Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 8

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Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: AngelicDemon

Book 5 Chapter 8: Replicate the Harvester (Part 2)

That evening, Wen Rou found Newman family members, proposed to buy their company. The Newman family at first thought it was just a joke when Wen Rou said she was able to help them get rid of the Hargraves family and did not care. Until Wen Rou and Hong Lang joined hands to take away an important stronghold of the Hargraves family in New York, the Newman family immediately changed their attitude and extended warmth to Wen Rou and others.

The acquisition of the Newman Brothers Company was quickly finalized. Since Shen Yi was in a hurry, the Newman family agreed to hand over the factory to them before all transfer procedures were completed.

The next morning, Shen Yi came to Newman Brothers Company early.

Located on the outskirts of New York City, Newman Brothers Company covers an area of ​​about 80 acres and employs more than 1,000 skilled workers and a large number of advanced production lines, including the current state-of-the-art KPX multi-function CNC machine tools that can be used to produce all kinds of complex components.

The reason why Shen Yi decided to buy this company, to a large extent, was because of this machine.

Standing in front of this machine, Shen Yi tried it and it worked well. Shen Yi nodded with satisfaction: “When I was working for a German-funded company, Germans saw the machine as their baby, and even did not allow us to touch it. In order to be able to master the application of this machine, I did a lot of hard work every evening, study hard, and usually eat with the Germans, desperately to get some lessons from their experience. Afterward, the Germans finally allowed me to try to use this machine. I still remember when I used it to make system components that fully met the needs of the standard, the Germans were shocked by what they saw. “

Shen Yi then looking back Wen Rou: “I’m the best engineer no matter where I go.”

Wen Rou chuckled: “OK, do not continue to boast about yourself.”

Shen Yi patted the machine tool: “This machine is currently the most advanced in the world, with it, most of the problems can be solved. The biggest problem is still in the refining of raw materials. Harvester defense system is made of high-density alloy, there is no special metal processing and extraction machine, we have to find another. “

“I checked where there are some goods.”

“Without inspection, the Manhattan Heavy Industries Foundation has the best metal refineries in the world today, and the problem is that there is too little of that. If we put it in place, it would take a day or so before the U.S. government finds out.”

“What advice do you have?”

Thought for a while, Shen Yi replied: “I’m afraid you have to go there and find a way to contact the people there to complete a metal refining agreement, try not to use force. After this trip, we will soon have all kinds of equipment “

“What about heavy artillery?”

Shen Yi shook his head: “That involves a new type of weapons production line, for the time being, we do not have enough conditions to produce them so we can only give up. But it does not matter, heavy artillery is plug-in equipment, even without heavy artillery can also install other firepower equipment. Do not forget that this is a cottage version of the Harvester, we do not need it be exactly like with the original one. Even if the high-density metal cannot be made, we can use the ordinary steel. Create a Harvester first, the other materials can be slowly added and improved. The same can be used for other, as long as the prototype has not been changed, any time later can be further improved.

Wen Rou was stunned a bit. Shen Yi’s ideas were really abstract, but it could be effective. Her beautiful eyes stayed locked onto Shen Yi face for a long time, and finally, she softly said: “Do you know what your biggest advantage is? All the difficulties in your hands will become insignificant.”

Speaking, her soft red lips pressed lightly on Shen Yi’s mouth.

Warm and sweet.


The next time, Luo Hao continued to oversee the processing of other plant tasks, Wen Rou was responsible to recruit the right managers for the company, Hong Lang was responsible for the attack on the family of Hargraves. Everyone had their own work, but no one was indifferent.

Shen Yi was completely immersed in the Newman Brothers factory. Parts from other factories had been sent to the area after processing. Shen Yi in one hand was responsible for the assembly, while also responsible for the production and processing of the main system components. He was busy till the late night.

Factory workers were not allowed to stay there so each gained holiday for ten days and still receives a salary. Twenty airborne battalion soldiers and Jin Gang took the job of setting off for Shen Yi instead of workers.

With Jin Gang there, many things that were easy and convenient to accomplish, but seeing his Telekinesis was used to do a lot of work such as handling machinery and screws, Jin Gang didn’t feel proud.

Inside the factory, a monster is gradually emerging from scratch.

First a pair of huge iron feet, then a thick body, two thick arms …

The ten meters long chain was placed into the right-hand hinge. It has went through some minor changes. Now it had a huge claw on its front end, which gave it gripping power like a big iron anchor on an ocean-going ship.

Twelve pieces of saw blade have also been put into the robot’s body. Compared to the original gear, these gear thinner, smaller, more, more powerful.

The original cutting machine arm was also abolished. In that place, Shen Yi inserted a fuel injection tube to make a flame launcher. The empty space that was originally used to store the Terminator was converted to a fuel tank that could support three hours of flame burning.

