Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 38

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Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: Claudiu Wheels, Red

Book 5 Chapter 38: Divine Healing Art

On the surface of the Caribbean Sea, four large ships floated quietly.

Some sailors were fishing in the sea, and others were swimming nearby.

The stormy sea was beautiful and refreshing.

If not for that screaming, it could have been a beautiful sea life picture.

Compared to two hours ago, the screams were much quieter.

The unlucky person was already nearly mute, and his voice was only audible on the Princess Ivana.

In spite of this, most people still transferred to other boats. For most people, the scene on the Princess Ivana’s deck was too bloody and cruel. The screaming made the listeners shiver from the bottom of their hearts.

Could anyone imagine that the young man with a svelte appearance would be like a hell demon when he went crazy?

On the Princess Ivana’s deck, Shen Yi was still trying to upgrade the Despicable Healing Art.

His test subject was Lan Bin, who was lying down, and the bones in his whole body were almost all broken.

The bloody water stained the entire deck. If it were to be measured, it would be almost all the blood in one’s body.

However, Lan Bin was still alive. One had to admire the tenacity of an adventurer’s life.

Meanwhile, for Lan Bin, it would be a relief to die at the moment.

“Shen Yi, you have a turtle son, bastard, eggs, and bitch; you have no humanity…”

Lan Bin shouted, exhausted.

His voice was getting weaker and weaker, and his strength was getting smaller and smaller.

At this moment, even if no one was watching, he could not escape the ship.

Shen Yi turned a blind eye to Lan Bin’s curse and continued his work, treating old injuries while creating new injuries.

His Despicable Healing Art could restore HP, heal wounds, and stop bleeding, but the effects on the skeleton were extremely poor.

Therefore, Lan Bin was like a victim of an unlucky car accident. One leg was broken first, and then he recovered, then the other leg was broken and then he recovered, then one arm was broken. Until the limbs were all broken, the process would repeat.

As a result, Lan Bin continued to break apart in the course of injury and healing, and the degree of disability was deepened again and again. Shen Yi could restore his HP, making him look like a patient who left the hospital three months after a car accident without being completely disabled, but he couldn’t cure the bad consequences of bone damage and couldn’t restore their basic functions.

And this was exactly what Shen Yi wanted to break through. Since the priest could regenerate limbs, the recovery of skeletal injuries was even more relevant. There was no good experimental research object before, so this time he had to seize the opportunity.

However, this scene that was too tragic, and even the single-minded Hong Lang couldn’t stand it. “Hey, how long do you want to continue to torture him? Look at this guy, he’s almost not human.”

Shen Yi sighed, “The restoration of skills is not an easy task. When the priest treated me last time, he planted in me a seed of restoration. I could feel it, but I could not understand and master it. I think only through uninterrupted use can we gradually discover and realize it, so if we want to restore the healing skill to its original form, I must continue to experiment… Besides, your injury needs me to fix as soon as possible.”

As an old saying went, good gunners were made through firing bullets, and good anatomical doctors were trained with corpses.

From the very beginning, Shen Yi knew that if he wanted to master the so-called healing techniques of the priest, he would need to use medical techniques repeatedly. And it could not be a simple application. It was a process of application, understanding, exploration, and finally mastering it.

In the past, indulging in practicing healing skills was like a chef practicing knife skills. With repeated slicing, practicing more was naturally enough.

But if he wanted to restore the Despicable Healing Art, it involved deeper problems.

This was like carving. You not only needed to be proficient, you had to know how this flower should be carved.

It was as if he could sculpt a carrot into a rose, but he didn’t know which knife to use to make it a hibiscus.

Interestingly, these two types of flowers were essentially the same, differing only in the details.

What he needed to do was to find the way to change.

This required him to understand his own knife, to understand the ingredients used, and to master the techniques through repeated studies.

