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It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 56 - Zenith Novels

It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 56

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Translator: WuWang

Editor: Kevin

Chapter 56: Xiao Zhengyi’s Daily Life (3)


“Boss, is it fine to let her join our team?”


Xiao Zhengyi found an opportunity to ask Xu Feng secretly. “Or will you tell me that she has supernatural powers?”


During this period of time, supernatural events and creatures appeared in Jiangjin City in quick succession. You could even describe it as a ‘blowout’. Even in Xiao Zhengyi’s house, most of the household appliances were actually youkai. However, in the eyes of ordinary people, thanks to the “Special Victims Unit” or in other words, thanks to Xiao Zhengyi, the world was still at peace as usual. Nobody realized the undertow had hid behind their daily lives.


“No, she’s just an ordinary person.”


Xu Feng shook his head. “Anyway, we’ve received a lot of false cases which have no link to supernatural powers. I think you can’t solve them all by yourself, so we recruited an assistant for you. However, be careful, don’t let her notice these supernatural powers. ”


“May I ask you a question?” Xiao Zhengyi thought for a while, then whispered, “What will happen if she notices the truth?”


“Your salary will be cut down.”




How to describe his feeling… he didn’t think it what Xu Feng said sounded very serious and thought he was bluffing.


Unlike Xu Shengxi, who was so poor that he almost had to eat in the winds and sleep in the dews, Xiao Zhengyi didn’t think money was a thing that needed him to care too much.


“About a year’s salary.”


“I promise to complete my task on time!”


Well, even if money meant nothing to him, if he didn’t have money, he was nothing…


——split line——


“Is this the crime scene?”


As the first case Fang Xiaoqian investigated, after getting off the police car, she immediately looked around and tried to find some traces that could be used as clues.


“I think it’s a little inappropriate to call this a ‘crime scene’…”


Xiao Zhnegyi follwed her off the car.


This time, their mission was to investigate a rumor about a haunted room in a community. It was said that people often heard weird noise from the room.


“According to the information the property management supplied to us, the house owner is living abroad and rented the room to a student of Jiangjin University. However, the student was found dead three months later inside the room. After that, nobody dares to rent this room.”


Xiao Zhengyi glanced at the note and retailed the background of the case to Fang Xiaoqian.


As for Fang Xiaoqian, she drew out the key she obtained from the property management and used it to open the door.


Immediately, a current of stale air poured out from the room and spread across them.


“Cough cough… when was the last time this room was cleaned?” Fang Xiaoqian covered her nose and coughed.


The curtains in the room were all closed. The sun was shining brightly outside, but the room was still dark as night.


Xiao Zhengyi probed around and found the light switch on the wall. He turned it on.


Fortunately, the light wasn’t cut off in this room. After a while, the light went on.


What they then saw made them shocked.


No, that wasn’t due to anything terrible in the room. It was just that the room had too many posters of anime girls all over the walls.


“Officer Xiao, can you tell me what kind of guy died in this room?” Fang Xiaoqian frowned, then asked with a helpless tone.


“From what I can see, I’d take a guess that he likes 2-D women.”


Xiao Zhengyi shrugged and explained, “If it wasn’t for the fact that one of his online friends noticed that he wasn’t online as much for a long time and then called the police, we wouldn’t even be here.”


“Poor guy. But why do I feel no sympathy for him…”


“Yeah, well you’re not the only one.”


As they talked, they searched the room. However they didn’t find any clue at all, just as they expected. Just a few blue-ray DVDs, garage kits, gaming consoles, and some comic books neatly arranged in a bookshelf.


Xiao Zhengyi sighed.


Thinking again, if it was really a haunted house, Xu Feng wouldn’t allow them two to deal with this case.


The windows were closed, and they didn’t want to use the air conditioner in the room without permission so after awhile of looking around for clues, sweat started to appear on their foreheads.


When they stopped searching and was ready to take a rest, they managed to find a space in the room among all the anime stuffs. They sat on the ground, drank water and chatted.


“By the way, I haven’t expressed my gratitude to you for the thing happened this morning.”


“I just did what I should do. At any rate, I’m a police…” Xiao Zhengyi joked.


“So, can I ask you a question? How did you stick the pen on the criminal’s leg?”


Fang Xiaoqian had expected that Xiao Zhengyi would avoid talking about this. She questioned closely, “My eyes had slightly recovered at that time. I’m sure he did dodge the pen.”


“… Call me crazy if you want to, but… I didn’t do it. It was the pen itself that did it.”


Xiao Zhengyi thought for a while, then chose to tell her the truth.


“It’s not a problem to keep your secret, but why do you make such a bad lie?” As he expected, Fang Xiaoqian didn’t believe his explanation.


“Whether you believe it or not, anyway, that’s all I can tell you…”


Xiao Zhengyi shrugged his shoulders.


“I’m curious!” Fang Xiaoqian pushed her face into his. Her watery eyes opened, quietly gazing at him.


“Wait… don’t get so close…”


As a man whose virginity history was equal to his age, Xiao Zhengyi’s face was as red as a beet. He tried to lean back his body, but Fang Xiaoqian didn’t give up and forced herself right up to Xiao Zhenyi’s face


As a result, they fell down to the ground together.


Out of Xiao Zhengyi’s expectation, Fang Xiaoqian’s body was very soft. At first, he thought she was a terrifyingly fit woman and her body should be as hard as iron because she knocked those hooligans to the ground so easily. However, unlike his imagination, the touch of her body was completely different.


If this was a comic, such a situation would normally be called as a ‘lucky pervert’, right?


Maybe it was due to the environment, for an instance, this kind of ideas appeared in Xiao Zhengyi’s mind.


“… How dare you … riajuu… explodes…”


At this time, a faint but ghastly voice could be heard in the room.


“What…” Subconsciously, Xiao Zhengyi looked up to the roof. A figure was hanging on the ceiling and staring at them.


Soon afterwards, he realized that the figure wasn’t hanging on the ceiling, but passing half of his body through the ceiling… Not only so. His milky white translucent appearance looked like…




Suddenly, Xiao Zhengyi felt Fang Xiaoqian’s body became stiff in his arms. The girl also turned her head back and saw the stuff on the ceiling.


No, my salary!


As Xiao Zhengyi anxiously tried to find an excuse to tell her and left here as quick as possible, the ghost in ceiling had took action first.


“Riajuu explodes! I curse you all!”


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Worried about his salary over the ghost. A real man among men!

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Dark Jackel

“So we’ve noticed a lot of supernatural crime lately, so we’re giving you an assistant to help you investigate them. Oh, but she’s normal, so if she sees anything that’s actually supernatural, we’ll dock your pay.”

“F*ck you, boss.” ?


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Jigoku Shounen

Putting an assistant on a Supernatural Investigation team, but the assistant is just a normal person and you can’t let the assistant know about the truth of the Supernatural Crime……..
Where is the Logic in this???
Thanks for the chapter.


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