Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 39

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One minor fix: HTS -> HMS. Sorry for this mistranslation.

Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: Claudiu Wheels, Red

Book 5 Chapter 39: Distribute The Booty

In the evening, Princess Ivana arrived at the designated location, a remote cape.

The HMS Rover was anchored here.

The goods on the five merchant ships had already been moved to the HMS Rover. Team Break Blade had no other losses beyond the loss of The Potato.

Hong Lang stood on the bow and shouted, commanding the soldiers back to the HMS Rover.

Compared to merchant ships, the HMS Rover was more solid and less likely to be targeted.

Shen Yi wore a new Armani coat and stood on the bow, looking out.

He had just taken a shower and felt refreshed after washing himself clean.

Lan Bin had been released, but before he left, Shen Yi again broke several of his bones. This was not done for abuse but for Xie Rongjun to waste a few bottles of Recovery Potion. Then, he forced him to sign a confidentiality contract on Divine Healing Art. He did not really want to keep this secret, but it was also good to force Xie Rongjun to waste another use of the Book of Untrust.

For Shen Yi, today was definitely a good harvest.

Not to mention the plentiful rewards from killing the enemy team members, the free transformation of Despicable Healing Art alone made him overjoyed. Unexpectedly, after converting Despicable Healing Art back into Divine Healing Art, Bloody City incidentally gave him an opportunity to upgrade the rank of his healing skill.

In the eyes of Bloody City, transforming a Rank D skill into a Rank C skill was unacceptable. This was like a cat giving birth to a baby tiger or a hen laying a peacock egg—the one who sold cat and hen would suffer a loss.

The customer would have only two choices: either return the baby tiger and peacock egg and then receive a kitten and a chick or add money to replace the cat with a tiger mother and the hen with a female peacock.

In this issue, Bloody City only considered the fairness of the business, the balance of the sales and purchases, and the price of goods and the goods’ quality, and it ignored the consumer demand and the seller’s market position. For the city, even if Rank SS skills were not rare, balance was still the most important. And for adventurers… what else was better than this?

It was not unreasonable for the buttocks to dominate the brain[1].

Shen Yi estimated that such treatment would not even be available to the inventor of the original medical treatment. After all, he was originally converting a Rank C skill to Rank D. However, considering this, Bloody City must have more items for upgrading skill levels.

He was meditating when he heard a sweet voice behind him.

“What are you thinking about?”

Looking back, he saw Wen Rou, who had just emerged from a bath. Her long hair naturally covered her shoulders. There were a few drops of water that had not been wiped, and they looked exquisitely clear in the sunlight. She had changed into a small red vest and wore boots on her feet, giving her a daring look accompanied by a bit of enchanting beauty.

“I’m thinking about how to seduce the charming beauty beside me.” Shen Yi smiled.

Wen Rou did not expect Shen Yi to banter back, and for a time, her face became flushed. She fiercely clawed Shen Yi to hide the sudden flutter in her heart.

She leaned up to Shen Yi’s ear and said, “After you go back, you can spend a few days with me to pursue me. Maybe I will promise you everything.”

Shen Yi’s hand went behind her, and he lightly stroked her waistline, “Why go through so much trouble? You know that this is not a world that is suitable for romance and warmth.”

“But it does not prevent us from having dreams.”

Shen Yi froze a little, thought for a moment, then finally nodded. “Well, after returning, I will give you a sweet, romantic trip.”

“A sweet tour? Where do you want to go?”

“How about the wilderness?”

Wen Rou’s right hand clutched Shen Yi’s collar, and she said with a wicked tone, “Are you sure that is a romantic and sweet trip?”

“As long as there is a coquettish heart, any place can be romantic, including the land of bloody massacre.”

Wen Rou giggled, “You’re a bastard, Shen Yi… but I like it.”

Shen Yi was stunned. He glared at the soft lips and gently kissed.

It was as tender as water, as sweet as honey.

