Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 7

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Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: AngelicDemon

Book 5 Chapter 7: Replicate the Harvester (Part 1)

Once again they came to the X-men world, at this time New York appeared to be very different from the last time they had seen it.


The chaos and disorder disappeared. Instead, it was a thriving scene. New York was emerging from the shadow of the war, rebuilding its houses and the large cranes could be seen everywhere. Even the New York residents who walked on the road also restored their long-lost confidence and smile.


“It seems that the signing of the peace agreement has been completed.” Hong Lang chuckled.


“That is, God’s arrangement.” Jin Gang took a step forward and looked around. It was peaceful and contentment everywhere.


Shen Yi took out his handheld computer and began to see the income of their last investment.


Because of peace, the stock market was now in a state of a full-fledged boom. In particular, the basic engineering construction section, which was rising rapidly. The investment of 300,000 U.S. dollars had risen more than 20 times in one year and had become seven million U.S. dollars. This situation made everyone happy.


He said happily, “With two months of accumulation, we can use two million dollars to directly buy five Rank D Scroll of Identify. I have already checked, purchasing the basic materials needed to make the Harvesters, including various electronic components. Matching parts, all kinds of metal, needs about three Rank D.”


“That means there are still two Rank D Scroll of Identify?”




“It looks like we can bring back something else. By the way, what about making weapons?”


“It’s too late. But with finished products, I’m afraid the quantity will be greatly affected.”


Shen Yi thought for a moment and said: “Wen Rou, you go and look at the finished bullets, grenades, and explosives demand criteria. We don’t need weapons. We only carry ammunition. Yes, if conditions allow… Special bombs will be made.”


“What kind of special bomb?”


Shen Yi whispered a few words into Wen Rou’s ear and she displayed feelings of amazement and surprise to what she was being told.


After thinking about it, she nodded in agreement: “This idea is good, and it should be able to bring a lot. But this is, after all, a two-month stock. After the mega factory is really established, there are hundreds of Terminators every month, even light identification materials cannot meet the demand.”


Even with the raw material processing model, the products that can be brought back to the city are still limited. This is another major problem in addition to the difficulty of mega factory construction.


Hong Lang said: “Then we will purchase the Scroll of Identify from other adventurers. As long as the value of the things we bring out is more than the scroll itself, everything is worth it.”


Wen Rou said immediately: “The problem is that what we produce cannot be used for sale. All our investments here can only be transformed into our own fighting power, and cannot be used for trading. We cannot change back to the BP, which means that for us, it is impossible to form a good income cycle by selling products. Unless we all take the technological development path, it is not worth doing.”


Jin Gang smiled and said: “You should learn to satisfy. If there is no problem, this program can make us invincible. Can you imagine bringing in thousands of Terminator sales easily from the homeworld? I guess that would surely make Bloody City’s market go crazy. Probably the law enforcers would have to rush out to talk to us.”


“Yes, that’s right.” Shen Yi’s mouth curved, revealing a good-looking smile: “The difficulty will always exist, but it will not stop us.”


Then he took out a large stack of drawings from the coat of arms: “There are a total of 124 design drawings for the Harvesters. Wen Rou, Luo Hao, you go to the largest processing companies in New York, take them out and commission them for processing. Hong Lang, Jin Gang, you go to the bank since we need more money to pay for the manufacturing costs.”


Entrusted processing is an important part of the reckless Harvester manufacturing plan. Otherwise, in order to complete the production of the Harvester, their own personal power alone would not work. It would be the difference between heaven and earth to get the companies to commission the Harvesters.


In order to ensure that the technology is not lost, Shen Yi divided the Harvester into the core and the peripheral parts. All peripheral components were to be completed by local companies in the United States, and core components were completed by hands-on use of rental plant machinery.


Due to time constraints, they must complete negotiations on processing agreements and plant leases as soon as possible. In spite of this, it is not an easy task to produce parts needed to sink in a short time. One of the two biggest problems is that the equipment that can produce the Harvester is mostly CNC equipment. Before the processing, the program must be deployed first. The second is that negotiations take time. To allow other factories to stop production and take over foreign businesses in their own hands, it is not possible to solve the problem.


The first problem was solved by Zeus. Every part that needed to be processed and the corresponding processing program was designed by Zeus early. The solution to the second problem is to inflict grace.


Shen Yi slammed and flung a few Writ of Favouring into Wen Rou’s hands: “Efficient is the top priority. If it is efficient, we can be a bit more generous. We must complete the production of all parts within eight days so that we can solve the remaining problems.”


Wen Rou laughed: “Fortunately you get your hands on these things, or we really do not know how to do it.”


Writ of Favouring may not work against those with the powerful force, but it works well against ordinary people.


But for adventurers, how could ordinary people be worth investing in? So in the eyes of most adventurers, Writ of Favouring was not very meaningful.


It can also be seen from this aspect that people often say what they want to say nice to those with power, and that wisdom is also part of their strength, but in practice, they always ignore mortals who are not armed.


For Shen Yi, if he wants to complete his next plan, what he needs to rely on is precisely a large number of ordinary people who have no force.


He needs their wisdom, experience, skills, knowledge, capital, and contacts, but they do not need their fighting ability. The latter only means that the cost increases and the people would become difficult to control.


To know that in order to build a huge mega factory in the homeworld, the two most fundamental problems are money and people.


With billions of dollars in funding, there are only ten days of stay in the homeworld for three hundred days. These two super difficulties make the mega factory’s plans difficult, even Superman cannot be very successful under such circumstances.


The only way is to recruit talented business people in the homeworld to serve everyone.


