Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 33

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Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: Claudiu Wheels, Red

Book 5 Chapter 33: Underwater Battle (Part 1)

Just when the Young Widow was broken in half, Lu Chio had jumped out of the ship.


He was chasing after Fatty.


When someone is filled with hatred, it is easy to become single-minded and focus on one thing, disregarding everything else.


The humiliation brought about by Fatty’s wave of fear made him angrier than killing him—and no one could tolerate the shame of being taken out of the fight because of fear, so feelings of impatience overwhelmed him.


Now, in the middle of the battle, nobody had the thought or the time to laugh at him. But what about after the battle finished?


Maybe he would never live it down in his life.


Kill Fatty! Only by killing Fatty he could wash away his humiliation!


So when Fatty dove into the water, he also jumped off the ship.


He used Words of Truth again.




Luo Hao felt a sudden burst of numbness in his body, and he became powerless, falling into the water like a stiff log.


When he entered the water, Lu Chio had already caught up.


Turning his right hand, he again aimed Split Spirit Claw at the top of Fatty’s head.


He had previously failed to catch Fatty, and the skill had not really been used, so it was not subjected to cooldown restrictions.


He was confident that this claw would succeed, but he did not expect that Fatty would suddenly twist his body like a fish.


Lu Chio was slightly stunned.


Because Split Spirit Claw was affected by the resistance of the water, its speed was much slower, but even so, there was no reason for it to be slower than Fatty, who was affected by the “Dizzy” word.


After missing for the second time, he tried to grab Fatty again. But Fatty turned his body and once more avoided having his head hit, with Lu Chio grabbing his fat belly instead. However, this Split Spirit Claw had at most 40% of its original power. Fatty didn’t even wince, he just moved his feet to swim.


The effect of the “Dizzy” word was gradually disappearing, and Luo Hao was as agile as a big fat fish when swimming in the water.


Lu Chio realized that this damned Fatty had at least Advanced-level Swimming Forte and was much less affected by the water restrictions than himself, and in the water he was even better.


Actually, Fatty was originally the best swimmer among his teammates. Although he was a geek, he often went to the sea with his father in his early years. Two scrolls had made his water capability even more impressive. Fighting in this water really made him feel like a fish returning to the sea.


The only problem was that he was timid, and instead, he relied on the new environment to get away from Lu Chio. He really felt lucky in his heart because he lacked the courage to fight back.


Lu Chio saw Fatty wanting to slip away and was about to spit out another Word of Truth.


However, he did not expect that as soon as he opened his mouth, the salty water would enter his mouth. The Word of Truth didn’t come out, but instead, he felt awkward.


Lu Chio was anxious and indignant, so he raised his arm and activated Mind Control.


His Mind Control was a long-distance skill, and Fatty’s swimming speed was not fast enough to get out of the range. However, he was affected by water restrictions, and his willpower was decreased by 30%. Mind Control’s original chance of success was not high, in this situation it was even lower.


Even so, Fatty’s body was clearly stagnating. It was obvious that Mind Control was working.


Lu Chio quickly pulled over and grabbed Fatty’s neck to pull him out of the water with a grieving face.


Although Fatty’s Vitality was extremely high and had bonuses from Swimming Forte, an adventurer like him who only knew how to defend would be killed sooner or later, regardless of his toughness. Lu Chio excitedly laughed while screaming at Fatty, “F*****g bastard! Aren’t you very tough? Hit me if you can!”


To his amazement, Fatty did not fight back or scream in fear.


He only looked at Lu Chio with sympathy flashing through his eyes.


This expression slightly surprised Lu Chio.


Fatty suddenly said, “Actually… I really don’t know how to kill. Among the adventurers who can get into the Common District, I think I’m the only one who doesn’t know how to kill. So what I always wanted to do is to learn how to kill people… I want to rely on my own power to kill a really powerful opponent.”


He looked at Lu Chio and said word by word, “You are a very strong opponent, and it is worthwhile for me to try and learn.”


Lu Chio suddenly had a bad premonition in his heart.


How could Fatty talk clearly under his Mind Control?


