Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 34

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Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: Claudiu Wheels, Red

Book 5 Chapter 34: Underwater Battle (Part 2)

When Young Widow was destroyed, everyone on board fell into the water.


De Yu, Ming, Lan Bin and Chen Yi were all separated when they fell into the water.


As soon as he made contact with the cold seawater, Chen Yi, who had been unconscious, was jolted awake.


“F**k! Where are those guys?” Chen Yi shouted and quickly took out his last bottle of healing potion.


On the surface of the water, except for the sailors of the Young Widow, he could only see De Yu, Ming, and Lan Bin. As for Lu Chio and Fatty, they were on the other side of the shipwreck.


De Yu swept his eyes around and shouted, “They are underwater!”


Saying that, he dove into the water.


His Dark Demon Reincarnation had limited duration and could only last for three minutes.


Although it was precisely because of his dreadful skills that Shen Yi’s elaborate preparations had been destroyed, leaving Hong Lang, Jin Gang, and Wen Rou all wounded. However, for De Yu, who had paid such a huge price, it was no longer worth to just escape.


He wanted to kill his opponent before his almost invincible 3 minutes ended.


Upon diving into the water, De Yu felt that something was wrong.


A fishbone slipped silently in the water and flew towards him.


De Yu yelled and swept his right arm back.


He could only use 40% of his Strength in the water, but this fraction of his Strength was still very powerful. The burly arm was just like a highly-explosive bomb thrown in the water. It actually formed big waves directly from underwater.


The fishbone was swept away by his arm, and even the sea water was spurred by him into a shockwave that rushed to the person who attacked him.


The underwater shockwave hit Wen Rou and pushed her out of the water.


Everyone at the moment saw a magnificent scene—huge waves formed, and Wen Rou stood on top of the waves. The clothes she had previously worn were gone. Instead, she wore a black wetsuit and a helmet with a diving night vision device on her head. Her face could not be seen, but the wetsuit attached to her body showed an exquisite figure.


When the sun shined, the water sparkled, illustrating a mermaid surfing.


The people seeing this stopped for a moment and saw only a fierce and swift leap. After drawing a graceful arc in the air, she re-entered the water.


Ordinary wetsuit: Increase swimming speed by 10% when you are underwater. One-time use. Worth 10 BP. (not equipment)


Diving night vision device: Increase the visual field underwater, not affected by dim lighting. The built-in breather allows the user to stay in the water for a long time and retain the ability to talk. Worth 80 BP. (not equipment)


Swimming Forte, spear guns, wetsuits, diving night vision equipment… In order to prepare for this war, team Break Blade’s huge investment could also be considered crazy.


A total of 16,900 BP was devoted to the preparation for this mission.


In addition to the Scroll of Swimming Forte and rocket launchers, the remaining 3,900 points were mostly used to purchase various water battle props and medicines, leaving only a thousand points for summoning soldiers. These things seemed insignificant, but when combined, they could exert tremendous power. As for potions, they did not buy any but used what remained from the previous mission.


For Shen Yi, all they had to do was kill their opponents at all costs and then obtain everything they needed from their opponents to continue fighting.


Throughout the entire battle plan, from contact, ambush, onslaught, killing enemies, looting equipment, specifying which items to get, item distribution, the fastest speed to maximize results, and the final water battle needs, each step had been prepared to the limit.


Before the end of this mission, they would not leave anything behind and would use all their potential to the fullest extent.


Only in this way could they have a chance to defeat this powerful team.


In surging waves of the sea, apparently Wen Rou was fighting De Yu again. The turbid waves made it so no one could see how the battle unfolded.


The next second, Ming suddenly screamed, “Lan Bin, be careful!”


The two fishbones whistled from underwater at Lan Bin.


Lan Bin let out a scream as both of his legs were punctured at the same time.


The fishbones were inverted and were difficult to pull it once they were injected into the body.


Lan Bin bit his lips and pulled the two fishbones out after breaking them in two.


Not far away, Hong Lang and Jin Gang, wearing a full set of diving equipment, were raising their guns and firing them again.


