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It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 45 - Zenith Novels

It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 45

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Translator: Wu Wang

Edited by: Cohran

Chapter 45 I Tell You This Is My Expression ( ´_ゝ`) (2)


Regular release 5/14


After Xu Shenxing and Moli’s effort, finally they stopped the main hall of the White-hart Taoist Temple falling and crashing on the ground, miraculously, no one in the main hall was hurt.


Gratifying! Their effort was worth celebrating!


“Why do you look so happy? Weren’t you the person who caused this?”


Qin Xingyan couldn’t tolerate his attitude and berated.


“Eh, I have already apologized…”


“If apology could solve problems, why does hell exist?”


“Eh? Does hell really exist?”


“I don’t know.” The girl said stoutly.


“Hey, you don’t know? Aren’t you a cultivation practicer?”


To see Qin Xingyan talked in such a breezy way with the far stronger person who beat down the entire temple members (Moli was just looking them on the side), the survivors of the White-hart Taoist Temple… Ok, it wasn’t suitable a word. Anyway, Xu Shenxing didn’t land any heavy blows to anyone when he broke in. Except for when he had he punched that group of old men and women to the sky (then caught them when they dropped down), the heaviest injury any of the disciples suffered was merely a scratch. In a word, the other disciples looked adoringly at their senior apprentice sister.


“So, how can I make amends?” Xu Shenxing rascally sat on the ground. “I have to warn you. I have no money.”


“I don’t need you to emphasize this…” Of course, as a member, Qin Xingyan lived in the Sukura Apartment for a period of time, thus, she knew how poor Xu Shenxing was. “Our White-hart Taoist Temple has almost been destroyed. I hope that you can help us rebuild the temple. ”


“Humph. Even though I’m poor, I won’t be a construction worker!”


Wasn’t being a delivery man at the same level with construction work?


“Two hundred yuan per day.”


“My total 150 pounds body is waiting for your order!”


Qin Xingyan speechlessly looked at Xu Shening, who was talking nonsense with a straight face. She suddenly understood why Moli was so unscrupulous and who was the person taught her those things.


In this case, the reconstruction work of the White-hart Taoist Temple started.


“M…Master.” One day at noon, a disciple of the temple meticulously came to Xu Shenxing, who was eating his dinner. His face was covered with cold sweat as he nervously said, “My master call you to the Wing Palace.”


Xu Shenxing forced a smile. “Okay, I know.”


Then the disciple immediately ran away, as if he was a prisoner who was just released from the jail.


Xu Shenxing poked the feet of Moli, who was lying on the tree and basking in the sun. “Do you want to go with me?”


“No, I want to go home… a world without Internet… shouldn’t continue to exist…”


Though she murmured that, it seemed that Moli wasn’t going to leave Xu Shenxing here and return to Sakura Apartment alone.


Xu Shenxing shrugged his shoulders, walking to the Wing Palace of the White-hart Taoist Temple… This was the only building that had escaped the disaster due to it being too far from the main hall of the temple.


“Hello, can I help you?” Xu Shenxing walked to the door and saw that a group of people were talking about something.


“We do need your help.”


The sprightly old man who was sitting on the chair was the current master of the White Taoist Taoist Temple. His strength was pretty good, with the help of the ley line of the temple, he stopped Xu Shenxing for 30 seconds… this was also the main reason that Xu Shenxing felt impatient and threw the temple to the sky.


Incidentally, though Xu Shenxing himself said that he was a 20-year-old young man, the old man said that he was just a low-pitched old-timer otherwise he couldn’t be so strong. Afterwards, the old man’s respectful words made Xu Shenxing feel a little pain in his stomach.


“In fact, some developers took a fancy to Dan Xiao Mountain. They wanted to build a tourist attraction on it… Of course, after our secular disciples negotiated with them, they agreed that they would only develop the lower part of the mountain. They wouldn’t let their hands reach behind the mountain.”


“I thought it wasn’t a difficult thing to make a few mortals give up their plan, right? ” Xu Shenxing asked curiously.


“Because they accept to share their profits with us, and undertake the rebuilding and maintenance cost of our White-hart Taoist Temple.” The old man smiled bitterly. “Without money, it’s difficult to move a single step in this era. Even though we are regarded as hermits, we are the same. Of course, they don’t know that we are special. They just think that we are a common temple that has good connections.”


