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It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 52

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Translator: Wu Wang

Edited by: Kevin

Chapter 52: The Notes to Help the Youkai Move Their Houses (7)


The battle was way too horrifying so let’s just omit it. In short, the process could be described as:


The youkai surrounded Xu Shenxing.


The youkai started to attack Xu Shenxing.


The youkai thought that they had a huge advantage.


Xu Shenxing shook his fist.


The youkai: GG.


Total time: one minute and fourty-six seconds.


Of course, the scene was more miserable than language… it could be seen from their bloody noses and swollen faces.


“Who’s next?”


As the only one who was still standing, Xu Shenxing looked down at the youkai, who were already unable to stand up and had to lie on the ground..


“You… fiend…” Master Redleaf struggled to sit up. He looked at Xu Shenxing, who had a domineering air surrounding him, and then asked with a bitterly smile, “Can you tell me when have we offended you? You suddenly came here and beat us all up, isn’t that too savage and absurd?”


From their point of view, Xu Shenxing was indeed an unexpected trouble that had come to them… especially to those small youkai who were still immersed in the atmosphere of the Di Liu Festival. They didn’t know anything but to follow others to attack Xu Shenxing, but then were nearly punched half to death by the afterwinds of Xu Shenxing’s punch…


“Does a human need a reason to kill youkai?” Xu Shenxing showed him a cold smile. “You don’t want to surrender, and also refuse to die. That will give me a lot of trouble.”


“… I see. We will move from this place as soon as possible, and never step foot in the mortal world…”


Master Redleaf said in dismay.


It wasn’t a rare case that human taoist practitioners hated youkai. In fact in modern times, it could be said that its was more ‘lenient’ if compared to what happened in ancient times. At that time, the world had ample spirit qi and and there were more youkai around, however, they couldn’t stop the humans from catching them to make pills of immortality or make magic weapons… if it weren’t for the fact that youkai were born anywhere that had ample spirit qi, they would’ve already become extinct…


Mater Redleaf didn’t expect that in modern times, where spirit qi is less abundant than before, there was still such a powerful taoist practitioner who hated youkai in the mortal world. Perhaps Yun Guanyu, who was known as a super genius of taoist spells, was also slightly inferior to him.


“Why do you assume that I will allow you to leave?” Xu Shenxing sneered, looking like a totally villain. “Don’t you know the proverb, ‘Evil must be completely eradicated’? If I let you go, how can you promise that you won’t attack ordinary people? None of you can leave here, the only option for you is to go die!”




Master Redleaf pointed at Xu Shenxing. He was so angry that his figners couldn’t stop trembling.


“Master, he did something to our magic nexus… we can’t leave!” A small youkai who was trying to slip away cried.


Xu Shenxing couldn’t use any magic, but he had the ability to enchant “Divine Protection” on any stuff he targeted.


Now, the magic nexus the youkai used to avoid being detected by humans was now enchanted by his “Shrine Divine Protection”. It was originally used to stop enemies from entering the location he protected, but now, he used it to imprison the youkai in the magic nexus.


Now, the youkai were all like a group of mice trapped in a hole. They had no way to escape.


“We will kill you!” Huang Laowu shouted, struggling to satnd up.


Xu Shenxing just contemptuously glanced at him, then said lightly, “You? How?”


Nearly all of the youkai knew that even if they burned their Monster’s Den to try their best, they still couldn’t hurt Xu Shenxing… Just now, Xu Shenxing casually threw a punch to them, and that already broke their combined attack. It had left them an extremely impression of fear.


Would all the youkai on Dan Xiao Mountain die today?


Spirit qi was fading away, perhaps no new youkai would born within a hundred years, and the youkai culture of Dan Xiao Mountain would also disappear from now on…


Thinking of this, even Master Redleaf had lived thousands of years and thought he wouldn’t be moved by anything, his heart was still filled with sadness.


At this point, they heard a clear and crisp noise coming from above the destroyed courtyard.


As the noise came again, there was cobweb-like crack that appeared on the blue sky.




Including Master Redleaf, all the youkai raised their heads, looking at the sky in shock and confusion.


The next moment, the sky broke with a loud noise. Three people and the fragments of the “sky” dropped from above.


The first person was a little girl with two gold-coloured tails. On her right hand, magic flames were dancing about. It seemed that she was the one who broke the magic nexus just now with the flames on her hand.


