Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 36

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Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: Claudiu Wheels, Red

Book 5 Chapter 36: Comeback

On the deck of Dorisha lay three dead bodies.

Dreamy, Lu Chio and Ming.

One of them had become a pile of minced meat. Ming’s teammates had gone through a lot of hardships to find parts of his body, which was barely arranged into a human form.

As for No. 47—he could not be salvaged at all and had to rest eternally on the seabed.

The bloody water on the sea had been dispersed, and a large amount of broken wood was still drifting. There were alsol some sailors calling for help in the water, but no one cared.

Xie Rongjun looked at everything in front of him. He could no longer believe his own eyes.

The Little Widow was destroyed, Dreamy died, Lu Chio died, No. 47 died and even Ming died, and Lan Bin was taken away.

After this battle, team Strike The Blood suffered an unprecedented loss.

It could be said that since the team had been established, they had never encountered such a major setback.

It was like a slap in the face for Xie Rongjun. Shen Yi used his shrewd and merciless actions to tell everyone that their enemies were never good enough to deal with them.

“F**k!” Arnold was standing on the side, his blood upwelling.

In Bloody City, forming a team meant that the members would become good friends who had experienced a lot of life and death situations, risking their lives together. And often, they cared deeply about each other. The stronger the teams were, the more often their friendship was challenged and the more trust they gained in each other. A team without trust, even with stronger individual strengths, could not become a strong team.

The deaths of their teammates was a great shock for everyone. Arnold yelled, “I’ll kill them!”

“Yes! Kill them all!” everyone shouted.

“Enough!” Xie Rongjun snapped. “Who do you want to kill? Don’t you understand yet? This  world was their choice! It is their home field! They are ready for everything!”

“They were also injured. If we attack right now, we will definitely kill them!” Chen Yi called.

“Bullshit!” Xie Rongjun told Chen Yi, “If we chase after them now, then even before we can get near them, our ship will be crushed by them. Without Lan Bin, how will we get on their boat? They are injured, it’s true, but how are we? We have lost five people already! Besides you and De Yu, how many fighting forces are still left? Excluding both of you, we are equal in terms of numbers! But that bastard has the T-1000, the Harvester, and enough water battle equipment…”

Speaking of the T-1000 and the Harvester, Xie Rongjun spewed cool air from his teeth.

He did not expect that Shen Yi would actually have these two dangerous machines.

It must be fortunate that although the sea battles gave Shen Yi a significant geographical advantage, it also made it impossible for the power of the Harvester to be fully displayed. Otherwise, he feared that even De Yu and Chen Yi could not escape from death.

In this battle, the price paid by team Strike The Blood was far more than they could have imagined. Among the 12 people, only five and a half still retained combat strength.

In the current situation, it was clear that there was no chance of winning the final match against team Break Blade.

Although Xie Rongjun was angry, he was the captain of the team after all and knew he could not be impulsive.

In addition, losing this battle not only had a great impact on team Strike The Blood, but it also had a huge effect on him. The damages caused by team Break Blade were the results of his own revenge. Because of his personal grudges and misconducts, the team’s reputation was seriously compromised, and it was definitely a major stain on his reputation and prestige.

Therefore, it was imperative not to act rashly but to stabilize the morale and formulate a solid plan instead.

He had made a mistake by disregarding the enemy and paid for it. Now he would no longer be reckless. He could be sure that Shen Yi would never leave his back open to them. If he now decided to catch up with them, he feared there would only be  another fiasco and more deaths.

“Then what do we do now? Did our brothers die in vain?” Arnold asked Xie Rongjun with an ugly tone.

Xie Rongjun answered, gnashing his teeth, “Of course not. The loss was largely because we didn’t know the other party had a T-1000. Zhou Yiyu, that son of a bitch, I didn’t expect him to dare lie to us!”

Yu Li was puzzled. “How can you be sure that Zhou Yiyu deliberately concealed this information? A special reward like T-1000, even if it can be obtained, must be the final reward. It is normal for Zhou Yiyu not to know.”

“Then how did Shen Yi know that we did not know?” De Yu sneered, “Do you still remember the words that Zhou Yiyu and Shen Yi exchanged in the market? This son of a bitch, he was deliberately reminding him of what he didn’t say! Because of this, Shen Yi was very sure that we were not aware of the T-1000’s existence. That’s why he dared to use the T-1000 to trick us!”

“Bastard!” Everyone came to an understanding and shouted.

Xie Rongjun said, “As long as we know who sold us out, it will be easier to handle. After completing this mission, we will naturally have the opportunity to seek revenge on him. But before that, we must do a few things first.”

