Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 40

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Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: Claudiu Wheels, Red

Book 5 Chapter 40: The One-Eyed Giant (Part 1)

After experiencing that bloody battle, the Caribbean Sea finally recovered its temporary calm.


As if a tacit agreement had been reached, team Strike The Blood did not continue to chase team Break Blade, and team Break Blade also temporarily concentrated their energy on completing quests and began to search for British warships and pirate ships. They tried to fulfill Bloody City’s requirement of 9000 BP.


The 9000 BP benchmark was a special concept of Bloody City, and all levels were actually based on this. Rank CC was 18,000 points and Rank B was 27,000 points, though Rank BB was not 54,000 points but 36,000 points.


Each time you raised a level, you increased the base with 9,000 points. Therefore, 9000 was a standard for Bloody City.


Because of this, in the eyes of Bloody City, the entire Difficulty Level I area was just a novice area. Only upon reaching the Common District could they be considered official adventurers. Therefore, there had to be benchmarking requirements.


Think of it as the sixty-point standard that an exam must reach to pass.


For adventurers to achieve this standard, they had to fight with all their strength.


Every cloud would have a silver lining. Team Strike The Blood had lost four members and a ship, but as a result, they earned three shipments of goods, passively reducing the quest’s requirements among the team members, while team Break Blade had to work hard.


On the fourth day of entering the Caribbean Sea, they finally encountered the long-awaited “trouble”—six black warships without flags.


The high-powered telescope could clearly see the other party’s bow. A one-eyed guy who was wearing a funny triangle hat was waving a short machete and yelling.


“How is it?” asked Hong Lang.


“It is a pirate ship.” Shen Yi handed the telescope to Hong Lang.


Hong Lang looked through for a moment and whispered, “This group of pirates in the sixteenth century were really dressed like Brother Sharp[1].”


“I like his hair.” Wen Rou was also observing with a telescope and giggling.


“Can you show me?” Courtney’s voice rang next to her. The captain of The Potato had been very sad since The Potato had been blown up, and only after Shen Yi had promised to give him the HMS Rover did the captain regain his happy smile. Now the entire HMS Rover was sailed by the sailors originally on The Potato, and the paratroopers were liberated from their slave labor.


Wen Rou gave him the telescope, and Courtney said with certainty after watching, “It is Bernie Bob, Captain of the One-Eyed Giant. The ship was originally called the Giant, but after Bernie Bob blinded one of his own eyes, it was renamed One-Eyed Giant.”


“Blinded one of his own eyes?” Wen Rou was curious. “Why?”


“Because he thought it can make his appearance more vicious and terrifying,” Courtney replied very seriously.


Wen Rou said, “Is he crazy? Just to make himself more terrifying?”


“For pirates, this reason alone is enough. It can make them suffer fewer injuries in battle. He is Caspian Pirate Lord Barbossa’s man, so should we go and fight or leave?”


Since seeing Shen Yi destroy a British warship, Courtney had begun to believe that Shen Yi was the son of Poseidon. Ignorance gave people endless courage. Even if there was a pirate attack, Courtney was not afraid.


Courtney’s words surprised Hong Lang. “Barbossa? Are you talking about Hector Barbossa? The guy who snatched the Black Pearl? He is the Pirate Lord of the Caspian Sea, right?”


“You know him too? You’re right. That Barbossa, the one who took the world’s most terrible pirate ship, the Black Pearl. During his time as captain of the Black Pearl, he crossed the sea and defeated and replaced the former Pirate Lord of the Caspian Sea,” Courtney answered quickly.


Hong Lang said, “I never thought that there were such stories of Barbossa. It’s no wonder that in the Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Barbossa is one of the nine Pirate Lords. Courtney, do you know Jack Sparrow? Is he a Pirate Lord too?”


“Of course I know, Jack Sparrow is also a Pirate Lord, the Pirate Lord of the Caribbean Sea! The true captain of the Black Pearl, the strongest and most feared of pirates, and the only one who can continuously escape from the British navy and deal a major blow to them. Perhaps the greatest misfortune of his life was when he recruited Barbossa, the guy who had snatched his boat and left him for a long time. But this does not change his status as the Pirate Lord of the Caribbean Sea. In many seaports, as long as you say Jack Sparrow’s name, there will be a large number of pirates and sailors willing to join and risk their lives. Of course, it will also attract a large number of hostile warships. His name is a well-known sign, so wherever he goes, it attracts followers and reigns.”


Courtney answered with a very serious attitude.


Shen Yi and the others looked at each other, and their minds were already made up.


Obviously, in the original story of Pirates of the Caribbean, this guy was a bit unlucky because the plot required him to be, but here, he was by no mean a mere pirate.


Similarly, the meaning of the title Pirate Lord here was no longer limited to a single ship, but to a large group of ships—each Pirate Lord was bound to have their own subordinates. The funny scene in the Pirates of the Caribbean where two Pirate Lords had only one ship would never appear here.


