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Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 6 - Zenith Novels

Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 6

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Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: AngelicDemon

Book 5 Chapter 6: Writ of Favouring

The soldier’s badge could increase attributes of summoned soldiers, to exert their strengths, and to resist fatal damage. This thing had greatly attracted Shen Yi’s attention.


In other words, if his summoned soldier wore this badge, then there is an opportunity to avoid death. Although the summoned soldiers are too weak to have a great chance of death in strong combat, it is certainly not enough to withstand lethal damage, but with this resistance, Shen Yi can save important soldiers in time by canceling the summoning.


If Shen Yi had this badge in the Terminator world, he could surely save the level 3 elite soldier.


As if to see Shen Yi’s thoughts, Wang Ze said: “The soldier’s badge is the most special reward item in Cross Fire, there are sniper badges, scout badges, commando badges, special forces badges, demolition soldiers badges, etc… There are so many kinds of combat weapon badges and so on. They are all very rare equipment. I want 2,000 BP for each piece.”


Shen Yi exhaled a long breath.


As he expected, every mission world has its own special characteristics. Like the mission world Cross Fire, the main reward here is to summon the soldiers’ equipment. Perhaps in other worlds, there are skills for summoning soldiers, large weapons, and so on.


In the past few months, Shen Yi had also encountered the Cross Fire mission. But at that time, because the time limit did not arrive, Shen Yi did not enter in advance. If he had chosen to enter early, then it is certain that the strength of his airborne battalion would have inevitably greatly increased.


This is the so-called actively choosing the world for the strengthening.


Unfortunately, he eventually understood that it was a step too late. Now that he was afraid of entering the Crossfire mission, it would be difficult to buy it from others in this trading market.


Looking at the screen displayed by Wang Ze, Shen Yi was not in a hurry to ask for the price. Instead, he just pointed to the above thing and asked, “How many of bulletproof vests, backpacks, army boots, flight bags and badges you have?”


“10 bullet-proof vests, three backpacks, 10 pairs of military boots, two flying backpacks, and I only have the sniper badges and the demolition soldiers badges. You don’t need blasting skills? This demolition soldiers badge is not worse than that and can increase the number of soldiers. The odds of survival don’t affect your ability to buy.”


“What’s the price?”


“There are five hundred bulletproof vests, two hundred backpacks, three hundred military boots, a thousand flying backpacks, and two thousand badges. In total…”


“13600 BP.” Shen Yi coldly.




Shen Yi immediately shook his head: “Too expensive.”


“How much do you say?”


“Five thousand.”


Wang Ze’s face changed: “Brat, are you kidding me?”


Scarface quickly put a hand to stop Wang Ze: “Calm down. Shen Yi brother, you lowered this price too much, right?”


“Did I? Do you know how much BP I have to spend to call a soldier? A set of gear is enough for me to hire dozens of soldiers.”


Wang Ze said: “You don’t understand! These equipments can only be used by soldiers who have the potential to upgrade, as ordinary soldiers don’t need it. With these equipments, the chance of losing summoning soldiers will be greatly reduced. You can train many outstanding soldiers. You should also know how difficult it is for low-level soldiers to train. Soldiers with no rank can only be cannon fodder! My price is very reasonable!”


Shen Yi said disdainfully: “If your price is really reasonable, you won’t need to keep these equipment for months.”


Scarface and Wang Ze were both stunned. Wang Ze scowled at Scarface: “You told him?”


Without waiting for Scarface to speak, Shen Yi said quickly: “No, you told me.”


“I did not…”


Shen Yi quickly interrupted: “You said that the equipment was obtained from Cross Fire. It is a Difficult Level 1 mission world. You are now a Common District adventurer. You can’t expect me to believe that a Common District adventurer can go to a Difficult Level 1 mission world, would you? So, this batch of equipment was stuck in your hands no less than a few months. If you can sell, why would you keep it until now?”


Wang Ze was confused by Shen Yi’s words and he couldn’t speak for a long time.


Shen Yi then said: “The only people who can use these equipments are those who have summoned soldiers. Everyone can go through the Cross Fire mission. Among all people in the two Districts, I dare to say I am afraid that only I have the Medal of Honor. Of course, others can also have summoned soldiers, but they have only a limited number of possessions, so they won’t buy much if they want to buy them. It’s only me who can buy all this batch. If I don’t buy your equipment, then in your hands they have no value. Come on, you dare to ask me for a high price?”


Wang Ze was completely speechless, and Shen Yi’s words completely said all that was in Wang Ze’s mind. In the past few months, as no one had a large number of summoned soldiers, the equipment had accumulated in his hands. Seeing that the equipment could not be put down and used to enhance his own fighting power, it did not take a day or two for him to choose to sell the equipment. After all, for adventurers, keeping goods had always been unwise.


It was hard to get a customer today. He was trying to sell at a good price, but his schemes were seen through.


The decision on the market supply and demand relationship relative to the price was always greater than the cost factor.


The price of this equipment Wang Ze had was too high. After all, this is the equipment to summon the soldiers, not adventurer equipment, so he had to consider the supply and demand issues.


After thinking for a moment, he finally said: “12000, this is the lowest price.”


“Six thousand, I will give you this number.”


“No, it’s not just mine. It’s too cheap to sell. I can’t explain to others.”


Shen Yi also knew that his price is too cheap, but he just laughed and didn’t speak. He counted on the desire of Wang Ze to get rid of his goods, and thought he would definitely agree to the price.


Scarface’s face was warped as he said: “Little brother Shen, how about this: Everyone took a step back, 9000 BP, one price, and we give you the assault rifle. If you agree, I’ll give you another item.”


