Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 35

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Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: Claudiu Wheels, Red

Book 5 Chapter 35: Underwater Battle (Part 3)

Like Hong Lang, when Shen Yi came out of the water, he was also wearing a black wetsuit and a full set of diving equipment, but his left calf was largely exposed and constantly dripping blood.


He immediately threw out the Flying Claws as soon as he jumped out. The claws that could extend up to 100 meters were like snakes dancing in the air, fiercely biting Lan Bin’s legs.


A ferocious force came from the Flying Claws as if the gravity of the Earth was suddenly ten times stronger. Lan Bin could no longer maintain his balance and fell downwards.


With the power of this claw, Shen Yi’s body accelerated instead, and with the Spirit Flame Gun appearing in his right hand, he started shooting. The bullets successfully hit Lan Bin, forming a bloody stream.


Lan Bin shouted out loud, and at the same time, his left and right hands released a blazing light. “Wind Burst!”


However, the manifestation of his skill was still a bit late.


One fell down and one rose upward, therefore the gap was quickly closed. The two men’s bodies slammed into one another in the air.


Shen Yi’s right hand unequipped the gun, and he punched toward Lan Bin.


This punch hit Lan Bin’s wrist, deflecting the Wind Burst energy ball, and then it exploded in the air, making a loud noise, like thunder in the sky.


“Ah!” Lan Bin yelled.


A long bone blade suddenly protruded from his right elbow and, with a reversed thrust, pierced Shen Yi’s chest.


Since Shen Yi was holding Lan Bin, he could only watch it thrust into his chest.


The bone blade was then retracted and left a gaping hole in Shen Yi’s chest.


Shen Yi left hand formed a fist and uppercut Lan Bin’s chin.


In his right hand, a gun suddenly reappeared, but it was not the Spirit Flame Gun. Instead, it looked like a silver revolver. Seeing No. 47’s Death Revolver made Lan Bin feel a chill.






The revolver fired a shot into Lan Bin’s stomach.


The power of the gun was not to be ignored. A big hole appeared in Lan Bin’s belly. He could no longer withstand this great pain and fainted, falling slowly into the sea.


Seeing both Lan Bin and Shen Yi falling into the sea also affected the hearts of the others.


Six others ignored the pain caused by their wounds being soaked in the seawater and started swimming, heading in one direction.


De Yu once again activated Death Drift.


When he had used Death Drifts on board, “quick and ghostly” was the only way to describe it, but in water, it could only be described as a “humanoid torpedo” at best.


It was still very fast, but it was not impossible to capture.


Hong Lang stepped his feet onto Jin Gang. With a forceful push from Jin Gang, he slammed into De Yu’s side. Death Drift was interrupted instantly. Luckily for De Yu, he did not receive backlash. Two people tumbled in the sea exchanging hits but only causing minimal damage.


De Yu’s heart was already full of anger, and Devil’s Bite was once again launched.


A little devil appeared on Hong Lang’s shoulder and started to bite wildly. Hong Lang’s defense was not as high as Fatty’s, so this skill’s damage to him was not light. However, this guy was by nature very brave, and he even headbutted De Yu’s head. With his Strength, even in the water, the blow still made De Yu feel dizzy.


Then Hong Lang took off his diving helmet and bit into De Yu’s neck.


You dare bite me? I’ll also bite you!


Fighting in the water, biting with teeth was easier than fighting with fists.


De Yu smiled and even retaliated against Hong Lang.


The two people competed in cruelty. They churned in the water and occasionally drank bloody water from the sea.


On the other side, Chen Yi and Ming also fought Wen Rou and Jin Gang. Originally, in Ming’s current state, Wen Rou and Jin Gang couldn’t be his opponent, but his combat strength in the water was weakened too much. He was also specialized in assassination, and he was taking an Agility-Type route, which was greatly restricted in the water. If the two people only relied on Swimming Forte, even if they could not beat him, they could still stall for a period of time without a problem.


Meanwhile, Lan Bin in the distance had fallen into Shen Yi’s hands.






As if a meteorite had fallen into the sea, the two people sank deeply into the water.


