Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 37

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Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: Claudiu Wheels, Red

Book 5 Chapter 37: Exploit

On the Princess Ivana’s deck, Shen Yi sat opposite of Lan Bin, behind him was Hong Lang and four others.

The chain cable had been untied as there was no need to tie Lan Bin in the current situation.

Shen Yi didn’t waste time and directly went to the topic, “If you want to live, cooperate.”

“What do you want?” Lan Bin was similarly straightforward. As long as there was hope for survival, people would always strive for it.

“Simple, answer me a few questions. The first question; Four members of your team died, so how can you survive the bloody point deduction?”

The reason why Shen Yi had started fighting with team Strike The Blood as soon as his opponent just entered the mission world was that he wanted to use the opportunity when they had not gained any BP by performing the quests to quickly kill them all. If they did not have enough BP, they could only pay with pieces of equipment. The problem was that Bloody City didn’t give change. To offset 2000 BP deduction, they may have to use a piece of Rank C equipment which worth 3000 BP, but Bloody City certainly would not return the difference of 1000 BP to them.

If he was lucky, killing two or three people would be equal to killing all the members of team Strike The Blood or completely strip their equipments bare.

Therefore, the first goal of this operation was, of course, destroying the opponent. The second goal was to weaken the opponent.

He completed the goal of weakening the opponents but failed to complete the goal of destroying them.

It could be said that the battle between team Break Blade and team Strike The Blood was actually a fight between big and small. In the first match, team Break Blade achieved a splendid victory, it was like “the snake swallows the elephant” (1), but it did not eat it all but only the small half of the elephant.

The elephant did not die. Sooner or later, it would still make a comeback.

Xie Rongjun knew this, so did Shen Yi.

Therefore, for Shen Yi, this war was far from the end.

For Shen Yi, the first thing to do was to figure out why the elephant was still alive after losing a half and quickly digest the already eaten half of the elephant.

At this moment, when Shen Yi asked, Lan Bin could only answer.

“Our captain has a special item called Book of Untrust, which can resist the penalty of ordinary agreement, but it has a limited number of uses. When we entered this world, there were eight times of use left, but if my guess is right, there are only five times left now. This item cannot be recharged. He used it once to cancel the penalty of the contract between you and Zhou Yiyu to get your information. I didn’t expect it to be used three times this time, and it was all because of you…”

Lan Bin’s tone was full of shock. The deaths of Dreamy, No. 47 and Ming ware a major loss for Xie Rongjun. As for Lu Chio, he was not an official member and he did not enjoy the team fighting function, so his death didn’t come with a penalty.

“It turned out to be canceling the penalty instead of the direct nullifying the contract. Where did you get it from?”

“The Wilderness.”

“I guess it is a good item.”

“I hope we never have to use it.”

“Indeed,” Shen Yi replied with a chuckle. “Then the second question; Why did No.47 want my Writ of Black Wanted?”

Lan Bin immediately shook his head. “I don’t know…”

As he saw Shen Yi’s face darkening, he hurriedly said, “I really don’t know why he wanted Writ of Black Wanted. He never said why to anyone, even to the captain. Although we still fairly united for most of the time, everyone has reservations about sharing their core interests. If No. 47 didn’t want to say, we couldn’t force him. Considering that he is determined to be a Marksman, many people think that Writ of Black Wanted may be related to guns. However, I personally think it is not that simple, otherwise, it was impossible for No. 47 to be so secretive and not to say anything…”

Lan Bin didn’t exactly say anything, but Shen Yi already understood something. If No. 47 had kept the secret behind  Writ of Black Wanted even from his team-mates, it meant that it may be of great significance and not limited to gun enhancement. Therefore, No. 47 didn’t want to give the others a reason to betray him.

Shen Yi nodded. “The third question; How to get a Class?”

Lan Bin felt awkward and looked with strange eyes at Shen Yi.

The three questions Shen Yi asked were simple and direct. And all of them were on the key points. It showed that he had prepared for a long time.

After thinking for a while, Lan Bin sighed. “You have to participate in a certain mission world. You should know that depending on the properties of the world, different mission worlds have different rewards.”


“Getting a Class is the same, but only if you enter the corresponding mission world and you start a Class Quest.”