Was he faking?!


Suddenly, he felt pain in his lower abdomen. Lu Chio called out in pain and submerged back into the water. When he returned back into the water, a long fish thorn had already been stuck in his lower abdomen.


Fatty’s right wrist was turned, and a speargun was again aimed at Lu Chio. It was a fishbone launcher. A fishbone swam like a sharp arrow in the water and pierced Lu Chio’s left arm.


Lu Chio once again suffered pain and finally realized that he was in danger.


Shen Yi’s preparation work was done to such an extent that he even prepared fish guns!


Ordinary fish gun: underwater launcher, one-time use item, Worth 10 BP (not equipment)


Ordinary fishbone (strengthened): damage 18 points, with a puncture effect after the target, can only be used underwater, one-time consumable item. Each worth 1 BP. (not equipment)


These spearbone spines were not items from the store but were ordinary items from the market. They were exactly the same as those on Earth. Therefore, they were not sold as equipment at all, and their prices were extremely low. Their lethality was naturally low.


No one thought that Shen Yi would use them as weapons.


However, this simple product had become a killing weapon in Shen Yi’s hands. This was like home-made bombs, although not superb, but the effect was extraordinary. The advantage of these things was that the cost was low, and their use was hard to prevent. One or two might not be life-threatening, but with enough attacks, it would become fatal.


In order to increase the lethality of the fishbones, each fishbone had a special potion added to it, increasing its attack and also adding a puncture effect. A fishbone only worth 1 BP, but a bottle of potion to strengthen the fishbone costed a full 500 BP, but could only use one hundred times.


However, for them, it was this combination that made the original ordinary items have a terrible killing effect.


Now that these two thorns were stuck, Lu Chio finally found himself in danger.


Previously, he had been arrogantly beaten by Hong Lang and others. He had been seriously wounded. And although he recovered a certain amount from his injuries by drinking potions, his fighting power was still seriously damaged.


At this moment, he was in the water, inconvenient to move, inconvenient to fight, suffered heavy casualties from surprise attacks, even inconvenience to drink potions. If he did not leave here in time, only death would wait for him. He finally gave up the thought of killing Fatty and struggled to swim to the surface.


However, at this point, it was impossible for him to leave.


The third, fourth, and fifth fishbones… Fishbones were launched one after another, filling Lu Chio with bloody holes. The fishbones were inserted into all parts of his body, as if he was the meat in a barbecue, poked by many iron sticks and slowly dried all the blood.


Lu Chio struggled desperately in the water, but no matter how he struggled, it only resulted in him losing blood faster.


Finally, when the ninth fishbone plunged into his chest, Lu Chio stopped moving.


The blood was spread in the sea, dyeing it red. Only when it was confirmed he was dead did Fatty sigh in relief.


“You killed Lu Chio, a member of team Strike The Blood. You will get three random items or a specific item.”


“Specified Item: Boots of the Wind”


“You gain the Boots of the Wind (Rank C): When equipped, increases the movement speed by 20%. Item Skill—Reflect: it has a certain chance to reflect offensive skills. The success rate of reflection depends on the level, Will and skill level of both parties. The reflected skill damage does not have a fatal effect.”


Fatty took a look at the Boots of the Wind in his hand and muttered softly, “Ben Tung Ming is right. This thing is not suitable for you at all. You are wasting it.”


He equipped it.




With the breaking of the Young Widow, Shen Yi and No. 47 fell into the water.


When they entered the water, Shen Yi’s feet lingered on No. 47’s body, and then he pushed himself away and swam sideways like swordfish, while No. 47 sank straight into the water.


As a cyborg, although he had a powerful body, he also weighed up to nearly a ton.


This weight was nothing out of the ordinary, and it could even be considered to be an advantage because he could use his entire body as a weapon to attack opponents, but in the water, it became a deadly handicap. Adventurers couldn’t swim at will while carrying such a weight, even if they had Grandmaster-level Swimming Forte, let alone a guy who knows nothing about water.


