Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 44

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Translated by: La Phong

Book 5 Chapter 44: Tia Dalma

On the island, Shen Yi and others went all the way to the center.

It could be seen that the people here were originally primitive indigenous people who were savage, and they still retained a strongly original style. For example, cottages were made of thatch, some residents have hand-made foods that looked not aesthetically pleasing on both sides of the road, and some small souvenirs made from fish bones and shells.

But on the other hand, some modern buildings like pubs have also emerged here. Some bearded sailors sober into the room and were drunk and carried out to the side of the ditch.

An era when modern and primitive civilizations collided and interwoven as if this island was outside of all the world. This was exactly the deepest impression it gave people.

For the arrival of Shen Yi and others, the residents of the island did not give more surprises. They have been accustomed to the changes here.

“It looks like we have to find a guide.” as Hong Lang said, he quickly grabbed a local indigene who passed by: “Hey, do you know where does the witch Tia Dalma live?”

The indigenous man took a swift look at Hong Lang, yelled and shouted, and quickly left.

Hong Lang was confused, he asked Shen Yi: “What did he say?”

Shen Yi shook his head: “I don’t know, it seems to be indigenous language in this area, but looking at his expression, it must be he is accusing you of being rude. I guess that means ‘even if I know, I won’t tell you.”

“…you better think of a solution to this problem.”

“Don’t worry, if the witch is the one who thrives the island, finding her will never be difficult.”

As if verifying Shen Yig’s words, an eleven-year-old boy suddenly ran over and yelled at them: “Are you looking for the witch?”

It was pure English.

“Yes, can you tell me where she is?”

“Of course.” The boy nodded and stretched his hand out: “Ten Spanish Silver Dollars, this is a toll, not bargaining.”

Hong Lang’s eyeballs suddenly burst out: “Ten Spanish Silver Dollars? That expensive?”

“If you think it’s too expensive, you can find her by yourself.” The boy dismissed.

At this time, the Spanish Silver Dollar was still quite valuable. A Spanish Silver Dollar was equivalent to 2000 RMB, which was 200 BP. Ten Spanish Silver Dollars were equivalent to 2000 BP. The young boy’s price scared everyone.

In fact, this time into the mission world, no one brought any money. Everyone thought that the currency in the world of Pirates of the Caribbean was meaningless. They did not expect that people would even find someone to ask them for money.

“If you don’t have money, then you can replace it with valuable things. I think you have a good ring.” The little boy tried to get Hong Lang’s ring. Hong Lang quickly reduced his hand: “Don’t ever think about it, little rabbit!”

That was his Wolf Fang Ring. Although it’s a low-rank item, it still worth a few hundred BP.

“Don’t want to see the witch when you have no money.” The little boy said bluntly: “You won’t find anyone else to lead the way for you.”

Hong Lang’s fists were clenched. Obviously he wanted to use force.

Shen Yi grabbed him: “Don’t use force here.”

“Why?” Hong Lang asked back.

At this moment, a wail came out of the distance.

One person flew over from the sky and landed on the ground like a meteor, even blew up a large pit. Then came a giant mantis that flew from the sky and fell on the previous man’s body. Its two arm-blades waved and cut the man into three parts.

The mantis made a squeak and ate one half of the person’s head, then flew away.

Facing this horrible and bloody scene, the island’s people turned a blind eye and walked away.

Wen Rou said softly: “It is an adventurer.”

Everyone’s eyes fell on the deceased’s wrist, as the red Bloody Crest was quietly receding.

An adventurer died simply like this, and he did not even have the power to fight back before his death.

This made everyone felt shocked.

Shen Yi sighed. “This is the result of using force here.”

He patted the shoulder of Hong Lang, then bent down and smiled at the little boy: “Tell me what your name is.”

“Dandy, don’t think that you can know my name for free.” The little boy answered arrogantly.

“Of course not, but I think maybe we can be friends.” Shen Yi said and took out something in front of Dandy’s eyes.

“You used a Writ of Favoring on Dandy Sterling and added 97 points of Friendliness Rate.”

The next moment, the little boy looked confused and lost his eyes, rubbing his eyes and said: “It’s strange, why do I seem to be familiar with you for a long time? See you make me feel very kind.”

“Perhaps it’s fate, I don’t know why I think you’re familiar too. I think we can be good friends, right?” Shen Yi continued to laugh at him.

Although using Writ of Favoring may be a bit waste, it’s always better than using force.

Dandy thought in confusion and finally nodded. “Well, I’ll take you over.”


The witch lived in a pool on the island, surrounded by rainforests.

Sitting on the boat all the way to the line, you can hear clear bird sounds.

The more you went inside, the denser the rainforest was, the darker the scene was.

Gradually, even the cry of birds could not be heard. Only the sound of muddy water brought by the wooden paddles to move the boats.

A small wooden building built on the water was erected on the water. The boy Dandy pointed to the wooden floor and said, “The witch lived there, and you have to go to see her by yourself.”

Enter the small building, they indulge them to see the fly flying around.

There were all sorts of bizarre things here, just like there is a large collection of weird things in the world. For example, strange snakes with human faces, colored birds with strange fishtails, and unnamed strange flies that looked like they have been cobbled together with seven or eight kinds of insects.