Therefore, from this point of view, Lan Bin was indeed a very suitable experimental candidate—an adventurer’s tough physique made him difficult to kill, so the process could be repeated, like a piece of material that could be automatically restored and be redone after use. This made it easier for sculptors to become familiar with raw materials.

Of course, the cost was the destruction of raw materials.

Jin Gang turned his head away. “Although I know that you are right, I still can’t stand it. Man, when I saw his miserable appearance, my heart went cold.”

Shen Yi answered lightly, “That means you are in fear. You have mentally transferred the harm your opponent suffered to yourself.”

Saying that, Shen Yi stood up and went to a nearby bucket to wash his hands.

“You studied it?”

“It’s just my mana is running out. Taking a break.”


In order to test the method of restoring the Despicable Healing Art, Shen Yi put on all of the equipment that could increase MP and Will, adding his MP to 52 and Will to 51, and finally used the Sacred Cross to lock on the healing skill, reducing its MP consumption by one point.

Even so, during the two-hour experimentation process, Shen Yu’s MP was not enough, and he had to stop and rest many times, waiting for the automatic regen of mana.

Not far from him, Lan Bin was still weakly breathing.

He probably knew that Shen Yi was taking a break. He suddenly burst into laughter and said intermittently, “Shen Yi, I… I thought… you were smart, but… I didn’t expect… You’re… so foolish. You can use me … as a laboratory rat…but.. No matter…. how much you do… you can’t restore a variable… skill.”

“That’s not something you can decide,” Shen Yi lightly said.

“Of course…not… I…. just want to… say… that I… just know …. you can’t succeed.”

“Oh? Why?” Shen Yi found his words interesting.

Lan Bin shook his head but disdainfully ignored him.

“You’d better tell me. Don’t forget, as long as I don’t successfully restore the skill, I can’t let you go. Anyway, as long as I fulfill the agreement before the end of the mission world, it is not illegal.”

“I can tell you…you can’t solve it… anyway.” Lan Bin smiled. “I will only remind you of one thing… if you have to climb to the top of the mountain…you have to see the top of the mountain…to get what you want, you have to know it first… you have your own skills… you don’t know what it was like before…how can you restore it?”

These words shocked everyone.


Everyone knew that the Despicable Healing Art was derived from a healing skill.

But which healing skills did it fluctuate from?

What was the basis of it? He didn’t even know what it was.

Shen Yi slapped his own thigh. “Damn, how can I forget this!”

In fact, it was not entirely his fault. During this time, he was busy dealing with team Strike The Blood. There were many things he didn’t realize because he didn’t have time to think about them. Compared to Shen Yi, Lan Bin suffered through many trials himself, and he was better able to understand the problems.

At this moment, he was reminded by Lan Bin. Shen Yi quickly rushed into the cabin and took out his PDA and began to search for all healing skills.

Bloody City had a variety of healing skills. Some were targeted, some were AoE, some even had the ability to deal damage, some had defense capabilities, and so on.

Shen Yi quickly examined these healing skills and looked at one side while saying, “The greatest benefit of mediocre treatment is to save spiritual power. From this point of view, this skill must have consumed a lot of mana.”

Wen Rou also followed in, “Didn’t you say that the adventurer who invented this healing skill may have wanted to take the opportunity to contact the female body? It may have originally been a ranged skill.”

Then there was Jin Gang, “The priest restored your right hand with the original skill, which shows that its original recovery ability must be very strong.”

Hong Lang replied, “But the restrictions on use must be very large, such as cooldown time, or the user had to pay some price.”

Luo Hao also added, “It’s not necessarily a Rank D skill, it may be more advanced.”

With everyone’s analysis, Shen Yi’s search grew more and more accurate until his finger finally rested on a certain skill.

“Divine Healing Art (Rank C): After use, it creates a sacred enchantment that is centered on the user, in the range of 5*5 meters. Restores 10 HP per second, duration 20 seconds. Can heals all wounds. Within enchantment’s boundary, undead creatures suffer 10 light-element damage per second. Healing amount and damage per second increased by 5 for each level. The user cannot move or attack while the skill is in use, otherwise the skill will be interrupted. Cooldown 10 minutes.”