“If I want to become a Marksman, what mission world should I choose?”

Lan Bin once again had a strange look, and then replied, “Bloody City’s Class system corresponds to a wide range of worlds. I’m also unclear as I accidentally bumped into Class Quest in my mission world. I don’t know the exact correspondence, but No. 47 was also determined to be a gunner, so he had acquired a lot of information about this. According to the information he got, there are about 7-8 mission worlds that have Class Quest for Marksman. He only knew two, Wanted and Doom. He intended to enter Doom for his next mission, but he had to come to the Pirates of the Caribbean World because we wanted to chase you… He won’t able to go anymore.”

“So that’s the case. Is Bloodline the same?”


“What about your sudden restoration to full?”

“We have an item that can restore MP and Psychic Energy, but it has a limited number of uses. It can only be used five times. Now there are only four times left.”

Shen Yi casually asked several more questions, all of which were related to the unknown information of team Strike The Blood.

Lan Bin also cooperated and responded in a straightforward manner. He only asked Shen Yi to release him, and answering the question was his payment..

Basically knowing all that he wants to know, Shen Yi patted his shoulders with satisfaction. “Congratulations, your cooperation has allowed you to successfully pass the first trial, and now we have entered the second trial.”

“The second trial?” Lan Bin stunned.

“Yes, the second part is how much money do you plan to pay for your life?” Shen Yi asked leisurely. Next to him, Hong Lang and others sneered.

This battle not only resulted in a beautiful big victory for team Break Blade, which had greatly weakened the opponent’s strength, but it also provided a huge amount of money for the team, their strength soaring. Including Diffusion Bracelet, Wind Boots, Death Revolver, Eclipse Bow, and Assassination Blade, they got a total of three Rank C and two Rank DD equipments.

Prior to this, team Break Blade had never had such a rich harvest.

It is no wonder that people often say that “horses are not fat without eating grass at night”. Plundering is always one of the best ways to make a fortune. Although the risk is high, the benefits are even greater. Adventurers in the Free To Kill mode, as long as they had enough abilities and confidence, would always be willing to start killing their own people.

For Shen Yi, this was just the beginning.

Xie Rongjun would not give up on his hunt, Shen Yi would also not give up to counter attack. Everyone who wanted to deal with him would have to pay a price. This price not only included their lives but also included the reward they got through hard work.

Strike The Blood was a famous team in the Common District. Each adventurer had at least one Rank C piece of equipment, and some even more.

Catching Lan Bin alive was a chance to make a fortune.

He wanted to sell Lan Bin for a good price.

For him, the price was not important. The important thing was that he must get it.

At this moment, he looked at Lan Bin and said seriously, “As a Common District adventurer, I estimate that your price is quite high.”

He raised two fingers and crossed each other. “100.000 BP, let your captain pay this price, and you can go back. See? I still view you quite worthy.”

“You’re crazy, motherf*cker!” Lan Bin shouted hysterically, “100.000 BP, don’t you have any shame when saying that?!”

Shen Yi smiled. “Don’t say that, starting from a newcomer to the present, isn’t it just the price with which you bought your skills? 100.000 BP, this price is to show my respect for your ability. You should be satisfied with my affirmation of your personal value. Or do you think I’m still underestimating you? If so, I can add some more.”

“F*ck your mom. I’d like you to look down on me! I’m a scum, a rogue, a reptile. Hey! I’m worthless!” Lan Bin yelled.

Shen Yi clapped his hands and nodded his head in satisfaction. “Very good. You can think that you are worthless, but how about your captain? I think he would be willing to pay a great price for his team-mate.”

“This is not possible! What do you think a strong team is? I tell you that a so-called strong team is actually no different from the mafia gang on Earth. You are a part of the community, but the community is not yours. The team doesn’t always back-up a member, but, in turn, you often have to risk your life for the boss, such as this time. Not to mention that my captain can’t pay this price, even if he could, he won’t pay. If I die, he can simply recruit a new member.”

He thought that this would certainly disappoint Shen Yi, but he did not expect Shen Yi to laugh, and clap his hands again and again: “Well, Lan Bin, you performed better than I expected.”

