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It's Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute - Chapter 1 - Zenith Novels

It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 1

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Its a fresh novel we have just started, Its a humble request to not judge it early, wait for a few chapters before rating or reviewing…. 

Translator: Wu Wang

Editor: Crimsonwolf


Chapter 1: The Brave and Evil Overlord’s Life on Earth (1)


Xu Shenxing woke up from his nightmare because of the heavy punch on his stomach.

He opened his vacant eyes. The first thing he saw was the morning sunshine, and the bright, long, golden hair which was disheveled on his bed.
“Moli, if it is possible, I hope you will be able to wake me up in a more gentle way.” (TL: Moli is Jasmine in Chinese)

Xu Shenxing half opened his dead-fish-like eyes and looked at the master of the golden long hair.

She was a girl (or “Lolita”) about twelve or thirteen years old. She was wearing Xu Shenxing’s old shirt. However, because every old shirt Xu Shenxing could find was much larger than the girl’s shape, the clothes looked pretty baggy on the girl’s body, and the sleeves also covered her hands because they were too long. Because she didn’t wear pants, her white legs were exposed under the sunlight and reflected a healthy color.

At this time, she cupped her cheeks with two hands crouched in the sleeves, and showed doubt and thoughtful expression on her face, as if she was thinking “Wake people up in a more gentle way? What is it?”.

After a moment, she looked as if she understood and clapped her hands, then she picked up the hot water pot at the bedside.

“I do not know what’s on you mind but undoubtedly you get something wrong. Put the hot water pot down!”

The girl named Moli was surprised. Her face developed an expression as if she was asking “Can’t I use the hot water pot?!”. Then she furrowed her delicate eyebrows, as if she was still wondering what ‘wake people up in a gentle way’ was.

However, Xu Shenxing ordered her to out of the bedroom decidedly, and then quickly put on his clothes.

The next thing he had to do was to prepare breakfast. In fact, the main reason that Moli woke him up was because she was hungry.

When Xu Shenxing put the breakfast – a bowl of rice congee and a poached egg – on the table, the girl put her head on the table and used chopstick to knock at the table. Her little face was covered with disappointment.

“I want to eat meat!”

She said so.

“I refuse. It’s too greasy to eat meat at breakfast.”

Xu Shenxing completely unmoved and rejected her proposal.

“But I have drank rice congee for three days!” The girl protested and knocked the table more vigorously, “It’s wrong to abuse the evil overlord!”

“Freeloader has no rights to protest… ok. In fact, my money is running out. Or rather, if there is still no one coming to rent room in the apartment before next week, we will be unable to even afford to drink rice congee.”

As a sophomore, his parents had divorced. His father was an unqualified father, so he had to part-work and part-study for feed himself. As for his mother, he has never seen her after she left with a rich man when he was five years old.

His father was an unknown archaeologist, and always went all over the world. The last time he contacted with Xu Shenxing was a year ago. He said that he was looking for the ruins of Kandaya civilization in Honduras.

In a word, if he counted on that guy to give him living expenses on time, a NOKIA dropped from the clouds would be more likely to occur…

Although his father still left a double apartment named “Sakura Apartment” as a property, but because the apartment was located in the suburb and it looked very old, so no one came to rent a room.

“That alien princess… from an unknown galaxy left a large sum of money as rent when she left, didn’t she?” Jasmine blinked her eyes and asked curiously.

“It’s Centauri… Besides, alien’s money cannot be used in the earth!”

Xu Shenxing was a little depressed when he mentioned it. He and Moli helped the princess solve the civil strife in her country, then got a large sum of money… but it was unuseable in the earth…

Although according to the princess’s words, it was the most widely used currency in the universe, but here was the earth, where aerospace technology was still in its infancy and couldn’t even achieve flying at the speed of light – people were still disputing the existence of aliens. Xu Shenxing felt that he hadn’t had the chance to experience his life in the Star Era, so the money was really unusable.

Moreover, because the number of freeloaders rose to two people a few days ago, it increased the costs on the contrary. This was also one of the reasons he got poorer and poorer.

Fortunately, after solved the crisis, the princess had to leave the Sakura apartment and returned to the Centauri because she has to assume the reins of her country, otherwise Xu Shenxing would really as poor as a church mouse.

“In short, compared with evil overlord and alien princess, I would rather an ordinary person to rent the room…”

Xu Shenxing sighed and made a final summary.

“By the way, when I was playing your computer, I saw a dialog box appeared on the screen.” Moli asked and raised her hands. The long sleeves waved together with her golden long hair. “It said ‘Want to know the meaning of life…?'”[1]

“Never click the ‘YES’ button, do you understand?! We’ve had enough trouble!”

After breakfast, Xu Shenxing would normally run to the subway station, in order to got to school before the beginning of the first class. But today was Sunday, and he was also had no part-time job today, so he had a rare leisure time.

Incidentally, the name of his university was Jiangjin University, in his hometown. The reason he studied here was because the university was close to his home…

As a general university, Jiangjin University didn’t allow the students to live in private homes and must live in the dormitory. However, after Xu Shenxing talked with the school leaders for three hours and successfully prevailed against them, Xu Shenxing got the right to live out.

Soon after, Moli had put down the old shirt and changed into normal dress. She ran to Xu Shenxing and put a comb into his hands. She turned around, sat beside Xu Shenxing and exposed her back to him. Her white small face was with an air of expectancy, as if she was saying “Help me in combing my hair, landlord”.

“I remember that you know how to comb your hair already…” Xu Shenxing stroked the comb unconsciously, then he forced a smile.

“It’s too troublesome.” Moli said directly.

“What happened to your self-respect as the evil overlord?”

“Gone with the scheduled reserved nightclothes.”


Since the beginning, when Moli came to the earth, Xu Shen always thought to buy nightclothes for her. However, because he either lacked the budget or some other reason, he always didn’t have an opportunity. Finally, the girl got accustomed to wearing his old shirt as her nightclothes, and because this could save money, Xu Shenxing also acquiesced. From then, he had never mentioned buying nightclothes for Moli.

Looking back right now, it was indeed unsuitable to let a girl dress like that…

When he recovered from his memory, Xu Shenxing found that Molly was staring at him. Although she did not speak, but the silence was undoubtedly conveying her will.

“All right, I will comb your hair. Anyway, today is Sunday.”

In the end, he sighed and compromised to the girl.

Moli’s face took on a satisfied expression. She turned back and hugged Xu Shenxing.

“Comb my hair. The meaning of landlord’s life!”

“If so, the meaning of my life is really cheap…”

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Thanks for the chaptercomment image


wikihow.com/how-to-care-for-your-loli (i really hope this isnt a real article)


Thankfully it isnt.
Gimme ten minutes and check again.


this looks familiar


Thanks for the chapter Wu Wang and Crimsonwolf!


Nokia falling from the sky. Does this guy hate the world or something? We cant handle such dangerous things

Sage Hidden Bear

I loved the reference to Hwanmong from Dimensional Sovereign translated on Gravity Tales there. Seriously amusing.

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It’s confusing because of the girl in the cover had black hair and general outfit, so the main Heroine the maid girl in the new cover?


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