Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 43

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Book 5 Chapter 43: Writ of Black Wanted (Part 2)

In any case, the quest has already been taken, so they could only face it. They were no longer anxious and instead began to sweep the battlefield and check the loot.

Shen Yi, Jin Gang, and Luo Yi got a total of three chests. The first chest contained a Scroll of Swimming Forte. In this water world, this was the most common reward. If it’s Scroll of Upgrading Forte (Swimming), maybe it’s still usable, but a basic Scroll of Swimming Forte couldn’t even be sold. In the end, Shen Yi threw it to Lyle, letting his own elite soldier with the highest rank has a better chance of surviving.

Inside second chest, there was a bottle of medicine.

Seasickness Medicine: After using it, increase resistance to seasickness, so that people who do not used to water also don’t get sick easily. A bottle contains 30 pills.

These things had very little effect on adventurers, but they were still useful for the soldiers. After a few days of sailing, Frost and others were somewhat weakened. With this, everyone could be more convenience.

The third chest had a skill scroll.

Scroll of Learning Skill – Combined Attack (unranked): After using it, gained the skill Combined Attack (this ability cannot be upgraded).

This scroll was quite out of their expectation. In fact, Combined Attack was a very good ability, both to enhance their own strength and share the damage. The key point was that its bonus depended too much on the number of people, and the number of skill slot was limited. If each of the 12 individuals learns a combo technique, it would be equivalent to wasting 12 skill slots for one skill, which was too extravagant. If it’s some sort of aura, one person learned it and everyone benefited, then people would not hesitate to learn it. There was the third reason – this skill could not be upgraded.

It’s no wonder that this was an Unranked item.

Wen Rou looked at these three things and laughed: “It looks like something for your paratroopers.”

“Yeah, they are the only one suitable to learn it.” Shen Yi also laughed.

After the paratroopers leveled up to level 5, they could learn skills. The general skills were too expensive. To find skills specifically for summoning soldiers to learn, Shen Yi didn’t know there were such skills. Today, this Combined Attack was very suitable for paratroopers to learn. Shen Yi did not care much about additional attack damage, what he needed was the damage transfer which could further enhance the survivability of the soldiers.

Holding the skill scroll in hand, Shen Yi screamed at Frost: “Frost, are you now level 2?”

“Yes, sir.” Frost’s reply came from afar.

In the fighting just now, Frost at least fired more than twenty rockets and killed about thirty pirates. Although it’s not as many as Lyle who was able to level up from level 3 to level 5, he still rose to level 2.

“Work harder!” Shen Yi exclaimed: “You can learn skills at level 3, and I have good things for you here. Arias, give your sniper  to Habi. Habi, you,Knight, and John, the three of you used the sniper rifle in turns. Frost, when you reached level 3, you gave Ralph your bazooka, don’t need to save rockets for me!”

“Yes, sir,” the two answered at the same time.

Habi, Knight and John were the fighting expertise soldiers. Shen Yi hoped to upgrade them to level 5 as soon as possible.

Feeling, it was still not enough, Shen Yi summoned 7 more elite soldiers with combat expertise and made some new arrangements. He needed the ten elite fighters,Frost, and Ralph raised their level as soon as possible.

“We only have one scroll.” Hong Lang could not help but remind Shen Yi: “Are you sure you can get more in the future?”

“Since it can drop from a pirate, other pirates will certainly be able to drop it too. The only problem is the chances.”

“The problem is that the chances don’t look too big. We got six out of six ships.”

“If you don’t have a good chance, raise your base.” Shen Yi smiled.

This smile made everyone heart’s cold.

Obviously, in order to get enough shots to rewind, Shen Yi will have to open a fight this time. In any case, the main task is to let them kill freely.

The same thing is done to meet different needs, why not.

But before that, they had to find the witch Tia Dalma.

The position of Tia Dalma has been marked by Bloody Crest. It’s in the area of ​​the Bahamas. Although some deviations from the route, the difference was not too far. The bloody city gave sufficient time for the escort to complete the mission. It was mainly for the convenience of killing everyone. It was also not a problem to use the mission.

“Well, then, what are you waiting for in this case? Let the pirate ship sink, then everyone can leave!” Jin Gang called.

“Try to move the artillery on the pirate ship.” Shen Yi quickly added. Although the power of the artillery was not great, it’s still better than nothing.

When Fatty had just tried to move the artillery, he was reminded by his Bloody Crest: “Moving away from the artillery, sinking the pirate ship will give no reward.”

“Damn it!” Shen Yi grunted.