The shelves on both sides of the hut were filled with vials filled with a variety of strange and small creatures. Hong Lang was curious to see one of the creatures that resembled a baby doll. He did not expect that creature suddenly blinked and made Hong Lang jumped in scare.

There was grotesque laughter from above: “Oh, cowards! Cowards!”

Hong Lang angered: “Who is telling f*****g nonsense things?!”

He looked back and saw a parrot on his head flying up and forth, still yelling: “Cowards! Cowards!”

“This parrot is really annoying!” Hong Lang said, biting his teeth.

He really wanted to use Strong Impact to knock down this little thing and crushed it.

“I hope you don’t mind. That pet is so annoying sometimes. It’s always quick-mouthed.” A voice came from inside and came out of a dark-skinned woman in a white robe with her hair scattered like a snake. Tia Dalma the Witch from the Pirates of the Caribbean was holding a jar in her hand.

The mantis that previously killed an adventurer was on her shoulders. Its size has been reduced a lot, looked no different from a normal mantis.

Appraisal gave Shen Yi the result: “Tia Dalma, HP 800, beast tamer. Other abilities are unknown.”

As if she knew what Shen Yi was doing, the Witch suddenly smiled and smiled: “I hope it can help you.”

Shen Yi was shivering in his heart: This Rank D skill really is very easy to be seen through. Look like I have to be careful when I use it later. Then he smiled and said: “I didn’t mean to peek on you. The purpose of my coming here was just…”

“Everyone’s here has the same purpose.” The witch interrupted.

Shen Yi slightly surprised, the witch has opened the jar, a spring spurted out, rows of handwriting appeared in the air.

Garter Snake: A poisonous snake that can be commanded to attack. HP 200, Attack 18, Venom damage. Exchange requires 80 Glory Points.

Rainbow Fish: Carrying this fish can make you play twice as powerful as underwater combat, but this fish can be killed. HP 150. Exchange requires 120 Glory Points.

Marionette Worm: After use, you can temporarily control a target creature for your own use. The stronger the target’s strength, the shorter the control time. It can’t be used on adventurers. Exchange requires 200 Glory Points.

Venomous Viper’s Saliva: Vicious poison made from vipers. Use on a melee weapon, add 15 damage per second to the target’s life for 1 second, for an hour. It can be used for smearing ten times. Exchange requires 150 Glory Points.

Vials of Mana Potion: Instantly restore 30 MP after use. Exchange requires 180 Glory Points.

Scythe Mantis: A melee-attack creature, attack damage 50, HP 600, has flight ability. Exchange requires 280 Glory Points.

Writ of Aurora Evernight: A strange item with unknown effects. Exchange requires 500 Glory Points.


A list of items made everyone stunned.

Only at this moment did they understand why the witch Tia Dalma could make was this island became so busy.

Everyone who came here was to find her and ask for various items and props. Captain Jack Sparrow originally got his Wishing Compass from here.

Needless to say, this was a small prop delivery point specially set up by Bloody City. As for how much adventurers could get, it depended on their own abilities.

Surprisingly, there were a lot of good things here. Even the Mana Potion that could restore MP was not rare. Although it’s not like Magic Stone which could restore MP to full once, it’s still extremely precious. If they could bring this thing back to sell in Bloody City, they could make a fortune. In addition, everyone has seen the power of the Scythe Mantis, it may be worse than t1000, but that strength could not be ignored.

As for the Writ of Aurora Evernight, its effect was unknown, but the price needed is quite expensive.

500 Glory Points, although everyone still did not know how to get it, they knew that it must not be a simple matter.

After thinking about it, Shen Yi asked, “How can I get Glory Points?”

The writings in the jar’s spring have changed again.

There were three ways to get Glory Points.

The first was to serve the residents of the island and to obtain the love and support of the local people. For example, building a pigsty for the residents of the island gave 1 Glory Point. Going to accompany the widowed old man on the island gave 1 Glory Point per day…

This kind of task was inefficient, had low returns, and had a huge payout. Moreover, Glory Points from this task could only be exchanged to props below 100 Glory Points and could not be repeated.

The second was to exchange Glory Points ​​with some strange things. Compared with the former, the latter depended on the witch’s degree of interest in the item and her willingness to pay.

The third was to complete some difficult tasks. Most of these types of tasks are risky, but they had a large return, which was what they are good at.

However, this choice gave Shen Yi some headaches. There were almost no tasks related to the killing of pirates. Most of them were like “to go deep into some wilderness to find a trace of a wild beast or obtain a survey report from a certain region” or other complicated work such as this, not only dangerous but also lengthy.

They did not have such a long time to do the task here, and Shen Yi had a strong aspiration for gaining Writ of Aurora Evernight. After repeated readings, he could only ask: “Is there any better task?”

“What kind of task do you want?”

“It can be completed in a short time and it will get a lot of Glory Points. It’s better to be related to pirates.”

Tia Dalma grinned proudly, “I just have a task like this.”

“What is it?”

Tia Dalma spat out her tongue in a tempting tone: “Getting nine Pieces of Eights from the nine Pirate Lords.”

At this moment, Shen Yi suddenly coughed up.

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