Then, Xie Rongjun looked around at everyone around him. He said, “First of all, my brothers, I, Xie Rongjun, apologize to you. Because of my personal reasons, I dragged you into this war and got four of us killed, and another brother was taken away by the enemy. I… I am not worthy of the captain position.”



Everyone screamed at the same time.

Yu Li hurriedly said, “Don’t say that captain, we know that you don’t want to do this. To deal with a team that had just came from the Slums District, nobody would be too serious. Everyone would be careless. It was not your responsibility alone. I don’t care what other people think, but I still consider you as the captain.”

Arnold nodded and said, “To be honest, I was a bit dissatisfied with you, but I haven’t thought about declaring you unworthy as a captain. It already happened. We and Shen Yi’s gang are already arch-enemies. If you don’t carry it, no one can carry this burden.”

The others also joined together.

Xie Rongjun’s prestige in team Strike The Blood was still relatively high. At this time, Xie Rongjun actively admitted his mistake and eventually stabilized the morale.

“Let’s talk about what to do next,” Pandora said.

In Xie Rongjun’s eyes, the flame of hatred flashed, and he thought for a while. He said, “This is the mission world chosen by Shen Yi, and the ability to fight in water is of the utmost importance. Shen Yi clearly identified our lack of water warfare ability, so he chose it. Here, in this case, we must first make up for the defects.”

“How do we make up?”

Xie Rongjun said, “Of course it is by absorbing new talents and accomplishing the quests. In this battle, although we have paid a great price, they were not able to completely cripple us. If only I survived, team Strike The Blood’s fame would still live on, and we’re not going to fall down! You know how many people in the Common District are eager to join our team Strike The Blood, right?”

De Yu brightened his eyes. “Yes, as long as we still have our reputation, we will not fall! Several of our brothers died, so we will recruit people again and recruit them here!”

Arnold also understood. “Yeah! Of course we were not prepared to come into this world, but others may not be like us. This mission has 42 adventurers, and besides us, Shen Yi’s team and the two guys who died in the storm, there are still 23 adventurers. We can issue recruitment orders and recruit talented adventurers to join us. Lost strength, we can make up for it! The enmity of our dead brothers, we have to pay back!”

Pandora coldly interjected, “Temporary, untested recruits, I am afraid that people’s minds can not be trusted, and their strength may not be enough either.”

Chen Yi stepped forward, “If it is in order to take revenge, I couldn’t care less.. Not enough time to test? Let Shen Yi serve as our examiner!”

Yu Li also said, “Since we are not in a hurry to chase Shen Yi, we must first complete some quests to exterminate warships and pirates. We should be able to get some water equipment or skills.”

“But now the top priority is Lan Bin. He is still in Shen Yi’s hands, and we have to find a way to save him.”

Xie Rongjun spoke with a sense of humility, “Rest assured, since Shen Yi took great efforts in capturing him, they will not just kill him. However,  if he wants to come back alive… I’m afraid that the bastard will strip him bare.”


When Xie Rongjun and others traveled more than one hundred and fifty meters, the soldiers on the other four ships stopped their attacks and turned to leave.

Princess Ivana was still in the lead.

Frost stood above the mast and observed the distance with a telescope.

“Colonel, what’s the situation there?” Lyle shouted underneath.

“Not bad, those people seem to be very sad… they have lost five people.” Frost replied loudly.

“Wow, sir, the commanders did a good job, right?”

“Perhaps. We better leave soon before they catch up.”

“I wish they would catch up, we still have some arrangements that were not used.”

“Oh, now that I think about it… Lyle, hurry and remove all the explosives from the ship! What the hell, I forgot that we are still sitting on a gunpowder bucket.”

“Wait, wait for the commanders to return and confirm safety.”

“You’re right.” Frost put the telescope down and shouted towards the deck, “Ralph, find a few men to lower the boat and get ready to meet the commanders.”

“Ok, Frost.”

“Arias, you better let the sailors go and burn some boiling water. I think the commanders will want to take a good hot bath when they return.”

“The sailors are terrified, sir.”

“Then do it by yourself.”

“…Yes, sir.”

Ten minutes later, Wen Rou and Jin Gang first appeared near Princess Ivana.

They almost did not even have the strength to climb the ship. Four soldiers had to help them board the boat.

Next was the tied Lan Bin.

“Don’t let him come up. Soak him in the water first!” Wen Rou ordered, “Watch him. If he dares to do anything, you are free to fire.”

The soldiers on the big boat pointed their muzzles at Lan Bin.

A soldier on the boat looked at the big hole in Jin Gang’s stomach and said, “Your injury is serious, sir.”