However, people’s bad side destined that there was no company can maintain stable and healthy development in the long-term when they are unable to maintain basic contact with the company’s bosses. People were selfish and the world of X-men was not in an era that emphasizes loyalty and effectiveness.


With Writ of Favouring, Shen Yi’s team could recruit talents that they need, and the procedures for dealing with them are greatly reduced. It may not allow them to dispense with the rewards and brains to be paid, but it can save them from the time it takes to establish friendship and trust – and it is precisely what they do not have.


At least in the “people” part of the solution to many problems.


As for this part of the money, as long as there are talented people, money can be earned naturally.


Then the rest is time.


At this moment, when he heard Wen Rou, Shen Yi laughed: “The Skynet program reward tests adventurers about not the ability to fight, but the planning and organizational capabilities. As far as the exhortation is concerned, in fact, it may not be so important. Bloody City have many bizarre items, such as the stars in the sky, and there is no completely useless thing. The key point is whether you have a perfect plan and an implementable wrist. The items are only auxiliary functions and are the tools to achieve the goal. If a tool doesn’t work, use something else.”


“You are boasting that you have a strong planning and organization ability?” asked Jin Gang.


“No, I’m reminding everyone that what’s not important in this game is the most important. Writ of Favouring can turn strangers into friends, but selfishness and greed can turn friends back into enemies. So don’t make foolish mistakes because of some unimportant benefit. For those who can help us, we must be as friendly, generous and kind as possible.”




“Then go for it.”




The next move is as planned.


Hong Lang robbed multiple banks and seized 12 million U.S. dollars in one day, causing a terror in the country.


Wen Rou and some large processing companies quickly finalized the commissioning agreement. For adventurers, as long as the processing agreement can be completed within the specified time, this kind of thing is a cloud of money. Although their requirements are somewhat bizarre, such as the need to ensure that the use of their own material processing, must not retain any basic drawings, related design parameters, and samples, shall not ask for historical purposes, etc., but they laid their terms on the table generously so that no one will refuse such an agreement .


Especially in this era of chasing profits like chasing life.


The Harvester production plan was finally in full swing, Luo Hao was responsible for the supervision of the production period, Jin Gang was responsible for the acquisition of other small parts needed for production.


Wen Rou was in charge of the completion of the business negotiations that would continue the next plan: the acquisition of a small factory for the production of processed Harvester core parts on the one hand and the prototype of their future mega factory on the other hand, and preparation for a further step Step up and grow.


In the hotel, Shen Yi was sitting on the bed and holding his head in both hands. He seemed to be thinking about something.


Wen Rou, on the other hand, was using handheld computers to collect information on the target company.


“Christmann Company, one of the subsidiary companies of the Chrysler Corp, is responsible for the production of aircraft confidential parts. There are currently 12 large-scale production lines that are suitable for conversion into the production lines we need. In recent years, due to variant warfare, the company’s performance worsened. It was a huge loss of profits for them and after this, the new president of the Chrysler Corp, Bileshal, decided to cut off some non-profit-making non-core businesses, Christmann was one of them. Its opening price is 38 million U.S. dollars. Many companies are now planning to use them.”


“I have read related news. Bileshal’s real purpose is to sell it to a large enterprise group. In exchange for a $1 billion contract, we can’t get it. One reason is that the influence of this old-fashioned corporate culture is deeply rooted and unfavorable to our brand-new management. Think about something else.”


“Martin Co., one of the auto parts manufacturers, was affected by the impact of the war of mutants and lost a large sum of money, therefore, it was unable to support the daily operation of the company. Its main problem was that this action was opposed by the company’s union and the workers considered the new takeover. The company may have significant layoffs, so it has…”


“Give up. We don’t have time, we haven’t had any experience with unions and toss. We don’t need unions, but workers who can work hard for the money.”


“Newman Bros. Company, a small-scale processing company, specializes in the processing of special materials for some heavy industrial industries. During the war of the variants, the Newman Brothers believed that the war would end sooner or later and had purchased a number of advanced production lines at a low price with large sums of money. Therefore, currently, the company’s strength is not weak. Their sources of funding are mainly the Newman family, one of the mafia families in New York. The Newman brothers are both of the members of this family. Two months ago, the Newman family got in a land dispute with another mafia family: The Hargreaves family. The Newman family was defeated, Newman Brothers were in a broken capital chain. Their family collapsed, and the Hargreaves family was increasing pressure on them. They were planning to sell the company in exchange for enough funds to compete with the Hargraves family. For this reason, many companies are reluctant to take over the company. To them, the risk is too high. The selling price of this company is 8 million US dollars, but experts estimate that this is only equivalent to one-fifth of the company’s capital value.”


Shen Yi quickly took over the handheld computer. After carefully reviewing the information of Newman Brothers, he said: “This is it.”


“If you buy this company, you have to be careful about the revenge of the Hargreaves family. They have threatened that no one should provide financial support for the Newman family. We cannot keep watching this factory every day.”


“Then first destroy them. Go to the Newman family and tell them that we helped them solve the Hargreaves family menaces, and as such, they should give us the company. They would agree for sure.”


“You just said that we shouldn’t cause too much turmoil here in New York. It may lead to unnecessary trouble.”


“The problem is that we have no better way.” Shen Yi said, standing up from the bed.


When he walked to the Wen Rou side, he gently hugged her soft waist: “If we want to build our mega factory as soon as possible, we will inevitably have to take some risks. The risk itself is not terrible. The fear is that the risk and achieved return will not be proportional.”

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Spoiler: Yes, and not T-1000 (it wasn’t smart enough)

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