Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 4

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Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: Damnation

Book 5 Chapter 4: Mega Factory

In the room, Shen Yi and his team members were still discussing with each other about the construction of a mega factory.


According to everyone’s understanding of Shen Yi, if he said that he already has basic ideas, it means that he has a solution to the problem.


Wen Rou said: “Talk about what you want to do to build this mega factory.”


Shen Yi replied: “First of all, we must understand that we cannot afford such a high amount of BP to get a production line directly from the city. So if we want to overcome this problem and build this mega-factory, the only way is to build it ourselves.”


“Build it ourselves?” Everyone was stunned.


“Yes. Since Skynet has provided us with all the technology, why can’t we make it ourselves?” Shen Yi laughed: “Not everything has to be provided by the city. For example, the dinner yesterday.”


“Come on.” Hong Lang yelled: “What do we get to create the production line? That we must have industrial machines. What can we do to make industrial machines? You won’t let us produce everything from scratch, will you?”


“You fool.” Jin Gang shouted: “He doesn’t mean here.”


“Not here?” Hong Lang stayed: “You mean…”


“Yes, it is in Wen Rou’s X-men world. There are enough heavy industry and high-tech industries to support our plan. We can use the existing technology there to produce directly.”


Wen Rou frowned: “A mega factory needs a lot of production lines and more resources. To obtain all the production lines, it may need thousands of Scroll of Identify.”


Shen Yi immediately said: “First, we don’t need all the technology products. We only need to be the most practical. Second, we don’t need to bring the mega factory back to the city. We are there to produce it. What we want to bring back is just the finished product. Third, of course, it’s not easy to bring technology products back to the city, but what about raw materials? It’s like cooking. The raw food we buy is ours, but after cooking them into foods, it still belongs to us… ”


Everyone finally realized.


Since the material has little scientific value, a Rank D Scroll of Identify can take away a large amount of material. As long as these materials are determined to be owned by adventurers, it was still theirs no matter what products it turned into.


According to Shen Yi’s plan, what he needs to do is to establish a mega-factory in the world of X-men, and then use the Scroll of Identify to get a batch of basic materials for the Terminators or other weapons. After being made into Terminators by this mega-factory, it would be brought back to the city.


As a result, they have obtained a large number of technological products that can be said to be unprofitable.


This is actually a task that can be accomplished by breaking down an impossible task into several small tasks that can be accomplished.


It is not surprising that many methods are justified.


It sounds like a huge investment and it is impossible to complete the task. In Shen Yi’s opinion, it is just a game that turns waste into treasure.


Because Shen Yi’s decision, the role of homeworld instantly expanded from a flower pot into a garden. From here, Shen Yi can pick a lot of fruit. What a pity was that Hong Lang may not be able to get a Psychic Power for the time being.


However, Jin Gang still frowned. “Even in the world of X-men, isn’t it easy to build such a mega factory?”


Judging from the huge base construction of Skynet in the Terminator World, the cost of having such a mega factory would be as high as tens of millions of dollars, and it would produce only technical products with Rank CC at most. If you upgrade to a high-end program and develop future technology in the future, then the capital investment required must be counted by billion.


With such a high figure, even if an adventurer could support it. The latter wouldn’t even think of owning it in a short time.


What’s more, that amount can’t be gained by several shots in the stock market.


“It’s not easy, but it’s always easier to buy directly from the city. But the most important thing is that you haven’t understood the true meaning of the existence of the homeworld. The city once told us clearly that the homeworld is what we use to develop. At that time, we only knew that the city allowed us to use legal income in exchange for Scroll of Identify, but we ignored the other thing: the development of power. The Scroll of Identify is used to bring back what we developed to the city. So in the process, what kind of means we use is not important. The city’s restrictions are only the means by which we bring our strength back, and do not limit how we have these forces.”


Wen Rou’s eyes shone: “I understand. You are saying that we don’t have to be restricted by the rules of the city at all when it comes to building a mega factory!”


“Yeah!” Shen Yi smiled. “Now you understand?”


Hong Lang clapped hand and shouted, “Yes, I understand. Let’s go and rob him billions of dollars and build a mega factory directly!”


When the words of Hong Lang came out, everyone had a facepalm.


Jin Gang tapped the head of Hong Lang: “You stupid, billions of dollars, how many banks you need to rob? When you have the power to do as you like the world of X-men?”


Wen Rou also laughed: “Even if you can rob hundreds of billions of dollars, if you want to build a factory, you have to go through the local government permission, right? Even if you are not afraid of all mutants and humans, I am afraid that you can’t develop well. Did you forget that we could only stay in the homeworld for ten days? Build the factory with the money that we got, then when we come back next time, I’m afraid it’s been razed to the ground.”