His eyes froze, and he paused for a moment. Finally he said, “I think… we found it. Divine… Despicable… completely, diametrically opposite… It’s no wonder that it has such a strange name.”

Shen Yi sighed.

Who would have thought that the base form of the Despicable Healing Art would have been such a skill?

Compared to Despicable Healing Art, Divine Healing Art had many advantages: long-range, big healing amount, could heal multiple targets, and had a bit of offensive ability. However, the disadvantages were that the users themselves could not move or attack during use, it consumed huge amounts of mana, and it had a long cooldown time. During the use of the skill, the user had no way to fight back—20 seconds, enough for an adventurer to kill the opponent a dozen times.

Therefore, this type of healing skill was more suitable for use after battle than during combat.

The purpose of the invention of Despicable Healing Art was obviously to make up for the deficiencies with this type of healing skill. It was entirely the opposite course. Therefore, even the name had the opposite meaning.

Prior to this, Shen Yi had repeatedly speculated on the purpose of the name of Despicable Healing Art. When he truly learned the truth, he discovered that it was so simple.

Reasoning was always just reasoning. Many reasonings were based on the unknown. They sounded very true, but they were often awkward in reality.

All actions based on reasoning were therefore often impractical and could only end in disastrous defeat.

Fortunately, Shen Yi liked reasoning but not superstitious reasoning, so he did not make any big mistakes.

Three hours later, on the Princess Ivana’s deck, Shen Yi closed his eyes and meditated.

After clarifying his own direction and repeatedly experimenting many times, Shen Yi gradually stripped away the mystery of the restoration of skills.

In fact, the priest had already implanted the seed of restoring skills into his body. The reason why he was unable to succeed was entirely because his MP was not enough to support the release of Divine Healing Art.

Only when one’s own mental power met the conditions could one truly understand and grasp the key. Then one would quickly discover that as long as one could find the right path, it was not difficult to succeed.

At this moment, during Shen Yi’s continuous attempts, he suddenly felt that his mana was being sucked by something, suddenly disappearing by half.

A golden ring of light expanded from under his feet, the sky became bright, and the air became fresh.

Bathed in the light, everyone felt the brilliance of life rejuvenation.

Lan Bin realized that his previously afflicted wounds had miraculously begun to recover. He also found that his left arm began to grow, and that Hong Lang’s hands and legs were now all improving and recovering quickly.

In Shen Yi’s ear sounded the familiar tone,

“You reverted Despicable Healing Art. You gain the ability to use Divine Healing Art. Your Despicable Healing Art can be freely converted to Divine Healing Art. Because the initial Rank of your skill is D, and you can’t make your post-change ability have higher Rank than your initial ability, so you have to choose:

1: Reduce Divine Healing Art to Rank D. Effect of Divine Healing Art is reduced by 50%, Spiritual Expenditure is 20 points.

2: Pay an additional 6,000 BP to upgrade your Despicable Healing Art to Rank C. Recover ability is increased by 100%, and skill consumes 3 MP.”

“I choose to pay 6,000 BP and raise the rank of Despicable Healing Art to Rank C.”

“You don’t have enough BP to pay. In situations unrelated to quests, you can choose to pay by an equipment worth 6,000 points instead.”

“Pay by Eclipse Bow.”

“Your skill is upgraded.

Despicable Healing Arts (Rank C, Level 4)—Cost: 3MP. Has a high effect when used to treat foreign and bleeding injuries, recovers 120 HP. Has medium effect against penetration, tearing, shock, or injuries inflicted by skills, recovers 72 HP. Has low effect against body failure (like broken arm) injuries, poison injuries, etc… recovers 12 HP. Has no effect against unique effect damages. Cooldown: 60s.”

“Despicable Healing Art and Divine Healing Art share cooldown time.”

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