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It's Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute - Chapter 5 - Zenith Novels

It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 5

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Translator: Wu Wang

Editor: Ethan / Bottou


Chapter 5: The Call From Hell (3)


When Xu Shenxing went into the room with the four-eyes monitor, the skinny “monkey” was trying to create a friendly and lively atmosphere.

In addition to the three men he met before, there were four other girls.

Xu Shenxing was surprised to find that he knew all four girls… Although he couldn’t remember their names.

He remembered that the most beautiful girl’s first name was “Song”, who was once known as the goddess of Jiangjin University – though a freshman owned this title later on, but there was no doubt that she was still many of the male students’ dreamlover.

Of course, Xu Shenxing didn’t wrap around her finger. The reason that he still remembers her is simply because they were companions who had the same psychological shadow – when that fatso was dancing on the stage, she was the hostess. The same as Xu Shenxing, she was also shocked at the fatso’s ballet dance…

Incidentally, Xu Shenxing was shocked, because it was difficult for him to accept the strong visual difference; however, her reaction was more exaggerated. She made a “OTZ” [1] body shape, giving others an impression that she was lifeless; in the meanwhile, her mouth murmured, “I spent eight years studying ballet dance, but I can’t even compare with this fatso?!” Obviously, she was green with envy.

The other two girls were a pair of twins. They looked very similar, and the only way to distinguish them was to compare the length of their hair when they stood together.

One of them was the secretary of the Student Union, and the other was the leader of the Chess Club. However, they often took turns to take part in each other’s extracurricular activities, and no one found out the truth – till one day they disclosed the truth themselves. This event caused them to gain a great reputation within the university; even Xu Shenxing became interested in them after he heard about this event.

The last girl was unknown within the university, but she was the one Xu Shenxing was the most concerned about.

Her name was Qin Xingyan. Her face can only be considered as thin. Although her eyes were very clear and bright, but her black frame glasses covered her only advantage. She didn’t participate in any association or committee and her personal academic performance was mediocre. It was very easy to for such a girl to be unnoticed within the crowd.

However, she was in fact the most special.

She owned a kind of wonderful energy, even if Xu Shenxing – who wasn’t very observant- was also able to notice it. She was obviously not an “ordinary person”.

Xu Shenxing was surprised when he first met her, until the second half of the term, he was finally sure that she was harmless, because she had never used her supernatural powers in front of other ordinary people. Seeing this he paid less attention to her.

Qin Xingyan was leisurely drinking her tea. However, the moment she saw Xu Shenxing, she froze for a while, then her eyes flashed and she pretended that nothing had happened.

However, Xu Shenxing noticed her behaviour.

After keeping an eye on her, he followed the four-eyes monitor directions and sat down.

Then the dinner began with Moli shouting “Dinner! Dinner!” and the sound of her knocking on the bowl with her chopsticks.

It seemed that “Goddess” Song had totally forgotten Xu Shenxing. She smiled and talked with others to keep the lively atmosphere, meanwhile, she also cleverly avoided talk about personal questions; of course, the twin sisters didn’t know Xu Shenxing, but they were very interested in Moli, who was eating and drinking beside Xu Shenxing. They looked at Moli as if they were watching a cute pet. Besides, they also ignored the big fellow, who was trying to give all his attention to them. They only answered his words together occasionally; Qin Xingyan also deliberately didn’t pay too much attention to Xu Shenxing. She was simply eating in silence.

Because there will be a test of courage after dinner, they didn’t spend too much time eating and finished the dinner after an hour.

After they made a pit-stop, they walked to the abandoned dormitory.

When “monkey” was walking past Xu Shenxing, he quietly patted Xu Shenxing’s shoulder.

“We have placed some little toys in the dormitory, so don’t worry if you see something strange.” He grinned, showing his uneven teeth. He said with a confidently smile, “Don’t worry, there is no danger.”

“Oh Oh, I’m looking forward to it.”

Xu Shenxing agreed casually with a straight face.

Anyway, there was almost no lighting on the street, and the moonlight was hidden by the thick woods. “Monkey” was just an ordinary person, so he didn’t have a night vision. In that case he couldn’t see Xu Shenxing’s expression.

The abandoned dormitory appeared in front of them after they walked out of the bosk.

It was getting dark. Compared with daytime, the abandoned dormitory was more ghostly at night. Moreover, combined with the unknown chirping in the woods, it made people shiver all over though not from the cold.

The moonlight seemed to be brighter than usual, as if someone sprinkled a layer of silver frost on the ground. However, the difference made the inside of the dormitory seem to be darker.

“Monkey” took out a small box, five flashlights and five pieces of paper.

“There are ten people. We should group up in pairs by drawing lots, and the game rules are to go into the dormitory in pairs and find five objects by following the indicators marked on the map.” The four-eyes monitor took the small box and explained, “There are different objects on different maps, and we also put them in different places deliberately. In that case I can ensure that everyone fully enjoys the test of courage.”

Xu Shenxing looked at his expression and understood that he has doctored the lots.

For him, acting together with Moli was the most free and convenient option. However, if he could, he wanted to act together with Qin Xingyan, to see what her plan is.

However, before Xu Shenxing let Moli to do anything, Qin Xingyan has took action first. He felt the wonderful power spread out from Qin Xingyan’s body and cover the small box.

As a result, when everyone opened their notes after drawing, the four-eyes monitor and three other male students were all shocked and confused.

“Goddess” Song and the fatso were in a group – As could be seen from the expression on her face, her psychological shadow recurred, but the fatso didn’t know this. He was very pleased to team up with her.

The big fellow and the elder sister (probably) of the twins were in a group – the former was trying his best to please the latter – it seemed that he had a very good impression towards the elder sister.

“Monkey” and the four-eyes monitor were in a group – as the sponsor and the organizer, they interpreted what was the meaning of No Zuo No Die [2]. Now, they were green with envy. If there were torches in their hands, They would probably be shouting “Burn the heterosexuals!” [3] and kill the above two groups…

Moli was together with the little sister of the twins – and the latter was feeding Moli some cookies. Moli squinted her eyes and enjoyed the food, as if she was a puppy.

The last group was composed of Xu Shenxing and Qin Xingyan. Obviously, this was Qin Xingyan’s real purpose, and others were just dragged in…
[1] OTZ: It is an emoticon word, the O represents the head, The T represents the torso/arms. the Z represents the legs.

[2] No Zuo No Die: This phrase is of Chinglish origin. Means if you don’t do stupid things, they won’t come back and bite you in the ass. (But if you do, they most certainly will.) Zuo /zwo/ is a Chinese character meaning ‘act silly or daring (for attention)’

[3] Burn the heterosexuals! : It’s from “Baka and Test” (Japanese: バカとテストと召喚獣), a Japanese light novel series written by Kenji Inoue. There is a group called “FFF” – which are composed of men who can’t find any girlfriend – in the novel, and this is their slogan.

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