So, even the old, secret cultivation sect couldn’t escape the effect of money…


After all, everyone needed food to fill their stomachs. Even though they didn’t need a lot of things, they still need to eat. Spirit medicinal herbs were planted in every area of the temple. After all, it was a place rich in spirit qi, as such planting priceless spirit medicinal herbs was far more better than planting vegetables…


Because they was in the range of the Jiujiang National Park, the nearby mountains were a popular option for travel. So, it was impossible to send disciples to hunt… besides, it would be awkward if they hunted national protected animals.


For cultivation practitioners; money, partners, methods of cultivation and land were four necessary elements. Since “money” was the first element, it had its reason. Thinking from this angle, it was not difficult to understand that the White-hart Taoist Temple would agree to their claims.


“So, what do you want me to do?” As Xu Shenxing thought of it, he had to ask with puzzlement, “Do you want me to threaten the developers to give you more money?”


“No, not so.”


“Don’t you want me to raise the devil, drag them into troubles and finally have them seek help from your White-hart Taoist Temple? I’m pretty good at it, you can count on me.”


“No, we don’t! By the way, senpai, I’m surprised to know that you have that kind of experience!” Beside him, Qin Xingyan couldn’t stop her desire to ridicule him.


“You want me to kidnap their family members? Even it’s me, it’s a little beyond my mortal baseline…” Xu Shenxing seemed quite distressed.


“What are we, the White-hart Taoist Temple, in your heart?”


“…an illegal religious organization hidden in the mountain?” Just when his voice faded away, Xu Shenxing clamped Qin Xingyan’s tingling flying sword with his two fingers, then laughed out loudly under the girl’s ferocious gaze. “I’m kidding, just a joke. But what do you really want me to do?”


“I hope that you can persuade the youkai in Dan Xiao Mountain to move their houses to the back of the mountain.” The old man acted like he didn’t see their farce and said with an abstracted look. “After all, commercial development would destroy their habitats. Before they make some troubles with the humans, we hope that they can move their houses to the back of the mountain, living together with us… we will share the spirit qi lay line with them.”


“I’m sorry, but aren’t youkai fundamentally hostile to you cultivation practitioners?” Xu Shenxing raised his hand like a curious pupil.


Despite all that, his fingers still clamped Qin Xingyan’s powerful flying sword, Red Sleeves, so it looked pretty weird.


After a long silence, the old man finally uttered a deep sigh. His stooped body seemed more desolate. “We are all the foundlings of the time. I hope I can help them while we still can… Otherwise, in the future people will only know of the existence of youkai in mythologies.”

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Jigoku Shounen

Thanks for the chapter.

Khang Tran Minh

thank for the update

Shattering the Heavens



Thanks for the chapter!
Seriously, I’m liking more and more the “I have no money” catchphrase…


Opposite here, hating it more and more. He’s a pauper for no good reason, it’s pure idiocy and therefore not funny. He can help it, yet he complains as if he can’t, it’s annoying.


treating youkais like an extinct animals xD

Dark Jackel

I will point out that the last time it seemed to be turning drama, the feeling was quickly undercut because Qin Xingyan wasn’t actually in danger… ?


“Two hundred yuan per day.”
“My total 150 pounds body is waiting for your order!”

I wish the author would stop these gags about him being poor when he CAN help it and can easily become really rich yet doesn’t and takes small time work. He’s even well known now and everyone knows his identity, yet he still doesn’t want to earn some easy cash. It’s not funny. The hero who can ruin or save the world on a whim would work like a slave for 200 yuan, that is around 30 USD if I remember correctly, a day… 30 USD! Normally you’d earn that in 2 hours even with a crappy salary.

I like his jokes about what to do. I wouldn’t think it’s weird if he actually did do all that stuff, so I wonder why he haven’t robbed a bank or two already.


Comparing the salary in US and China is just so logical… And is really an absolute proof that the MC is acting like an idiot because of author and he really should rob a bank or two -_-‘
Or I know, why not conquer the whole planet, with his strength, it’s more or less the same…
I understand your point, if he absolutely want money while keeping his morale, he could just do very tiring physical works, the usually pays well and they are not a problem for him, but his poverty is just a gag, not worth pissing off and ranting like you do -_-


Of course I would convert it to USD since that would make people recognize how much it is with a familiar currency. That people over there earn less money doesn’t change how little it is compared to the work he did.

The bank robbing was a joke on my part(since his dialogue about earning money started and ended with it), because his questionable moral standards have already shown that he’s fine with stuff like blowing a temple up into the air and ruining a large part of their sect just because he got a little annoyed when they held him off for a while for good reasons. That’s worse than bank robbing in some ways.

