Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 30

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Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: Claudiu Wheels, Red

Book 5 Chapter 30: Onslaught (Part 2)

For an adventurer specialized in CC to be stunned by his own skill, it was absolutely shameful for Lu Chio. His skills were mostly in mental control, so Shen Yi was his nemesis, but Lu Chio’s biggest trump card was not his skills.


He had been selected as a reserve member by team Strike The Blood, so he naturally had his uniqueness — he was the only one who had a special Practicing Manual.


At this moment, Lu Chio raised his hands and spat out a word.




As soon as the word was spoken, it looked as if something started attaching itself to Lu Chio. His body suddenly swelled up. On his slightly slimmer body, the muscles bulged up, becoming blocks and almost ripping off his clothes. His skeleton also grew, making him taller.




With the second word, Lu Chio rushed toward Shen Yi as fast as a running horse.


“Is this the so-called Words of Truth? It doesn’t look very impressive,” Shen Yi laughed.


He knew about Lu Chio’s Words of Truth for a long time. It was a kind of verbal skill that used language to alter reality. It was quite similar to Great Prophecy (1).


However, since Words of Truth was not Great Prophecy, it was impossible to say anything at will. Every word that could be used by Words of Truth had its unique requirements and could not be arbitrarily used.


In addition, one of the basic features of Practicing Manuals was that they did not increase the ability for instant destruction and only increased the ability to continue fighting. Therefore, Words of Truth did not cause direct damage to any target, but it could produce various special effects on the target. However, most of these effects were limited in duration, and most of them could not be overlapped.


In other words, when he would use a word of truth, he couldn’t use a second word. Otherwise, the effects of the previous word would be lost.


“Force” and “Speed” were the only exceptions because they belonged to the basic words, but they could only be used to strengthen the user.


In addition, once the actual words used by the same person were repeated, their effect would be greatly reduced.


“You’ll soon know!” Lu Chio shouted at this moment.


He fiercely punched toward Shen Yi, who stepped back half a step to continue to let Fatty tank in the forefront while the Spirit Flame Gun in his right hand aimed at Lu Chio’s head.


“Piercing Bullet,” Shen Yi coldly spat out.


The gun automatically switched to Piercing Bullet magazines, but when Shen Yi was about to shoot, Lu Chio suddenly roared like thunder, “Break!”


This word was like a mental shock, actually bombarding Shen Yi’s heart and shocking his brain. Even with his Mental Blessing, he could not stop the effects of this word, and for a brief moment, he fell into a state of absent-mindedness. Lu Chio had been rushing towards Shen Yi, and he punched him in his lower abdomen.


This punch was strengthened by “Force” and “Speed”, so its power was devastating and sent Shen Yi flying.


Fatty wanted to help, but he was now being attacked by De Yu and Lan Bin at the same time.


In the eyes of the dark-haired young man De Yu, a flash of light blinked, and he suddenly shot a wave of blood.


Blood Wrath (Rank DD, level 6): Deals 30 damage after hitting the target, the target also becomes its own blood bag. When using ordinary attacks to damage the opponent, regardless which part of the opponent is hit, causes Bleeding effect.


With Fatty’s Defense, Blood Wrath couldn’t harm him, but its effect could not be ignored. De Yu then flashed, and a punch hit the heavy shield. The Heavy Shield was not affected at all, but on Fatty’s left shoulder a crack appeared, blood oozing out from the wound, causing 5 points of damage.


As soon as Fatty staggered, De Yu hit the Heavy Shield with his backhand.


More than a dozen punches hit the heavy shield. More than a dozen wounds appeared on Fatty’s body, followed by a horrible DOT effect.


Fatty was scared. He did not expect the opponent to find his weakness so quickly and to also find a way to exploit it.


It was true that Fatty’s defenses were strong, but he could not withstand special damage that ignores his defenses.


However, such damage was generally a collateral effect and required to continuously attack the opponent to rely on cumulative effects. Other adventurers would not give their opponent too many opportunities to attack them. Moreover, each time the opponent would attack also presented an opportunity to counter-attack.


But Fatty was different.


He would only defend and not attack. Facing De Yu’s high-speed blows, he had no ability to interrupt them.


