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It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 47 - Zenith Novels

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It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 47

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Translator: Wu Wang

Edited by: Cohran

Chapter 47: The Notes to Help the Youkai Move Their Houses (2)


The youkai’s banquet would start at night. Besides, Sister Wan’er needed time to prepare some things, so they made an agreement to meet each other at the end of the day.


Xu Shenxing didn’t think that they needed to prepare anything, but it seemed that Moli was in high spirits – the White-hart Taoist Temple didn’t forbid their disciples to eat meat, but after all, it was a temple. In order to cultivate their moral character, they didn’t allow themselves to indulge in food and drink. Moli had gotten tired of eating wild vegetables. She wanted to try some other foods for a change in taste.


Finally, the night came. Moli dragged Xu Shenxing and Qin Xingyan back onto the path.


Sister Wan’er had been waiting for them here while hugging a small packet in her arms.


Unlike just now, Sister Wan’er wasn’t in her human form. Her fluffy, big squirrel tail flapped down from the waist part of her Han Chinese Clothing and swayed comfortably. Her pointed squirrel ears that shook like cat ears, made Moli have a strong desire to touch them.


Of course, Xu Shenxing immediately put out her urge by putting up the back of her collar.


“Take them and put them on.”


Sister Wan’er handed three masks to them. Xu Shenxing took them and examined them, finding that they looked like Peking opera masks. However, their colour coatings looked very weird and gave them creepy feelings.


“They are the masks of faceless demons. Put them on and they can cover your human body odor.”


Sister Wan’er said, “At first, I was planning to find the masks of Covering-face Spirits… you know, they are like Tsukumogami or 99 spirits. But they live in Japan, it’s difficult to find their masks in China.”


By following her guide, Xu Shenxing, Moli and Qin XIngyan put these masks on their faces.


Unexpectedly, Moli and Qin Xingyan successfully put the masks on and covered their body odors, but the mask broke in two when Xu Shenxing tried to put it on his face.


“Eh? What’s going on?” With holding the debris of the mask in his hand, Xu Shenxing winked his eyes. “Is it a fake good?”


“Seems that you are protected by a power like ‘Stay Away From Evil’. After all, the mask was from a youkai, it still contained their odors. Naturally, that kind of power would destroy it.” Looking at the broken mask, Sister Wan’er frowned.


Xu Shenxing had to smile bitterly.


Due to his holy sword, he indeed had this kind of Divine Protection on his body. Most of the negative effects  would not bring any harm  to him, and it was a passive skill, he couldn’t shut it down.


Finally, Xu Shenxing had to find a piece of  yellow cloth. After staining it with some of the odors from Sister Wan’er, he put it on his face, pretending that he was a summoned creature.


They then followed Sister Wan’er, walking to a huge maple tree.


Wan’er put her hand on the tree and softly spoke the code words, she then walked across the tree bark and disappeared inside the tree.


Xu Shenxing and Qin Xingyan looked at each other. They touched the place where Wan’er disappeared, then found that the tree bark didn’t exist, as if there was an invisible door.


After walking across the invisible door, they arrived at the youkai territory.


As the moon was high above the sky, the banquet started.


At first, Xu Shenxing was shocked due to the amazing number of youkai – though they mainly gathered on only one street, but their number was already as many as the flow of people in the market at the Qingming Festival!


In the meanwhile, he saw that there were all sorts of stalls on the roadside, just like the real market. Occasionally, he also saw some small stalls selling herbs or some other items, but it was a pity that he didn’t see entertaining stalls such as a lasso stall, throwing darts stall, or goldfish scooping stall.


However, after rethinking it, it wasn’t a weird thing, because all the guests here were youkai, and most of youkai’s bodies were pretty good, you could regard them as some weakened supermen. If anyone opened any of those types of stalls, he could do nothing but go broke.


Besides, there was another thing worthy to be mentioned…


“How much is the braised mushrooms?”


“Five RMB.”


“Give me one.”


“Ok, thanks for your patronage.”


Youkai also used RMB… at first, Xu Shenxing thought that he would see them using spirit stones as the currency.


When he told his doubts to Sister Wan’er, she burst out laughing.


“Spirit stones are far more expensive than gold, would any person use it to buy food? If so, his head must have been kicked by a donkey.”


Maybe the quality of the masks Wan’er gave them was really good. They had passed by countless youkai, but no one found out that they were humans.


After walking for a while, they had walked to the end of the street. This time, Moli had held all sorts of foods and toys in her hands. Her mask cocked, and her mouth was also filled with foods.


At the end of the street, was an antique mansion. Viewing it from its roof and eaves, it looked like a buddhist building.


“This is Master Redleaf’s house. You’d better lower you head after going in, and don’t have eye contact with any of the big youkai. Do you understand?”


As Sister Wan’er took them into the yard, she didn’t forget to warn them again and again.


Xu Shenxing held Moli’s left hand – though she still held a string of cotton candy and a water ball. Using his mental power, he checked the inside of the house. He found that though there were a lot of youkai in the house, none of them were stronger than the flying tiger (Kyuuki) he killed in Jiangjin City.


After they walked into the yard, many youkai glanced at them. Fortunately, they all moved their eyes after a little while.


In the middle of the yard, a yellow-haired man was standing while facing a wizened old man.


“The yellow-haired man is the current master of Huang family, and the old man is the master of Chai family. One of them is a yellow weasel, another one a is snake, they are natural enemies. If humans didn’t think of the plan to develop Dan Xiao Mountain, they probably  would never see each other during their lives.”


Sister Wan’er took them to the corner to avoid the attention of others and said, “Besides, the man who is sitting on the chair with wearing kasaya is Master Redleaf. He is the master of the woods and the strongest youkai on Dan Xiao Mountain. But he is very kind and has a high prestige.”


As she finished her words, they heard the yellow-haired man grunt coldly and yelled to the wizened old man, “No matter what’s your excuse, I won’t move my house! Since a group of mortals want to reach out to my territory, they should prepare to lose many people and get the f**k out of there!”


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