As soon as they hit the surface, Shen Yi’s weapon had been replaced by Vampire Touch, and the dagger crossed the wave toward Lan Bin’s neck.


Lan Bin used Mana Barrier and barely blocked the stab. Shen Y drew back his wrist and stabbed forwards again. Lan Bin leaned back and barely dodged while kicking hard toward Shen Yi, wanting to push him back.


Shen Yi’s body turned, and then he swam above Lan Bin.


Fighting in the water was extremely strategic. Starting an attack from above meant taking the absolute lead. For the sake of this water war, it was no exaggeration to say that they had studied everything that needed to be studied, and they had prepared for everything, so they knew how to proceed.


Lan Bin was not a prolific melee fighter, so he had no melee combat experience, let alone close combat experience in the water. Shen Yi’s left hand had Flying Claws grab around Lan Bin’s neck, and his hands pulled, causing the chain rope to wrap around his neck.


Lan Bin shouted and quickly raised his hand upwards. Regardless of the binding, he released a Wind Arrow.


Shen Yi only gently moved sideways, and this skill failed. His hands moved like frog palms, and his body changed directions, swimming behind Lan Bin.


At this time, their descent was slowed by water resistance. The two people began to float upward after sinking for tens of meters. Shen Yi just paused a little, letting Lan Bin’s body rise above his own.


Coiling the chain rope around Lan Bin’s neck and pulling it back, Lan Bin was jerked backwards. Shen Yi then twisted one of Lan Bin’s hands around his back, and the chain rope crossed the arm randomly and swam a circle around Lan Bin, binding his left hand to his back.


Although Lan Bin was struggling, he was not a good melee fighter underwater and was actually suppressed by Shen Yi.


Shen Yi pulled Lan Bin’s right arm behind him. The chain rope circled Lan Bin and finally tied him up.


Lan Bin was bundled underwater. Shen Yi took out the pearl that increase swimming speed by 25%, which he had obtained in the X-Men’s world, before bringing Lan Bin upwards.


“Captain! Captain! How are you?” Fatty’s voice came from his helmet.


“Fortunately, I caught Lan Bin,” Shen Yi answered.


“Xie Rongjun and others are coming and have passed the 250-meter cordon!”


“I know. Everyone, pay attention. Dive immediately and don’t surface!”


“No! Hong Lang is still stuck with De Yu!” Fatty cried softly.


“Hong Lang, get rid of De Yu quick, we don’t have time!” Shen Yi shouted, “Hong Lang, do you hear me?”


“He can’t answer you. He took the helmet off!” Jin Gang also shouted.


“Damn it!” Shen Yi was angered and punched Lan Bin. “I’ll go to help him! All of you, dive!”




The three people dove underwater at the same time, and Shen Yi threw Lan Bin to Wen Rou, who caught and pulled him along with her. Shen Yi quickly rose and shouted, “Hong Lang, go!”




It wasn’t that Hong Lang did not want to go, but he could not go.


He was struggling with De Yu, and the two were biting each other.


Hong Lang had bit a large piece of flesh and skin from De Yu’s face.


Hong Lang’s neck was also full of blood, and his body was covered with blood-like lines that looked like cracks.


These were the scars left by De Yu’s Blood Wrath.


The two men grabbed each other’s hair, no one wanting to let go. They bit and beat each other like a pair of vicious dogs. They were also almost exhausted, and their fight lost the fierceness of their past battles.


Not too far away, Ming was heading toward them with murderous intent.


Although Hong Lang could not answer, he also knew that things were urgent. Shen Yi shouted, “Quick dive! Fast!”


Hong Lang gritted his teeth and shoved his body backwards. His hair was pulled out by De Yu and excruciating pain came from his scalp.


Afterwards, Hong Lang kicked against De Yu. At the same time, Thunder Strike hit De Yu’s chest. With this rebound force, Hong Lang quickly retreated.


A knife flashed in front of him, and the Assassination Blade brushed over his eyelids.


Hong Lang’s diving meant that he left his back completely exposed. The Assassination Blade cut through the waves and thrust into Hong Lang’s calf.


Internal Burst!


