Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 31

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Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: Claudiu Wheels

Book 5 Chapter 31: Onslaught (Part 3)

The sudden fear was like a scary monster devouring Lu Chio.


Due to the enhancement from Diffusion Bracelets, Lu Chio’s sense of horror became stronger even than that of Fatty’s. The worst thing was that this sudden fear gave him no time to mentally prepare himself, and the consequences were even worse.


Lu Chio found that he had never feared death and fighting in his whole life as he did at the moment.


All the sights in front of him seemed to have become so horrific as if they were living in hell.


He had used to be afraid of death, but numerous bloody battles and life and death experiences had tempered his nerves.


Adventurers who could advance to the Common District were no longer afraid of death. However, this time he was horrified by a massive tide of fear.


“Ah!” Lu Chio shouted with his head in his hands and retreated. But being restricted by the Containing Chain, he only had a limited distance to retreat.


After a few seconds in which he gradually got rid of the fear, he found that he even urinated in his pants.


Shen Yi launched several shots in succession and forced him back from the attack. After returning, he asked, “How are you feeling?”


“It’s much better!”


When the fear in his heart had been released, Danger Perception finally helped Fatty to absorb the fear and stabilize his mind again.


“Remember, you can’t just rely on your ability!”


This time was luck, but what about the next time?


Luo Hao still could not fully grasp the initiative to release his fear, he had to train more in this aspect.


“I know!” Luo Hao shouted.


On the heavy shield, sparks appeared. It was No. 47’s Vulcan Gun.


Two mechanical soldiers had fallen on the ground, and three mechanical soldiers were still entangled with No. 47. However, one of them was seriously injured. The other two were slightly injured. No. 47 had basically been able to free up his hands and joined them to attack the soldiers.


It was just that his decision of only fighting Fatty made Lan Bin angry, and yelled, “Attack Shen Yi! Attack Shen Yi!”


Shen Yi gave a backhand slap shooting a Fire Bullet and a Spiritual Bullet toward Lan Bin and De Yu, in which 5 MP was attached to the Fire Bullet that hit Lan Bin.


Lan Bin, being shot again, was forced to hide behind the Mana Barrier and dared to not show up. He had many skills and was originally the most reliable source of DPS, because of that, his MP consumption was particularly high. The previously used skills made his remaining mana to almost reach the bottom. At this moment he did not dare to fight back, he could only hide behind the shield and shouted, “De Yu, careful, he has bullets that can absorb mana!”




A bullet hit De Yu’s body. De Yu was stunned and said, “You reminded me too late.”


2 points of his MP had been absorbed.


The absorbed mana did not have much influence on De Yu. However, Shen Yi had two more MP available for use, and by using mana-imbued bullets it was equal to 20 more damage.


Turning his right wrist, De Yu made a dark arc.


Dark Aurora Slash (bloodline skill): Creates a light blade with lightning-element damage to slash at the enemy. Can be used three times per mission world.


This slash hit Shen Yi and made his blood gushflew out like a stream, but he did not make a sound, just quickly stepped back.


De Yu was shocked for a moment, then realized something and shouted, “Save Chen Yi!”


The cry was too late.


Shen Yi suddenly turned and shot Chen Yi in the back.


No one would have thought that in this situation he actually had his mind to deal with Chen Yi. It was clear that he had become impatient with the procrastination of Hong Lang trio.


One Piercing Bullet passed through Chen Yi’s back and flew through the body. At the same time, the sky-shaking light and shadow suddenly disappeared as Wen Rou finally completed her attack.


Chen Yi’s body wobbled a little and fell on the ground.


Jin Gang kicked him towards Shen Yi, who backhandedly grabbed the Eclipse Bow from his hand.


Steal activated.


“Skill Steal succeeded, you gain Eclipse Bow.”


Eclipse Bow (Rank DD): When you use a bow and arrow, you have 20% bonus damage. Item skill: Lunar Eclipse Attack, use the moonlight as an arrow, the attack can not be avoided or interrupted by any means, the damage is 150% of the normal value. Moonlight is needed to use this skill.”


Shen Yi readily took the bow to his Bloody Crest and was about to continue collecting the rewards for killing an adventurer. However, he was surprised to find that Bloody Crest did not pop up.


He paused slightly and suddenly realized, “No! He didn’t die!”


When he was about to give Chen Yi the final blow, De Yu’s figure suddenly came like a stream of electricity. He accelerated abruptly launching toward Shen Yi. His hands were pressed against Shen Yi’s chest.


Death Drift, activated!