So what Fatty really feared were not the high-level skills with particularly strong attack damage but those that ignore his defense and had continuous additional damage effects.


Shen Yi expected that this situation would eventually be discovered by their opponents, but he did not expect them to discover it so quickly in such a high-intensity battle. Unexpectedly, De Yu was a fighting genius and only spent a short time finding out what Fatty’s weakness was.


Learning from De Yu, Lan Bin also used a skill — Wind Erosion.


Wind Erosion (Rank D): After attacking the target it applies a Corruption effect, the initial damage is 25 points, then it causes 6 fixed damage per second. Duration 8 seconds.


No.47 shouted in the distance and jumped. With his huge body jumping, the entire ship shook. No. 47 twisted the neck of a mechanical soldier. The mechanical soldier collapsed on the spot. With a single hand, No.47 lifted the Vulcan gun and fired a row of bullets toward Luo Hao.


Spiral Shot: Fire twelve high-speed rotating bullets at the same time. The bullets continue to maintain their kinetic energy after hitting the target, causing damage with an internal burst.


As soon as No.47 fired, the mechanical soldier who had just been killed by No.47 exploded abruptly. His flesh and blood spurted on No.47’s face and dealt a dozen of points of damage.


The self-explosion was the last killing move of the mechanical soldiers. Unfortunately, No. 47 had a very high defense. Therefore, this powerful explosion did not cause him any significant harm. He was just covered with blood and mechanical parts which made him angry.


But Fatty’s situation wasn’t that good.


With De Yu’s attack, everyone had found and actually took advantage of his weakness at the same time.


At this moment, Fatty only felt that all kinds of energies were raging inside his body, and his HP was plunging down. The fear in his heart suddenly increased to the point where it could no longer grow.


He was originally a person with little courage. With Professor X’s help, he could finally allow his Danger Perception to temporarily absorb fear. But the amount of fear that could be absorbed was limited. It may not had been noticeable during peaceful times, but when it came to the critical moments in a fight, problems arose immediately.


At this moment, Fatty only felt that the long-suppressed fear filled his body once again. His eyes only saw the bullets flying in all directions, his arms and legs felt so heavy. His head felt as hot as fire while his spine felt as cold as ice. The fear of death pressed on him like a mountain.


The Containing Chain, which was originally used to imprison the opponent, now momentarily imprisoned him. He was frightened and shouted, “Shen Yi! Help me!”


His right hand instinctively loosened, subconsciously trying to release the Containing Chain.


Shen Yi knew the situation wasn’t good. Under the attack of Lu Chio, he rushed to Fatty’s side and yelled, “Don’t be afraid, I am here!”


Two Cure Bullets hit Fatty’s body.


However, Cure Bullets could only heal Fatty’s body, but they couldn’t cure his fear. If the previous Fatty used to be on the edge of fear at any time, relying on pure will to withstand it, then now, when the suppressed fear swept back, the outcome was not something his willpower alone could bear.


“I…” Fatty couldn’t speak, but his eyes were full of horror.


Shen Yi said anxiously, “If you can’t suppress it, release it!”


If I’m unable to suppress it, release it?


Fatty staggered slightly.


The next moment, he shouted at the top of his lungs, “YAAAA!”


This maniacal shout shook everyone’s minds.


At that time, he activated Danger Perception.


Psychic Power: Danger Perception — stabilizing the mind by absorbing fear. The tougher your mind is, the more fear you can absorb. After activation, the fear can be released at a specific target. Each time this ability is used, it will consume all your current Psychic Energy. The power of each use depends on your fear accumulation, the target’s mental tenacity and the consumed Psychic Energy.


He suddenly burst out at this moment, ferociously and rapidly. A large group of lights flashed in his eyes, and Shen Yi actually felt a trace of inexplicable fear when looking at them.


He shivered.Knowing that Fatty could not wait any longer and had to release this fear, he didn’t even choose the opponent but inadvertently turned himself into the target because of what he had just said. Shen Yi no longer cared about anything and jumped into the air. At the same time, Lu Chio rushed toward Shen Yi like a mad tiger and slammed into Fatty’s arms.


Then he found that in front of him, from Fatty’s body a blazing light burst out as if the sun had exploded. This was accompanied by the endless fear which was rising in his heart as if he was drowning in the ocean.






