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It's Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute - Chapter 4 - Zenith Novels

It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 4

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Its a fresh novel we have just started, Its a humble request to not judge it early, wait for a few chapters before rating or reviewing…. 

One more chapter will be released in a while! Enjoy the read!

Translator: Wu Wang

Editor: WetChicks


Chapter 4: The Call From Hell (2)

Xu Shenxing looked back subconsciously. He saw a young man with glasses who was coming across the path, with three other young men following behind.

They were Xu Shenxing’s classmates. However, because Xu Shenxing didn’t live in the dormitory and he has to work part-time while studying, he didn’t have too much contact with his classmates. He couldn’t even remember their names.

He only knew that that man with glasses was his class monitor; the small fellow behind the class monitor was nicknamed “Monkey”, because his hands-on ability was very strong and liked to made some gizmos, so Xu Shenxing had some impressions on him; the big fellow beside “monkey” was the leader of the Taekwondo Club of the University, Xu Shenxing has met him once when he helped clean the room of the Taekwondo Club; the last man was a fatso. This guy was good at dancing ballet and once appeared on the stage of the Arts Festival of the University. Because the visual effects of his dance was too… amazing, he left a very deep impression in Xu Shenxing’s heart – or in other words, a psychological shadow…

In fact, Xu Shenxing was no one special in his class, and usually, ordinary people wouldn’t pay too much attention to him. Many of his classmates were completely unfamiliar with him. Originally, these three guys were also unfamiliar with him, but when Xu Shenxing was in fresh year, Moli got into trouble and found him for help. Xu Shenxing had to say to his classmates that Moli was his sister.

As a result, Moli’s lovely appearance created a group of lolicons – they said, “After I saw your sister, you are my brother-in-law… cough, cough, I mean, you are my best friend!”

Although it broke Xu Shenxing’s hope of “to be a common person”, but it also made Xu Shenxing have a good interpersonal relationship in his university.

“Why are you here?” Xu Shenxing asked curiously.

“Our room is ready for a party of courage test, and the content is to stay here a whole night.” The monitor pushed the black framed glasses up his nose – which was the same as Harry Potter’s – and said, “We’re going to investigate the environment first, in case we make fools of ourselves in front of the girls.”

So, they were roommates. No wonder that they always acted together. Xu Shenxing saw light suddenly.

“Bro Xu, do you want to join us?” The fatso said to Xu Shenxing with a gross smile, “We invited the girls from the department of Economics, and I promise that they are all beauties! Besides, remember to come with little cute Moli!”

In the last words, this lolicon exposed his true intention.

Xu Shenxing felt that Moli made a shiver.

She tugged at the hem of Xu Shenxing’s clothes, shaking her head to let Xu Shenxing reject his invitation. Her golden twin-tails shook in the air with vitality, which made the lolicon look at her with a pleasing expression.

However, after considering for a moment, Xu Shenxing agreed to join their party.

Compared to the daytime, the night has the highest incidence of missing cases, and there was once a missing-people case that happened recently. It was very possible that the suspect would act again – in that case, he could catch the suspect easily.

In addition, they also provided a dinner in a restaurant before the party. The four-eyes monitor said that he would treat this time. This was a big temptation for Xu Shenxing.

The only bad side was that Moli got angry. She kicked Xu Shenxing’s legs with her little boots and made “bang bang bang” sounds. This let the toughness of his legs suffer a great challenge.

The fatso and the “monkey” stood in the side and shouted “Oh oh oh, she is so cute!”; the ‘four-eyes’ monitor looked at this scene with great interest; the big fellow seemed a little fearsome of the abandoned dormitory, which stood in contrast with his big body.

Finally, Xu Shenxing soothed Moli, then they searched the abandoned dormitory. As he expected, they didn’t find any unusual thing. It was just an old and ordinary dormitory.

Honestly, it was very boring. The only benefit was that the big fellow forgot his fears and put his heart at rest.