According to Courtney, Jack Sparrow had now returned to the Black Pearl and continued his career in the Caribbean, but the battle between the pirates and the British Navy had not yet begun.


No one knew whether the next story would happen and how it might affect others. The point was that you could never expect for Jack Sparrow to fall into such a ridiculous situation that he would be deserted and detained by barbarians like in the film.


The mission world given by Bloody City was always just the backdrop. The plots only appeared on demand, and boring stories were never used by adventurers. Drama was less suitable for the theme or atmosphere, at least in the mission world.


“How could the Caspian pirates come to the Caribbean Sea?”


Shen Yi replied, “If even the national laws and regulations are just farts, then what is the boundary of a territory? What’s more, Barbossa and Jack Sparrow have never been friends… I don’t know if he is alive now.”


He was still watching a pirate ship in the distance. As the pirate ships got closer and closer,  maybe they thought that it was impossible for the prey to escape from their hands, so they finally officially raised their flag.


The six-sided, slightly broken flag fluttered over the sea, enticing a smoky atmosphere.


They rushed toward the side but did not fire.


The pirates always preferred to plunder rather than slaughter. If the raiders worked together, they could even let the other go. The purpose of the British Navy was to maintain the monopoly over maritime trade and reject competitors.


From this point of view, the British Navy was even more fierce than pirates in terms of burning and killing.


When the pirate ship approached 150 meters, the five ships led by HMS Rover and Princess Ivana simply stopped.


From this position, the muzzles of the weapons on the pirate ships could be clearly seen.


Compared to the HMS Rover’s artillery, these pirate ships’ guns were seriously lacking, both in quality and quantity.


Shen Yi measured it and said, “The pirate ship is obviously inferior to the British warships in terms of firepower. It is estimated that the man power will be a little troublesome. It is clear that the British warships are strong in long-range combat, and the pirates are powerful in close combat. This should be the main difference.”


Wen Rou added, “I still like to fight pirates more.”


“Me too,” Shen Yi laughed.


He turned and walked off the bow. “The other party has a total of six ships. Wen Rou, Jin Gang, Hong Lang, Luo Hao plus No. 1, you each deal with a ship, to see who’s faster. I’ll handle Bernie Bob myself. Jin Gang, give Assassination Blade to Luo Hao. Luo Hao, fight on your own. If you can’t deal with a pirate ship now, jump into the sea.”


“I know, boss.”




“Yes, sir.”


“Command your brothers to fire the pirates at the back, I need you to promote yourself as quickly as possible but don’t charge forward. This time…  I and my comrades will act as human shields.”


“Yes, sir.”


The 150-meter ship would arrive immediately.


At the moment when the One-Eyed Giant’s chamfer was about to collide with the Rover, the ship suddenly changed its direction and changed the collision posture into a parallel one within a very short distance, fully demonstrating that the pirates were familiar with helmsmanship.


At the moment when the two ships became parallel, countless whistling lines and claws grabbed each other’s bows, and one by one the pirates swung in the air to the Rover.


At the same time, countless flaps with iron hooks had also been turned over from the side of the One-Eyed Giant, hooking up the Rover and fixing the two ships together.


A large number of pirates wielding swords and sabers yelled and shouted from the board to quickly seize the target ship in an expeditious manner.


The same thing would happen on other ships. For pirates, contacting and controlling the target ship in the shortest possible time, looting everything that could be looted, that was just their usual routine. Gold, silver, jewelry, and even beauties, they didn’t refuse anything.


The captain of the One-Eyed Giant, Bernie Bob, swiftly fell onto the HMS Rover. He was planning to kill a sailor by custom and use the blood to warn anyone who wanted to resist, but suddenly, he realized that there was no one on deck.


No, there was one person.


A young man in a strange trench coat stood in the middle of the boat.


In a crowd surrounded by pirates, he still had a confident smile.


The other person shook his head and then softly asked, “Bernie Bob?”


“Yes, you must feel honored, because today you will be robbed by the great captain of the One-Eyed Giant, Bernie Bob! If you are smart, quickly hand over all your treasures!” The one-eyed pirate answered arrogantly.


The young man nodded. “You have already taken away one of my things.”


“What?” Bernie Bob was stunned.


“My line.” The young man said very seriously, “Yes, you must feel honored because today you will be robbed by the great captain of team Break Blade, Shen Yi! If you are smart, quickly hand over all your treasures, including your life!”


“What the hell? What am I hearing?” All the pirates said.


Shen Yi has said coldly, “It seems that you do not want to give it willingly, so I will take it myself!”


He suddenly shot!


TL’s note:

  1. A homeless man who spends his days and nights wandering the streets of Ningbo, Zhejiang province, whom many Chinese netizens have dubbed as the “most handsome underdog of this century”. This is his image:

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