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Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 5 - Zenith Novels

Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 5

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Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: Damnation, AngelicDemon

Book 5 Chapter 5: Equipment for Summoning Soldiers

In the corner of the trading floor, A Li transferred 8000 BP to Shen Yi: “This is what Xie Rongjun took out. Everyone except you is worth 2000.”


“Except me?” Shen Yi sensitively caught the word.


A Li nodded: “Xie Rongjun said he already has all the information about you and no longer needs my offer.”


“He said he knows all about my cards, or only a part?”


“He said it was almost all…” A Li shook his head: “Listen to his tone, he knew even your trump cards.”


Shen Yi’s face was a bit ugly.


Zhou Yiyu… was it really you?


The young man, who once fought shoulder to shoulder with himself, talked about the wind and acted in principle, was really selling himself for the benefit.


He did not want to believe it.


Set his emotion aside, Shen Yi sighed and then he took out a T-600 Energy Core from his Bloody Crest and put it on A Li’s hand: “I’m temporarily short of BP, use this instead.”


Seeing that Energy Core, A Li’s eyes light up: “This is a good thing. OK, I’m going.”


For him it’s worth his effort to run between Districts.


“This is only a lowest level Energy Core.” Shen Yi said: “I still have many Energy Cores: 1 T-600, 3 T-700, 2 T-750, 1 T-800, 1 from Hunter Killer and 1 from the Harvester. Do you have the ability to take them from me?”


A Li shook his head in amazement: “Sure enough, I want the T-800, and you will give me three days. I will send you the information of team Strike The Blood.”


“No problem. Ah, if you can help me sell these things with a good price, I will give you another T-600 Energy Core.”


“Deal!” A Li agreed without hesitation.


A Li worked in the store in Slums District, thus he was the one who knew the best about adventurers who need to enhance their strength. He could sell these  Energy Cores easily. The only problem was the price.


Energy Cores were different from Dracula’s bloodline. Energy Core’s below T-700 are not too rare and but had limited value. Zhou Yiyu once said that a piece of Rank D Energy Core has a value of two thousand, which is purely bargaining at the time of the transaction and could not be taken seriously. Shen Yi estimated that an ordinary T-700 Energy Core can sell for for 800 to 1,000 BP. The total value, as he calculated, would be about 8000 BP.


Shen Yi took these Energy Cores to make his own production line, but with the mega factory plan, he’s afraid that their own finances are not enough to support the production of all the Terminators, so it’s better sell some in order to get benefits. Moreover, the Terminator brought out through the Scroll of Identify could not be sold, and Shen Yi was in desperate need of BP


Shen Yi felt good when gaining 8000 BP. Thinking of this harvest is actually Xie Rongjun’s spending so Shen Yi could not help but laugh.


If he let Xie Rongjun know that he is indulging in selling his own information to him, he would definitely vomit blood, right?


Returning to their house, Shen Yi showed 8000 BP on the Bloody Crest and everyone cheered together.


Hong Lang laughed and said: “I did not expect Xie Rongjun this brat would be really generous enough.”


Jin Gang frowned and said: “Xie Rongjun is not a fool. He cannot possibly fail to know that the adventurer’s strength will grow and change again and again. He is willing to give this money so generously. I am afraid not only because of the information itself.”


“You mean to say…”


Shen Yi said: “He won’t wait for long to deal with us. Maybe in the next task.”


Hong Lang sneered: “Who’s afraid of him! Finish off that bastard early and save ourselves from trouble later.”


No matter how strong your opponent is, you must have enough confidence and courage to face it. Hong Lang may have various shortcomings, but his brutality, rudeness, and even his blatant disregard for his enemy are exactly his greatest strengths. With his situation he could develop into the team’s main damage output.


“Well!” Shen Yi clapped his hand and said: “We’ll go around and see if there’s anything suitable for us but don’t rush to buy it after examining it. Let me know first. We’ll gather here an hour later. One more thing, I need a blasting skill, so everyone should pay attention to it for me.”


Wen Rou looked at him with a bit surprise: “What do you want to do with blasting skills?”


He smiled: “Not for me.”


Wen Rou immediately understood: “Lyle?”


In this mission, Shen Yi also lost nearly 30 soldiers summoned, including a level 3 elite soldier, but Lyle, the level 5 soldier, was saved by two Cure Bullets.


Elite soldiers can learn skills when they reach level 5. Shen Yi planned to take a good look at skill and enhancing items for him.


In the process of applying for the Medal of Honor, Shen Yi had become increasingly aware that as the difficulty of the mission world increases, the role of ordinary airborne soldiers is becoming smaller and smaller. Most of the time they are used to attract firepower, or to do some perimeter defense work. If the role of the Medal of Honor really works out, it still depends on cultivating promising soldiers.


Lyle could already learn one skill. Because he is a blasting expert, Shen Yi is planning to find some blasting skills for him.


There was no such thing as blasting skills in the trading field, but most of them are skills like bombing. Such skills can be used to generate a variety of bombs to attack targets from the air, but most of them were close-to-use and are more suitable for adventurers. Lyle’s average attributes were only 17 points and he had no combat skills and equipment suitable for melee, so Shen Yi also hopes to give him a skill suitable for his survival.


Along the way, Shen Yi did not find what he needed. The world cannot always be satisfied. In the Common District market, science and technology skills will always be the least important. This was mainly due to the fact that dangers of the world of science and technology world of the Difficulty Level 2 were greatly reduced while the dangers in magic world were greatly increased.