Then they talked about if they should put some little toys in the dormitory to play a prank. Maybe this would let the girls get frightened and hide in their arms…

Xu Shenxing rolled his eyes. He left with Moli after asking when is the dinner time and where is the restaurant. Although he didn’t think he could find anything in the abandoned dormitory, but when this really happened, he still felt a little disappointed.

In the afternoon, the investigation came into a deadlock. Xu Shenxing and Moli didn’t find any useful clue in the city. It seemed that the most likely breaking point was the party of courage test.

“Are you still angry?” Xu Shenxing looked back at Moli. She was still pouting and filled with an “I’m unhappy” expression on her face. He sighed, “If you really don’t like it, I will leave something for your dinner at home. Do you want to stay at home alone?”

“No!” the little girl rejected him in a stroppy tone, “I also want to come!”

“Then what exactly are you objecting to?”


“An unexpectedly profound theme?!”

“Life without meat…” the little girl cupped her cheek with her hands and said desolately, “…is really painful.”

“…I’m really sorry that I’m so poor.” Xu Shenxing felt a little embarrassed. “So, do you want to go?”

“Australian lobster, big abalone, Kobe beef! I’m coming!”

The little girl raised her hands and cheered with a straight face.

“No, I don’t think there’s anything like that… or rather, don’t ask for these things in the restaurant, otherwise my monitor will cry. Definitely.”

Although Xu Shenxing wasn’t definitely sure because he has no interest on it, but he knew that the four-eyes monitor’s family wasn’t very rich. His cost of living was just a little more than other students.

He guessed that the monitor has saved money for this party for a long time…

“How about the ice cream after the meal?”

“If you just ask for the ice cream, I think it should be no problem.”

“In that case, I want to eat black diamond ice cream!” (One of the most expensive ice creams)

“So, don’t say stupid things like that!”

Xu Shenxing and Moli came to the hotel quarrelling and was fighting noisily.

“We are all waiting for you!” The four-eyes monitor was standing outside the hotel and was already putting out his smartphone. He stopped his actions after he saw Xu Shenxing.

“I almost thought that you won’t come. I was just about to ring you.”

“Sorry, I’m late.” Xu Shenxing apologized.

As the monitor, this guy seemed to keep every classmate’s phone number.

“Wow, great!” Moli patted on Xu Shenxing’s waist (because she was too short to pat on his shoulder) and said, “In addition to Telecom Business Office and phone frauds, there is no other person who knows our landlord’s phone number!”

Xu Shenxing rolled his eyes.

It really wasn’t a happy thing to know the only person knows his phone number was a four-eyes man.

“Xiao Zhengyi also know my phone number, ok?”

“Oh oh,” the little girl praised him with a straight face, “Then the pwople in your contacts has increased to two! Amazing!”


“And they are all men! Impressive!”

“Pia ji pia ji pia ji” She clapped her hands.


Xu Shenxing considered if changing Moli’s food into cat food from now on would be a good choice.

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lol,,that girls mouth really is something
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lol,,that girls mouth really is something
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stop the memes


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yes. yes, i am.




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The only bad side was that Moli got angry. She kicked Xu Shenxing’s legs with her little boots and made “bang bang bang” sounds. This let the toughness of his legs suffer a great challenge.

I don’t think that legs should make a “bang” sound. Then I remember that they are hero and overlord and I’m instead surprised over the fact that shockwaves wasn’t created to blow away everything around them, since it “challenged the toughness of the heroes legs”… Yeah.n

“Life without meat…” the little girl cupped her cheek with her hands and said desolately, “…is really painful.”
“…I’m really sorry that I’m so poor.” Xu Shenxing felt a little embarrassed. “So, do you want to go?”

…Then get off your lazy arse and get that overlord loli some fcking meat you bastard, or I’ll happily take care of her instead. There’s so many things you can do as a hero to earn ridiculous amounts of money, yet you don’t for some stupid reason. This is something that really pisses me off. It’s not funny that someone who are so blessed with powers and can probably destroy the world by himself would be piss poor and live on rice soup when he could easily hide his identity and get money in any number of way, such as contracts with governments, organizations, armies and more… Just show off some of your power while keeping your identity safe.

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