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It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 55 - Zenith Novels

It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 55

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Translator: WuWang

Editor: Kevin

Chapter 55: Xiao Zhengyi’s Daily Life (2)


There were six scoundrels.


Xiao Zheng compared the strength gap between them in his heart.


His gun was in the police office. He didn’t bring it back to home, because he was afraid that the gun would become a youkai if he brought it in his house. That would be dangerous… and his room was already dangerous enough…


However, at any rate, Xiao Zhengyi graduated from a formal police academy. Though he was often punched half to death by Moli, the girl who wasn’t even higher than his chest, but at least, he knew some police combat technique. If he took it serious, he could even beat down three to five big guys all by himself.


If he was alone, he didn’t fear the six scoundrels. Even if he couldn’t beat them all down, he could still run away after knocking down one of them. He didn’t think that they had the guts to chase him into the police office.


The trouble was that there was a female passenger who was full of the sense of justice.


“Yo, looks like you saved us the trouble of looking for you, you actually presented yourself to us!” At first, the thief was cursing. But after seeing that the female passenger had followed him getting off the bus, his eyes brightened.


He called his partners to surround the female passenger and Xiao Zhengyi. In the meanwhile, he glared threateningly at Xiao Zhengyi.


“I’ve already called the police! You still have time to turn yourself in!” The female passenger acted like a newborn calf who had no fear of the tiger, which made Xiao Zhengyi anxiously scratch his head.


“Turn myself in? Don’t make me laugh!”


As the thief heard what the female passenger used to threaten him, anger surged and an intense hatred suddenly arose in his heart. He drew out a knife and tried to use it to merely scratch it across her face. If the knife really touched her face, she probably would be disfigured.


Xiao Zhengyi had already prepared to play the ‘knight in shining armor’. However, before he did that, the female passenger had already caught the thief’s arms. By pulling and suppressing, she pressed the thief to the ground. The pain made the thief go mad from the pain and can’t stop himself from shouting out loud.


The woman was an adept martial artist!


At this moment, Xiao Zhengyi and other thieves had the same idea in their hearts.


The other five people watched as the thief was subdued to the ground. They couldn’t bear it anymore, so they encircled the female passenger. On the other side, as a true policeman, Xiao Zhengyi was totally ignored by them.


The female passenger showed no fear. With a “click” sound, she dislocated the thief’s right hand, then walked towards the remaining five people. However, Xiao Zhengyi noticed that the five people looked at each other, making eye contacts.


At the very moment, the woman had walked into their attacking range, the five people drew out limes and sprinkled the limes at her together!


The woman didn’t expect that. No one would even expect an attack like that in any situation whatsoever. She hurriedly covered her eyes, but this action gave the five people an opportunity. Taking this chance, the five people rushed to her together. Seeing the woman was in danger, Xiao Zhengyi felt that finally he got an opportunity to play a hero.


The first thing he did was kicking at a big man who wasn’t looking at him. Afterwards, he drew out his pen and shouted, “Behold, this is my hidden weapon!”. He threw the pen at the four remaining people, ignoring that the pen yelled, “No, this isn’t a right method to use a pen arrrrggghhhhhh!”


The man in front of him subconsciously tried to dodge his attack, then found that it was just an ordinary pen. He ignored it and walked forth, trying to catch Xiao Zhengyi, but he suddenly felt a sudden pain in his leg. He looked down and saw the pen was sticking on his leg – with its whole pen point deeply thrust into his leg. Perhaps the pen had punctured through the artery, for blood was pouring out from his leg.


The next moment, he loosed off a terrible shout. He put his arms over his legs and rolled on the ground.


The man who was first beat down by Xiao Zhengyi hadn’t stood up yet. In the meanwhile, one of the remaining three people suddenly found that his right hand and left leg was cuffed by a handcuffs. He could do nothing but had to curl up his body on the ground. No matter how hard he struggled, he still couldn’t get rid of it.


Now, Xiao Zhengyi had only had to face two enemies. Naturally, the two people were no match for him.


