Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 42

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Sorry for the long pause. A lot of real-life stuffs has happened to me.

Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: Claudiu Wheels, Red

Book 5 Chapter 42: Writ of Black Wanted (Part 1)

At this time, the battles on several other ships had already finished.

Hong Lang was the first to completely eliminate his opponents, followed by Wen Rou, then No. 1, and then Shen Yi.

Speaking of battle, Shen Yi’s damage output ability was only better than that of Jin Gang and Luo Hao. His characteristic was the ability to continue fighting for a long time with support skills. In terms of short-term damage output, even after using Ring of Violent, he was still not as good as Hong Lang.

When Shen Yi confronted his opponent, he had to make numerous moves to avoid, offset and then attack, while Hong Lang only needed a bravely charge to solve all problems. Not to mention that the paratroopers did not help him in the later part.

Jin Gang’s damage output ability was worse than Shen Yi’s. It wasn’t until the third minute after Shen Yi’s battle ended that he completely wiped out the last opponent. However, he was lucky and got a blue chest.

At this time, Shen Yi and others had already gathered together to watch the show. The only one still fighting was Fatty.

Hong Lang shouted,: “Hey, Fatty, you are the last. Do it harder.”

“Yes!” Fatty replied.

There were 14 pirates left on the ship Little Boy, including the captain. Although he was not as strong as Bernie Bob, he also had the skill Combined Attack.

Perhaps he saw through Fatty’s characteristics—a strong defense, but lacking in attack. And that was why the pirates did not fight head-on with Fatty, but instead, they just kept using hit-and-run tactics.

Their combat skills were far superior to Fatty’s, so he couldn’t take down his opponents in a short time.

Hong Lang was impatient, he wanted to go up to help, but Shen Yi pulled him back. “It’s only a small fight. He can do it, give him more opportunities for exercise.”

He waved and all the airborne soldiers laid down their weapons.

While soldiers needed to exercise, Fatty needed it more.

Hong Lang shouted, “Fatty! I give you five minutes to get them! Don’t drag your mother like a damsel!”

“I know!” Fatty suddenly shouted, and the shock wave of fear was released!

Holding his head up, the captain cried out. At that moment, Fatty thrust the Assassination Blade into his opponent’s body and activated Internal Brust.

The captain was already wounded and thus died immediately after the blow. Without the captain’s support, all the pirates were no longer Fatty’s opponents and were finally resolved one by one. Fatty also got a blue chest.

Bloody Crest prompted:

“Team Break Blade destroyed six pirate ships. After destroying all the ships, you will receive a total of 3,800 BP.”

Six pirate ships were not easy to deal with, but with the current strength of team Break Blade, it was not a big problem at all.

This was mainly related to the way Bloody City assigned values to each target. For example, a silver werewolf was worth 500 BP, and a vampire Count was worth 4,000. From a numerical point of view, eight silver werewolves were equal to a vampire Count, but from a strength point of view, this may not be the case.

The more bonus points, the stronger the target’s strength.

Therefore, for the same amount of BP reward, the difficulty of killing a bunch of minions was far lower than facing a difficult BOSS. The former was exactly the way adventurers liked it, but the city had imposed many restrictions on it such as a Region Competition, or now Free To Kill. Of course, the latter had many additional benefits beyond BP. Some of those were even more valuable than BP itself, and that was not what scattered targets could give. After all, some things couldn’t be bought with money.

With their current strength, there was no suspense around a single adventurer fighting with a target worth less than 1000 BP. In team fights, it would be easy to fight against individual targets worth less than 3,000 points. Therefore, it was normal to easily get 3,800 points from a small armada.

At this time, another reminder sounded in everyone’s ears:

“You killed Barbosa’s underling. The triggering condition of the Black Wanted quest series was met.

You have the right to refuse to open the quest series, but you will lose Writ of Black Wanted.”


When the news  broke, it caused Shen Yi to be slightly confused.

He did not think the Black Wanted quest series would suddenly start Looking at the words’ meanings, he actually had to choose a main opponent to fight.

An Wen once said that the Black Wanted quest series would have different performances in different mission worlds. When the time came, Bloody Crest would issue an agency mission to the holders of the writ. Judging from the existing content, the Black Wanted quest series was bound to have a close relationship with chasing.

If this was the case, then the last Terminator mission should also have been able to trigger the Black Wanted quest series. However, as soon as he thought of the changes that followed, he immediately understood that the quest series was mostly stopped by Dimension Manager Lan Yan. For Lan Yan at that time, letting Shen Yi enter the Skynet base and solve the contradictions in the rules was the most important. He would never want any more trouble at that time.

Now, without the Dimension Manager’s interference, the Black Wanted quest series had finally officially started.

From the tone of the start-up content, this was definitely not an easy job…

After thinking about it, Shen Yi showed the message to everyone.

Hong Lang and others couldn’t help but be shocked.

Jin Gang complained, “How does the Black Wanted quest series pop up at this time? We are here to deal with team Strike The Blood, not to complete a hard quest.”

“But from this reminder, I’m afraid that we aren’t able to refuse the quest.” Hong Lang reluctantly grabbed his scalp, and he looked at Shen Yi. “If you do not accept the quest, this Writ of Black Wanted will disappear. Since No.47 desired it so much, it should be a good thing.”

