Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 32

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Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: Claudiu Wheels, Red

Book 5 Chapter 32: Onslaught (Part 4)

On the sea, the bullets were raining down like a storm.


The rockets were launched to the water one after another as if they were rocks.


The mission of the 2nd Paratrooper Battalion soldiers was to stop or delay the return of the rescuers at any cost.


No one knew how long they could drag this on, but Shen Yi had already prepared for everyone’s death—including Lyle, Frost and the other elite soldiers.


To achieve a miraculous success, one must not only have meticulous plans and effective execution capabilities but also must be prepared to sacrifice enough if necessary!


However, for Xie Rongjun, killing the enemy was no longer the priority. Returning to his teammates was more important.


The death of Dreamy was like losing one arm for team Strike The Blood, and Chen Yi was about to become the next victim.


Xie Rongjun shouted in the bullet rain, “Ming, now only you can save them!”


“My Dimension Walk can’t reach 300 meters!”


“Then use this!”


From his storage space, Xie Rongjun took out two Scroll of Battlefield Escape. Seeing that, Ming was stunned for a moment.


Scroll of Battlefield Escape (Rank C): Teleports the user anywhere within a hundred meters, and it also removes all crowd-control effects below 50 Priority on the user. For one minute after using this scroll, the user cannot use any offensive skills (including item skills). This item is an one-time use consumable item and can only be used in mission worlds with Difficulty Level II.


This was the same sort of scroll that the North Region adventurer used in the X-Men world, but of a higher rank.


Ming immediately understood what Xie Rongjun meant.


“I can’t use my skills for a minute if I use it!”


“Even if you cannot help them, blocking a few times is also good!” Xie Rongjun shouted. “And, give the Mana Stone to Lan Bin!”


Of course, he knew the disadvantages of the Scroll of Battlefield Escape, but what other choice did he have? The key was to send reinforcement first. If he had not been too far away, he would have let Dreamy take this scroll out directly from the public space storage instead of watching him die.


Xie Rongjun was the leader of team Strike The Blood, and it naturally meant he was very capable at making decisions. He didn’t care about going overboard if it prevented any more casualties.


Ming nodded his head, and then his figure suddenly disappeared from the sea, and when it reappeared, there was only a hazy shadow on the water just 100 meters away.


This was his signature skill—Dimension Walk: Instantly teleport to anywhere within a hundred meters. The user will become invisible for 5 seconds.


Compared to De Yu’s Death Drift, Dimension Walk did not have strong offensive power, but its transmission ability was stronger.


It was just that this Rank C skill was not used to send him to assassinate someone, but it was was squandered for transportation. It was too extravagant and inconvenient.


At the next moment, he crushed a scroll, and his figure re-advanced one hundred meters. He now was less than a hundred meters from the merchant ship.


The second scroll was crushed. Ming arrived on the ship and in an instant replaced Lu Chio for the final fatal blow.


He came so ingeniously, so impatiently, and so fatally at the same time.


Not only he did he save Lu Chio’s life, but he also took everyone’s confidence down—De Yu went crazy, and Ming came on board in time. The situation between the two sides reversed once again.


“Shen Yi!” Wen Rou shrieked meekly as she stepped back a few steps in a row. Receiving an assassin’s attack, even if there was no skill used, the dagger alone would almost cut her belly.


Ming received the attack meant for Lu Chio, but he didn’t show any sign of pain.


“The second plan, retreat immediately!” Shen Yi shouted.


“Leave the Writ of Black Wanted, otherwise don’t think of going away!” No. 47 roared, with Death Revolver reappearing in his left hand, and it aimed at Shen Yi and shot.


“What?” Shen Yi was slightly surprised. However, he reacted quickly and his whole body rushed forward. His left hand quickly grabbed No. 47’s arm.




The Death Revolver opened a big hole in Shen Yi’s stomach, but he didn’t even move an eyebrow. He backhandedly grabbed No. 47 and threw him with all his strength toward De Yu.


