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It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 50 - Zenith Novels

It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 50

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Translator: Wu Wang

Edited by: Axelia

Chapter 50: The Notes to Help the Youkai Move Their Houses (5)


“I know it doesn’t sound good, but in fact, there is a b*tch living in everyone’s heart.”


Xu Shenxing picked up the glass, took a sip, and then explained. ”For many people, the stuff they don’t obtain is always far more expensive than the stuff they have. Manager Wang is no exception.”


“Then why did you go to see him?”


Qin XIngyan asked, confused, “And why are you dressed like that.”


“Of course it was for the sake of leaving a deep impression, in case he doesn’t know who he should look to for help. As to my appearance, apparently I should make it more impactful in order to leave a deeper impression!” Xu Shenxing said confidently. “I need to make my appearance look unlike those taoist priests from the White-hart Taoist Temple. He will then subconsciously think that I’m not from the White-hart Taoist Temple and that this is their trick.”


“Are you sure he will look for you?” Qin Xingyan did not believe his words. “Didn’t he throw you out after hearing you say just one sentence?”


Yes, he was thrown out . . .


Xu Shenxing took a glance at Moli who was drinking the honey tea. He guessed this girl betrayed him. Otherwise, Qin Xingyan wouldn’t have known what happened inside the building.


You should know, Xu Shenxing’s body could negate almost all powers peeping on him. If he didn’t allow it, any positioning, observing, or marking spell would have no effect on him.


Even surveillance cameras couldn’t take photos of him. You would only see blurred images through them.


Only Moli could observe him without his permission.


“. . . I won’t give you my honey tea.”


Moli raised up her head, looking at Xu Shenxing. She immediately held the honey tea in her arms and vigilantly looked at Xu Shenxing.

Xu Shenxing wasn’t really angry. He just kept speaking with Qin Xingyan. “In fact, that sentence was just a lead I said deliberately.”


“Ah? Was any secret hidding in ‘450 RMB’?”


“No, that wasn’t the focal point . . .” Xu Shenxing scratched his face. “I meant ‘you will be involved in trouble’. That sentence.”


“Are you planning to wait till he meets with Huang Laowu? But isn’t he a manager? Normally, those kinds of people never go to construction sites, right?” Qin Xingyan was still a little confused.


“Yes. So, I will create his ‘trouble’ for him.” Xu Shenxing played with the straw in the cup with a slight grin. “Haven’t you noticed that the spirit ghosts who are always following me have gone?”




“Don’t worry, they knew where to draw the line.” Xu Shenxing grinned. “Only this time I want to thank their original master. That guy often let them haunt the houses of the rich if he was short of money. Then he pretended to drive away the ghosts to cheat them out of their money. Due to this, they’re quite familiar with this kind of job.”


He then drunk the last of his drink and poured the ice cubes into his mouth. “Now, Manager Wang should already have begun looking for me. It’s time that we should part ways from each other. Moli will tell you my follow-up plan.”


“When did you talk with Moli?” Qin Xingyan asked in surprise. Today, she had stayed together with Moli. If Xu Shenxing had said anything to Moli, she would had have an idea of it.


“Hum, don’t you know that Moli and I are a destined pair? Our hearts are linked together!” Xu Shenxing stuck out his chest and proudly said, “Moli, tell her that what I’m thinking about.”


“Tsk-tsk . . . Young lady, do you want to have a romantic date with me?”


“. . .”


“. . .”


Xu Shenxing raised his hand and flicked Moli’s forehead.

“Ouch! . . . I’m angry! I’m gonna destroy the solar system!”


Looking at their faces, Qin XIngyan felt strange and couldn’t do anything but sigh helplessly.


——Split Line——


“Master! Master! Please, help me!” Wang Chengen finally found Xu Shenxing on the street. “I finally found you, master!”


Wang Chengen looked pretty untidy this time. His clothes were in quite a mess, almost as if he had been punched by over a hundred big guys. His tie was gone, and his forehead was blue and purple. It seems that he had a real hard time just now.


Xu Shenxing quietly thumbed up towards the several spirit ghosts behind Wang Chengen.


After seeing their master’s praise, the spirit ghosts looked pretty excited.


“Benefactor, what’s the matter?” Xu Shenxing asked as if he didn’t know anything.


“Uh . . . master, I’m sorry that I offended you. Well . . . can you save me?”


Wang Chengen was really scared.


At first, he was thinking that there was just something wrong in this strange guy’s head. Unexpectedly, after this guy went away, a series of accidents happened to him.


First, his tie caught on a iron stand, almost hanging him on it. The next was scalding hot water. In order to dodge the hot water, he rolled down the stairs and ended up with a bloody nose and swollen face.


Unfortunately, that was just the beginning of his nightmare.


After almost being hit by a flowerpot dropping down from the sky, almost being crushed by a sign on the roadside, and being confessed to by the famous guy in the company, he was finally scared. He tried his best to look for the “taoist priest” who he hoped that hadn’t gone away yet.


He finally found Xu Shenxing after almost being hit by a car, being knocked down by a old fake-traffic-accident fraud, and almost being cheated by a pyramid company. He couldn’t control his desire to run to Xu Shenxing, hold his legs, and complain tearfully about all the bad accidents he had experienced.


Xu Shenxing feigned looked around and then sighed as Wang Chengen trembled while waiting in fear..


“. . . No can do.”


“Master! No, master, you can’t! Master, you must help me!”


Wang Chengen anxiously shivered. If he couldn’t solve this problem, if he went outside, his life would be like as if he was involved in the movie “Final Destination”. He was certain that he could not bear this any more…


Besides, if he really died, he wouldn’t be able to receive the compensation money if his company admitted that this was a workplace accident.


“In fact, there is still a method to help you.”


Seeing that Manager Wang had been scared to death, Xu Shenxing said falteringly, “However, due to your procrastination, you have missed the best timing to solve this problem. It’s a little more trouble to solve the problem now.”


“I don’t fear of any trouble! Please tell me the method, master!”


With great difficulty, Wang Chengen clutched onto this final straw to save his life. He patted his chest and said without hesitation, “I will do anything you tell me to do as long as I can do it!”


“Cough . . . Benefactor, have you heard of Amway’s . . . cough, sacrificial pyramid?”


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Jigoku Shounen

Thanks for the chapter.

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thank for the update

Who cares

Change the altar to pyramid. That is more fitting seeing that Amway is a pyramid scheme (or multi level marketing to gild the turd) for selling beauty & cleaning products

Wu Wang

Thank you for advice. I have changed it.

Who cares

oh wow I didn’t think I’d be taken seriously.
But it was so fitting seeing he’s always in need of money 😀

River Flow

Thanks for the update

Really Anymous Person

Yeahhhhhhg finally a chapter coming out

Vu Nhat Tu

lmao amway? author sure got the right thing (y)


Xu Shenxing raised his hand and flicked Moli’s forehead.
“Ouch! . . . I’m angry! I’m gonna destroy the solar system!”

Who is she trying to be? An upgraded version of the hulk? 😛

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