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Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 9 - Zenith Novels

Infinity Armament – Book 5 Chapter 9

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Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: AngelicDemon

Book 5 Chapter 9: The Fighting Power of T-1000


In a vacant lot on the outskirts of New York, No. 1 stood in the opposite of the Harvester.


Compared to the huge figure of the Harvester, No. 1 seemed to be much smaller. Its shape was exactly like that of an ordinary man. He was only 1.8 meters tall and looked slightly slimmer.


But such a seemingly unconventional fellow was one of the most powerful robots in the Terminator world.


Even a Harvester was totally impossible to be a rival of T-1000.


For them, instead of caring about whether the two sides can win, it was better to be concerned about how long it would take for the T-1000 to defeat the Harvester, and at what cost, and what the Harvesters would do.


“No.1, go and fight it down, but don’t create lethal damage. You can’t attack the Energy Core system.”


“Understand, sir.”


The Harvesters in the distance had also received instructions for launching an attack on the T-1000. It rushed out and hit No.1. When this punch hit No. 1’s body, half of it was blown open, exposing the light of a large piece of mercury in the body.


With a strange texture of silver liquid metal slowly flowing out of the body, as if it could only withstand the slightest blow, No. 1’s body began to recover. At the same time, one of its arms turned into a long sharp blade and rushed toward the Harvester’s arm.


If the Harvester was a steel monster, powerful and fierce. Then T-1000 is an amoeba, and its fighting style was very different and smart. It had no fear of any attack, and any part of the body could become a weapon. Perhaps the only thing that restricted it was the supply of internal power.


While the Harvester was fighting with No.1, Shen Yi also opened the PDA. Zeus was recording the battle between the two sides and presented the data to Shen Yi.


“How’s the situation?” asked Wen Rou.


“Not bad. The Harvester’s punch just now was almost equivalent to a full blow of a 70-Strength adventurer. If it was an ordinary person, that punch could turn him to mush.” Shen Yi casually answered. He looked up at No. 1 in the distance and then continued: “But on No. 1’s body, it only caused 50 damage. No. 1 repaired 50 damage and only consumed 5 points of electricity.”


Wen Rou’s eyes lit up: “Doesn’t that mean that T-1000 with 3,000 points of electricity is actually equivalent to having 30,000 AP?”


“Almost, but the problem is that the T-1000’s transformation also consumes electricity. Just when he turned his arm into a sharp blade, he also consumed 2 points of electricity.”


Wen Rou and others could understand this.


Obviously, all the capabilities of the T-1000 were maintained by electricity. This meant that it could not withstand long-term overuse, or else it may lead to power collapse. But when it still had electricity, it was almost invincible.


“We must have a comprehensive understanding of the power consumption of No.1!” Shen Yi said decisively.


He raised his head and shouted: “No.1, turn the arms to machetes and attack the Harvester’s chest.”


No. 1 fiercely jumped up, and both arms became machetes at the same time and squatted toward the Harvester. Brilliant sparks spread out from the steel arms.


The PDA quickly gave data: Transforming to two machetes, consuming 3 points of electricity, causing 12 damage and the actual attacking power is 50.


It can be seen that the larger the transformation, the higher the power consumption.


As this double machete was rushed to cut the Harvester, the Harvester raised its arm fiercely, and a huge iron anchor flew out, hitting No.1 and puncturing its body on the spot.


No. 1’s body passed through the iron chain like water, returned to normal while its right arm extended suddenly and pierced into the Harvester’s right shoulder.


“Power consumption is 12 points!” Shen Yi’s voice clearly came.


The Harvester was knocked out of its armor by a force not more than 20 times the usual. But suddenly, it lifted its arm, slamming down against the No. 1 elongated blade.


A loud sound came and No. 1’s blade arm was cut into two while the other remained on the Harvester. But then it turned into drops of silver juice that automatically flew towards No. 1’s body.


“Power consumption is 20 points!” Shen Yi’s voice became a little dignified.


Different injuries and different deformations led to different consumptions of electricity in No.1’s body.


With the sound of Shen Yi’s shout, No.1’s movement got faster.


It suddenly jumped into the air, and its two arms turned into two giant wheels. They swung like windmills and rushed toward the Harvester. They slammed heavily into the Harvester.


“The power consumption is 30 points, the actual damage is 82, and the attack power is 120 points! It will continue to cause 12 fixed damages per second, and the power consumption will be 3 points per second.” This time Wen Rou called out.


The No. 1’s attack was more powerful and its power consumption was also increasing.


However, the Harvesters was not looking so good. It jerked its hands up, its left arm spray pipe suddenly spit out large flames, burning T-1000. T-1000’s skin was burned by the high temperature, and the juice of the silver dropped downwards.


“The flames continue to inflict 20 points per second, and the electricity continues to consume 6 points per second. It’s strange, how the flames hurt it so much. How come                           the power consumption also increases?” Wen Rouly asked.


“The properties of the damage is different, and the power needed to recover is also different. The T-1000’s ability to withstand fire and freezing damage is relatively low.”


