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It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 42 - Zenith Novels

It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 42

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Translator: Wu Wang

Edited by: Cohran

Chapter 42: The Scene The Girl Has Seen (2)


“Are sunflower seeds nuts?”

Qin XIngyan wasn’t sure.

“Yes, of course.” Outside the window the presence said eagerly.

Then the girl climbed out of the bed. She bared her feet and waggly walked to the window. She took a deep breath to make a decision, drawing back the curtain without a break.

She finally saw the outside visitor’s appearance.

Due to her Supernatural Vision, she’d seen a lot of weird creatures. At first, she was already prepared to see a vargouille, a long-neck monster or simply a ghost, but her visitor’s true body was still out of her imagination.

It was a green…

“Sparrow?” The little girl winked her eyes, murmured incredibly, “A sparrow monster?”

“I’m not a sparrow!” The sparrow Qinmeng spread its wings and protested with disapproval, “I’m an exalted… mmm…”

In the middle of its speaking it suddenly stopped, as if a basin of cold water iced its passion. It just repeated, “I’m not a sparrow!”.

“Do you want to eat sunflower seeds?”

At that time Qin Xingyan wasn’t a girl who would think too much. She just shook the plastic bag in her hand and asked.

“Yes!” Immediately the sparrow cheerly jumped around on the windowsill.

The little girl opened the window, and the night’s cold breeze cause her to slightly shiver. Afterwards, she helped the sparrow tear open the plastic bag and put it on the windowsill.

Qinmeng immediately flapped its wings to fly to the side of the plastic bag. It picked up a sunflower seed with its claws, then vigorously pecked at it.

The little girl felt amused. While enjoying the night’s breeze, she laid beside the window, looking at the sparrow eating.

However, as the sparrow’s beak was too small, it was very inconvenient for it to peck at the seeds. Thereupon, the girl helped it peel the sunflower seeds

“You’re a good human!” As Qinmeng ate, it also hid a few sunflower seeds into its crop. It thanked the little girl, “By the way, why are you living in such a dirty room? There are many bad spirits around here. It also smells bad.”

It said and hid its head under its wings, as if it was trying to emphasize how bad the disinfecting alcohol in the hospital smelled.

“Because I’ve been here since my birth. Besides, I’m sick.” A worried look appeared on the little girl’s face. She opened her arms, gesturing a great distance, “It’s a very, very bad disease. So, I can’t go out of here.”

“That’s unfortunate.” The sparrow lightly pushed the sunflower seed shells. After making sure it didn’t miss any of the sunflower seeds, it raised up its little head, looking at the girl with its round little eyes. “You are always here and never go out? I have to admit that there isn’t a good place like my hometown, but there are still many beautiful views —— such as mountain-like buildings, ant-like crowd, and beautiful big posters… it’d better if the air was much fresher.”

“Sounds good… but perhaps I’m not able to see them during my life.”

After hearing its words the girl showed her aspiration.

The sparrow gazed at the girl’s face for a while, then suddenly said, “How about this? You prepare food for me, then I come here at night. By that time, I will tell you what I saw out there.”


The little girl asked pleasantly surprised.

“Of course. After all, I’m the exalted… cough, cough… anyway, you can just trust me.” The sparrow patted its chest with its slender claws, it looked pretty unreliable —— by the way, it was pretty hard to make this action since it was just a bird.

But the little girl didn’t doubt its words at all. After it finished talking, the girl immediately nodded.

After that, every night the green sparrow would fly to the window of the girl’s room, using its beak to knock at the window. And the little girl would also hide various types of food. After hearing the knocking sound, she would open the window and feed it.

The sparrow wasn’t a fussy eater. It always ate fruits (the girl asked from other patients) or sometimes just patient meals, and picked the interesting parts of its daily experience to talk to the girl.

Though QInmeng was just a sparrow, but when it talked about its experience, its words were eloquent, clear and logical, giving the girl a feeling that as if she was on the scene.

Even the sparrow itself didn’t find that at first, it was just planning to find its two friends and then immediately returned to its hometown. But now, after it met with the little girl, it’s mind changed imperceptibly.

Though it still flapped its wings hardly, hovering in the city, but it had removed its mind from finding its friends among the birds. Conversely, it looked down from the sky to find some interesting things in the city by using its eagle-like eyes, then waited for the coming of the feeding and story-telling time.

Though the girl still couldn’t go out of the hospital, but after half a year the sparrow’s story had allowed the girl to build considerable knowledge of the outside world. The scene of human society has been vividly showed in front of her eyes.

Of course their meeting wasn’t always going smoothly. For several times the nurse witnessed how the girl would secretly get out of her bed and talked to the sparrow; and because they couldn’t see the sparrow, they thought the girl’s mental disease exacerbated. In that case, every time they found it, they would lecture her. They also continually changed her sickroom to stop her from opening the window to observe the outside world.

Besides, occasionally they would notice the food that she left. When that happened, they would of course lecture her and throw away the food.

Despite all that, the little girl didn’t impassively stay on the bed as usual and stopped waiting for the end of her life. But on the contrary, she began to secretly resist the nurses. If they changed her sickroom, she would leave a note or use other methods to tell the sparrow of her new room; if they took away the food, she would go to other sickroom to act cute. Many patients were old and were not willing to see a little girl acting so pitiful, in that case they would often flood with sympathy and gave her some snacks.

Unlike her rigid past life, after she met with the sparrow, the little girl thought her life was interesting. She would smile more often, opening her mind. Finally, even the nurses and doctors also gradually accepted her.

She lived this happy life for half a year.

Then her disease aggravated sharply.

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Damn, her life was really harsh… really want to see MC go trash everyone around and release her now.


Just like narcissu(VN from steam)! Thanks for the chapter!

Dark Jackel

Sadness… ?

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