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It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 41 - Zenith Novels

It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 41

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Translator: Wu Wang

Edited by: Cohran


Chapter 41: The Scene The Girl Has Seen (1)

Inside the gloomy solitary room, Qin Xingyan looked haggard. She hugged her knees and curled up on the straw bale, which was a bit wet and mildew.

The small room didn’t have a window and was filled with the smell of musty straws. Plus the hot weather made it even more unbearable.

Because there wasn’t anything that could be used as a time reference, two days after her phone ran out of power, she lost her sense of time.

How long had she stayed here? One week? Ten days? Or over a month?

Not far away from the straw bale there was the iron door of the solitary room. Below the iron door there was a bowl of untouched food.

The keeper had changed the food several times, but she had ignored them for a long time.

Though it wasn’t to the extent of inedia, but she could bear it if she stopped eating for a few days.

Qin Xingyan felt as if her head was filled with lead, so heavy and drowsy, making her feel tired and spiritless.

Now all the meridians over her body were almost paralyzed. She couldn’t use even a little supernatural power.

Before, she was a girl standing on the top of the supernatural world, now she was the same as an ordinary mortal woman.

How long has it been since she has felt so weak?

Most of the limes on the wall Qin Xingyan laid on had been stripped, with red bricks exposed out. She gazed the crack on the roof as light leaked inside from it. Though it would be a problem if it was raining, but on weekdays it was the only light source in the room.

“What a weak feeling… as if I’m returning to that time…”

She whispered as her mind sunk within her memories.

Qin XIngyan was an orphan.

She didn’t know whether her parents abandoned her, or if it was because her parents had passed away. Because her memories had been blurred due to the long time.
From the beginning of her memory, she was already in the hospital.

At that time, her body was so weak that she had to stay on the bed all day, and not be allowed to walk for more than half an hour per day.

Every time she looked at other healthy children, she always stop to think that the world was too unfair.

Why everyone else had healthy bodies, but she had to lie on the bed with such a sickly body?

Perhaps it was because she didn’t have parents, Qin XIngyan was more precocious than other children of the same age.

She knew she was an useless girl. She had forgotten the disease’s name, but it was obviously an incurable disease to mortals. No matter how much money they spent, it still swallowed large amounts of money as if it was a bottomless pit.

She was raised by a charitable organization. The organization had a good reputation, but clearly they wouldn’t put in too much money just for saving a child with a terminal illness – maybe a million RMB couldn’t save Qin Xingyan, but of course it could save more unfortunate children. They knew the choice.

The critical disease would take a part of her life bit by bit, and finally made her die of organ failure at the age of six, or seven, if she was lucky.

If the story ended here, this could only be regarded as a child’s unfortunate life. However, Qin Xingyan was special. More special than anyone.

— She could see supernatural creatures, which of course other people couldn’t see through their eyes.

In this hospital, life and death had blurred their boundaries. And this ability also made her a lot of troubles.

“Doctor Chen, the girl lied again.”

“What now?”

“She said there was a disheveled woman with her hair down to her toes. I checked the surveillance video. There wasn’t anyone!”

“Children always lie. Give her a piece of sleeping pill and let her go to bed early.”

At the door of Qin Xingyan’s sickroom, conversations like this had been repeated more than once. At first, Qin Xingyan didn’t know why others couldn’t see the woman and said that she was lying. But there was a woman with white clothes facing the room and laughing strangely! The woman didn’t have pupils, and her hair hung down to her toes, which looked extremely weird.

Gradually, she understood that only she could see those things.

However, by that time, the nurses and doctors all thought that she was a weird, untrustworthy kid. Undetectably, but gradually, they started to avoid getting close to Qin Xingyan.

Why was I born? Was it a good deed to live in the world? Why was I so unlucky?

The lonely little girl always sat on the bed and blankly stared at the outside light through gap between the curtains.

She was allergic to the sun due to her disease, so, the curtains in her sickroom were always closed. Even if she wanted to see the view of the outside, she had to wait for the coming of nights or rainy days.

Till one night, between wake and dream, the little girl heard someone knocking on the window with the sounds of “bmb, bmb, bmb”.

“Who?” The girl couldn’t open the curtain, because her hand was connected to a drip. Meanwhile, she wasn’t going to call the nurse… anyway, even if she called them, they wouldn’t believe her words.

Because her sickroom was on the fifth floor.

“Hello. I’m Qinmeng. [1. Qinmeng: It means “green drizzle” in Chinese.]” Outside the window came the voice, she couldn’t tell if it was a boy or a girl. “I played with my friends around here, but I was careless and got separated from them.”

“I don’t know your friends.” Qin Xingyan curiously turned to look at the window, but as she expected the window was still covered by the thick canvas curtain.

“Hmm, I know.” Outside the window the voice sounded a little upset. “But I know they will come to find me.”

“What’re you doing here?” asked Qin Xingyan curiously.

“Sorry. In fact, I haven’t eaten for days.” Outside the window the voice sounded a little embarrassed. “The world is too dangerous… everywhere I can see square iron boxes running on the road. Several times I was almost knocked down by them. I didn’t have any chance to look for food.”

Paused a while, it continued, “I heard it from others that there is a little girl that can see us. So, I came here to take a chance.”

As expected, it was also that kind of creature…

“What would you like to eat?” Though the girl didn’t like to make contact with supernatural creatures, because they made her life more hard, but after hesitating for a while, she said, “I can help you, but you have to promise that you won’t eat human.”

“Don’t worry, I’m not a man-eating monster. I eat fruits and nuts. If you can’t give me these, rice is also ok.”

It answered readily.

Qin Xingyan looked up at the drip bottle, and found that there wasn’t much left, so she pulled out the needle by herself, then searched the drawer, picking up a small packet of sunflower seeds.

It was brought by a staff from the charitable organization when they came to visit her ( and made a promotional video incidentally). The staff didn’t eat it and forgot it here.

The girl didn’t like to eat sunflower seed, so she just put it in the drawer then forgot it, till today she remembered it again…

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