Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 41

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Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: Red

Book 5 Chapter 41: The One-Eyed Giant (Part 2)

The moment Shen Yi moved, at least 12 pirates reacted at the same time and waved their swords at him.

Pirates in the Caribbean were fierce and wild, and they were not afraid of death. But words could not even describe one percent of it.

Although he knew in advance that the pirates on this pirate ship would not be easy to deal with, the pirates still exceeded his expectations.

Although he launched a raid, the pirates’ response was not slow at all.

Twelve pirates attacked Shen Yi simultaneously. Three of the pirates even swung their swords together, attacking him from the top, middle and bottom.

Shen Yi slid sideways, quickly approaching one of the pirates at a high speed. When he was about to seize the opponent’s opening to make a continuous attack, he did not think that the pirates would retreat backward, and at the same time, from the left and right, two pirates cut off his escape route. Their cooperation was extremely subtle.

Shen Yi was forced to retreat again, and his left hand raised Vampire Touch to stab a pirate behind him. A line of blood formed as he drew it out of the pirate’s body.

Unexpectedly, the pirate did not even show fear but yelled and threw a backhanded slash toward him. Shen Yi dodged the knife and punched the pirate’s belly. With his Strength, this punch could absolutely beat his opponents. He did not expect that the pirate could still stand.

This surprised Shen Yi. When he looked closely, he suddenly discovered that there was some sort of halo on the foot of the pirate.

What was that?

Shen Yi was curious, but another pirate had rushed up.

Shen Yi took out the Death Revolver and pointed at the pirate. The gun fired on the pirate’s lower abdomen. The pirate screamed in pain but then launched an even more violent attack against him.

The powerful shot of the Death Revolver failed to deal much damage to the opponent.

The sound of gunfire from afar was also heard. Three soldiers from the airborne battalions had fired on pirates on the six ships. The bullets hit the pirates, and bloody holes were created. However, the blood flowing from the holes was pitifully low.

Shen Yi’s brows were slightly wrinkled.

Although he had previously considered that pirates might be more capable of fighting than the British Navy, he never expected that even a few small fries would be so difficult to deal with.

The combat strength of these pirates was comparable to level 2 mutants from the X-Men’s world, and they advanced and retreated in close cooperation, as if they had practiced cooperating beforehand.

Thinking of cooperation, Shen Yi suddenly had a thought and used Appraisal.

“Pirates of the Caribbean: Defense 8, HP 150, Equipped Weapons: Machete. Attacks 7-15, Advanced-level Swimming Forte. Skill: Combination Strike.”

Combination Strike: When fighting side-by-side with a partner who possesses Combination Strike, each additional partner increases damage by 15% and defense ability by 10%. Partners can absorb 3% of each other’s damage, dealing 5% more damage to themselves. Stacks with Fighting Forte. The skill is limited to 12 people, and the effective distance is 12 meters. The user must be of the same racial class.

Shen Yi suddenly realized it.

In terms of personal power, these Pirates of the Caribbean had comparable strengths to those British Navy soldiers, but they also had the ability to buff each other. The more people there were, the higher each individual’s strength, and the more damage could be transferred. Although the damage caused by the transfer would cause more harm to the companions, it would be borne by everyone after all. This would reduce the chance of a fatal blow, and it would also increase their fighting potential.

At this time, the cries of Hong Lang and the others were also heard from the team channel. “Shen Yi, these pirates are very difficult to deal with. They seem to have some sort of combo ability, and their combined strength increases greatly.”

“It’s a combination of strength and damage sharing!” Shen Yi answered.

“What should I do?”

“What should you do? Fight, of course!” Shen Yi raised his brows. “Is it possible that just one skill would be enough to overwhelm us?”

“Haha, that’s right. Let’s see who finishes first!”

Knowing of the other party’s ability to use combined force, Shen Yi simply put away the gun and activated Berserk. The moment half of his HP fell, a wild force emerged from the depths of his mind and body and ravaged through the rest of his body.

Shen Yi, like a fierce tiger, rushed toward a pirate. His right hand hit the opponent’s chin. The pirate leaped swiftly and was about to retreat to his companions, but Shen Yi had already slammed past the opponent’s defending arms and struck more than 20 fists against his chest.

The ferocious force brought about by Berserk hit the pirate’s body, instantaneously destroying the opponent’s ribs, and then Shen Yi’s arm punched and broke his chest, coming out from the other side and grabbing another pirate behind him. He pulled back and pulled the other pirate’s head through the hole in the deceased’s back, only to bury it in the dead man’s chest.

This move was so cruel and vicious, and even if they had a combo attack and could transfer damage, the damage transfer was limited. Shen Yi landing a critical hit, and a successful instantly killed one, leaving all pirates stunned.

Bernie Bob opened his mouth, “This guy is even fiercer than us pirates!”

Shen Yi let out a long-lasting roar, and his body moved like a snake. The melee power brought by the two Practicing Manuals was exerted at this moment.

Although he had experience with such melee brawls many times before, he either could not beat the opponents without being forced to use other methods to subsidize the fight, or he could not finish off his opponents in a very short time.

It was rare for there to be a large number of opponents this time that even had the strength to fight against him so that he could make full use of his talents and show his strengths.