His argument is that he wants to follow the laws of human society which have been mentioned, something he clearly doesn’t do in the first place. Also, I wouldn’t care that much about the poverty gag if he didn’t whine repeatedly about how much he wants money, about how he almost starves to death, about how he has to live on crap like rice soup, how he can’t buy clothes or anything.

BUT, even while he wants money so badly, he 1: doesn’t demand more than the minimal amount or nothing at all when helping save the city or help the government, a very low sum that shouldn’t even be comparable to working for a day in a convenience store is enough, or just a meal is acceptable 2: He gets low-paying part time jobs that are VERY physically/mentally tiring, such as delivering snacks and working in a convenience store for chump change(he even once tried to offer his services as a “priest/monk” for “exorcism” and stuff), so I don’t know what you’re ranting about when you mention that he could just do such work if he really wants money since he already is, and then 3: He was offered a position by the government with great pay and that didn’t include much that he didn’t already do for free, but he refused, I can understand that he wants his freedom though. There are a lot of things he could do for money which would allow him to both keep in line with the laws of the human society, help the world, keep his freedom to only work when he wants to and earn a lot of money, such as allowing the government to hire him as a mercenary of some kind when situations require it for more heavy duty jobs or when they’re short-handed, they actually do that already but they only give him chump change for the work that would normally reward him with a huge sum of money.

Now, the issue isn’t the poverty gag in itself but rather how it’s executed. He complains all the time about it but he has many easy ways of earning money that keep in line with him having his freedom and not going against his morals, he just doesn’t want to for some reason, yet he does the work for free or for extremely small sums of money and then complains some more about how poor he is while eyeing small amounts of money and trying to get others to pay his food for him. If you want to do the poverty gig, make sure it’s actually possible and doesn’t contradict itself all the time. It just happens that he’s got no reason to not make money except for pure idiocy. That’s what’s vexing, the incessant whining even while he has no reason to. It’s clearly a choice he made, so he should just shut up and roll with it or earn some money with one of the many alternatives he’s got.


“That people over there earn less money doesn’t change how little it is compared to the work he did.”
… It kinda does? You know, because using US dollar is kinda useless, 200 yuan is quite a lot in China so yeah

Well, blowing up a temple of bad guys is OK ^^, and if they’re good people, fix everything and OK again XD

When I said tiring physical works, I meant PHYSICAL, ’cause we all know how much muscle you need to work in a convenience store, I was thinking of building construction or something…

When you say he accepts minimal payment, well, better than a rip-off, he’s still a hero, not gonna ask the entire fortune of someone who need help, he just whine for the sake of whining, no harm done

It’s like Kamijou Touma who complain about his bad luck but doesn’t care that much and pretty much always roll with it, it’s the same here


Well, yeah. I know I’m overreacting, it just pissed me off so much when I kept having it thrown in my face all the time, I hate inconsistencies like this. I tend to overreact quite a lot when the same issue keeps on repeating, it’s not the first time. A lot of the poverty gags was actually funny, such as the bank robbing idea and other stuff, then there was less funny things like almost starving to death, having no clothes and no proper food. Sooner or later I snap after hearing the same thing over and over again, it builds up.

About the minimal payment, he’s totally getting ripped off though? He’s getting ripped off so badly that it probably ripped him a few new breathing holes somewhere too. I didn’t mean it as “minimal acceptable payment” but rather “minimal possible payment”. Saving the town or world and then getting either 30 USD, a meal or nothing at all for fixing stuff that would risk a lot of lives if it wasn’t him(both those that would be fixing it and the innocents dragged in) and takes him a lot of effort to solve… Not saying he should milk them for all they’re worth, but something a bit more reasonable like 500-1000 USD should be acceptable, it’s the freaking government after all, they have money and they are no doubt willing to hand it over if it can prevent death and destruction. It’s not as if it’s a huge amount. He could even demand food instead of money so that we get over the starvation issue which doesn’t add to the humor. Then he can still be a bit greedy and try to leech off of people for shits and giggles.

And let’s be honest, if you can find a job that is physically draining and pays little for someone who can casually punch star destroyer space ships into oblivion, defeat the evil overlord that dominated several worlds, plus split the world with a swing of his sword, I will give you a cookie, hell, you can have the entire cookie jar 😛 The only thing we can hope for is mentally draining, and what is more so than stuff like sitting in a run down convenience story while watching the wall or driving around a small vehicle with snacks in chinas traffic?

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