Lan Bin shocked and couldn’t understand what the other party meant. Shen Yi was already saying, “Since your captain doesn’t want to get 100.000 BP to exchange for your life, I won’t make things hard for you. Your captain can’t buy your life, so you have to buy it yourself.  You know what to do, right?”

Lan Bin naturally understood what his words meant.

Adventurers who fell into each other’s hands, either died or were exploited. This behavior was normal. Xie Hongjun was a living example.

Most adventurers did not opt to improve their equipment when they bought enhancements. Because not only equipments were foreign objects, they were easily induced greedy of others. Therefore, unless harvested from missions, very few people would take the initiative to purchase equipment.

Team Break Blade did the same too, except for a few pieces of ordinary equipment such as heavy shields, long whips, and halberd guns, the others were almost all obtained from the mission world.

For Lan Bin, because he had a Class, he used most of his BP to purchase skills, otherwise, he could not have more than 10 skills. However, because he had too many skills and lacked training time, the level of the skills was generally too low, and he also lacked advanced skills, so the power of his Class hasn’t been played to the fullest.

At this moment, Lan Bin answered with a sour voice, “I have no equipment, I only have a suit that I’m wearing right now.”

Shen Yi coldly said, “Crane Cloak, Rank C after equipping it, it adds 10 MP, enhances the power of skills by 10%, skill cooldown time reduced by 10%. Sacred Cross, can be used to lock a skill. After locking in a skill, its mana cost is reduced by 50%, and it can not be replaced during the mission world. Ring of Conscious, adds 2 MP, can make the mind clearer, so even if your MP falls to zero, you won’t fall into a coma. Am I right?”

Lan Bin stared blankly at Shen Yi. He did not expect Shen Yi would be so knowledgeable about his assets.

There were two copies with information sent by A Li and Ben Tung Ming, they were insufficiently complementary. Shen Yi had understood the situation of most of the people in team Strike The Blood. Of course, he could not know all of Lan Bin’s details, but what he casually said was Lan Bin’s most important and valuable equipment. His expression was clearly saying, “I know everything about you”.

Lan Bin couldn’t help but curl his body and look at him in horror.

Shen Yi sighed and a contract was sent to him. “Take out all of your things, I promise to let you go. You know I don’t have the Book of Untrust, so it’s impossible for me to go against the contract. If you don’t trust us, we can also sign an advanced contract, but I suggest you save me 100 BP. Most of the time, I am a stingy and greedy person.”

Choose between life and equipment, Lan Bin finally made the right choice—hand over all.

In addition to the Crane Cloak, the Sacred Cross and the Ring of Conscious, Lan Bin also took out an Iron Bracelet which added 5 Vitality and a Scroll of Training.

Scroll of Training: Can be used to train skills or Fortes. After using the scroll, you will gain 10 times the effect of training skills or Fortes, duration 72 hours.

For Lan Bin, his biggest problem was that he had a lot of skills and lacked  training. As a result, he couldn’t take advantage of the fact he had a Class, so he worked hard to get this Scroll of Training. He didn’t expect to be taken away before he had the chance to use it. The moment he saw Shen Yi slowly caressing the scroll, he felt like his heart was bleeding.

In addition to these two things, there were some recovery potions.

In the end, Lan Bin also gave his own remaining 1,800 BP. It could be said that it was thoroughly searched for.

Seeing that he was empty and had nothing, Lan Bin glared and said, “Can you let me go now?”

Shen Yi laughed and said, “Of course, I’ll keep my word. But before that, you still need to help me a little with something.”

“What is it?” Lan Bin was puzzled.

A slight smirk appeared on Shen Yi’s face.

He suddenly pulled out the Death Revolver and shot Lan Bin’s knee.

The fierce gunfire was followed by the sound of crushed bone, and amidst Lan Bin’s painful mad cry a bloody wound appeared.

“I’m sorry, this is that something… I need you to act as my experiment.”

As his cold tone sounded, Shen Yi’s hand had reached the broken knee.

“Despicable Healing Art.”

He started the attempt to restore the skill.

TL’s note:

1. A Chinese saying means “to achieve something impossible” or “delusion/greed (enough to want to achieve something impossible)”

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