The next person was Qin Xingyan who wore robes befitting of a taoist priest. Now, she was looking at Xu Shenxing with a complex expression.


The last person was Wan’er, the squirrel youkai.


The youkai whispered.


“Is that girl with the golden tails a youkai from a foreign country?”


“The flame on her hand looks weird, but it contains strong monster qi!”


“If she helps us, maybe…”


“The girl behind her, I know her. She is a taoist priest from the White-hart Taoist Temple!”


“Is the White-hart Taoist Temple also involved in this…”


“Look! Sister Wan’er! We’re saved!”


“Thirteenth Aunt Wan’er, I’m your nephew! Please save me!”


Qin Xingyan saw Sister Wan’er’s expression turn immediately bad. She ran to the small youkai who called her “Thirteenth Aunt” and ferociously trampled his body by using her wooden-soled slippers.


“Ahem!” Xu Shenxing cleared his throat, pulling back everyone’s attention to himself from the small youkai, who was crying and not knowing if it was due to comfort or pain,. Then, he said to Qin Xingyan with a contemptuous tone.


“What? Has the White-hart Taoist Temple wallowed in degeneration, acting in collusion with youkai?”


Before Qin Xingyan could reply to him according to the script, Moli had put out the magic flames and walked towards Xu Shenxing.


Would they start fighting?


They didn’t know who the girl with golden twin-tails was, but her behavior had showed that she was a big youkai who held great power. It was very possible that she could win over that monster-like human.


Hope raised in all of the youkai’s hearts. Even Qin Xingyan was also a little nervous… she never knew what was in Moli’s mind.


Walking to the overturned green granite table, Moli crouched, picking up a big watermelon from the ground. She opened it and munched, ignoring other people’s surprise.


Xu Shenxing, “…”


Qin Xingyan, “…”


All the youkai, “…”


I take back my expectations!


Almost all the youkai yelled in their hearts.


Xu Shenxing twisted his mouth, suppressing his impulse to cover his forehead.


Yes, yes, I know it was my fault because I didn’t have money to buy you fruits, but was it really good to pick fruits at this time?


Too bad, what was the stage of the plan I played just now?


“Ahem!” Xu Shenxing had to clear his throat again. He tried his best to ignore Moli’s weird behavior and kept up his arrogant demeanor and said with a cold smile, “What? Did I touch your sore spot? Why don’t you speak?”


Though Qin Xingyan felt a little awkward, she still forced herself to be serious. “Not all youkai are villains. Nearly half of the plants on Dan Xiao Mountain were planted by youkai. When the village at the foot of the mountain just build, youkai also stealthily helped the villagers… For example, Master Redleaf had once pretended to be a doctor to help the villagers.”


“So what? As I know, this area is going to be rebuilt. Who knows what kind of frenzied things they will do after losing their hometown?” Xu Shenxing smiled coldly. Everyone was shocked by his homicidal intent. The place fell into silence, and only the crisp noise of Moli eating the watermelon could be heard. “In fact, there was a youkai who went to mortals to make trouble, and was caught by me.”


“It was my own actions! It has no relationship with any other youkai!” Huang Laowu laid on the ground and said stoutly. “I’m the only one you have an excuse to kill.”


However, Xu Shenxing and Qin Xingyan both ignored his words.


“The White-hart Taoist Temple has prepared a new habitat for the youkai here, and we promise we won’t let them do anything that will hurt any ordinary person..”


“Oh? Why are you so kind to help these youkai?” Xu Shenxing looked at her, not trusting the words that came out of her mouth.


“The White-hart Taoist Temple has already been settling here for over thousands of years, and our predecessors also had some relationships with them, so we won’t just sit by and watch you kill them.” Qin Xingyan said. “For the sake of the White-hart Taoist Temple, can Senior let go of them? Of course, the White-hart Taoist Temple will give you a reward in return.”


“… Humph, the White-hart Taoist Temple has some relationship with me. Fine, I will let go of them. But remember, if any youkai kills any ordinary person, even if it means that I have to turn against Yun Guanyu, I will kill all these youkai!”


Afterwards, Xu Shenxing flitted away.


Qin Xingyan was going to say something more, but the youkai gathered together to her to thank her. They blocked her way. The girl had to watch the lonely Xu Shenxing walking further and further away…


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