In fact, melee combat was itself a macho battle. Through the striking and fierce fighting of the flesh, he could feel the reactionary force that was returned when he attacked the opponent and could listen to the sound of bones breaking. Sometimes it could bring a kind of cruel and crazy stimulation.

Seeing the opponent downed, their blood flowing and their life fading, brought an even more inexplicable pleasure.

Compared to the long-range shooting of gun battles, close combat was more terrifying, and it also tested the wills of the combatants.

Such close killings were either hot-blooded or cold-blooded, but neither could be calm and indifferent.

Shen Yi’s consistent calm and indifference had finally become fierce and high-spirited in this crazy combo-style battle.

At this moment, he charged and attacked all his opponents.

You can transfer damage? Okay, then I will just bludgeon one person and treat you as Bosses to see how much damage you can absorb in the end!

As if feeling the iron fist in his heart, even the airborne soldiers automatically shifted their attacking directions and turned their guns on other ships.

Combination Strike was not invincible. From the properties of the combo technique, it could be seen that these guys are not afraid of individual attacks but AoE attacks.

Frost’s rockets began to launch one after another, falling into the pirate’s midsts, and each explosion dealt damage to many. Three percent of the damage was transferred to others and became five percent instead. Numerous superpositions resulted in a significant increase in the damage to the pirates. On the other hand, those rockets caused extremely limited harm to adventurers.

Shen Yi then fought more excitedly; a flying blow hit a pirate’s chest, and the desperate pirate slashed down, but Shen Yi’s body actually bent at a surprising angle, like it was boneless, twisted in a circle, and then one elbow hit the pirate, and the pirate could only stand still.

The Paralyze effect of Winged Serpent Martial Art made the target lose mobility for a period of time.

Shen Yi pushed the pirate into a shield and rushed straight to Bernie Bob, who was in the distance.

Bernie Bob was shocked by what he was seeing.

Pirates of the Caribbean have ravaged the sea for decades, and they lost count of how many battles they had experienced. Although the British navy’s artillery could make them feel threatened, there had never been a merchant ship that could face them so effectively. Not to mention that there was only one person from the opponents who actually killed dozens of brave pirates.

But in the end, he was a fierce and vicious pirate. Despite facing a stronger foe, Bernie Bob still greeted him by waving his sword.

After Shen Yi lifted his right hand, he used Appraisal again.

“Bernie Bob, pirate of the Caspian Sea, an underling of Barbosa, medium-level pirate. Defense 15, HP 280. Skills: 1 Combined Attack, 2 Combination Strike, 3 Underwater Strike. Equipment: Normal machete (Rank D), attack power 10-15. Expert-level Swimming Forte.”

“It turns out that this is everything you have.” After seeing the other’s attributes, Shen Yi coldly spoke. Pushing the pirate forward, Shen Yi leaned far back to dodge Bernie Bob’s fierce attack, like the scene of Neo avoiding bullets with his windbreaker instantly spread behind him. Shen Yi’s right hand waved and pulled out a knife before lunging in. Then he switched to a backhanded grip and slammed it into Bernie Bob’s chest. Then he held it with his left hand and kicked Bernie Bob in the face. Not waiting for the opponent to recover, he swept his legs and kicked Bernie Bob’s knee.

Bernie Bob couldn’t stand and kneel down.

At the moment when he collapsed, Shen Yi jumped up and threw a knee at Bernie Bob’s chin.

A crisp sound of broken bone could be heard, and Bernie Bob’s chin was crushed. However, this guy was also really brave, since at the same time he was hit, the saber in his right hand also slashed toward Shen Yi.

At the same time, 8 pirates rushed forward.

Combined Attack: Combine other’s power to attack the target, the attack damage is the sum of the damage to the number of participants. The maximum number of joint forces cannot exceed twelve, and all must have the Combination Strike skill.

Bernie Bob’s attack contained the power of eight pirates. Together with his own Strength, the power was astonishing and seriously injured Shen Yi.

“You received 172 damage.”

Shen Yi flew backward, activated Despicable Healing Art, and threw Flying Claw from his left hand.

The Flying Claw hooked the ship’s mast, and he swung a circle around the boat, flying back to Bernie Bob’s side. He rushed back and was as fast as a phantom, making all the pirates dumbfounded. Shen Yi had already slammed into his opponent’s arms and launched a mad attack against Bernie Bob.

With a full-fledged attack under the effect of Berserk, Shen Yi’s arms actually made after-images, and Bernie Bob couldn’t see his actions, only feeling countless punches hitting him. Bernie Bob madly spat out blood.

The Weakening effect of Winged Serpent Martial Art: reduce target’s offensive and defensive capabilities over time.

The Sealing effect of Winged Serpent Martial Art: the target can’t use skills for a period of time.

The Stunning effect of Winged Serpent Martial Art: make the target lose all operational and combat capabilities for a very short period of time.

A series of three special effects triggered at this time. Bernie Bob only felt that all his strength was lost. Shen Yi fought like he was hitting a sandbag and attacked until Bernie Bob was unable to stand again. In the end, Shen Yi did not forget to use the Steal skill against him.

The Steal skill did not get anything, but there was a chest that appeared in Shen Yi’s hand.

The death of Bernie Bob made the pirates lose most of their morale, and thus, they could no longer be Shen Yi’s opponents.

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