It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 54

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Translator: Wu Wang

Edited by: Kevin

Chapter 54: Xiao Zhengyi’s Daily Life (1)


Xiao Zhengyi was awakened by a peal of noise from an electric motor.


He opened his eyes, waving his hands to drive away the floating shaver from his face, then rubbed his messy hair, sitting up from the bed.


When he forced the screaming toothbrush into his mouth, he took a glance at the mirror, finding that half of his eyebrow was shaved, but his beard was still as untidy as yesterday.


However, the electric shaver was as cunning as a mouse. Xiao Zhengyi found that it was pretty difficult to catch it.


At this time, his image started to complain in the mirror.


“Take a look at yourself. How dirty you are! Look at your hair and vibrissa… no wonder that you don’t have a girlfriend! Can you just follow my suggestions on what to wear? Anyway, I was in a barbershop before I came here…”


“Wait, you’re second hand goods?” Xiao Zhengyi almost swallowed toothpaste foam into his esophagus. “But the decoration company said that you were new…”


“Tut, how can any human’s words be believed?” In the mirror, ‘he’ shrugged, looking as if he was helpless with the humans


Xiao Zhengyi thought for a while, then continued brushing his teeth.


Half a month has passed since Xu Shenxing left Jiangjin City. During this period of time, Xiao Zhengyi’s life had changed a lot.


Two people who came from a higher government agency knew he had a little relationship with Xu Shenxing. The man named Xu Feng brought him out of the City Management Department and had let him return to the Criminal Police Team. It couldn’t be said that he was restored of his original post, but that was already good enough for him.


However, Leader Yan told him seriously that he must accept the arrangement. Before he understood what happened, he had become that two people’s subordinate, working in the “Special Victims Unit”, which had only three members, two of which are his leaders. As the only criminal police of the section, he had to deal with all the cases. Even if he worked hard, his speed of solving unusual events was not even faster than Xu Shenxing. He had to work all day…


If that was all, he wouldn’t complain anything, because since he graduated and worked in the Criminal Police Team, he never expected a relaxing life. No matter if it was to investigate cases or to solve unusual events, they all were his proper duties. He had no complaint.


Until about ten days ago, his boss, Xu Feng, said that he wanted to give him a house. Basically, the house had been renovated, so he could move to the house directly.


However, when he moved to the house, he immediately found the unusual part of the house – furniture in the house had a great chance to transform into youkai, and no one knew what the reason was.


He finally understood why he, a powerless police, could live in such a luxurious house. That was the reason…


At first, the furniture youkai in the house always frightened him to death. However, as people always said, human adaptability was only inferior to cockroaches and mice. Ten days later, Xiao Zhengyi found that he was now used to this kind of situation.


After washing his face and rinsing his mouth, he sat on the chair.


Unsurprisingly, the chair loudly claimed that his weight had gained a little than yesterday.


The TV remote control and the air conditioner remote control made a bet, and the air conditioner remote control lost his AAA battery to the TV remote control. However, the TV remote control used AA battery. Xiao Zhengyi didn’t know why it wanted the AAA battery at all.


The microwave oven had heated his breakfast for him. With a “Ding” sound, it opened its door. The breakfast and milk in it were steaming.


Xiao Zhengyi took out the breakfast and ate a piece of it. He chewed for a while and said, “It’s a little dry than yesterday, but at least, it’s been heated up…”


Xiao Zhengyi didn’t know as a microwave oven, why it wanted to become a special-grade chef, but that wasn’t a problem. Or rather, as a microwave oven, it was so enthusiastic to prepare him food, if viewing from this angle, he had earned a lot. So he didn’t mind giving it his comment from the angle of a customer.


After solving his personal questions, Xiao Zheng put on his police uniform, picking up his handcuffs and pen which were dancing on the shoebox, then left home.


Though he lived in a luxurious house, but he was still an ordinary police. He had to take a bus to go to his working place.


Because he wore a police uniform, the bus he took was always very safe. Even if there were thieves on bus, they didn’t dare to steal anything under Xiao Zhengyi’s gaze. They would pretend that they were ordinary people, get off the bus at the next stop and change their plan to other bus.


However, today there was a rowdy bunch of people who really didn’t know the rules. Maybe they were from a different city, or just thought that Xiao Zhengyi was a coward. They stole in front of his eyes and gave him a rude stare.


What a group of pretentious thieves!


Xiao Zhengyi took a glance, and found that there were about four or five gangs shielding the thief’s action.


When he was going to arrest them, something unexpected happened.


“Thief! He is stealing!” A female passenger who looked pretty valiant in bearing suddenly stood out, shouting and pointing at the thief.


The thief was scared and stood stiffly. The wallet he stole fell on the ground.


However, it seemed that he was a really bad ass. He said nothing but just drew out a butterfly knife.


At first, the woman that got pickpocketed wanted to angrily rebuke him, but after seeing the knife, she was frightened. The thief didn’t even pick up the wallet from the ground, but wedged himself in the crowd.


“Hey, bitch, what are you saying?” Seeing that his threat was so effective, the thief triumphantly picked up the wallet from the ground. “This is mine.”


Unexpectedly, the female passenger wasn’t afraid of him at all. As he smiled smugly, she snatched the wallet from his hand and pull out her phone. If you looked carefully, you could see that she was calling the police. “Oh really? Then why don’t we talk it over with the police?”


“You better watch out! Let’s wait and see!”


Of course, the thief also found that she was calling police. He said grimly and forced the driver to stop the bus, then cursed and hurriedly left the bus together with his partners.


But the female passenger wasn’t going to give up. She still wanted to track them.


“Hey, hey, that’s enough.” Xiao Zhengyi patted her shoulder. “They are people who you don’t want to mess with. Don’t get yourself involved in this.”


Though he didn’t have to take up the matter, Xiao Zhengyi thought that group of criminals must have committed many cases. So it was his duty, as a policeman to arrest them. As for the brave female passenger, it would be better if she was left on the bus, in case if anything bad happened to her. After all, the world needed more brave people like her.


“Humph. I won’t act like you, wearing a police uniform, but did nothing to a thief!” The female passenger slapped his hand away, ignoring him and directly got down from the bus.


Xiao Zhengyi didn’t expect to be misunderstood. He smiled bitterly, and followed the female passenger leaving the bus.



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