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It's Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute - Chapter 2 - Zenith Novels

It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 2

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Its a fresh novel we have just started, Its a humble request to not judge it early, wait for a few chapters before rating or reviewing…. 

Translator: Wu Wang

Editor: Crimsonwolf


Chapter 2: The Brave and The Evil Overlord’s Life on Earth (2)

If Moli combed her hair by herself, for convenience, she normally would comb her hair into a single ponytail or side ponytail.

However, Xu Shenxing normally would comb her hair into twin-tails. In his words, golden hair and twin-tails were the best combination!

It seemed that Moli was obviously in good mood. When Xu Shenxing combed her hair, she was humming a song, but she obviously out of tune, because Xu Shenxing completely couldn’t figure out what’s the words she singing.

“By the way, how are your studies recently?” Xu Shenxing asked abruptly.

Of course, he wouldn’t let Moli stay alone in the home. About a year ago, he had let Moli studying in the Second Middle School of Jiangjin City, and now she was in Grade Two.

“It is the same as before.” Moli said happily with her tune slightly upturned.

“Wait a minute. I remember you didn’t do well in the past!”

“It doesn’t matter. My class teachers think I’m a foreigner.”

“Why do I think you are giving an irrelevant answer…”

When he said, Xu Shenxing also remembered the past when Moli first came the earth.

At that time, Moli even didn’t know how to speak and had a really hard life. As the evil overlord, she was so shy with strangers, even Xu Shenxing was also unable to put up with it any longer. Allowing her to strengthen her communication ability was also one of the reasons that he let Moli study in school.

The facts had proved that the effect was not bad.

However, her academic record was really bad. She learned how to speak in Chinese in one year, so she should be very smart. However, she obviously has no interest in any discipline, so she didn’t study hard.

“Landlord, as the evil overlord, why should I bother learning trigonometric functions?”

Moli turned around and asked confusedly.


“Don’t ask me. I also want to know why I have to learn Advanced Mathematics since I’m a hero.” Xu Shenxing muttered.

“Thus, learning is useless for the evil overlord!” Moli shouted and waved her hands.

“The casual relationship is too extreme!”

Xu Shenxing retorted subconsciously, then released his hands, looking up and down on Moli’s hair style. Obviously, he was quite satisfied with his work. “Well, that’s done.”

“Yee haw!” Moli jumped out of the chair and ran in the small room with open her arms.

At this moment, they heard the “Ding-dong” sound – the doorbell rang.

Xu Shenxing was a little surprised. He waved to Moli to let her to keep quiet, then he made a remnant and appeared at the door in the twinkling of an eye. He looked out from the peephole on the door carefully.

Then he relaxed down and turned his expression back to the lackadaisical expression. He opened the door and complained.

“You should make a phone call first. I thought you were the person who came to receive property charges!”

“If I was really the person who charged for property charges, were you going to pretend that nobody was at home?”

It was a young man wearing police uniforms and he looked a little older than Xu Shenxing. He grinned and said, “I was skiving off from my work, so it isn’t a planned visit.”

His name was Xiao Zhengyi, a rookie police. Once upon a time, Xu Shenxing saved his life from a paranormal event.

That paranormal event completely changed Xiao Zhengyi’s life outlook. As the result, once he faced any strange case, he would subconsciously think it was a paranormal event and asked Xu Shenxing for help.

However, every time Xu Shenxing investigated the case, he always found that these were some ordinary cases made by using some special techniques. Of course, after he solved these cases, the credit of crack these cases was belong to Xiao Zhengyi…

If it was not because Xiao Zhengyi could keep secrets and took gifts every time when he asked Xu Shenxing for help, as well as gave some money as a reward after solving cases, Xu Shenxing had already let Moli use magic to make him to forget everything.

“So, what’s it this time?” Xu Shenxing asked a little impatiently.

“Listen to me, the case is very strange this time…”

“I didn’t ask you the case, I asked what’s the gift this time.” Xu Shenxing bluntly interrupted his words.

“Well, I have said that I was skiving off from my work, so, I don’t buy any gift…”

“Moli, turn him out.”

The girl heard his words then saluted to Xu Shenxing. “Understood!” She walked towards Xiao Zhengyi.

“Are you seriously?! You are a man with extraordinary abilities, why are you so philistine?” Xiao Zhengyi once tasted the punch of Moli’s fist, so he said depressingly.

“Shut up, no matter how great a person is, after drinking rice congee for three days, he would know the truth that money is the most important thing in life!”