It was De Yu’s signature skill that had been on cooldown and could only be used after he had been in combat for a period of time.


“Your vital parts are attacked, and the Heartguard Armor’s skill Critical Block is activated, undo the damage you receive when a vital part is hit. You are affected by Death Drift and receive double the damage.”


Shen Yi once again spat out a mouthful of blood.


In spite of the effect of Heartguard, the original quadruple damage was only reduced to double damage and was also affected by the defense and the special terrain. However, it still caused more than 40 damage to him. Not far from there, Wen Rou also frowned and placed a hand on her chest.


De Yu was successful but did not stop, his fluttering figure actually grabbed Chen Yi over and readily threw him back.


While in the air Chen Yi opened his eyes and shouted, “My bow!”


Then he landed on the deck and passed out.


He fainted due to anger.


“Tortoise… Breathing … Technique…” Shen Yi held his chest and spat these words through his gritted teeth.


He finally realized why Chen Yi didn’t die.


He did not expect that this guy, Chen Yi, to actually have this trick.


Tortoise Breathing Technique (Rank D): Puts the user in a state of suspended animation after use, in this state the user receives no damage. Duration 8 seconds, and after the skill ends the user’s HP will drop to 1%.


This was a very practical pseudo-dead technique, but he didn’t know whether Chen Yi had used a scroll or it was his skill. However, taking into account the irreproducibility of this ability, it was suspected to be a scroll.


This skill had a weakness, and that was that while in this state, all resistances were zero. He had no immunity to special skills like Steal.


Chen Yi had been forced to use Tortoise Breathing Technique when he had been attacked. As a result, Eclipse Bow had been taken while he was unconscious due to the suspended animation state.


But being able to save his life was more important for him.


Hong Lang and others had also seen this scene, and they were stunned too.


Each adventurer had their own unique skills to be able to save their own lives. Unless the difference in strength reached a certain level, it was not easy to kill anyone.


Dreamy had high Vitality, which made it extremely difficult to kill him, and Chen Yi also had Tortoise Breathing Technique to fool everyone’s eyes.


They worked so hard yet Chen Yi still escaped, the hearts of the trio were equally angry.


But the next moment, Shen Yi threw Flying Claws once again, grabbing Lu Chio who just recovered from the fear, and throwing him to Hong Lang and others.


“Carry on!”


In Shen Yi’s mindthought, they had neither a reason nor time to worry.


Facing this scene, De Yu was truly angered.


No one was allowed to humiliate them that much.


“You … have to pay the price!”


De Yu spoke coldly. The air temperature in the entire battlefield seemed to have been lowered a lot. It was full of cold wind.


In his eyes a red blood light flashed, he suddenly slammed and screamed, his entire body changing dramatically.


This dark-haired young man had a pale and slightly sick face, but at the moment, the black hair was fluttering upright, and the body seemed to have a flame flying up and down.


A pair of sharp horns appeared on his head, fierce lights shone in his eyes, and his arms became huge. It looked like the Nemesis from the Resident Evil 1, his skin was also full of fine scales, with a dark red light.


Dark Demon Reincarnation (bloodline skill) – Stimulate the blood in the body, summons the power of Dark Demon from the abyss to make yourself temporarily become a Dark Demon. HP increases by one thousand, the attack and defense increase by 20 points and the power of all bloodline skills increases by 20%. Duration 3 minutes.


Normally, this skill could only be used by a high-class bloodline. Medium-class bloodline could reluctantly use it, but after using it, the user would fall into a maniac, bloodlust state. Under severe circumstances, he would even attack his friends, unable to make a distinction between friend and foe!


Medium-class bloodline could use this skill once every two missions. After each use, all attributes would go down by 1 point.


With this transformation, even the Containing Chain could no longer hold him. It made a “CLANG” sound and broke.


Everyone escaped from the Containing Chain at the same time.


De Yu lifted his right arm and punched toward Luo Hao’s heavy shield. Luo Hao felt that a huge force came from the shield and his entire body shook.


De Yu’s strike was like a heavy hammer hitting the surface of the shield, not only it immediately made the durability of the heavy shield drop by 40 AP, but at the same time, it also dealt damage to Luo Hao.


“Dark Magic Blow!”


De Yu jumped into the sky.




De Yu was one of the top three melee fighters of team Strike The Blood. If Xie Rongjun was recognized as the first in comprehensive melee strength, then De Yu was recognized as the strongest burst fighting force.


It was not due to his skills like Death Drift, but because of his Dark Demon bloodline.


