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It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 6 - Zenith Novels

It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 6

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Its a fresh novel we have just started, Its a humble request to not judge it early, wait for a few chapters before rating or reviewing…. 

Translator: Wu Wang

Editor: WetChicks


Chapter 6: The Call From Hell (4)


Xu Shenxing and Qin Xingyan went into the abandoned dormitory together after others had all gone inside.

The abandoned dormitory was very scary at night. The pale moonlight penetrated into the shabby houses through the unglazed windows. There were many crushed small stones on the ground, and some plants grew in the gap, which made the sense of desolation more heavier.

Though they were walking on the cement floor, but because the ground was covered with fragments of window glass, they made creepy creak sounds under their feet.

“Your name is Xu Shenxing, right? I heard Wang Licai (the four-eyes monitor) call you so.” The young girl said suddenly behind Xu Shenxing. Her voice sounded very clear in the silent and terrible aisle.

“Yes. It’s my pleasure to be remembered by a girl.”

Although he once secretly observed her for half a term, but this was their first meeting in the true sense, so Xu Shenxing said hello to her. “Qin Xingyan, right?”

The girl nodded, “You’re too modest. In my view, you are pretty handsom… han… eh, not bad.”

Did you want to say “handsome”?! But you finally couldn’t endure the sense of guilt in your heart, so you changed your word? Right? Right?!

If you wanted to compliment others, just do it perfectly! Xu Shenxing shouted in his heart and was quite displeased.

Because they were all the kind of love living in seclusion and not good at communicating with others, so, after they said several polite noises, they dropped into silence again.

After a while, Qin Xingyan asked.

“Do you know that, in fact, there had already happened three kidnapping cases in Jiangjin University in recent months?”

“Wow, really?” Xu Shenxing pretended that he was very surprised.

In fact, he had read the event in the document Xiao Zhengyi brought to him, but he didn’t know why Qin Xingyan mentioned this event now. So, in order not to give the game away, Xu Shenxing decided to pretend to be a common person who knew nothing.

“It’s true, and I heard that one of the kidnapping case happened in the dormitory. It’s frightening…”

Qin Xingyan paused for a moment, then continued, “I have heard that the man’s parents and girlfriend are very sad.”

“Girlfriend?” Xu Shenxing asked subconsciously.

Weren’t the missing people all beautiful girls?

However, the next moment, his fighting instinct started ringing in his heart. He instinctively dodged the white light which was shooting towards his back.

However, this wasn’t the end. The white light made a turn like a boomerang and continued aiming at Xu Shenxing. The tricky flying angle of the white light made Xu Shenxing smack his lips subconsciously. He kicked on the wall and jumped by leveraging the reaction force. He dodged the white light again with a highly challenging posture, which normally appeared in action movies.

“Since you have a question about the word ‘girlfriend’, it means you know the missing person is a girl, but not a man, right?” The white light didn’t continue to attack Xu Shenxing. It flew around Qin Xingyan’s body, shining like a star. If you took a careful look, you would find that it was a small sword, which was as long as a chopstick. The girl gazed at Xu Shenxing. The lens of her glasses reflected the white light of the sword, so Xu Shenxing couldn’t see the girl’s eyes. “In that case, here is the problem. Since you don’t know the kidnapping case, why do you know the missing person is a girl?”

His fault.

It was unexpected that she found him so easy.

“Just now. If I’m an ordinary person, would I already be dead?”

Xu Shenxing sighed for his own IQ, then said tepidly, “You attack me simply because my reaction is different from ordinary people. Isn’t it too hasty?”

“The name of this sword is ‘Bach Thao’. Ordinary people can’t see it, and it isn’t a sword for killing, so it won’t hurt you, even if it sliced through your neck.” Qin Xingyan said, waving her hand. Another red light appeared beside her. “I use this sword to fight – ‘Red Sleeves’!”

Xu Shenxing vaguely felt a little sense of danger. Seemed that this sword was supposed to be a sharp tool.

So, he got a little serious. Intangible gaseous scales wrapped his body.

“Aren’t you human?” The girl obviously saw the scales. She frowned, then sniffed, “Humph, no matter whether you are a monster or ghost -I`ll  defeat you first, then ask you questions!”