“I don’t know what has happened… But, I know, life is hard for you.”

Xiao Zhengyi tapped on Xu Shenxing’s shoulder.

“Don’t cast a pitying look upon me! My heart even more pain!”

“Anyway, I will bring gift the next time. Let’s talk about this case. I always feel that there is something wrong…”

“You said that every time, but never guessed right.” Xu Shenxing said inexorably. “Besides, you took all the credit every time.”

“Don’t say that, I shared the reward with you every time, didn’t I?”

Xiao Zhengyi said with a hollow smile, “By the way, if some paranormal events are really happening in Jiangjin City, you will certainly have a headache, right? And can you stop that little girl? I always feel her eyes is looking for a place on my body fit for her punch…”

Xu Shenxing held Moli back – she was itching for find a chance to continue the instruction of “Turn him out”, then he asked, “So, what is the case this time? Another murder case in a locked room?”

“No, this is a missing person case. There are several people missing in the old market… Fortunately, we still haven’t find any corpse.”

When the topic came to the case, Xiao Zhengyi got serious immediately. He took out a leather bag from his pocket and handed it to Xu Shenxing.

“In the past, you found me for murder case, now it changed into missing-person case… are you planning to let me help you to find the lost pet or look after a child the next time? In novels and animes, the protagonist always deals with stronger and stronger enemies, but why I feel that I’m facing a completely different situation?”

Xu Shenxing opened the leather bag. He pulled out a small stack of papers from the inside. At first, he was still watching the papers and muttering something, but soon, he frowned.


“Missing for more than 10 people, and they are all beautiful young girls. According to several reliable eyewitness testimony, these girls were suddenly disappeared. I made a site visit to the field with several other local police, and I’m sure that these places haven’t any basement or other facilities can hide people. It makes it hard for me to believe that this is a normal case.”

Xiao Zhengyi looked very serious and took out the cigarette from his pocket very natural. He was planning on smoking to make himself calm down.

However, Moli snatched away the cigarette before he put the cigarette into his mouth.

“No smoking.” The girl said stoutly and drew a cross with her both hands. She threw the cigarette into the trash with a stolid face.

Xu Shenxing read the paper, then said to Xiao Zhengyi, “Moli and I will deal with this case the day after tomorrow.”

Moli raised his neck proudly.

“Why is the day after tomorrow? Is anything will happen at that time?”

At first, Xiao Zhengyi felt dispirited because the cigarette was thrown, but he perked up immediately and asked excitedly after he heard the words.

“No, I failed my math exam and have to make up exam on tomorrow, so I have to review the math book today.”


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Dark Jackel

Plebian hero… ?


thanks new novel 😀

Faisal MaTs

Hahaha, poor hero… xD


Thanks for the chaptercomment image


Thanks for the chapter Wu Wang and Crimsonwolf! The daily life of an unfortunate normal.


9 out of 10 cute loli evil Overlords promote strict no-smoking policy…

Sage Hidden Bear

To be poor is a pain sometimes.



I don’t know why, oh why, you would care about studying and stuff like that when you traveled to other stars and other worlds and are a freaking hero with unimaginable superpowers along with a little demon lord loli. What the fck dude. I personally hate studying and all the unnecessary crap you learn there that will never be of use even to a normal person, but when you’re a hero who can do A LOT of stuff to earn your income, you live like a poor apartment owner and still goes to school? Seriously. Just striking a deal with the army/defense force or whatever to bring down terrorists or something is enough to earn shitloads, or maybe acting in the underworld of china or something? You can disguise yourself easily and teleport, so you will never get found out… Along with a lot of other alternatives, but no, let’s study in school, eat air and drink dew for food and sleep at home while hoping someone would move in so you can get some money.

I don’t know what I think about the rest(the comedy seems fairly acceptable), but the fact that he acts like a retard while following all the government systems is not really something positive in my opinion. How about earning some easy cash and perhaps get something real to rent out where people actually want to live? Or just get some money to live easy in the place you’re in now? You can probably earn some big bucks with just a little bit of work(for someone like you) and then ignore all that stuff and be lazy until you need some more. But no, you’d rather live eating rice soup and eggs with no money for any luxuries whatsoever, even though you’re supposed to be a hero with a demon lord companion, what the fck?

Yeah, I’m whining. The idea of someone being all mighty yet not using his powers even for daily necessities pisses me off. I’ll probably give this another 10 chapters and hope it’s going to get better and he’ll start thinking with his head instead of his arse.

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