It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 57

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Translator: WuWang

Editor: c.mickael


Chapter 57: Xiao Zhengyi’s Non-daily Life (1)


Along with its gloomy, resentful words, a gust of biting wind swirled in the room. After carefully avoiding the expensive garage kits and game consoles, it rolled up the magazines, the game guides, and the pornographic cartoons, stirring them up and throwing them at Xiao Zhengyi and Faang Xiaoqian.


Xiao Zhengyi suddenly raised his right hand. On his wrist, the bracelet glowed with shining light. As if the snow met the sun, the cold ghost wind immediately disappeared like nothing.


The bracelet was obtained from Xu Shenxing. At that time, Xu Shenxing accidentally saved him. After that, he begged Xu Shenxing for a whole week, and finally exchanged it by giving Xu Shenxing two Family Barrels of KFC. It was said that it was blessed, and this was the reason that Xiao Zhengyi could see supernatural creatures though he was an ordinary person.


By the way, the bracelet was bought from a night market stall and only worth 0.5 RMB…


The ghost wind found it couldn’t hurt Xiao Zhengyi, so it changed its goal to the bookshelf behind the two of them.


With a piercing sound, the bookshelf fell down on Fang Xiaoqian who was focusing on watching the ghost and Xiao Zhengyi, and she didn’t see it falling at all.


However, Xiao Zhengyi saw it in time. He could do nothing but yell, “Be careful!”, then pushed her to the ground using his body as a shield to protect her.


“Boom!” With a loud sound, dust rose to the ceiling, filling the room.


After a while, a slim hand stretched out from the stack of comic books, pulling the empty bookshelf away.


With that, a figure came out from the stack of books.


“Cough-cough… Fang Xiaoqian, are you ok?” The slender figure waved her hands, trying to dispel the choky smoke, but found that it was just useless.


Fortunately, her partner woke up soon after.


“Officer Xiao, I’m fine…” He covered his head. His tall body came out from the stack of books.


“Gee? Why? Is there a mirror?”


“Cough-cough, why is there another me?”


They stood gazing at each other. After an unnatural silence, they yelled at the same time, “What? What happened?”


“Why did I become Officer Xiao?”


——Split Line——


Their outlooks took a devastating hit. They didn’t dare to keep staying in the room, so they went back to the police station as quickly as possible. They ran into the office of Special Victims Unit and their behavior shocked Xu Feng, who was playing the mobile game Rockem Blocks.


After they incoherently told Xu Feng their experience, Xu Feng pondered for a long while, then said uncertainly, “I think today isn’t Fool’s Day, right?”


“No, we are not kidding you!”


They had just started working together not long ago, but had had a high synchronization on retort their leader.


“Hum, that could be a big problem…” After making sure the two weren’t joking with him, Xu Feng frowned and looked pretty bitter. “I didn’t find any ghost type stuffs in the room, so I let you investigate the room. As I know, switching souls was a pretty high-level spell or esper power.”


“Wait, why are Leader Xu and Office Xiao both so calm? That’s a ghost! A ghost!”


Fang Xiaoqian waved her hands and said excitedly, “This is a great discovery that can shock the world!”


Nope. We had killed many monsters that were far stronger than the otaku ghost…


Xiao Zhengyi and Xu Feng gazed at her in silence. After a while, they both decided to ignore her words and continued their conversation.


“Since it can use ‘Switching Souls’, that also means that it wasn’t so weak that I couldn’t find it, but has a special ability like ‘Blocking Breathing’ to escape my searching. To be honest, I don’t know if I can catch it even if I went to that room again.”, Xu Feng said with a helpless look.


So that explained it. ‘Can’t be noticed by anyone’ was an inherent skill of otaku…


Xiao Zhengyi murmured in his heart, then he asked unwillingly, “Can Antares restore us to normal? ”


To be honest, for a long time, Antares dealt with way more supernatural events than Xu Feng. Maybe it was because as their leader, Xu Feng thought that those events weren’t important enough to need his help, but Antares was still more reliable than him.


… Though most of the time, Antares only chose explosives to solve everything.


“I can’t say that she can’t. I know she made a ‘Personality Correction Bomb’, and was troubled because she couldn’t find any ‘volunteer’…”


“Any other suggestions?”, Xiao Zhengyi immediately gave up to look to Antares for help.


“Not an exact solution, but I do have a suggestion.”


Xu Feng stroked his chin and said, “In fact, I received a message just now. Your old friend has came back. Perhaps he can solve it.”


Xiao Zhengyi’s eyes brightened up, “Has Xu Shenxing came back?”


Fang Xiaoqian saw Xiao Zhengyi’s expression. She asked curiously, “Who is Xu Shenxing?”


“Our expert on supernatural events in Jiangjin City.” Xiao Zhengyi stood up and winked to Xu Feng. “My leader, can we ask for half a day’s leave?”


“Hey, don’t use my appearance to make eyes at our leader!”


Beside him, Fang Xiaoqian protested.


“By the way, Zhengyi, I have one thing to inform you.”


Xu Feng’s expression suddenly became serious, which made Xiao Zhengyi feel nervous again.


Was there any other problem?


“I have to inform you of a sad truth…”, Xu Feng gazed at Xiao Zhengyi’s chest. Because he was hit by the bookshelf, his (her) T-shirt was torn and through that place Xu Feng could vaguely see the carnation bra (B cup). Then he pretended to be very sad and said, “You have lost a year’s salary.”


Oh right. Xu Feng did say once that if Fang Xiaoqian found that the supernatural did exist in this world, he would dock his salary.


“Ah…”, he covered his head, squatting down on the ground, “I forgot it!”


“You fool! Cover your chest! Don’t expose my chest to others!” said Fang Xiaoqian, who just ignored his troubled look and was still making him new trouble by using the appearance of himself…

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(꒪꒳꒪) magnificent inherent skill!
(꒪꒳꒪) time for exploration!


Excellent, as usual!


Xu Feng was aiming for the salary cut from the very beginning, wasn’t he -_-

Jigoku Shounen

Couldn’t dodge that paycheck I see.
Thanks for the chapter.


i would just fking quit…that fking job! a years working for free… like fk ima do that >.> gime my paycheck or i wont show up tomorow!

Dark Jackel

Thanks for the chapter! 😄


I kinda find 1 years salary to be totally worth it if I get to experiment with being a woman. If I was him, I’d have escaped somewhere by now “for science”, if you get what I mean.

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