“Can we try it first? And if the quest is too difficult to complete, can we cancel it?” Wen Rou asked.

Shen Yi sighed. “I’m afraid that I won’t be able to cancel the quest once accepted. It’s not that easy. Now, when we still can choose, think carefully about it.”

Wen Rou asked, “How come you are scared now?”

Shen Yi laughed. “I’m not scared. Firstly, we didn’t come to this world for the quest. This time, I didn’t plan to accomplish any difficult quests. Secondly, this is indeed the time to reduce the difficulty of our adventure. When everyone starts from scratch, they have nothing at all. If we want to survive in this bloody world and live happily, we must be faster, stronger, and progress faster than the city. Now everyone is a small capitalist, but every time we have to fight hard to get the harvest, it is not worth it… the rich are always afraid of death, right?”

Wen Rou laughed. “This still doesn’t sound like you. You are acting like this because of what I said last time, right? You must consider the team’s point of view?”

Before the attack on the Skynet base, Wen Rou had mentioned that Shen Yi was free to not consider his own personal safety, but he could not ignore the safety of the team.

Shen Yi nodded. “There is also that reason. After all, I will not recklessly choose to complete the hardest quest anymore. Unless you all want to, then I will be subject to the majority.”

“The problem is that we don’t know if the Black Wanted quest series is difficult or not. If it is not so difficult, it would be a pity to give up,” said Luo Hao.

Many things have always looked simple but were not easy to do.

“To know how to give up” was a nice phrase, but when one actually had to make a decision, they were often blinded by greed.

The Black Wanted quest series was actually a bait. They knew there must be a trap next to this bait, but they didn’t know how big the trap was. Maybe it was just a mousetrap, and they could step on one foot and take away the bait, but maybe it was a landmine, and once they stepped on, they couldn’t get out in one piece.

The choice was difficult.

Abandoning the quest may lead them to miss a chance for growth.

Accepting the quest may lead them to face great danger and die.

The true meaning of knowing how to give up was that when you give up, you will feel sad, and then you will be indecisive and inconvenienced.

A choice without the heartache of giving up would not be a real choice.

If they gave up the Writ of Black Wanted now, not to mention Shen Yi, even the others would feel heartache.

“May… we try?” Hong Lang was eager to try. Since defeating team Strike The Blood, his confidence had risen. As the team’s strength had increased, his interest in adventure had also greatly increased.

Jin Gang was also hesitant. “Since it is your personal Quest, I think you can try. Personal Quests will never be too difficult. There are four of us who can help you, so it should be easier to accomplish. Otherwise, it would be a pity if we miss it. Since team Strike The Blood is temporarily unable to give us trouble, we have time to do the Quest.”

He looked at Wen Rou. “How about you?”

She replied, “You must figure it out.”

Looking at Luo Hao again, his face was full of scorn. “I follow Captain. As long as it is Captain’s opinion, it must be right.”

“Damn you!” Hong Lang and Jin Gang said together. Fatty was cheeky before, but when he didn’t become an official player, he could only be honest. Nowadays, after they did several missions together, his performance kept getting better. It was sufficient to make him speak up. But as his courage increased, his  wretched personality had relapsed.

Shen Yi didn’t know whether he should cry or laugh. “Well, since two choose to accept, one has no opinion, and one listens to me, even if I object, it is still 2-2…”

“I knew that you would say so.” Wen Rou smiled and looked at him.

Shen Yi shrugged. “Mainly because I still feel sorry about giving up. If I accept it and I can’t complete it, as long as the cost of failure isn’t Dismissing, even if I have to pay a lot of BP, I will choose to give up.”

Speaking of that, Shen Yi chose to confirm.

“Choice confirmed. You have accepted the Black Wanted quest series. The quest series is officially opened.

Quest’s content: Go to Cuba Island to find the witch Tia Dalma and get the Writ of Aurora Evernight from her hands.”

“Quest failure: Randomly lose a skill.”

It turned out to be the task of finding the witch Tia Dalma.

Who was the witch Tia Dalma?

It was time to talk about the Pirates of the Caribbean’s plot.

In the Pirates of the Caribbean, the most terrifying existence was the Ghost Ship “Flying Dutchman”.

Its captain, Davy Jones, was the ferryman who collected all the poor souls who were lost at sea and ferried them to the other side. Flying Dutchman was actually the Underworld ferry.

David Jones fell in love with the sea goddess Calypso and volunteered to become the captain of the Ghost Ship. He carved out his own heart and put it into the Dead Man’s Chest. Along with immortality, he also received a restriction—he could set foot on dry land only once every ten years. The sea goddess Calypso promised him that she would meet with him once every ten years and love him.

The power of love was great. Because of his love for Calypso, David Jones could really wait for a decade. But in the end, he had not been able to get it.

Calypso deceived him and made him heartbroken. He eventually conspired with the nine Pirate Lords and taught them the method of sealing the sea goddess into the body of a mortal woman.

That mortal woman, later known as the voodoo priestess Tia Dalma, was someone even the captain of Black Pearl, Jack Sparrow, was afraid of but had to plead to.

Now, the Black Wanted quest series required them to find Tia Dalma and get something from her hand.

It didn’t seem too hard.

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