Finally, the position between the chest and abdomen of the Harvester, Shen Yi added a small cabin.This could be used by a person to hide, dodge attack, and even fired from the inside out.

When the work was carried out to the eighth day, the cottage version of the Harvester finally came into being.

It was a lot smaller than the real Harvester, without the feeling of being as thick as a mountain, but more agile in action, barely able to fit into the space of the bloody heraldry. However, considering other needs, Shen Yi decided to set it aside.

That night, in the factory’s factory building.

Everyone has gathered together to watch the Harvester.

Manufacturing had been completed and it was now time for inspection.

“Looks good.” Hong Lang looked at the big guy with envy: “Can it move?”

Shen Yi shrugged his shoulders while taking out the Energy Core: “We can only know after putting this thing in.”

Inserting it into the Harvester, the rumbling sound echoed. The Harvester’s body shook a few times, and all the joints seemed to be screaming strangely.

“It sounds like it’s going to break.” Wen Rou wiped sweat off her forehead. “We are tired from so many days of production, we will not get a waste out of this, right?”

Shen Yi’s expression showed a bit of embarrassment: “The first production,will always have some problems and may not run well in some places.”

As for the performance of the Harvester, Shen Yi was not surprised.

Producing high-tech products has never been a straightforward task, and even having a full set of drawings does not represent a one-time success. Just as planning and execution have always been two different concepts in general.

High-tech products need both industry and technology foundations. Shen Yi only had one foundation and was currently walking on one leg. Having walked to this step had been a miracle to begin with.

“Let it move a few steps,” Hong Lang said.

Shen Yi issued an order.

After receiving the order, the Harvester raised his right foot and took a step toward the front.

Step by step, the Harvester’s body was shaking a few times, then it began to incline toward them. Scared, everyone jumped away.

“BANG!”, the Harvester hit the ground, smashed and created a huge pit.

Everyone’s face revealed their grief-stricken expressions which others could not bear to witness.

“Shen Yi!” Hong Lang shouted: “Did we work so hard for so many days just for  a pile of scrap iron to come out?”

Shen Yi also frowned.

He walked up to check on the Harvester: “It looks like there’s a problem with the balance system, mainly with poor accuracy, and the production itself does not have any big problems.”

After all, the components came from different manufacturers, with different standard.This meant they were likely to cause the entire machine’s running problems. The more high-tech products they used, the higher the demand for accuracy.

As Shen Yi’s time was tight, the products were not even directly produced during the commissioning period, and many inspection processes were omitted. Therefore, there were inevitable problems in the manufacturing process of this Harvester and there were a large number of problems.

However, Shen Yi did not care about it.

He had his own solution.

Walking over, he put his hand on the Harvester and used Activation.

The Bloody Crest prompted: “C400-type Harvester, science and technology evaluation: Rank C. Manufactured by adventurers and has a lot of processing defects. The defects can be improved, the improvement needs to consume all your current Psychic Energy and 1000 BP. Under non-mission situations, equivalent value equipment can be used instead. After the improvement is completed, the original models will be cancelled and new data will be available. Confirm to make improvements? Yes/No”

“Damn, even need 1000 BP… Confirm.”

A red light was on, and the ruler made a rumbling noise and finally stood up after a long silence.

This time, it stood extremely still.

“Self-made Harvester robot, Defense 38, AP 1300, equipped weapon:
1: 188 heavy-caliber artillery with 350 damage per round, 0 rounds of shells.
2. Superalloy Cable
Assist Attack System:
1. Flamethrower
2. Saw blade
3. Built-in Life Protection Cabin.
Evaluation: Rank C, role evaluation: Regular force. Weak point: Energy Core. Features: Can be repaired. Note: armor that covers its heart’s position has Defense 45. Movement speed and response sensitivity increased by 20%. “

The data on many aspects of the new Harvester had changed. Defense and AP value were reduced, the main weapon system was not yet installed, but in moving speed and reaction sensitivity, there had been a considerable degree of improvement.

In practical terms, this cottage version of the Harvester actually did not have much lower qualities, but it could have had much lower manufacturing costs. Fortunately because of the relatively small size, the metal consumption was also much smaller than expected.

Seeing the Harvester finally fully completed, all eyes revealed excitement. Eight days of hard work had not been in vain.

At that time, Hong Lang murmured: “Maybe we should let the T-1000 and the Harvester fight and see between the two of them which one was the worst. Let’s test our gains.”

“This is a good idea.” Shen Yi laughed.

In other words, after returning to the city, a series of work made everyone too busy that they have not seen T-1000 since they got it.

It was time to test it.


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