Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 45

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Book 5 Chapter 45: Bargaining

In the small building, Shen Yi coughed hard for a while before stopping to take a breath. He patted his chest and said, “I’m sorry. Maybe I catch a cold on the way. My chest feels so heavy.”

Tia Dalma spread her hand: “It doesn’t matter. If you still have to cough, you can continue.”

“…I’m fine for now. Can you show me the specific list of the tasks?”

Tia Dalma pushed a hand and pushed a task sheet over. This time, she did not use the jug.

Shen Yi took a careful look at the task list, and behind him was several of his partners, either standing or sitting, distributed around the small building, intentionally or unintentionally has formed a siege.

A long period of cooperation has gradually led to the development of some tacit understanding. If in conservation, Shen Yi suddenly coughed loudly, it meant that this conservation was very important, other people should not interpose, or there may be bad consequences.

Compared to the past, team Break Blade was becoming more and more mature and cooperation is getting better and better. Although they didn’t understand what Shen Yi really wanted to do, it was clear that the task that Tia Dalma had just said had already touched heavily on the nerves of Shen Yi, thus he made such a strong reaction.

On the surface, he was looking at the task, but it’s actually delaying the time and thinking about the problem.

After seeing for a while, Shen Yi closed the task list.

“Before I choose whether to accept these tasks, Mrs. Tia Dalma, I have a question.”

“Please tell me.”

“What you have in your hand can’t be provided unlimited, right?”

“Of course not. Some of them are difficult even for me to obtain. Some of them can no longer be owned.”

“So how much Glory Points are they worth together?”

Tia Dalma was stunned: “What did you say?”

“I’m asking you, these goods in your hands, how much value each one is worth! I need to know the maximum return I can get from hard work, so as to avoid meaningless redundant work.” Shen Yi replied very seriously.

“Are you crazy?” cried Tia Dalma. “You cannot complete even half of the work here.”

“First tell me how much Glory Points are they worth?”

She said: “Ten thousand points! If you have 10000 Glory Points, you can buy everything I have here, but you can’t get so much.”

“Nothing is impossible. What if I tell you that I can accomplish all the tasks in half a month and reach that value?”

The witch laughed: “For more than a hundred years, I have waited for more than one hundred years. I have never done it before. Those idiots didn’t bring back even one piece…”

Suddenly she shut up, but in her eyes, there was a fire of anger.

“Damn, you tricked me…” Tia Dalma suddenly realized what she just said and exclaimed.

“I’m sorry, I just want to know what you need more precisely.” Shen Yi placed the task list down, his face showing a satisfied smile: “If I guess right, the Nine Pieces of Eight is the core of all tasks. As long as this part is completed, everything else is not important, right?”

As a goddess who was sealed, Tia Dalma was forced to stay in the mortal body. For her, there was nothing more important than lifting the seal. In order to lift the seal, Tia Dalma came up with various methods. Perhaps being influenced by the Bloody City, she finally chose the way she does now—by selling items to attract talented men to help her.

There were always people who are willing to take risks for good things and do things that even witches can’t do.

What Shen Yi wanted to know was that these tasks were all meaningful to the witch as they were in the plot. Of course, it’s impossible for her to admit it easily. It meant that she held the short end of the stick. Therefore, he could only use such an aggressive method to test it.

At this moment, Tia Dalma gave him a deadly glare: “So what?”

“That means the price is unfair.” Shen Yi pointed to the task of the Nine Pieces of Eight on the mission list: “Each piece only worth 150 Glory Points, that is unreasonable.”

“This is the most reasonable arrangement!” Tia Dalma screamed.

“I don’t think so. Maybe you don’t believe it, but there is always a kind of power that affects us and makes us lose our ability to judge. But it doesn’t matter. It’s important whether you’re awake enough or not, Mrs. Tia Dalma.”

“What do you mean?”

“Simply said, what you really need is the pieces of the nine Pirate Lords, right? Don’t deny this. We are all very clear about this. Everything else is nothing but a distraction. So, let me set a new price. Each piece, in exchange for one-ninth of your items here.”

“This is not possible!” exclaimed Tia Dalma. “This price is too far off.”

It was indeed outrageous. According to Shen Yi’s request, for each piece, she had to give him more than a thousand points. He only needed to deal with one Pirate Lords to satisfy all his needs.

However, Shen Yi smiled and said: “Mrs. Tia Dalma, I would like to remind you of two things. First: Missing this change, you will never meet it again. Second: The market price may not always be determined based on manufacturing costs. It is usually decided according to the needs of the market. You need someone to complete the task for you, so you waited for a hundred years. Other tasks are not important, the Nine Pieces of Eight is the core. Now somebody can do it for you. At this time, do you want to miss it yourself?”