Thinking about the value of artillery could not match the value of BP after all, Shen Yi could only give up.

After all six pirate ships were sank, the team proceeded towards the east.


After two days of sailing, the fleet finally came to the Bahamas.

Although the Bahamas is a famous tourist paradise in the later world, the 16th-century Bahamas was more beloved by the pirates. There were numerous islands, complex water streams, and numerous reefs. The poetic beauty in the poets’ eyes is a natural hiding place in the eyes of pirates.

Many famous pirates like Sir Francis Drake, the Blackbeard and other pirates had used the Bahamas as a base for external looting. Numerous islands, densely packed sandbars and straits provide excellent hiding places for the robbers. As the Bahamas themselves are again close to busy freight lanes, they also provided plenty of opportunity for pirates to steal merchant ships.

For adventurers, to find Tia Dalma, they must first face a looting crisis. Fortunately, they themselves are very much looking forward to and welcome this crisis – that meant a generous reward.

On the day of entering the Bahamas, the team once again encountered a pirate ship team and four pirate ships launched an attack on them.

The battle ended in half an hour, and in addition harvesting 2000 BP, they also received a Scroll of Learning Skill – Combined Attack and a Scroll of Swimming Forte. The scroll of Swimming Forte was given to Ganbury, an elite soldier. The Combined Attack skill scroll, because no other soldier reached level 5, could only be held waiting.

The paratroopers began to clean up the battlefield. They flushed the deck and threw the bodies into the sea. This was not the first time they did it, and it was not the last time they did it too.

Shen Yi, as always, stood on the bow to see the scenery.

From his point of view here, the Caribbean is a charming paradise. The blue waters shine like a sapphire, and the blue sky and white clouds are as clear as a screensaver on a computer screen. The palm trees in the distance stand tall, and from time to time on the sea there are one or two big fish that can’t be named.

“Speaking of it, I haven’t seen any legend of the past. There are beach chairs on the beach and the sun is shining. Shen Yi, can we make this world our home world, and later come and enjoy the sea view?” Wen Rou’s soft voice sounded.

Shen Yi replied: “While the sun is suitable for diving, the Bahamas is the clearest beach of the 21st century, the most beautiful diving site. Under the water, you will find that the scenery of the sea is not worth mentioning. The coral reefs forest, the tropical fish swarming in and out are very colorful. It’s just that the various exotic life on the sea can see that you cannot bear to leave.”

The sound of Jin Gang’s laughter came from behind: “Shen Yi, this time you made a stupid decision. Wen Rou just wants someone to apply her the sun oil!”

With a red face, Wen Rou said: “Mind your own business and don’t talk nonsense.”

Jin Gang made a “close the zipper” gesture and no longer talked.

The fleet continued eastward and finally came to an island when the dusk came. According to the quest’s information, the witch Tia Dalma is here.

Surprisingly, it turned out to be a bustling port. There are a large number of boats parked at the port. The traffic around the pier is very lively, but there is no indication of the port on the map.

“What is going on?” Hong Lang surprised and asked, “There is no port on the map saying there is a port here.”

“Perhaps it is because this is not an official port.” Shen Yi refers to the far-away port: “You see, although there are many ships here, you can hardly see any large cargo ship. It is not located on the route, nor is it a large island. There is no need to establish a pier here.”

“Unless there is an important person living here, leading more people to come to visit, so it is also busy.” Wen Rou coldly said.

“Such as the witch Tia Dalma.” Jin Gang also understands a bit: “It seems she is still a celebrity.”

“The storyline doesn’t say that.”

“There must be changes, but we don’t know how many the changes and how big they are.”

Hong Lang habitually scratched the scalp: “You do not mean that there is no big ship? Then what are the ships there?”

Looking down at Hong Lang’s fingers, I saw the distant dock. Several large cargo ships were moored to the side of the port.

Wen Rou quickly looked through the telescope and replied: “It’s the adventurer’s boat.”

Adventurer’s boat?

Everyone looked at each other.

Who else has come here to find Tia Dalma?

Jin Gang asked: “Are they team ‘Strike The Blood’?”

Wen Rou shook his head: “It’s unlikely, although I can not see the name of the ship, but in terms of quantity, there are only five ships.”

Hearing there are only five ships, everyone was relieved. Shen Yi’s mouth slightly shrugged: “No matter who people that come here, everyone should not be overly concerned. After all, this is a world of free killing. Killing is more common than friendship. As for what  our friends doing here, it’s more fun to get together. It will only be known after we landing.”

“Set sail! Anchor! Put the boat!” On board rang a loud yell.

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