This was one of the grappling techniques in Bone and Joint Dislocation Hand.


While in the air, a long blue-and-white rifle appeared in No. 47’s left hand, and it aimed for Shen Yi and shot again.


This shot hit Shen Yi and almost blew out half of his chest.


Charged Shot: The damage of the next bullet is tripled. Cost 3MP.


Ice Bullet: After hitting the target, deals 8 ice-element damage and produces a 6% slow effect in 3*3 meters range. Duration 3 seconds. It can be stacked with other slow effects.


In this shot, No. 47 actually used a special bullet combined with a gun skill. At the same time, the area which was hit even gained a thin layer of frost, which caused 4 ice-element damage per second to Shen Yi. The gun must have an enhancing effect on freezing attacks.


However, No. 47 was still inevitably heading toward De Yu.


His huge iron shell body smashed into De Yu, and the angered De Yu shouted, “Go away!” He punched No. 47 so hard it actually left a dent on his chest armor.


No. 47 also knew that De Yu’s mind was unclear at this time and could only suppress his anger.


Shen Yi pressed on the wound and activated Despicable Healing Art. At the same time, two rounds of Cure bullets hit Hong Lang and Wen Rou.


Fatty’s right hand swung the chain again. This time, he didn’t bind De Yu but instead entangled Ming and Lu Chio.


“Come on!” Fatty yelled.


Hong Lang’s trio looked at each other and knew they could not hesitate. They jumped into the sea at the same time.


“Stop them!” Ming shouted.


His skills were now sealed, so he could only count on others.


But for the moment, De Yu had already entered the frantic state. Although he could still distinguish between enemies and friends, it was not enough to rely on him to stop them. Therefore, he yelled at Lu Chio and No. 47.


Unexpectedly, Lu Chio and No. 47 did not even try to stop Hong Lang’s trio. Instead, they fled toward Luo Hao and Shen Yi.


For No. 47, Shen Yi’s Writ of Black Wanted was his target, so he had to kill him anyway.


For Lu Chio, it was in resentment of the fear he had felt because of the shock wave.


Lu Chio was also unlucky enough to say that he had been controlled several times in the fight.


First, his Mind Control had backlashed, and after that, he had been hit by Luo Hao’s fear wave. And when he had finally managed to recover from that, he had been sieged by three people, where he was under the control of Jin Gang and Wen Rou.


Since the beginning of the battle, he had always been in a controlled state, and the time he had been awake was even shorter than the time he had been incapacitated.


The anger in his heart made him want to kill the enemy at any cost, and his first target was Fatty, who had dealt him endless humiliation.


“Stop!” With this Word of Truth, Fatty who had been about to leave suddenly froze.


He suddenly found himself unable to move.


Lu Chio flew in, his hands stretched like claws, and grabbed Fatty’s head. “Go to hell!”


Split Spirit Claw: Deals fixed damage to the target, at the same time disabling the body part which is attacked.


Lu Chio’s strike was aimed for Fatty’s head, and once he was hit, even if Fatty wouldn’t die, he would be seriously wounded.


At that moment, Shen Yi did a flying kick and kicked Fatty into the sea. Simultaneously, No. 47 also rushed over. The iron arm was raised and an alloy steel cable was pumped toward Shen Yi.


Being affected by Ice Bullet, Shen Yi could not escape the attack and his entire body was pumped out of the air. As his body span in the air, Shen Yi suddenly raised his gun and fired two shots.


Two Piercing Bullets whistled in the air, forming a big arc. Their target was Lan Bin, who had lost his ability to attack. The strange light on the two bullets showed that they were mana-imbued.


At this moment, Shen Yi still thought of killing Lan Bin. If Lan Bin got hit, these two bullets really could kill him.


At this moment, Ming suddenly rushed over to Lan Bin.


The two bullets hit him, and his body shook for a while.


“Ming!” cried Lan Bin.


