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It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 49 - Zenith Novels

It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 49

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Translator: Wu Wang

Edited by: Axelia

Chapter 49: The Notes to Help the Youkai Move Their Houses (4)


Wang Chengen had a little headache.


At first, the development plan for Dan Xiao Mountain was the first step in a plan his head office had created to build the scenic area of Jiujiang City, and they had invested over 1.2 billion RMB here. If he did it well, he could obviously write it down as a significant chapter in his personal accomplishments.


However, he didn’t know why, but since he began overseeing the project, the work going into the development and building of the scenic area wasn’t progressing smoothly…


At first, it was a group of taoist priests. They said that their construction team wiped out their temple’s door, but when he went to take a look, he saw that their so-called temple’s door was just several damned trees.


He finally understood the old saying, “Bad surroundings makes bad civilians.”


In Wang Chengen’s heart, these taoist priests were just some greedy people who wanted to obtain a large sum of money by causing him trouble. He didn’t fear them. It meant that he had to face these cunning taoist priests in court!


Afterwards, he lost the lawsuit unbelievably quickly. The court verdict slapped his face, and his company had to compensate these seemingly ordinary taoist priests several million RMB . . .


He didn’t believe it and wanted to sue them again. However, the head office told him to never provoke those taoist priests again.


Finally, he understood that these taoist priests probably had a strong backer, and even his head office didn’t want to get in trouble with them.


Fortunately, these taoist priests didn’t stand in their way again, and his superior also knew that it was an accident. It wasn’t his fault, in that case he could save his position. Of course, there were always some people waiting around to watch the fun unfold, not to mention their groundless rumors.


This also made Wang Chengen campaign in full force. He wanted to do something to make his superior know that he deserved his position!


Beyond his expectations, the construction site stayed in peace for no more than two days before the falsework collapsed and broke the crane and excavator. If it wasn’t for only a few labourers getting hurt and the minimal loss, he would have had to sadly resign from the company.


Even so, his position in the company was like a boat, swaying in the midst of a raging storm. His friends all stayed away from him because they didn’t know when this boat would capsize.


On the desk, the company interphone made an ear-piercing cry.


Wang Chengen restlessly picked up the phone. “What?”


“President Wang, there is a guest . . . going to your location . . .” He heard the receptionist‘s voice over the phone. However, her voice sounded a little strange, as if she had seen some unexplainable.


“Who is the guest? Does he have an appointment?” Wang Chengen frowned. In fact, he was always frowning these days. He tried but couldn’t remember any appointments scheduled today.


“No . . . in fact, our guards couldn’t stop him…”


Before the receptionist finished her words over the phone, the door to his room was pulled open from the outside.


Wang Chengen looked at the man in front of him. He couldn’t stop the corners of his eyes from twitching.


The man was wearing a shoddy white T-shirt with a skull pattern on it, jeans, and a pair of sneakers so dirty he couldn’t make out its original colour. It was still normal up to there, but the question was why the man was still wearing a taoist priest’s cap on his head with a white cloth canvas in his hand that said, “Help you drive out evil spirits and avoid dangers, kill youkai, and eliminate demons”.


Wang Chengen, as a man used to seeing office workers, was speechless. He had no words to describe his current thinking – what the fu*k was this?


“Benefactor, your forehead looks black. I’m afraid that you will be involved in trouble soon after!” The man’s voice was the dialect of the Jiangsu & Zhejiang area, and the content of his words was very much like the words of fortune-tellers in cheap movies. “If you believe me, give me four hundred and fifty RMB, and I will help you solve your problem.”


Wang Chengen thought for a while. Then, to the guards who were wandering outside the door looking confused, he said, “Bullshit. Guards, drag him out.”


The guards dragged him by the arms and legs, lifting the “mysterious fortune-teller” up. In the battered eyes of the company staff, they threw him out the door of the company.


“Oh shit, one of the guards is g*y!” Xu Shenxing raised himself from the ground. He looked at the guards walking back to the building and said with a trembling tone, “I felt that someone was touching my ass . . .”


“So, what’s the next plan?” Coming out from behind the phoenix tree, Qin Xing covered her forehead with her hands and said helplessly, “I told you that it wouldn’t work.”


“How is it possible . . . I followed the old man’s suggestion and changed my slippers . . . Why . . .?” Xu Shenxing looked regretful. “Should I also change my jeans? But even if I change them, I only have Hawaiian-style beach pants!”


“No no no, that’s not the problem!”


Qin Xingyan wryly said, “Even if I’m not familiar with secular customs, I know that your appearance is totally unlike that of a fortune-teller!”


“Our next plan is waiting.” Xu Shenxing patted his jeans and casually picked up the white cloth canvas. “Moli, what do you want to eat?”


“Juicing Orchard Slime . . . with ice.” On the side, Moli murmured. The little girl looked as if she was going to fall and faint due to the summer heat.


“What’s with that weird name…” Qin Xingyan couldn’t help but ask.


“Oh oh, I know it. It’s a famous drink in Venia!” Xu Shenxing clapped his hands.


“Is it true? Does that kind of stuff exist?” Qin Xingyan was shocked.


“Yes, but not on earth. I suggest that you choose a drink that actually exists on earth.”


“Landlord. Is. Useless. No wonder you are bald.”


“ . . . (angry)”

“I think there must be something I don’t get from your talk.” Qin Xingyan hopelessly looked at Xu Shenxing who was giving Moli a “using his beard to rub her face” punishment. “No kidding, tell me what should we do next.”


“I have already said it. It’s to wait.” Apparently, Xu Shenxing was stronger than Moli. He ignored her struggle and held her under his arm. “I saw a cold drinks shop just now. Let’s go there and rest for a while. ”


“Is this really okay?” Qin Xingyan hurried along after him, but she didn’t seem relieved. “The construction site has temporarily stopped work due to the hot weather, but the summer heat will cool down when it’s five or six o’clock. Then, they will start working again. By that time, Huang Laowu will do something nasty to the labourers, right? By the way, why don’t you beat Huang Laowu down directly? Isn’t that faster?”


“Using force to make the youkai move their houses . . . I can probably finish everything within ten minutes.” Xu Shenxing said as he walked. “However, do you think that they will not cause trouble after I leave here? As people . . . No, I mean youkai. As the youkai who have to leave their native land behind, do you think that they are really willing to settle down in a new place?”


“Even so, I don’t think we have to make the whole thing so troublesome . . . ” Qin Xingyan muttered. “Besides, why should we just wait here?”


They had walked to the entrance of the ice drinks shop as they were speaking. “If you treat us,” Xu Shenxing winked towards Qin Xingyan, “I will tell you the plan.”


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