With a flash of  red light, she brandished her sword towards Xu Shenxing.

“You’ve got three things wrong.”

Xu Shenxing forcefully pushed himself off the ground, then he shoved himself towards the girl like an arrow. The red light appeared in front of his face in almost a blink of an eye. He waved his right hand, punching on the red light.

With a crisp sound, “Clang!”, the red sword was like cutting on metal, spreading out lots of sparks. It swirled in the air and then stuck into the wall.

At the same time, Xu Shenxing slightly curved his knee and swiped his left hand to the girl’s chest.

The girl hastily controlled the white sword to block in front of herself, but she was still blown up, flying into the air.

After flying for several meters and doing a roll on the ground, she reluctantly stopped herself, kneeling on the ground, looking at Xu Shenxing in surprise.

“First, I’m really a human.” Xu Shenxing didn’t continue attacking her. He just grasped the red sword – which had drew out itself from the wall and wanted to continue attacking him – and stared at the girl with a straight face, “Second, even if I’m not human, you can’t defeat me.”



Two people looked at each other in silence.

“What’s the third?” the girl asked after waiting for a moment, because she found out that it seemed that Xu Shenxing wasn’t ready to keep talking.

“I haven’t decided yet.”

So, she looked at him, as if she was looking at an idiot.

The red sword made a chainsaw-like sound in Xu Shenxing’s hands. An ozone-like odor and sparkles gave off from the touch point of Xu Shenxing’s hand and the edge of the blade.

“Though I don’t think you are the suspect, but let me just ask,” Xu Shenxing let go of the sword in his hands and looked at it as it flew back to its master. He asked seriously, “It’s not you that did the kidnapping case, right?”

“Wait, aren’t you the suspect of the kidnapping case?”

They looked at each other for a moment, then sighed together.

“As expected, it is not so simple to solve the case…” Xu Shenxing was very disappointed. “Indeed, it’s impossible for the suspect to be such a weak girl.”

“In any case, I’m the disciple of the White-Hart Taoist Temple…” The girl softly muttered and packed up the two Flying Swords, then she said despairingly, “I… weak? I’m so-… no!”

“You’re also looking for the suspect, right? May I ask you why?” Xu Shenxing asked.

“Because the person caused a big trouble to me!” The girl complained to Xu Shenxing in irritation, “One of the girls he caught is my roommate. At first, this isn’t a big problem for me, because I don’t really have a close friendship with her… But when police investigated this case, they found that she once stole a lot of my money. You know, as people who have special abilities, we don’t really care about money, that includes me. However, the police also found she always laughed behind me and struck out at me. Moreover, I don’t like to speak with ordinary people, it makes me look very withdrawn, and I need to practice my abilities secretly, so I don’t have an alibi… After that, everyone looks at me with an incredulous look, as if they are looking at a homicidal maniac. I have found several plainclothed police following me for several times! If it continues like this, I can’t practice my power any more!”

Xu Shenxing thought for a moment, then he comforted her with pity, “Please accept my sympathy.”

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mem da mem

Please accept my appreciation

Rin Tsuichi

I feel like the title of this novel should be similar to Oreimo o.o…
something like “My Evil-Overlord Can’t Be This Cute!” or something


nope, sorry .. anything and everything but that re-titling . . . . .


the memes are gone! crem de le crem

Blast King

lol that what you get for trying to be a true kuudere


“As expected, it is not so simple to solve the case…” Xu Shenxing was very disappointed. “Indeed, it’s impossible for the suspect to be such a weak girl.”
“In any case, I’m the disciple of the White-Hart Taoist Temple…” The girl softly muttered and packed up the two Flying Swords, then she said despairingly, “I… weak? I’m so-… no!”

Yup. Everyone is weak to the guy who saved alien princesses and killed evil overlords. She’s just a little small fry to him, I seriously doubt he even got a tiny bit serious here, he’s just playing. If not I’d be disappointed. I mean, he freaking cracked space itself in chapter 1.


“You know, as people who have special abilities, we don’t really care about money, that includes me.”

Ahaha… If only.

Anime fan

This is pretty hilarious in its own way. Another “Magician” who has problems in society, just like the MC. Very interesting. Very interesting.

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