Hong Lang’s left lower leg instantly revealed a bloody hole.


Hong Lang was stunned and took out an item from the Bloody Crest.


Underwater thruster: After use, it will add a fixed driving force to the adventurer and greatly increase underwater movement speed. Worth 100 BP. (not equipment)


I can’t let him escape!


The Assassination Blade in Ming’s hand glowed brightly.


Death Blast (Rank CC): Causes 90 damage to all targets within 30 meters of a straight line.


This skill had an AoE, so using it on a single target was a bit of a waste, but there was no better choice.


A light trembled along the water waves and hit Hong Lang’s back, but due to water resistance, the damage done by it was actually not as high as the previous Internal Burst, but the momentum of the Death Blast wave continued undoubtedly and unexpectedly cut the underwater thruster into two halves.


Hong Lang was surprised for a moment, and Ming took that moment to stab the Assassination Blade into Hong Lang’s back.


At that moment, a fishbone flew out from underneath. Ming instinctively dodged, and the fishbone swept past his face.


It was Shen Yi who came quickly from below.


Seeing the broken underwater thruster, Shen Yi was also surprised and took out another underwater thruster from his Bloody Crest and threw it to Hong Lang. “Just go!”


“What about you?”


“Don’t speak nonsense! He can’t kill me!”


Hong Lang also knew that it was not the time to argue. Turning on the underwater thruster, it blew a strong air current, and he rushed down.


Seeing that Hong Lang ran away, Ming felt a surge of anger in his heart. The Assassination Blade was swiftly stabbing at Shen Yi. Although he dodged in time, the blade brushed his chest, tearing a heavy gash into the wetsuit.


Shen Yi returned the hit with his Vampire Touch, but Ming dodged that hit too.


Fighting underwater, all movements were slowed down, as if in slow motion. If they really wanted to fight until the end, it would take too much time.


“Captain, Xie Rongjun is already 50 meters away!” In the distance, Fatty observed the movement in the sea.


“Got it.”


Shen Yi dodged Ming’s stab and dove down.


His swimming was far better than Hong Lang’s, and he received a bonus from the pearl. Since Ming’s only long-range skill Death Blast had been used, it was really easy for him to escape.


If Shen Yi knew that Xie Rongjun was coming through the team channel, how could Ming not hear Xie Rongjun’s loud voice in his team channel and know that he was on his way?


Both sides already knew that Xie Rongjun was coming. While Shen Yi was diving downwards, Ming issued a cry.


Dimension Walk activated!


At this crucial moment, the cooldown on his teleport skill had ended.


When Ming reappeared, he stabbed a knife toward Shen Yi.


This knife plunged into Shen Yi’s lower abdomen. Ming only slowly appeared, and his eyes were filled with pride.


Through the night vision equipment, Shen Yi looked at Ming and said coldly, “You really want to die…”


Ming naturally couldn’t hear what he said, but he saw a flash of cruelty in Shen Yi’s eyes.


He paused slightly and saw the sudden appearance of a monster beneath Shen Yi.


The Harvester!


The robot which weighed a hundred tons plunged toward the bottom as soon as it appeared. Shen Yi grabbed the Harvester and his body was drawn out from the Assassination Blade, and then he headed to the bottom of the sea along with the Harvester at a crazy speed.


At the same time, from his Bloody Crest, he took out all the underwater mines and filled the space around Ming.


“F*ck…it’s over!” Ming watched in terror when as many as twenty mines appeared around him and groaned.


Even if he had the Hard Skin ability, it was still impossible to block the blast damage of more than 20 mines.


Sinking at a frightening speed, Shen Yi still did not forget to wave goodbye to Ming.


Boom! Boom! Boom!


A series of huge explosions sounded in the depths of water, and the huge waves that formed washed the people that had swum towards them, like Xie Rongjun and others, to the top of the waves.


In the ears of all the members of team Strike The Blood, a cold reminder from the Bloody Crest was heard, “Your team member Ming died…”


The same reminder fell in Shen Yi’s ear, but for him, it was like heaven’s voice.


“You have killed a member of team Strike The Blood. You will get three random items or a specific item from him…”


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