


Shen Yi laughed: “There is no task that can’t be accomplished in Bloody City. It only depends on whether you have found a way to success. When a mountain is placed in front of us, if we can’t climb, it often means that we have to go around this mountain.”


“You found a way to accomplish this?”


“I only found the idea of completing it.”


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