A heavy punch hit Chen Yi.


The diffused blood covered Chen Yi’s field of vision. He resisted the trepidations and attempted to distance himself. But a whip flew out from the sky and entangled him, pulling him back hard.


With Wen Rou’s whip binding him, Hong Lang already arrived to smite him.


Berserk, activated!


This was followed by Jin Gang’s Armor-Eating Attack and savage blows.


Killing Dreamy took far more time than they had imagined, and many skills had been used. Now, this was their only skill to deal with Chen Yi.


In spite of this, the crazy attacks almost dismembered Chen Yi.


However, adventurers were not Terminators. In the face of danger, they would choose to escape and save themselves, they would even choose to do that despite all the consequences.


Knowing that he was in a difficult situation, Chen Yi’s strong fighting spirit rose momentarily.


His right hand picked up the Eclipse Bow, while Chen Yi also took out a scroll from his Bloody Crest.


Crushing the scroll, a radiant glow appeared on Chen Yi’s body.


The blood on the deck evaporated, then, like a dense fog around Chen Yi, formed a wall of blood.


Blood Blessing (Rank C): Changes the blood that the user loses into a barrier, weakens 40% of all attack damage and causes 10 points of Corrosion damage per second to the attacker.


This was a skill scroll that Chen Yi bought from the store. The shop also had one-time use scrolls of various skills that could be purchased, and the price was one-fifth that of normal skills. This scroll cost him 1800 BP.


To be honest, this price was really too expensive. After all, it could only be used once, but it could be used to save one’s life at a crucial moment.


In addition to the Blood Blessing scroll, Chen Yi actually took out two more skill scrolls.


Thorn Shield: Reflect 15% damage from attackers while increasing user’s Defense.


Bow Parry: Can use a bow weapon to block 15% of effective damage.


These three skill scrolls were all the life-saving scrolls accumulated in Chen Yi’s multiple missions. As an archer, what he feared the most was fighting in close combat. Therefore, these three scrolls of Chen Yi were all used for short-range self-protection and had a certain counterattack capability.


Seeing that he was in a critical situation at the moment, he was also desperate enough to use all of them.


In the end, he also took out a bottle of healing potion to drink!


The trio also felt the erosion from the blood fog, and each time they attacked Chen Yi, 15 percent of the damage would rebound back at them. The fiercer the attack, the heavier the injury.


In order to enhance their attacks, the trio almost gave up all their defensive abilities. Therefore, although it said that 15 percent of the damage was rebounded, the damage was actually greater. However, none of the three people retreated. In fact, they became fiercer and stronger.


Before this war began, Shen Yi had said something to each of them.


“The first time we fight against team Strike The Blood is the most important match. Because the opponent doesn’t know what we can do, they don’t know how much we are prepared to do it, and they also despise us. But after the first battle, our opponents will understand our methods and ideas of warfare, and most of our cards will be exposed. The enemy will never despise us anymore. Only then will the difficulties really emerge. How hard will be the battles after that? It depends on how many people we were able to get rid of and how much we weaken them after the first encounter. I and Luo Hao are responsible for the defense, and you three are responsible for the offense. Defense shields play a decisive role, but attack spears are equally as important.”


“Fast, fierce, merciless, killing the target with the fastest speed in the shortest possible time! That’s the only way to maximize our chances of increasing our results and making this fight truly meaningful!”


“Your killing speed is the key!”


Although it was known that these three skills of Chen Yi had time limits, and in fact, even slightly delaying could allow one to avoid self-harm, but at this moment, time was life!


Seeing Chen Yi, who was supported and protected by the blood fog, Wen Rou’s left hand put away the whip and took out the katana.


Then she activated Super Reflex, and the immediate world before her eyes suddenly slowed down, with everyone’s movements becoming slow motion.


This was not the first time she had seen this kind of scene, but every time she used it, it still brought her extreme feelings.


Her Psychic Energy was rapidly decreasing. Wen Rou knew that she did not have much time.


The light of the katana glowed like a snowflake as it scattered in front of Chen Yi…


  1. This term referred to an ability of God: whatever he said comes true. For example, “Let there be light.” (this is translated from Chinese, I don’t know the equivalent in English)


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