In the second part of the Terminator movie, T-1000 was eventually dropped into molten iron and melted. Of course, the Harvester’s flame temperature was still not enough to completely melt the T-1000, so the damage caused was relatively limited, but the most important thing was that No. 1 was not in an unavoidable high-temperature environment.


No. 1 fiercely jumped, and its right hand suddenly turned into a big sword. It squatted against the Harvester’s arm. The sword was so powerful that it actually cut down the entire slasher’s blown arm. The flame was extinguished and a large amount of fuel was sprayed at the broken fuel injection pipe.


“Power consumption 80 points!” Wen Rou screaming.


Shen Yi cold replied: “The power is big too.”


A slash can cut off the Harvester’s thick iron arm, and the power of this strike could only be imagined.


The Harvester’s iron chain suddenly recovered and went through No.1.


The attack swept fiercely and fiercely, hitting the body of No. 1 and splitting it in two.


At the same time, the Harvester’s right arm released twelve serrations that whistled in the air and flew toward No. 1, instantly cutting it into ten pieces.


Shen Yi and Wen Rou looked at each other at the same time.


In term of raw attack power, the Harvester was still a lot stronger.


The molten metal that had fallen on the ground began to gather, like in the movie. The liquid flew like mercury on the ground, attracting each other’s self-condensation and quickly reforming.


Shen Yi looked at the scene saying: “The electricity consumption is 280 points, and it takes time to recover.”


Wen Rou frowned and said: “Time taken seems to be longer. If it is against the adventurers, they can carry out continuously attacks on it so that it cannot be restored until the electricity is completely consumed.”


“That’s right, so T-1000 is not suitable for acting alone. When it encounters a fatal attack, someone else is responsible for protecting it.” Shen Yi came to this very important conclusion.


Although T-1000 is powerful, it also has its own weaknesses. In addition to power supply issues, recovery time is also a factor to be considered. Adventurers are not stupid and will never let the T-1000 recover like that.


However, the Harvester was definitely an idiot. It just looks at No. 1 who was recovering and did not do anything. Silly, he doesn’t know his own obvious advantage in the fight. In the next moment, No. 1 fully restored itself. It rushed towards the Harvester. When it launched itself in the air, its whole body suddenly lengthened. It turned into a thick iron chain and tied the Harvester.


“Wow! What is this? Nebula Chain (1)?” Hong Lang cried.


The Harvester was tied in such a bundle of T-1000 chains that he could no longer move and so it fell towards the ground.


Looking at the PDA, he murmured, “The power consumption is 100 points, and it is 2 points per second for the duration. The more the body is deformed and the greater the difference in shape, the more power will be consumed.”


At this point, the chain had changed back to No. 1. It stepped on the Harvester’s back, turned its arm into a giant sword again, and plunged it into the Harvester’s back.


“Enough!” exclaimed Shen Yi.


The giant sword stayed fixed in the Harvester’s back.


At this point, the Harvester had already lost more than 400 AP to No.1, while No.1 also consumed 550 points of electricity.


Shen Yi estimated and said, “The final result can be analyzed now. If you let them go and fight each other, the final result is probably that the Harvester was killed, and the power loss of No. 1 would be less than 800 points. After all, the power of Harvester’s sawblade has been used up, and one arm has been disabled, but if the external firepower system is installed for the Harvester, the No.1’s power loss may increase to a thousand points. If analyzed in this way, No. 1 can only contend at the same time. Two Harvesters, this is its upper limit.”


Unexpectedly, No. 1 suddenly said to Shen Yi: “Sir, I’m afraid that this calculation is wrong.”


“Oh?” Shen Yi was somewhat surprised.


“Yes, sir. I have a memory program that can automatically record the target data. In my original data, the standard Harvesters are not the ones I am dealing with right now. They do not have the ability to flame spray, and there are only three gears. In response to the film, the response speed is even slower. This Harvester is your improved model, which is inconsistent with my original data, so I made some calculation errors during the battle. But if you let me and this Harvester fight again, it will never happen again. According to my calculations, I can kill it within six hundred points of power loss. If you allow me to attack it, I can finish it with two hundred points of power loss. For its instant kill, even if you add a plug-in firepower system to it, I will not lose more than three hundred points of electricity, so I can deal with at least four Harvesters at the same time. If I’m given enough time or have favorable terrain, I can even eliminate more Harvesters. I can apply my data to any terrain and environment fighting, and l have the ability to analyze goals and develop action plans!”


Shen Yi and others looked at each other. Everyone was surprised at No. 1’s statement.


Shen Yi asked No. 1: “It seems that your AI is higher than I thought. Then what do you think is the biggest difference between you and the Harvester? Or is there anything that the Harvester does better than you?”


No. 1 quickly answered: “The Harvester’s attack system is far more powerful than I. It is more suitable for use as a fortification or to deal with a large number of enemies. It can even install more powerful weapons to make its system more powerful.”


“How about you?”


“I’m better suited to protection, or to deal with some of the more powerful individual enemies. Because I have deformability, so it is also suitable for submerged missions.”


Protection? Shen Yi’s eyes light up: “Can you rely on others to fight?”


“If you need it, sir.”


TL’s note:

  1. A reference to Saint Seiya.

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