His bloodline had a total of four skills, namely: Dark Aurora Slash, Devil’s Bite, Dark Magic Blow and Dark Demon Reincarnation. In addition to Dark Demon Reincarnation which could be used only once every two mission worlds can, by paying a great price of reducing all of his attributes by 1 point, the most powerful ability was this Dark Magic Blow.


Dark Magic Blow: Focus all of your power on your right arm to give it super strength. Each punch has 100% strength performance (can be stacked with Fighting Forte). Has 15 percent chance of dealing double damage. Each hit deals an additional 20 points of dark-element damage (ignore defense). Can only be used once per mission word.


De Yu’s original Strength was 32 (31), plus 20 points bonuses after using Dark Demon Reincarnation, which meant that his normal attack damage was more than 50 damage per punch. Adding to that were the 15% chance of doubling the damage, the 20 points of additional damage and the 20% increase of the power of the bloodline skill. De Yu had completely transformed into a humanoid beast this time.


Each of his punches was powerful. The damage was probably only slightly worse than a Rank D offensive skills, completely unaffected by the strength performance of ordinary attacks. It was like holding a Divine Rapier with a critical strike. The damage caused by the upper limits of the blade was far greater than the most powerful skill. It was powerful and fearful.


Even Fatty’s super strong defense could not back such terrible and mighty attacks.


In the end, there was limited information available. No one had thought that De Yu could become so terrifying.


Shen Yi’s hand struggled and collapsed under De Yu’s arm like a deformed iron rod. Shen Yi could even hear his own arm bones cracking.


This dark-haired handsome young man’s disfigured face was extremely cruel at this moment, making it lookand his face was absolutely murderous.


“Shen Yi! You are dead!” De Yu crazy shouted.


At the same time, with two consecutive explosions, two mechanical soldiers were killed and the remaining one was seriously injured. They could no longer block No. 47. No. 47 rushed over and punched him with his right hand, and yelled at the same time, “De Yu, give him to me! You go and deal with the others!”


“Don’t let him run!” De Yu yelled and punched Luo Hao.


Luo Hao was not able to withstand it. He was swept from his waist and his whole body flew up.


De Yu didn’t stop here, he constantly rushed toward Hong Lang and others, his huge arm flashed before hitting Hong Lang.


Dark Aurora Slash!


Hong Lang was caught off guard and was injured badly by this skill. Half of his body was stained with blood.


With a 20 percent increase in the power of the skill, De Yu’s strike had completely offset the influence the special terrain had on him.


However, if we were talking about fierceness, Hong Lang lost to no one.


He actually did not back down a step and instead, he attacked Lu Chio.


De Yu’s skills cooldown ended, his skills cooldown also ended. Strong Impact, Axe Chop, Thunder Strike… one after another were launched toward Lu Chio until all his skills were used, he took the time to drink a bottle of potion.


At the same time, Jin Gang and Wen Rou were also unleashing all their skills against Lu Chio.


Naturally, they also saw that De Yu’s fighting power was extremely terrifying, but since the defensive line was broken they were in a desperate situation now.


Dreamy and Chen Yi could withstand by drinking potions, why couldn’t they?


Fortunately, Dreamy was dead, Chen Yi was seriously injured and unconscious, and Lan Bin was exhausted. At this moment, there were only three people on the boat who could fight.


And Lu Chio was equally injured from the latest combined attacks. At the moment, he was also relying on drinking potions to hold up. The only ones capable of fighting were De Yu and No. 47.


As long as the three of them kill Lu Chio first and then entangle with De Yu, then Shen Yi and Fatty could hopefully kill No. 47 fast.


With the strong pressure brought by De Yu, everyone was desperate!


Wen Rou lashed her whip, activating Whip Wrapping.


Lu Chio just awoke from the stun of Heavy strike and was again immobilized by Wen Rou’s skill. The katana was once again brilliant, Power Cut and Chaotic Edge Cut came toward him.


At the same time, Jin Gang, who was facing Lu Chio, abruptly took two heavy fists of De Yu’s huge right arm.


The trio put their lives on the line, even if De Yu was stronger, he couldn’t kill them instantly. Therefore, Lu Chio fell into absolute danger.


The swords and shadows staggered, flesh fluttering around.


Lu Chio shouted for help again and again. Seeing that he could no longer withstand, a figure suddenly appeared in front of everyone.


All the attacks fell on that person in an instant.


However, the man seemed to be completely unaware of the situation. He made a backhand swipe, and a black dagger cut Wen Rou’s chest open. Silent, but deadly.


The one who just came was … Ming!



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