Not far from him, a familiar figure appeared in front of his eyes – Scarface.


Shen Yi took the initiative to go forward: “Hey, hello.”


Scarface’s eyes showed confusion, “You are… ?”


At that time Shen Yi remembered that he is still in the concealing state and quickly removed his concealment.


Scarface’s eyes turned bright: “It turned out to be you … … you are already a member of the Common District yet?”


“Yeah.” Shen Yi smiled and said: “I just came in yesterday.”


Scarface sighed and admired: “Amazing boy. I have not seen you in months  but l have to say that your growth rate is amazing.”


“I have to thank you too. If you did not help me, I may have died prematurely.” Shen Yi replied sincerely.


Had it not been for the first time’s weakness, Shen Yi’s strength would not have grown rapidly to pass his weakest period, and Shen Yi really could not be able to walk downwind here.


Scarface impatiently raised his hand: “You need not to say that. You and I take are people that take what they need. Bloody City had no emotions, only benefits. You’re a kid that has potential so I was naturally willing to help you. Furthermore, you also gave me a favour in return. By the way, what do you need this time?”


“I want a blasting skill.” Shen Yi simply stated what he needed.


Scarface’s eyebrow wrinkled: “This skill is not common, I do not have any. Why do you want this kind of skill? It is not easy to use in actual combat.”


After thinking about it, Shen Yi replied: “I won’t lie to you. This skill is not for me. It is for my summoning soldiers.”


Xie Rongjun must have known the Medal of Honor. Since the enemy can know that, why does it need to be concealed from Scarface?


Hearing Shen Yi’s Medal of Honor, he sighed and praised his face: “Good boy, don’t be disheartened. I have been here for this long and up to now, but still don’t have any summoned entity. You have already had a battalion of summoned soldier.”


Shen Yi smiled: “They are the most common type of soldiers, and they are costly. It took so many hundreds of BP to enhance each one. To make them really work, l had to spend a lot of money to cultivate. Sometimes I doubt whether it was worth it.”


Thousands of bloody points made Lyle learn skills. Once Lyle was killed, these investments were all wasted, the risks were great. If there is any advantage, it is to have Lyle’s skills, which would play a greater role in combat in the future, and the upgrade speed would certainly be faster.


The Medal of Honor is a bottomless pit that burns money. To a certain extent, like the mega factory, it can allow adventurers to invest hundreds of millions of blood to take effect.


If these two things are developed to the same extreme, they can be said to be invincible, but they all exist in theory and cannot be put into practice. Therefore, Shen Yi can only smile.


At this moment, Scarface had a deep-rooted feeling of apprehension, and nodded his head with a very understanding face: “This is Bloody City. It makes your needs always greater than your income, as if it is showing off the beauty of diamonds in front of the poor.”


Shen Yi did not expect Scarface to say such a thing. He looked slightly stunned, before laughing: “With death as a threat behind us, with interest in the front to lure us. ‘Sticks and carrots’ are everywhere. We just need to think of the best way to use it.”


Scarface smirked and laughed. “It’s right. That’s it.”


Thinking for a moment, he said to Shen Yi: “I don’t have blasting skills here. But I don’t think you need to specifically buy this skill for a summoned soldier. In fact, Bloody City also has special skills for summoning pets or soldiers. The price will be much cheaper.”


“Is there any special skill for the summoning?”


“Of course. But this kind of skill and equipment is rare, and what you want is still the equipment of human summons, it is even more rare. But if you need it, I can help you find it.”


“Then please.” Shen Yi is also welcome.


“Then you wait for me for a while. I ask my friends to see if he has what you need.”


Scarface leave.


Not long later, he came back with a man.


“He is called Wang Ze, my friend. He has what you need in his hands.”


This man had dark face, looked ordinary, and had an appearance of a honest man but the only thing that changed his image was his pair of eyes that glinted with bloodlust.


He glanced coldly at Shen Yi, and said in a slow, low tone: “I just completed the mission world Cross Fire some time ago, and got some special equipments. You see for yourself.”


This person was obviously very reserved and didn’t like to talk. He had already opened the Bloody Crest display in two sentences.


“Soldier’s Backpack: Small battle reserve space, can accommodate 2 cubic meters of space items. Can only be used by humanoid summoning entity.”


“Acid Grenade: A special acid bomb that can be thrown a distance of 50 meters, causing 30 damage to all lives within 3×3 m and causing 4 points of corrosion damage per second for 15 seconds. While corrosion continues. The defensive power continues to drop. Can only be used by humanoid humanoid summoning entity.”


“M12 assault rifle: kinetic energy + 8, rate of fire 5 rounds/second. Can be used with magazine Rank D or below, can be stuck while using. Can only be used by humanoid summoning entity.”


“C4 Bomb: Specially designed to control high-explosive bombs, causing 150 damage to all targets within 5*5 meters. Can only be used by humanoid summoning entity.”


“General military bulletproof vests: 5 points for improving defense, and 20% for gun damage. Can only be used by humanoid summoning entity.”


“Flying backpack: Individual flight equipment, sustainable flight for four hours, can be recharged. Can only be used by humanoid summoning entity.”


In addition, military daggers that can improve the melee capabilities, military boots that can increase the ability to operate on special terrain, and other equipment such as guns are also used.


However, it was the last thing that made Shen Yi’s heart skip a beat:


“Soldier’s Badge: Adds 3 points in all attributes after equipped, increases the power of expertise, and can negate a fatal injury each mission. The item is bound equipment, and it disappears after the user dies.”


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