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It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 51

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Translator: Wu Wang

Edited by: Axelia

Chapter 51: The Notes to Help the Youkai Move Their Houses (6)


Of course, Xu Shenxing knew nothing about how to cast spells with the sacrificial pyramid. After all, he was a hero. It didn’t match his specialty . . .


However, it couldn’t stop him from pretending that he knew everything in front of an ordinary person.


“Listen, don’t cut down that big maple, just leave it there . . . Why? Of course, to use it to steady the earth vein and bring in wealth and treasure. Haven’t you heard of ‘One branch of the tree is particularly thriving’?”


“Can this old saying be used here?” Wang Chengen asked with doubt.


“You don’t know anything! Maple is red, which means fire. Look at this old maple! It has stood in the wild forest for countless years and hasn’t been eaten by woodworms. It’s the greatest, propitious sign! It can be used as a natural geomancy instrument!”


Xu Shenxing bragged with no guilt.


Wang Chengen remembered the design plans, and found that the location of the maple Xu Shenxing described was planned to be made into a square. It wouldn’t hurt to leave the maple there, so he promised readily.


The foreman fawningly wrote it on his pocket notebook on the side.


Just then, several laborers rushed in and shouted towards the foreman, “Bad news, foreman! The wooden camp house is burning! There are several people locked in the house!”


After hearing of this, the foreman had to stop his flattery. He followed the laborers, running to the fire.


Of course, Xu Shenxing and Wang Chengen also followed them.


When they reached the camp house, fire had consumed the whole double-deck wooden house. Splash and squelch, sparks licked up to the sky. The scene looked very frightening.


There was a gust of wax yellow evil wind circling around the house. It not only blocked their way in to try and save people, but it also made the fire stronger.


Since they were located in a mountainous area, the firemen hadn’t arrived yet. Outside the door, the labourers looked pretty upset. Obviously, they felt sad for their fellow workers who were locked in the house.


Xu Shenxing’s expression changed. He snorted, walking towards the burning house. In front of the panicked foreman and labourers, he ignored the raging fire, kicked down the burned wooden door, and dashed into the house.


“Master! Oh, master, you’re too impetuous!” Wang Chengen found that it was too late to stop him. He could do nothing but jump on the spot.


It seemed that the weird wind became annoyed due to Xu Shenxing’s actions. It become more fierce, blowing the fire into the sky. This time, the soaring heated air kept the labourers who tried to follow Xu Shenxing from entering the burning house. They couldn’t get closer to the fire because the fire almost ignited their skin.


The burned bearing pillars of the house could no longer bear the heavy burden. The whole wooden house collapsed, causing the people outside to lost confidence in anyone having survived the fire.


However, at this very moment, a large piece of burning debris was kicked away. It was unable to be distinguished if it was a part of the wall or a piece of the roof, but as it flew away, the fireflow was also raised up several meters. In the next moment, a figure dragged two labourers who seemingly had lost consciousness from the gap, away from the site of the fire!


“Master!” Wang Chengen recognized that the figure who was unscathed was Xu Shenxing. His wildly heart pounding finally eased down.


“These two people have carbon monoxide poisoning. You’d better send them to the hospital as quickly as possible.” Xu Shenxing wiped black smoke dust off his face as he said to other labourers.


The labourers immediately carried the unconscious pair towards the foot of the mountain.


“Benefactor, it seems that you are involved in a lot of trouble.” Xu Shenxing kept his charade going. “Let me guess, it isn’t the first time that such a thing has happened, right?”


Wang Chengen immediately remembered the accident where several falseworks collapsed several days ago. His face turned pale. “Master, please save me!”


“I have promised that I will deal with this stuff. In that case, I won’t give up halfway. Anyway, you go prepare the stuff I listed to you before, and I will walk around here to see where is suitable for me to build the sacrificial altar.”


After getting his promise, Wang Chengen went down the mountain with gratitude. He did have doubts about if Xu Shenxing was a fraud, but after he saved the labourers out of the fire, he turned away from his disbelief – how it possible that any fraud would risk his own life to rush into a fire to save two strangers!


After saying goodbye to Wang Chengen, Xu Shenxing frowned as he looked at the fire that was still burning slightly but mostly extinguished. “It’s a little earlier than I expected, but the youkai have extended their hands . . .”


He murmured for a while, then quickly walked into the woods.


The woods were dense and full of life. However, as the wind hovering in the woods sounded gross, as if someone was whistling.


The next moment, Xu Shenxing waved his fist, punching the person who was playing tricks in the woods.


“You . . . you’re not a mortal!” Huang Laowu covered his cheeks as he looked at Xu Shenxing in surprise.


“So, you’re the guy who pull down the falseworks several days ago, right? You didn’t hurt anyone at that time. Why did you try to murder people this time?”


Xu Shenxing asked with a cold tone.


If he wasn’t there, the two labourers would have died in the house. They could only choose die by fire or die by smoke inhalation. After all, ordinary people didn’t have the supernatural ability to break through the evil wind.


“Why should I tell . . . ohhh!” Before he finished his words, he was kicked away by Xu Shenxing.


Xu Shenxing had no interest in torturing him. Anyway, his excuse would be “Since humans don’t want to leave, I will kill several people to warn them” or something else similar. Xu Shenxing dragged him by his collar into the old maple – the place of the youkai’s banquet.


At first, the market of youkai was noisy and lively. However, as Xu Shenxing dragged the famous big youkai Huang Laowu while walking down the street, everyone fell silent. They were all shocked by his spiteful behavior.


Xu Shenxing didn’t seem to mind other people’s attention at all. He just dragged Huang Laowu into Master Redleaf’s house. Though Huang Laowu kept struggling, he didn’t have any chances to escape.


Master Redleaf and Old Man Chai had received the message from other youkai. They were waiting there.


“Friend, what do you want to do?”


Though Old Man Chai and Huang Laowu hated each other, he did not look pleased at all. Instead he gazed at Xu Shenxing with vigilance. He tightly grasped his wrinkled fists under the green granite table as if he would start attacking at any time.


Xu Shenxing swung his hands and threw Huang Laowu to the ground. Huang Laowu awkwardly knocked his body against the granite table, then crazily stood up. His eyes had turned red. Obviously that he had gone mad due to the shame he felt.


However, Xu Shenxing behaved as if he didn’t see him at all.


He looked around. As he expected, the youkai around him stared at him with hostility.


“I’m not aiming at any youkai in particular.” He kicked down Huang Laowu, who had just struggled to stand up and said as he tramped on his head, “I mean every youkai in here is just trash.”


He kicked away Huang Laowu again, making a pose like Wong Fei-hung the Kung-Fu master. “I’m in a hurry. You guys, I allow all of you to come fight against me together!”


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