When the kiss reached the climax, someone made a deliberate cough.

Shen Yi and Wen Rou slightly parted but not panic.

Hong Lang, Jin Gang and Luo Hao strode over. “The soldiers have all returned to the HMS Rover, and all the preparations have been completed… Hey, can you pay attention to these single men? In broad daylight, I have already coughed, and you have not separated.”

“Just wanted you to be more jealous. Is there something else besides this?”

Hong Lang smiled. “Of course, what else can it be?”

Shen Yi understood. “Want to distribute the booty?”

Not only Hong Lang but also Jin Gang and Luo Hao laughed strangely.

This battle could be said to have been the most brilliant victory team Break Blade had ever achieved since its establishment, and it was also the biggest victory. Naturally, it was necessary to split the loot, not to mention to prepare for the next fight.

Shen Yi took the Assassination Blade out.

Assassination Blade (Rank C): attack damage 21-26. 

Item skills: 1. Internal Burst, 2. Sneak Attack: when the user is invisible, increase attack damage by 10%.

Shen Yi laughed, “The quality of the Assassination Blade is quite good, and it is very suitable for an assassin. Fortunately, fighting in the water, he couldn’t use his real strength at all, or otherwise we wouldn’t be able to bear it. Unfortunately, none of us chose the assassin path. Using it is a bit waste.”

Handing the Assassination Blade to Jin Gang, he said, “You still don’t have a good weapon, so just use this one. When Luo Hao makes some progress, give this to him. Then I’ll help you find a new weapon which is more suitable for you.”

“Good.” Jin Gang also politely agreed.

“The Disillusionment Bracelet will be used by Luo Hao. Apart from him, no one else can unleash its full potential.”

“Thank you boss.”

“The Eclipse Bow was taken away by the city. Hong Lang, you can hold the Boots of the Wind. But anyone can use this thing, and if necessary, we will have to make choices based on tactical needs. I’ll use the Death Revolver. As for the Crane Cloak and Sacred Cross …”

Shen Yi did not say anything, but Wen Rou understood his thoughts, smiled and said, “The only thing to consider now is the growth of team strength and what is suitable for whom. The Sacred Cross has already locked in medical skills, so no one else can use it. Divine Healing Art is also the most mana-consuming skill, so the Crane Cloak and the Lucid Ring are still the best for you. After returning to the city, the Scroll of Training will have to be yours. I will take that iron bracelet.”

“I’ve gotten too much.” Shen Yi indulged a wry smile. “The BP earned from the last mission, you barely got to use, and the money you borrowed was also used by me. This time I divided it unevenly…  even though I have a thick face, I occasionally blush.”

Hong Lang laughed, “It’s not simple, and you can make up for it later. Anyway, your kid’s debt can owed, and some of his brothers can owe it. The debts are bad, but the brothers don’t charge you interest; is it enough loyalty?”

Shen Yi also laughed, “Well, then, I owe you five thousand each, but it’s ok. Yes, Hong Lang, use my Thunder Bracelet. I find that it is more suitable for you than me. As for the Ring of Violent, you don’t need to use it, give it to me, and I will use it later.”

“You use Berserk?” Hong Lang asked.

Shen Yi smiled and nodded. “Yes, didn’t you find out that I’m actually more suitable than you for that skill?”

Indeed, every time he used the Ring of Violent, it would consume half of the user’s HP, which was quite a headache for Hong Lang. Shen Yi had a healing skill that offset the consumption. And his current fighting style tended to summon combat forces and use firearms. Close combat was based entirely on ordinary attacks.

Shen Yi’s general attack techniques were now more and more sophisticated, and his high-speed continuous combat method just needed the attack speed and damage bonus from fury. Therefore, compared with Hong Lang, Shen Yi was now able to use the  Ring of Violent for effectively and avoid its shortcomings. This exchange of equipment, from an overall perspective, greatly improved the team’s strength and clarified the development direction of the team in terms of the division of labor.