Ming shouted, “Take the Mana Stone from the team inventory!”


Lan Bin was overjoyed and quickly opened the team inventory to take out a blue stone.


Mana Stone (special item): A stone with magical power. After use, MP and Psychic Energy are fully restored. Number of uses: 5/5. Note: This item is from the wilderness.


In Bloody City, items that could restore MP were very rare. Even for team Strike The Blood, the Mana Stone was hard to get. It had a fixed number of uses, and to obtain it, they had risked their lives in the wilderness. Due to that, it had always been personally kept by the captain Xie Rongjun.


This time, Shen Yi forced them to use this trump card.


Take out the Mana Stone, Lan Bin forcefully pinched, and a peculiar force filled Lan Bin’s body. His originally exhausted mana suddenly restored to full.


He barked and put the Mana Stone back into the team inventory, then released a Wing of Wind for himself. His whole body immediately flew into the air. At the same time, two fishbones swept by his feet.


Out of the water, Lan Bin was not subject to any restrictions. Two waves of blue scimitar-shaped shockwaves were shot at the distant Hong Lang and Jin Gang.


The shockwaves whistled across the surface of the sea, splitting waves.


At the same time, the two men dove underwater, but the shockwaves actually had a homing ability. They also went into the water, hitting the backs of both men. Only, due to the water resistance, the power of this skill was greatly weakened, and it did not cause too much harm to them.


Lan Bin whistled past and was about to continue to launch a follow-up attack. At that moment, he heard two consecutive prompts in his ear:


“Your team member Lu Chio died!”


“Your team member No. 47 died!”


After two consecutive alerts, the shock made Lan Bin almost fall from the air.


“No!” Lan Bin shouted in anger.


In his right hand, a huge blue light manifested.


“Wind Burst!” Lan Bin roared.


Ming yelled, “Lan Bin! Don’t be impulsive! Save your MP to get the captain and others back!”


When Lan Bin heard this, he looked back and saw a place 200 meters away. Xie Rongjun and others were struggling to swim. The four large ships at the rear were desperately firing, and they were dragging down their return speed. There was a silver wave on the surface of the sea, like a silver octopus formed out of numerous thorns, constantly stabbing everyone. It was the T1000 who was trying to stop and delay the return of Xie Rongjun and others.


“But… who will deal with these guys?” asked Lan Bin.


“I’m coming!” A glimmer of annoyance flashed in Ming’s eyes, and the Assassination Blade in his right hand gave a humming sound.


After one minute had passed, Ming’s skills were finally unlocked.


Lan Bin did not hesitate and turned away to rush to Xie Rongjun .


Two fishbones flew out from the water at the same time, aimed at the soles of Lan Bin.


Lan Bin ignored them. He knew that his partner would block this blow for him.


Sure enough, Ming jumped out of the water, and the Assassination Blade in his right hand waved freely, and the two fishbones were cut into two pieces.


In his eyes, a fierce murderous intent flashed, and his figure suddenly disappeared in the air.


Dimension Walk!


“Not good!” Jin Gang immediately knew that the situation was bad. He pushed Hong Lang with a fierce impulse. He only felt a sudden sharp pain in the abdomen, and then Ming appeared in front of his body.


The Assassination Blade stabbed deeply into the lower abdomen of Jin Gang, and his face revealed a cruel smile.


He licked his tongue and angrily shouted, “Go die!”


A strong burst of energy shot out from the edge of the blade, blasting into Jin Gang’s wound.


Assassination Blade’s item skill: Internal Burst—After hitting the target, it generates a powerful explosion inside the target’s wound, inflicting 80 points of damage. Cost 2MP.


Jin Gang whistled and jumped from the water. On his lower abdomen, there was a bloody hole almost as big as a man’s head, and his intestines flowed out.


This item skill was not affected by the terrain, and therefore, it actually seriously injured Jin Gang.


“Jin Gang!” Hong Lang screamed and swam over.


Jin Gang quickly took out his previous clothes from Bloody Crest, unwittingly forming a bundle, stuffing the sea water and his intestines into the hole in the stomach, and shouted back, “I’m still alive!”