Tia Dalma looked at him wickedly: “That is not an easy task.”

Shen Yi took out the Vampire Touch and began to use it to manicure: “I only care about time. For me, crossing several oceans to look for the nine Pirate Lords, that is the most troublesome problem.”

“You not need to worry about it. They are about to hold a Brethren Court in Shipwreck City. If you have enough strength, you can come there and kill them a. Anyway, I don’t have that ability.” Tia Dalma laughed maniacally.

“But you still tried, right? You asked Barbossa to help you, and he sent a leading force for this. To be honest, how much hope do you have? I guess it’s less than ten percent.”

Tia Dalma was stunned: “How do you know?”

Shen Yi laughed: “Because these pirates were unlucky. They met me on the way and I killed them all.”

The One-Eyed Giant and his five Corsairs were the forces assigned by Barbossa to help Tia Dalma. This was the reason why Shen Yi received this quest after he destroyed that pirate force.

To put it bluntly, it’s to let him replace the One-Eyed Giant to perform their original mission.

The reason Shen Yi could confirm this was because, in the original plot, Barbossa was the person who helped Tia Dalma to unseal. Although the story of Pirates of the Caribbean has changed here, according to his understanding, unless it’s related to adventurers, the overall direction of the story and some of its key factors would not change, which was also the conclusion he got from his first mission.

Therefore, apparently Tia Dalma needed nine Pieces of Eight, but actually only seven were required. Barbossa has already been bought by her and Captain Jack Sparrow was also her best friend. The old witch didn’t waste hundreds of years without any result, she already had the support of two Pirate Lords.

What Shen Yi wanted to do was to use the needs of Tia Dalma to squeeze out the greatest value possible.

Otherwise, if he followed the instructions on the other party’s task list, even if all nine Pieces of Eight were brought in, he could only get 1050 Glory Points. The old witch only needed to pay a tenth of their own worth. Shen Yi did not like to do such trading.

As for the question of difficulty, what is the purpose of negotiation? Isn’t it a tool for maximizing the value of your effort and blood-sweat? A good negotiation can give ten times more rewards for its strength, and a bad one is just the opposite.

In this negotiation, the biggest disadvantage of Tia Dalma was that her needs have been known for sheer addictions, but Shen Yi’s needs were not what she can know. If she knew about the importance of Writ of Aurora Evernight, with her despicable, shameless, greedy, and unbelieving, she would absolutely immediately raise the price of this thing.

Therefore, Shen Yi did not disclose what he needed from the beginning to the end. As for Tia Dalma, because of her long-term business habits, she did not care what the other side needed, but only cares about whether the other party could fulfill his true wish. Only in this way she held the short end in the negotiation and fell into a disadvantage.

Even so, more than a thousand Glory Points were not the price she could afford. To know that something was not even what she could get, but part of her possession during the time she was still a sea goddess. If she exchanged all these things out, in the future, even if she returns to the position of the sea goddess, she was also a goddess that has gone bankrupt.

So at this moment, she stared at Shen Yi, and when all her hopes have been lost, she reluctantly said: “Each piece is worth 300 points. This is the highest price, and you cannot get more.”

Shen Yi shook his head regretfully: “It seems to be inconvenient.”

At this moment, a loud noise suddenly appeared outside.

Hong Lang went to the door with fast speed and looked out. Then he spoke: “There are several adventurers coming over, and they may be in the same group with the one who was previously killed.”

Shen Yi thought a little and said to Tia Dalma: “I think the reason why you refused my price was largely because we haven’t really shown you our strength. We all know that selling a kind of goods, it is imperative to do some display of merchandise, and this time I come to you, it is actually to sell ourselves to you. Now there is a chance.”

“Those people, like you, are my guests.”

“They are your enemy, you killed one of them.”

“So what?”

“If there is someone hate you, lady, it means there may be trouble. Why don’t you just let me eliminate trouble for you? We can show you our strength, and you can get rid of some unnecessary troubles.”

“I think your true reason is that you don’t like business competition.”

“Even if it is, it doesn’t harm you, does it?” Shen Yi smiled, turned back and ordered: “Go and kill the four.”

The others nodded and came out.

Moments later, a person’s exclamation sounded outside: “What are you doing? We are not enemies!”

Then there was the dull humming of Hong Lang: “In the Free To Kill mode, everyone but your teammate is an enemy!”

Screams sounded.

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