After knocking the two people over, and making sure that the fallen stayed fallen, he heard the sound of sirens coming from a distance.


“Tut-tut, they really do deserve to be called the ‘Jiangjin police’. They only come after everything has been done.” After removing all the traces that may have exposed his identity, Xiao Zhengyi looked at the female passenger and found that she had already recovered. He put his pen back his pocket and ignored its murmur of “My pen point was tilted, will you fix it?” . Afterwards, he ran to the next street and called a taxi.


He knew the female passenger had seen his face, but she treated him as a “salary thief” from beginning to the end. Apparently, she didn’t observe him carefully, so she may not remember his appearance.


Even she kept his face firmly in her mind, it wouldn’t be an easy thing finding him. After all, Jiangjin City was big. There were over a million of people living here. The possibility of two strangers ever meeting again in the large city was very low.


With this idea, he was relieved and had a light-hearted mood as he walked towards his work. After a time, he reached the police office and went into his office.


The team leader, Xu Feng, wasn’t in the office, and the white-haired girl, Antares, who looked like a pupil, was playing with a ball of floral-foam-like stuff.


Xiao Zhengyi quietly moved his seat away from the girl.


In fact, that ‘floral foam’ was a kind of bomb. Xu Feng told him that it was just a kind of common plastique, and Xiao Zhengyi foolishly believed his words… until he saw a Picasso-style giant monster being killed by the ‘floral foam’. Antares threw a piece of ‘floral foam’ at it, and as a result, the monster was smashed to countless pieces which weren’t even bigger than half a tooth. After that, he decided not to believe any words he heard from Xu Feng.


Till now, Xiao Zhengyi still felt worried to see Antares playing with that stuff. He feared that she would make him feel the joy of ‘flying to the sky’ by the explosion. Though he didn’t think that would happen, in the case if it did,  his remaining body parts would feel it in the morning…


“Ah…” It seemed that Antares suddenly remembered something. She threw the “floral foam” aside and ferreted around in the desk drawer for something.


Xiao Zhengyi swallowed hard as he carefully gazed at the ‘floral foam’, which was only 30 centimeters away from him. An idea appeared in his mind – would the bomb girl draw out a more terrible stuff from the drawer?


Afterwards, he saw the girl pull out a stack of paper and started to draw… obscene scenes of sex.




By the way, it was a comic about a boy’s love.




“Oh… you’re spitting blood!” Antares wasn’t a talkative girl, so she showed her concern by writing this sentence on the paper.


What a terrible picture! It nearly blinded me! And why are the two naked men look like me and Xu Feng?!


Xiao Zhengyi had a sense of foreboding.


Just as he was hesitating that if he should take the risk of ruining his outlook to ask her what it was, Xu Feng opened the door and came in.


“Cheer up, my handyman!” He acted as if he didn’t see what the stuff in Antares’s hands was, and just smiled and said to Xiao Zhengyi, “From now on, you will have an assistant!”




His previous sense of foreboding even became worse.


A woman had entered right behind Xu Feng. “Hello, I’m Fang Xiaoqian… oh, it’s you!” Apparently, the woman who followed Xu Feng into the room was the female passenger he had met before.


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Jigoku Shounen

Thanks for the chapter.

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Fear the shipper!

Dark Jackel

Heh. I’m not sure why we’re following this guy, but this chapter was great. ?


The first thing he did was kicking at a big man who wasn’t looking at him. Afterwards, he drew out his pen and shouted, “Behold, this is my hidden weapon!”. He threw the pen at the four remaining people, ignoring that the pen yelled, “No, this isn’t a right method to use a pen arrrrggghhhhhh!”

I don’t see the problem here. They do say that the pen is mightier than the sword, after all…

What a terrible picture! It nearly blinded me! And why are the two naked men look like me and Xu Feng?!

Heh… A rotten girl huh…

Oh, and I really don’t like that pretentious bastard of a woman that was just introduced. Annoying me from the start.

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Romance in the air?

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