“It’s okay. As long as we are alive, this level of injury is no problem.” Jin Gang bit his teeth, taking out a bandage from his Bloody Crest, which was the cheapest treatment item they could buy.

Taking the stuffing out of his belly, Jin Gang used a bandage to wrap it a few turns around the wound.

“I need some pain-killing medicine.” Jin Gang said softly.

“Use this one.” Wen Rou threw a morphine shot to Jin Gang.

Jin Gang injected the morphine into his stomach and spat it out after a long breath. Then he asked Wen Rou, “What about your arm?”

Looking at her left arm, Wen Rou shook her head: “It should be broken.”

“We don’t have bone restoration medicine, and Shen Yi’s healing skill can’t fix it…”

“You don’t have to remind me that.”

Jin Gang could only shut up.

After a while, Hong Lang also came up.

His injuries were even more severe. At first glance, he looked as though he had just escaped from the execution ground. His left hand only had bones left. A large piece of meat on the calf of his left leg was gone. The calf was directly exposed, and he had hole in the stomach. It was only slightly smaller than Jin Gang’s. His chest was full of scars too. He looked like a pig’s head on a dinner table.

Even with such terrible injuries, Hong Lang was still able to laugh on the boat, “Five! We defeated five of them! Killed four and caught one! Haha, Xie Rongjun, you bastard, I think you’ll go crazy!”

Saying that, he used his still perfectly good right leg to step on Lan Bin’s face, and his foot kicked and stomped while Hong Lang laughed, but his eyebrows and nose were squeezed together in pain on his face.

Lan Bin’s mouth was stuffed with a large amount of grass, and not even a word could be spoken. He still had MP to use his skills. A mere Flying Claw couldn’t really bind him. But the problem was that he was now in the water, with dozens of guns facing him, and there were also three adventurers who could deal with him. What about breaking free? He knew it would be suicide, so he had to swallow his anger.

“Enough, Hong Lang!” Shen Yi headed out of the sea. Although he had no propellers, with the pearl his speed was in no way slower than Hong Lang’s.

Throwing the night vision goggles onto the boat, Shen Yi boarded the boat with the help of two soldiers.

He first looked into the distance with a telescope, confirmed that team Strike The Blood’s ship had become a small dark spot on the horizon, and then he used his healing skill on Jin Gang.

“Hey! My injury is even heavier!” cried Hong Lang.

“I think your spirit is strong, so I’ll treat you last.” Shen Yi answered lightly.

“Shen Yi, I curse your children don’t have assholes!” Hong Lang shouted.

Wen Rouly glanced angrily at him.

Under the influence of Despicable Healing Art, the head-sized wound on Jin Gang’s stomach finally gradually healed.

Shen Yi looked at Jin Gang’s state, patted him, and laughed, “Fortunately, no shortage of arms and legs, ten minutes later and you’ll be as good as new.”

Jin Gang smiled and said, “You should take care of yourself first. You’re severely injured too.”

Indeed, Shen Yi himself was badly injured like others. The void on his left leg was as bad as Hong Lang’s or even worse, and his stomach was similarly wounded by Ming’s dagger. He was also beaten by No. 47. He was stabbed with a bone blade by Lan Bin too, and his arm bones were almost cut off by De Yu.

When looking back on this battle, it was natural for the winners to indulge in victory. However, it had been extremely risky. It could be said that they had fought their hardest battle since they had entered the city.

This was because they had prepared carefully for it. If the two sides had met on a narrow path, even if their numbers were equal, Shen Yi would have not dared to say they could win.

After a while, Fatty finally surfaced in the water, smiled and looked at Shen. “Captain, I’ve killed Lu Chio.”

Jin Gang and Hong Lang rejoiced at the same time. “Ha, kid, you are finally kicking ass! Congratulations!”

They beat Luo Hao’s head together as if they were playing drums.

“How are your injuries?” Shen Yi asked.

Fatty shook his head. “I’m fine. I was just shot by No. 47 in the stomach and it opened a hole. Everything else is okay.”

“Another one with a holed stomach.” Jin Gang smiled and reached out, pulling Fatty up. Compared with the four of them, Fatty had withstood the most attacks but had the lightest injuries.

“What about this guy?” Jin Gang pointed to Lan Bin.

“Pull him up. There are a few of us. He can’t run.”

“Then you have to find someone to watch him. It’s too much trouble. I think we should slaughter him and avoid trouble.”

“Living people are worth more than dead people.”

Everyone had arrived, so Shen Yi waved his hand toward the top, and the boat raised its sails.

The boat sailed to the horizon.

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