Shen Yi also laughed: “Hundreds of billions of dollars! Let’s not say whether we can get it. Even if we do it, what trouble will it bring to a country? The homeworld has only just returned to peace, all of our legality revenues are based on peace, and when a group of people with special abilities suddenly appear, and when the country’s property is overwhelmed, what will the U.S. think about and what impact will it bring to the peace agreement that has just arrived? When we finally managed to get money from this investment, I’m afraid that it will all be turned into bubbles.”


Several people’s speech made Hong Lang speechless.


Hong Lang actually could not be regarded as stupid. It is just that he was in a rough position. He was accustomed to solving problems in the most simple way, but he ignored that the homeworld is not a mission world. To develop in such a world, they needed to use the brain more than the muscles.


The fact is that they may be able to rob millions or even tens of millions of dollars in the world of X-men, but never expect to build a large company through robbing.


At this moment, he thought for a moment, and he said extremely depressed: “In other words, even without restrictions, this is still not an easy task.”


Shen Yi replied, “For anyone, even for adventurers who have superpowers, building a mega factory with a value of billions of dollars is a matter of ten days a year in a world is an impossible task, or that it is only less difficult to complete than to buy such a factory directly from Bloody City. You think, why did Lan Yan say the value of Skynet is difficult to play?”


“That exchanged with technology?” Jin Gang asked. Since Bloody City did not limit the methods used by adventurers to build a mega-factory, it simply means cooperation with the United States, using technology for money, or even for investment was possible. This is also a good idea.


Shen Yi still shook his head: “I thought of this idea early on. But Zeus told me clearly that if I do this, it would be tantamount to turning the world into another Terminator world. As long as in the homeworld there is any seed containing the Terminator program, it will grow and develop into another Skynet. When two different worlds are mixed together, there will be unforeseen and terrible consequences. By then, we will probably lose everything in this homeworld.”


“Isn’t there any no way?” Hong Lang depressed replied.


“There is no difficulty that cannot be solved. The construction of a mega factory is a long-term and arduous task. It is certainly not easy. Otherwise, it will not be what Lan Yan said, and no one has fully played its role. It’s impossible to build one at a time, but to do it step by step, from small to large, can always be successful.”


Shen Yi stood up and said: “Well, this is the case for the time being. Let’s go for a walk.”


“What?” asked Hong Lang.


“Walk.” Shen Yi answered very seriously.




Out of the building 125, is the trading area of the Common District.


In addition to the autonomous choice of the mission world, getting the items you want through trading may be the most important way to modify and strengthen in the city.


Shopping has always been women’s specialty. However, in Bloody City, both men and women have a special interest in visiting the market. Adventurers here can often find the good skills they need, the good equipments they can use, or they can get a boost from the cheaper prices.


Because of gaining the Skynet program, in this mission they didn’t get any extra rewards. With T-1000 and the cost of living, the BP in the team’s hands now adds up to less than 20,000. On average, each one had less than 4000. Therefore, Hong Lang could only shake his head while watching. His eyes were like a helpless little boy who stays in front of the toy counter, he was reluctant to leave but had to leave.


In fact, an average of 4,000 BP was normal for those who have just risen from the Slums District. However, they have all achieved a lot of rewards in recent missions. As a result, psychological expectations have increased.


What can 4,000 BP do?


Even a Rank DD skill can’t be bought.


Common District’s goods are based on Rank C. Most of them are some Rank C skills, equipments or items. Various bizarre reinforcement methods from various mission worlds are brought together here, and even some from the magical world. Fancy creatures appear here and are also sold by adventurers.


Standing here is just like taking a hundred dollars in a pocket to visit a brand-name shop. It feels like it can be imagined–what to see and what to buy.


“It’s hell.” Hong Lang mumbled: “Looks like there isn’t much opportunity to strengthen yourself this time.”


Shen Yi laughed: “From the low-level areas into the high-level areas, the first time will always be a little sad. When we completed a mission in the Common District, this phenomenon should disappear.”


“You mean that the rewards for missions in Common District should increase greatly?” asked Wen Rou.


“It should be like this, but the difficulty will increase greatly.”


“Then we need to strengthen ourselves more.”


“But we don’t have so much capital now.”


Shen Yi laughed: “Don’t worry, someone will soon give us money.”


Not far away, a figure is rushing to him.


That’s A Li.


He waved to Shen Yi. Shen Yi left a sentence: “Wait here.”, then walked towards A Li.


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