After the equipment distribution was completed, they began to discuss how to proceed with the next step.

Jin Gang said, “Xie Rongjun learned his lesson. Although we said that it was a big win, we didn’t completely destroy our opponent. If he is not stupid, he will attack us again. Then there will still be a ways to go.”

Wen Rou also said, “I just realized that there is a problem with being in the water world. If you can harvest the Scroll of Upgrading Forte(Swimming), they will certainly be able to harvest the basic Scroll of Swimming Forte or other water-intensive equipment. Team Strike The Blood did not go through a water world before, of course, so there will be no reinforcement in this area, but now that they have suffered a loss because of it, they will surely make up for it. If I guess right, Xie Rongjun, after eating this loss, in addition to recruiting new members, there is another option – use this chance to search for water-reinforcement equipment and scrolls. The biggest possibility is that the two will be conducted together.”

Hong Lang grasped his scalp. “This can be a little troublesome. Then what do we do next?”

Shen Yi chuckled, “Why worry so much? You have to remember that everything has two sides: positive and negative. If there is a profit, there will be corresponding drawbacks, depending on whether or not you can find it.”

Hong Lang shook his head. “I don’t see any good for us in making team Strike The Blood capable of mastering water warfare.”

“That would depend on how you understand this problem. If team Strike The Blood wants to get some Scroll of Swimming Forte, they must go around dealing with the British Navy and pirates, which means that they have to drift at sea for a long time. It means that for a short period of time, they will never come back to chase us. In this way, we can concentrate on completing our quests.”

These words made Hong Lang realize that, yes, team Strike The Blood would have to spend time collecting these things if it wanted to make up for the gap in the water-related aspects. This also gave team Break Blade time to do their own tasks.

What was different was that when the members of team Strike The Blood also focused on water strengthening, team Break Blade could already proceed farther and pursue better reinforcement.

The biggest taboo in battle was always to follow the footsteps of others, as it would make you always lag behind others. When this situation was reflected in a confrontation between life and death, it would be particularly fatal.

For Shen Yi, team Strike The Blood was like a giant. This giant’s manpower was extremely incomparable and difficult to fight. The only way was to make use of the advantages of his dexterous figure to fight and slowly eat away at this giant.

He was not in a hurry to win the game one-on-one, not worrying about swallowing the enemy team. It was team Strike The Blood that wanted to devour their opponent quickly, not him. The former had strength and appetite, while the latter lacked strength and could only treat the other as a steak and cut it into small pieces before slowly feeding into his mouth.

The difference in strength between the two was doomed to different tactical needs. The offensive one needed to be quick and the defensive one needed to be slow. When the attacking party was forced to slow down the pace of action, it was in fact taking hold of one of the slow-paced players. Shen Yi would never mind drawing out this battle for a long time. As time went by, team Break Blade would grow every day, and the gap of the strength between them would only draw closer.

Therefore, in the words of Shen Yi, it was when Xie Rongjun racked his brains to recover from the disadvantages of terrain that he did not know that he had lost the advantage of time.

The last time Shen Yi decided where to fight, Xie Rongjun had to fight there.

As for the present, if Shen Yi decided when to fight, Xie Rongjun would have to fight at that time.

Xie Rongjun was not an idiot, but as long as he still wanted to chase Shen Yi, he would not be able to escape from this strange circle where the fighting tempo was under control. This was exactly his greatest disadvantage.

Seeing that everyone could understand what he meant, Shen Yi smiled and said, “I never look down upon my opponent. Xie Rongjun’s reason for failing is because he looks down on us, and we will never follow the enemy’s mistakes. Rest assured, although team Strike The Blood is troublesome, I have already planned a death for them. If Xie Rongjun dares to come… Don’t even think about leaving this world alive!”

Shen Yi’s words were as loud as gold and iron clashing, showing strong confidence.

[1] Butt dominates the brain: A Chinese idiom in which your current position (where your butt is) determines your outlook.

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