It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 58

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Translator: Wuwang

Editor: bollockz

Chapter 58: Xiao Zhengyi’s Non-daily Life (2)


When Xiao Zhengyi drove to the Sakura Apartment, it was getting dark – the main reason was because the apartment was in the suburb, so they had to drive a long distance from the police office. Besides, Fang Xiaoqian forced Xiao Zhengyi to buy new clothes to change the torn T-shirt. This was also another reason.


Fang Xiaoqian didn’t hope for Xiao Zhengyi to see her naked body, so when they were in the clothes shop, she followed him entering the fitting room, which made other female shoppers feel pretty weird when they saw this scene.


“Are you sure the landlord of the apartment can solve our problem?”, Fang Xiaoqian looked around the dilapidated apartment and couldn’t stop herself from asking.


“Of course. If he can’t, then no one else in Jiangjin City can do anything for us.” Xiao Zhengyi had quite a lot of confidence in Xu Shenxing.


Afterwards, he knocked at the door.


“Who is it?”, an unknown girl’s voice came from the inside.


After a few seconds, the rusty burglar proof door was opened. A girl poked her head out of the door to see who was knocking at her door.


There was a girl about Xu Shenxing’s age. Her dyed maroon hair was a little curled, and she was wearing a suit of fashionable clothes which looked pretty and fit her temperament. She was so glamorous and as she was in great contrast to the apartment, the dilapidated outside appearance of the apartment set off her beauty conversely.


Xiao Zhengyi’s eyes immediately brightened up.


“Ah, you’re Song Yu! I have seen you on television!” Fang Xiaoqian recognised her at once and yelled. Was it because all girls were interested in super stars?


Unfortunately, Fang Xiaoqian was using his voice now which made Xiao Zhengyi have a pretty mixed feeling – it made him sound like a groupie.


“Eh… excuse me? Who’re you?” Song Yu hadn’t met Xiao Zhengyi before. Besides, Xiao Zhengyi was using Fang Xiaoqian’s body.


“Eh… is Xu Shenxing at home?”


Xiao Zhengyi managed to tidy up his mind, then asked.


He guessed that this ex-superstar was a new tenant of the Sakura Apartment and hid here to avoid paparazzi… It sounded like a fantasy novel, but it was not 100% impossible to happen.


If so, he didn’t need to have anything to do with her. He decided to directly call Xu Shenxing out.


However, after he said that, Song Yu’s eyes changed, as if she was looking at a new… rival?


“There is already a rival troubling me, why is there another one…” Song Yu first whispered, then forced a shop-assistant-style smile, “Well, why do you want to see Xu Shenxing?”


Eh? She was smiling, but why did her words sound so unfriendly?


After thinking for a few seconds, Xiao Zhengyi knew she had misunderstood. In order to clear up her misunderstanding, he said seriously, “Don’t worry. I don’t like males.”


Immediately, Song Yu jumped back over a metre and almost tripped over the entryway.


At this time, Fang Xiaoqian had felt a little impatient. She pushed Xiao Zhengyi to the side and came forward. “All in all, can we see the ‘landlord’ now?”


Before Song Yu replied, Xu Shenxing’s voice came out from the house.


“Song Yu, why are you still standing at the door? If you don’t come, the food will be burnt.”


Afterwards, he yawned and scratched his chest, walking out from the room. His hair was in a mess. Apparently, he had just woken up.


Whilst half way, he saw Xiao Zhengyi and Fang Xiaoqian standing at the entrance.


Xu Shenxing moved his eyes back and forth between the two people a few times, then –


“Pff… what happened to you two… ?”


He couldn’t stop his laughter.


“You see it?”, though Xiao Zhengyi didn’t like being mocked. However, the fact that Xu Shenxing found out his current abnormal condition immediately still offered him great confidence.


“Almost.” Xu Shenxing tried to stop laughing and made a straight face, then said to Song Yu, “Song Yu, you can go to the kitchen now. Don’t worry. They are police, and my friends.”


Song Yu gave Xiao Zhengyi a sceptical glance. She considered that since the “girl” was a “l*****n”, then the girl should not be a threat. Hence, she went back to the kitchen without saying any more words.


“You… well, come in… pff… Sorry, but there is only boiled water that I can offer you.”


Xiao Zhengyi confirmed one thing: When Xu Shenxing held his laughing, he really wanted to teach him a lesson by giving him a spanking.


Of course, he wasn’t the person who would carry out the punishment – he was no match for Xu Shenxing at all.


“Is Moli at home?”


After entering the entryway, Xiao Zhengyi took off his shoes and asked.


“She and my friend are at the home of the God of the Land.”


“… ?”, Xiao Zhengyi showed a puzzled look.


As for Fang Xiaoqian, she looked pretty restrained. However, when a “man” behaved like that, it looked pretty awkward.


When they came into the living room with Xu Shenxing, Xiao Zhengyi felt as if he saw a black-haired little girl was sitting on the sofa. He rubbed his eyes. The girl disappeared.


Was he too tired? He actually saw an illusion…


“So, tell me the whole story.”


Xu Shenxing casually took a seat and looked at the two people sitting on the sofa side by side.


Xiao Zhengyi and Fang Xiaoqian looked at each other. Finally, Xiao Zhengyi awkwardly told him about the event. Fang Xiaoqian listened to his words and added some details occasionally.


The event wasn’t complicated. Soon after, they stopped and gazed at Xu Shenxing.


“I see…” Xu Shenxing crossed his arms in front of his chest, then nodded, as if he understood something.


“Any idea?” Xiao Zhengyi asked with hope.


Xu Shenxing wasn’t good at magic arts. However, he had learnt a great amount of “common sense” from the White-hart Taoist Temple so he had had a solution in his heart – though he still couldn’t cast any spells.


“Some events are happening in Jiangjin City, and that causes the sharp increase of supernatural events. That ghost you met should be one of the instances of that… However, I don’t think common ghosts can switch people’s souls.” After thinking for a while, Xu Shenxing cupped his chin in his hands and said in a serious tone, “As for asking if there a method to solve your problem, I would say the answer is ‘yes’.”


“Really?” Xiao Zhengyi and Fang Xiaoqian both lit up with pleasure.


“In theory, I can solve it by using ‘Make Soul Go Out Of Body’ (physical means) and ‘Make Soul Go Back In Body’ (physical means).”


“I’m pretty worried about the ‘physical means’ you used to describe your skills…”


“Don’t worry. The only difficult point is that there are different adhesive forces amongst different people’s bodies and souls. If I don’t control my strength, maybe my ‘Make Soul Out Of Body’ will smash your skull. But take it easy. Even if that happens, you won’t feel pain at all because that will be a very quick process…”


“No, thanks! Please offer us other solutions.” Xiao Zhengyi interrupted Xu Shenxing and said firmly, “I don’t want my body to get hurt.”


“… About this, I can’t say I don’t have other methods to help you.”




“Yes, it won’t hurt your body, but it may hurt your heart.”




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Jigoku Shounen

“In theory, I can solve it by using ‘Make Soul Go Out Of Body’ (physical means) and ‘Make Soul Go Back In Body’ (physical means).”
This is almost the answer to everything, the “physical means” I mean.

“Yes, it won’t hurt your body, but it may hurt your heart.”
Damn, now I’m very curious.

Thanks for the chapter.


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