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Infinity Armament – Prologue Part 2 - Zenith Novels

Infinity Armament – Prologue Part 2

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: Cherry Blossoms

Prologue (Part 2)

Putting away the phone, Shen Yi walked toward the WC. He put the phone into the toilet and pressed the flush button.

Then he returned to the large bedroom.

In the bedroom there were three people tied up, they were Zhou Ze and his parents.

Zhou Ze was a very handsome young man but looked quite mad since his brows were scrunched up, as he was glaring at Shen Yi with angry eyes.

Next to him, his bound father was begging Shen Yi, Zhou Ze impatiently cursed, “Begging, you only know how to beg! Your begging is sh*t now! Playing with girls, I have already played enough. Having fun with girls, I also already had enough! ”

“You !” His mother cursed, and bit Zhou Ze, “If you didn’t harm the girls, would you have today? Now you harmed yourself, harmed the family who runs around for you, but you don’t know how to repent!”

Zhou Ze madly screamed, “Repentance has no f*cking use! I already played, the dead has already died! This son of a b*tch came here to kill all of us. What’s the use in begging him now? If he wants to kill, let him kill. I dare him to.

“I … …” His father was suffocated because of his anger at Zhou Ze and fainted.

Shen Yi crossed his arms, holding his gun to the door, he looked at the family of three cursed at each other and could not help but laugh out loud.

“I heard that you are the boss amongst the three of you, you really do carry a bit of a “boss” style. This morning the other two guys died, but begged for mercy for a long time, they really had no backbone.”

Zhou Ze shocked, “Did you kill Sun Shuang and Ho Ho too?”

“First castrate, then kill (1)… compared to your behavior, it was only a one-word difference.” Shen Yi smile to answer.

Zhou Ze watched the smile of Shen Yi, his heart suddenly felt a chill.

Really not afraid of death, how could he be?

He just knew that Shen Yi would not let him go, so he just courageously said stuff to please his own ego before his death.

But now … … after hearing about the death of his two best friends, he was afraid.

But not long after, outside the district, the ringing of a police bell sounded, all of Zhou Ze’s family hearts found a slight hope of life.

Zhou Ze was even more excited, laughed, “Police already arrived! Now you are f*cking dead for sure! You quickly release me, maybe there is a chance to live for you!”

Shen Yi reluctantly shook his head, “I thought you how hard the backbone, but in the end, still such a trash.”

His kick made Zhou Ze faint.

Shen Yi quickly went back to the living room window, from there he could see that there were police officers everywhere.

A group of police officers was ready to storm in, as some are scattered the tenants nearby.

A policeman was holding a speaker, facing the side shouting, “The people inside, listen to … …”

“Oh.” Shen Yi sighed.

He took out a speaker from the bag and said lazily to the outside, “Shut up, or I’ll kill one of the hostages. If you want to save the hostages, find someone to come in and talk to me. Should be someone whose words carry weight”

The policeman saw the speaker being pointed out of the window and could not help but feel stunned.

This was the first time he had seen such a crazily-prepared assailant.

“What are we going to do now, Captain?” The policeman asked Li Qiang.

Li Qiang fiercely inhaled a breath of cigarette smoke then threw the cigarette away and said, “I’ll talk to him.”

“That’s not OK.” Next to him, a few policemen were anxious, “If someone has to talk, we would go instead of you.”

Li Qiang started, “Your words have more weight than mine?”

Several police officers shrank their necks, their words truly carried no weight.

“He already said to get someone who has the authority to talk to him. Well, prepare for me then.” Li Qiang waved his hands, he muttered, “I do not believe a fish in a net can make a turnaround.”

“That … … you must at least wear a bulletproof vest.” A police officer proposed.

Li Qiang thought for a moment, then agreed.

“Ding dong” sounded the doorbell.

Outside sounded Li Qiang’s voice:

“I am the captain of the Criminal Investigation Department – Li Qiang, I come to represent the Municipal Public Security Bureau to negotiate with you.”

“Come in, the door is open.”

Li Qiang gently opened the door.

He saw Shen Yi was sitting on the sofa in the corner of a large living room, the hand which held the gun rested on his thigh.

It was definitely the lost pistol, Shen Yi’s face was filled with a warm smile.

Li Qiang immediately let out of a friendly smile. Smiling was the most advantageous weapon in negotiations, it could resolve the opponent’s tension, far more useful than empty promises.

Li Qiang slowly came, he raised his hands as slow as possible and said, “Please be assured, I did not bring a gun, I came with sincerity.”

“Even if you are with a gun, it does not matter.” Shen Yi answered.

The answer made Li Qiang’s following thoughts freeze, he thought for a moment and said, “I can understand your current situation, I hope we can calmly talk about … …”

“Aren’t I calm?” Shen Yi leisurely asked.