Ming was about to leap to attack Jin Gang again, but Hong Lang had rushed over and hugged him.


“You’re courting death!” The Assassination Blade turned upside down and stabbed towards Hong Lang.


Unexpectedly, Hong Lang smiled and let the blade stab him. His left wrist turned, revealing a small object.


Underwater Mine: Damage 120 points, damage range 3*3 meters, explodes upon contact, one-time use. Worth 50 BP.


“What the hell!”




A huge wave of water blasted upwards.


Ming and Hong Lang were pushed away by the shockwaves.


Hong Lang’s left hand was bloody and fleshy; his fingers were stipped to the bones. He not only received an explosion point-blank but also had his chest stabbed by Ming. Fortunately, the wound was not too heavy because the dagger had suffered from water resistance.


What shocked him was Ming’s performance.


The mine had exploded right onto his face, and it was supposed to blow him up into a bloody state, destroying his face on the spot.


But at that moment, his face looked like a broken porcelain vase. Under the impact of a powerful explosion, it cracked into pieces, but it did not show a trace of blood.


The skin on his face was actually peeling off like a porcelain figure, falling piece by piece.


After a moment, Ming was still fine and had a fierce and murderous expression.


“This is…” Hong Lang stunned.


Hard Skin: Makes the user’s skin incredibly tough and able to absorb damage. Psychic Energy consumption depends on the strength of the damage. (1)


Ming previously used this Psychic Power to block the offensive from the trio and rescue Lu Chio. It was only when he saved Lan Bin that he could not stop the Piercing Bullet.


Hong Lang’s attack wounded himself but did not hurt Ming. It only consumed most of his Psychic Energy.


With a sly smile, the Assassination Blade in his hand once again pointed at Hong Lang.


At this time, a huge wave rushed into the sky.


Wen Rou and De Yu were flushed out of the water at the same time.


Wen Rou’s hair was scattered, blood dripped from the corner of her mouth, and the speargun in her hand was broken. Instead, she had taken out the katana, and her left arm was hanging limply.


The effect of Dark Demon Reincarnation had completely disappeared, and De Yu had regained the handsome image of a dark-haired white boy. Only, his eyes stared at Wen Rou, full of hatred and anger.


“De Yu, what’s going on?!” Ming was shocked.


The 3-minute limit hadn’t been reached yet, so how could Dark Demon Reincarnation have disappeared?


De Yu spat out four words from his teeth, “Blue Wound… good skill!”


Blue Wound: Use upon an adventurer creates a curse effect: causes 5% reduction in the trigger rate of special effects, 10% reduction in skill effectiveness, and 20% reduction in skill damage. Duration: 1-3 minutes; ineffectual on normal attacks.


Wen Rou had used the Bracelet of Lover.


The effect of the skill was reduced by 10%, which immediately shortened the duration of Dark Demon Reincarnation and even decreased its power. Depending on the diving equipment, Wen Rou had put in hard work fighting him underwater and had finally stalled past this guy’s most dangerous form. However, just before the disappearance of Dark Demon Reincarnation, his fearsome arm had still landed a hit on Wen Rou. Fortunately, at this time, the effect of his Dark Magic Blow had also disappeared, and it had been severely weakened. Therefore, Wen Rou’s injuries were not fatal.


“I’ll kill them!”


If there was anyone who still maintained a complete combat capability, it was Ming. In addition to some injuries from shielding Lan Bin on the boat, his fighting power basically had not decreased. In contrast, whether it was Wen Rou, Hong Lang or Jin Gang, they had all been seriously injured.


At this point, Chen Yi also tried to swim over. He did not have a bow in his hand, holding only an ordinary Rank D sword, and his strength was greatly affected. However, if he was there, he could also help drag down the other party.


At this moment, a wave crashed into the sky in the distance, and Shen Yi jumped out of the water, lifting his left hand and sending out Flying Claws as fast as electricity, capturing Lan Bin in the distance!

TL’s note:

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