However, in the face of this dire situation, No. 47 actually had his own solution. He opened the steel plate in front of his chest, exposing the waterproof electronic board inside, and with his thick fingers, he pressed a few times on it. A pump-type underwater propulsion device appeared on his back.


In order to be strong, he had converted himself into a cyborg. In addition to gaining a strong defensive ability, the most important thing was the supplementary non-skilled technology devices. Mechanical wheels, alloy cables, and pumped propulsion units were among the necessary equipment. The pump thruster slowly rotated under the water and lifted  No. 47’s heavy body upwards. Shen Yi had been swimming towards him while in his right hand was also holding a spear gun.


The spear gun was slightly lifted and a fishbone was shot toward No. 47. Unfortunately, the harpoons that were effective against Lu Chio, were useless against No. 47. It hit No.47’s shoulder, but it didn’t even leave a scratch. No. 47 grinned coldly, and backhandedly caught it.


With his body weight and semi-mechanical modifications, having a slow combat underwater, he held the advantage. No. 47 had created a situation in which the strength of his arm hardened suddenly and pinched towards his opponent’s head.


Shen Yi flashed sideways. Having Basic-level Swimming Forte, he was able to respond underwater better than No.47. He swam back, keeping a distance from No.47 and fired two shots.


No. 47 smiled contemptuously, not even trying to hide it, but the pinky finger from his right hand shook a few times, indicating that it was useless.


Unexpectedly, when the two fish bones were about to hit him on the chest, they suddenly changed their trajectory and flew around him, thrusting into the propulsion behind him from below.


Arc Trajectory!


Shen Yi actually used this skill while shooting with the speargun and was extremely successful.


It was as if two wedges had broken into the rotating gear. With an unpleasant buzzing sound, No.47 fearfully realized that the propulsion system stopped working.


Losing the ability to move in the water, his body suddenly sank, falling like a huge rock into the water.


The deep sea was not a fun place.


Although adventurers could hold their breath for a long time, they also had their limits. The most terrible thing was the deep of the sea. With the fall of the two people, the pressure on the sea was also increasing. Even with the extremely powerful body of adventurers, if they were pulled several hundred meters toward the seabed, unless they had Defense more than 100 points, where the degree of toughness was comparable to that of alloy steel plates, they would be flattened by the hydraulic pressure.


However, No.47 wasn’t afraid. Seeing that he was in a dire situation, he suddenly swung alloy steel wire from his left hand.


The alloy ropes circled around Shen Yi’s legs and momentarily pulled him down. Although this was not specialized in imprisoning other people like Containing Chain, it was more than sufficient to bind one person in this underwater environment. At the end of the cable, the spikes dug into the Shen Yi’s legs, like a wolf bite at his dying moment.


At the same time, No. 47 lifted his right arm, and his mech body ejected a few small saw blade pieces.


The speed of the sawblade in the water was not affected by much, and they were embedded in the Shen Yi’s chest like a cutting machine. They still spun a few times before they stuck.


Shen Yi spat out a big mouthful of blood.


He threw the speargun into his Bloody Crest and took out Vampire Touch.


Fighting in the water, the dagger was obviously far more useful than the gun. However, he did not use this dagger to attack his opponent.


Vampire Touch cut toward the alloy cable, but there was almost no reaction— even with basic water expertise, it was still very difficult to cut a steel cable underwater. .


No. 47 was sinking, but his bloody eyes were still staring at Shen Yi, as if to say, “Either you take me with you, or you and I will die together here.”


He knew that it wouldn’t be difficult for Shen Yi to save him—Activation could help him restore the pump. Shen Yu either had to choose between dying with him or he immediately repairing the propulsion system.


Shen Yi suddenly stopped trying to cut the cable.


He looked at No. 47, and his eyes showed a slight irony.


No. 47’s expression slightly changed.


He vaguely guesses what Shen Yi was going to do.


“No!” he cried, but the sea drowned out his words.


Shen Yi once again waved the dagger. With a thrust he stuck the knife into his calf and forcefully twisted it, cutting off a large piece of flesh and simultaneously loosening the grip the cable had on his leg.


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