Li Qiang once again was speechless.

He was in his 40s and has worked as Captain of the Criminal Investigation Department for over twenty years, solved countless cases including more than ten murder cases. But he as never seen a murderer as calm as Shen Yi.

Shen Yi did not seem to show any signs of initiating a frenzied counterattack like a trapped rat.

Since the other side did not need his comfort or commitment, Li Qiang wasn’t anxious, he simply went straight to the main topic, “Are they still alive?”

Shen Yi used his gun to point at the bedroom, “Didn’t you hear them crying? So funny. Want to see?”

“Haha.” Li Qiang squeezed out a bit of a dry laugh, “No hurry.”

“This is right.” Shen Yi also laughed, he pointed at the sofa not too far away from there with the gun, “Please sit down.”

When Li Qiang sat down, Shen Yi stood up, This action made Liqiang become tense, but Shen Yi just went to the drinking fountain machine and took out two cups.

His back turned toward Li Qiang, said, “Do you want to drink something? This family is wealthy and even has a peak-quality Dahongpao(2a), this time we have the opportunity to enjoy it. Generally, I prefer to drink coffee, maybe because I usually go abroad. But occasionally I still drink tea, most of the time I drink Biluochun(2b), but of course common-quality ones.

Li Qiang was calculating the distance, speculating that if he were to rush forward now, could he win against Shen Yi or not.

But he was shocked by Shen Yi’s words, he replied, “I would like to drink Tieguanyin. (2c)”

Shen Yi clapped his hands, “Great, there is Tieguanyin here too.”

He took out a box of Tieguanyin from below the machine, to the cup he sprinkled some tea, looked back to see Li Qiang, “Strong or light?”

Li Qiang’s body just left the sofa and was about to rush, but was instantly paralyzed by Shen Yi’s look.

He squeezed out an ugly smile, “Strong, drinking strong tea gives me the spirit to solve cases.”

“OK,” Shen Yi pretended to not notice, and went to the cup and added a handful of Tieguanyin.

Li Qiang still didn’t know if rushing forward or sitting back was better, the results were that his body had remained in a fixed pose.

Shen Yi said, “I know you want to catch me, but you don’t need to be so anxious. You can go up and see those people. If you do not go and something did really happened, even if you are the captain you can not afford to bear such a responsibility. ”

Li Qiang hesitated and he finally returned to a normal sitting position.

Shen Yi began to pour the hot water, “Go and then decide to attack me or not.”

Li Qiang carefully stood up, walked into the bedroom and stood outside the doorway to glance inside, he inhaled a cold breath.

He turned around to see Shen Yi, “Where did you get so many explosives? Not fake?”

Shen Yi did not lift his head to answer, “Do not look down on people like that, I graduated from a very famous university, though not from the Department of Chemistry, making some nitroglycerin is not that difficult. In fact, even if you do not understand it, it does not matter. It is actually very simple, you can find the producing method on Baidu (3). This is the era of information.”

“How to trigger?”

“If my heart rate jumps to above 150 or below 60 it will trigger the explosion. Did you know that holding your breath for a period of time can make the heart beat faster?” Shen Yi pointed to his chest.

“Damn, I hate high-tech!” Li Qiang cursed.

He could see that this man was fundamentally well-prepared.

“I’m sorry, I like to play high-tech.”Shen Yi added, he put the gun in his back pocket and carried the two cups of tea as he gave one to Li Qiang, “Your Tieguanyin.”

Li Qiang was almost numb all over.

He looked at Shen Yi’s turned back position, the gun was inserted in his back, Li Qiang would like to try to grab it, but finally decided he shouldn’t risk it.

After a while, he said:

“I also hate highly intelligent criminals, especially those who are not afraid of death.”

Shen Yi smiled, “I like police officers who have a sense of justice, especially ones who dare to risk their life.”

He raised a toast to Li Qiang and drank his own Dahongpao.

Li Qiang also drank his Tieguanyin, but immediately sprayed it out.

Looking at Shen Yi, he was a bit embarrassed, pointed to the cup, ” Don’t drink too fast, I forgot it still hot.”

Shen Yi shook his head and laughed.

He pointed to Li Qiang, “You are too nervous.”

This sentence made Li Qiang completely silent.

This was the first time he faced a criminal who has been sieged, but yet the situation was not entirely in the police’s control.

“I know why you had to deal with them,” he said. “I saw the case seven years ago, and there was a big problem.”

Shen Yi’s mood sank quickly.

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Thx for the chp

Maria Lorenzo

ok he is ruthless but reality is like that scumbags allways get away with*****

Maria Lorenzo

at least he has morals lol


Translation quality just dropped very steeply upon reaching this chapter.

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