Scarface took out an item.


“Writ of Favouring: Can be used to enhance the Friendliness Rate of people in the mission world, reduce enemies’ hatred towards you, increase friendship with strangers, and enhance loyalty. The stronger the target strength used, the lower the effect. Only valid for living things. Increase the value by 1-100.”


Scarface said: “Little brother, I do not criticize you. This item that l am giving you has a very limited effect. The more powerful the people are, the less affected they are. In order to transform a powerful story character from strangers to become friends, even having a few hundred pieces will not help at all, and the friendliness this thing gives is not eternal. If you do harm them, you will also reduce the degree of friendship. If you like it, I will give it to you.”


“How many Writ of Favouring you have?”


Scarface answered: “I have a total of eight here. There are nine assault rifles.”


Shen Yi thought for a moment and finally nodded. “Yeah, I want them all. Just use the price you suggested. At 9000, I want these equipments.”


Scarface and Wang Ze at the same time rejoicing.


The reason why Scarface is so generous is because of what Wang Ze promised to give him. If he can sell this batch of things, Wang Ze can give him a certain amount of commission.


Wang Ze immediately said: “I have another sniper rifle, rate of fire 1 round per 3 seconds,  kinetic energy +15. If you are willing to add 1000 BP, I’ll give you the sniper rifle, C4 and acid bomb, along with three more sabers.”


“How many acid bombs and cC?”


“There are five acid bombs and only three C4s. The price is absolutely cheap. If it was changed before, I would sell them at least two thousand BP. I am just not going to waste time and l will sell one more cheaply.”


Shen Yi calculated that the price was indeed very cheap and nodded in agreement: “Deal!”


Seeing that the transaction was successful, Shen Yi said to Scarface: “I still do not know your name.”


Scarface smiled: “My name is Bo Hai. We are also considered as having a relationship now. We will be in contact later in the future.”


“Good!” Shen Yi nodded, and after thinking for a moment, said, “I don’t want to lie to you, my brother. Your exhortation is still useful to me, and I’m making a little cheaper deal.”


Scarface waved his hand and said: “There is nothing as the best enhancing, only the most suitable. If you can play its role, it is your ability. You do not have to tell me, I will neither be jealous, nor mention it. Without you, we do not know when we would be able to get rid of this equipment. So we all need what we need.”


Scarface’s words appealed  so much that Shen Yi immediately favored him.


People are most afraid of the dissatisfaction of having many useless things on their hands which could not be sold while others had gold in their hands.They do not reflect on their own situation and harbour jealousy. Such people are the least promising.


Scarface was also considered to be veteran in Bloody City. It is more open to these gains and losses. The Writ of Favouring was not a worthwhile item. Shen Yi could calmly say that it has a very important role for himself, that means he’s worthy of being regarded as a friend.


Of course, it’s also because of the Scarface and Shen Yi contacted several times before, so they had a certain degree of friendship with each other. If they’re completely stranger, the performance of the Scarface may not so generous.


At this moment, Shen Yi laughed: “Since this is the case, I ask you to have a drink when you are free. By the way, if there are anymore of such equipment and the Writ of Favouring, I will have to take them and give you one hundred points for each. There is no limit to the number of items. This is my address.”


With a purchase price of one hundred points, the price of Shen Yi offered could not be considered low.


Scarface and Wang Ze nodded their heads and said, “That’s good. You give us a few days and we should also collect some for you.”


No one think they had too much money, and since Shen Yi has given a clear price, it means that he can earn a fortune from this deal. Although the price is not high, the accumulated figures will also be considerable. This is also Shen Yi’s payback for him.




The 8000 BP that had just arrived at his hand was not yet cool, and yet it already left.


Other team members saw the BP dropping, and they instantly asked Shen Yi whether he bought something.


Shen Yi explained it and smiled. “I’m sorry, this time it’s selfish, and it’s private money.”


Wen Rou replied in the team channel: “You have a lot of power which is great so you can spend all your team’s bloody points. You only need to resist when you perform a mission. I wouldn’t mind if you do anyway.”


Everyone laughed together.


With the increase in the number of adventures, the mutual friendship and trust deepened, and the scope of ambiguity in these interests has also increased significantly. Furthermore, considering Shen Yi’s contribution, it was also worthwhile.


After buying the equipment, the 641 team had 15600 BP left in their hand, deducting the basic needs of life and the next mission of the reservation points, up to 13,000 points can be spent, this money is used to strengthen a person.


“What to do next?” Asked Wen Rou.


Shen Yi thought for a moment and answered: “A Li needs a few days to sell all the Energy Cores in his hands. Before that, go to your home world. I want to find ways to make Harvesters, and then everyone can strengthen even more.”


“Go to the home world to make Harvesters?”


“Yes, anyway, we have to build factories in the home world. In this case, we can just start from the Harvesters. We can build factories while we produce Harvesters.”


“But we only have ten days. How can we build a Harvester? It’s a big thing.” Jin Gang said.


“We don’t have much time to build a factory, but if we can’t even make a Harvesters, how can we make a mega-factory?”


“You’re right.”


Next, Shen Yi began to make preparatory work for the Harvesters, make plans, draw up lists of materials, formulate working hours and plans, and so on.


Three days later, Scarface actually sent 34 Writ of Favourings to Shen Yi. In order to buy these, Shen Yi spent 3,400.


Two days later, all the preparation work was finally completed and the action plan was finalized. Shen Yi knew that it was time to enter the home world.


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