“I…am fine.” He vomited a mouthful of blood. “Damn, this bastard’s bullet is so powerful that even my Psychic Power is unable to stop it!”


He was all right, but everyone else was going to be unlucky.


A huge object suddenly appeared in the sky, pressing down on everyone like a mountain.


The Harvester!


Shen Yi finally released the Harvester at this critical moment.


Nearly a hundred tons of iron and steel robots fell down, and as soon as they fell, the entire boat was split into two.


The Harvester’s right arm moved in one fell swoop, and a huge steel alloy cable swept across.


Compared to the Harvester’s steel cable, No. 47’s alloy cable was just as threatening as a toy.


Even De Yu was swept by this wire strike.


After the completion of this attack, Shen Yi’s body also fell from the sky, and he retracted the Harvester instantly, as if it had never been seen in this world. The two dying mechanical fighters disappeared along with it.


The entire ship sank, and everyone was falling into the water.


Flying Claws flew out from Shen Yi’s hand, grabbing No. 47’s body and forcing him to fly to the other side. He clutched No. 47’s neck and said, “You want the Writ of Black Wanted? Come and get it!”


Holding No. 47, the two people fell into the water.




There was no foolproof plan that would account for all circumstances.


When you were struggling for success, you had to be prepared for failure.


For Shen Yi, during the boarding raid, although he had been fully prepared for it, there were still some things that he could not account for or could not have expected.


For example, De Yu’s horrific bursting strength, or Ming’s quick boarding.


Sometimes an accident could destroy all plans, let alone two accidents.


However, because of this, having alternative plans would be more significant and valuable.


When Shen Yi had announced the second plan and immediately withdrew, everyone thought that Shen Yi was going to run away, but they did not know that the real meaning was to change the battlefield immediately.


The plan was to move the battle from the ship to underwater.


Fighting in water was different from a battle on the board of a ship.


The complexity of the region was greater, and the fighting power that an adventurer could exhibit was even smaller. At the same time, the demand for adaptability was higher. For a well-prepared team like Break Blade, this would greatly increase their chances of triumph, and the price they would have to pay was smaller.


Bloody City had always been clearly divided in terms of strengthening, which area you choose to invest in, that area became powerful. Although adventurers were different from ordinary people, if they did not have Swimming Forte, their water capacity would be even worse than that of a normal person. Even if their strength was already many times higher, at best, they would be more powerful when swimming, and their swimming speed would be slightly faster than normal, but that would be all.


Without adequate skills and support, adventurers in the water would not be much better than regular swimmers trained for a long time. Even the various bonuses based on the adventurer’s previous knowledge were important. For an adventurer who couldn’t swim, even if his Swimming Forte reached Grandmaster level, his degree of flexibility in the water was not necessarily much better than that of the average person.


For team Strike The Blood, fighting in the water was a nightmare, and for those who had prepared and trained for it early, this was a bigger stage for them to use their strength.


If there was any disadvantage in combat operations in the water, it was the severe weakening of the fighting power, which would prolong the fighting time. A battle that could be solved in only half a minute would probably need more than ten minutes to end. The drop in speed meant an increase in the effectiveness of potions, which in turn would further increase the fighting time.


This was unacceptable for a team that needed time.


After all, they had to end the fight before Xie Rongjun and others could enter the fight.


Therefore, Shen Yi was willing to give up some of the advantages, but also choose to fight on board. However, when the situation on board became unfavorable, the second plan should be used immediately.


At this time, what Shen Yi requested was no longer a full out annihilation but only to at least to wipe out some of his opponents and leave before the opponent’s reinforcements arrived.


As the strategic goals changed, so did the tactical implementation.


The reason why the Harvester did not appear at first was because it was too heavy, and the wooden boat could not withstand it. However, when the situation had been unfavorable, its appearance had enabled everyone to complete the conversion of the battlefield immediately.


At this moment, everyone fell into the water.


This unfinished battle was going to continue in the water.


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