It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 60

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Translator: WuWang

Editor: bollockz

Chapter 60: Xiao Zhengyi’s Non-daily Life (4)


“So, what we supposed to do? Go home?”, Xiao Zhengyi sat down weak and limp, in the police car and asked Fang Xiaoqian with a feeble tone, though he knew the girl had to face the same problem as him…


“The question is, whose home we should go?” Fang Xiaoqian sighed. “If you go to my home, I don’t think you can keep this secret in front of my parents.”


“Then what can I do? We both go to my home?” Xiao Zhengyi frowned. “I don’t think it’s a better choice compared to going to your home. No, more accurately, it will cause more trouble…”


If he went to Fang Xiaoqian’s family, he had to deal with her parents. However, if they went to his home, there were a room full of youkai living there…


“Sigh, seems you have a hard life,” Fang Xiaoqian seemingly misunderstood his worry. She showed him pity and tapped Xiao Zhengyi on his shoulder. “Or we just spend the night in the hotel?”


“Ah…” Xiao Zhengyi’s face turned red immediately.


“Don-don’t look at me like that!” Fang Xiaoqian realized that her words caused ambiguity. She stuttered for a while, then desperately explained, “I mean to rent a hotel room to stay overnight. Don’t misunderstand and try to do anything!”


“No, if judging by appearance, I’m the vulnerable one…” Xiao Zhengyi coughed, trying to find an excuse for his nasty thought.


“Humph. Who knows what you’re thinking!”


“I realize utill now that my face isn’t fit for cute expressions at all.”


“… Can a man be described as ‘cute’? By the way, you only realized it just now? How narcissistic of you!”


Though they quarrelled, in the end, they still went to the hotel.


Incidentally, Xiao Zhengyi had wanted to argue with the receptionist at the hotel who had that “why do beautiful girls always have an ugly boyfriend” look on her face when they came to the hotel…


After stopping Xiao Zhengyi’s desire of having an argument with the receptionist and dragging him into the room, Fang Xiaoqian curiously looked around the room.


“The room is very clean, and no strange stains are on the bed…”


In a sense, she was slightly relieved.


However, after a while, she curiously looked at Xiao Zhengyi, who hadn’t said a word since he entered the room.


“Why are you so quiet? … Ah, are you nervous? Because of staying in the room with me?” She tried to make a joke to lighten the atmosphere.


“Fang Xiaoqian…”


“W-what? … why using such a serious tone…”


“I think I can’t hold out much longer…” Xiao Zhengyi clamped his (her) two slender legs and rubbed them. His face was pale and looked like he was suffering a lot of pain.


“What do you mean… no, it can’t be…”


“I think I just drank too much water at the Sakura Apartment… can I go to the toilet?”


“Geeee!!! No, you can’t!” Fang Xiaoqian whined. Her mind was in a mess. “D-d-d-d-d-don’t use my body to do that!”


“But… I think I can’t hold on any longer… it’s going to leak…”


“Don’t! Even! Speak!” It looked like Fang Xiaoqian was going to cry.


“How about this… You use the towel to cover my eyes, then take off my pants in the toilet…”


“Seems I have no choice…”


Fang Xiaoqian ground her teeth and had to agree with Xiao Zhengyi’s suggestion.


About five minutes later, Fang Xiaoqian dazedly lay on the bed with a forlorn look.


“I actually used a man’s hand to touch myself… no… mom, your daughter is stained…”


Even Xiao Zhengyi, as a careless man, also felt embarrassed to hear her words.


“Hey hey, can we switch our topic to something happy and forget this embarrassing memory?” He tried to change the topic. “I think your family isn’t typical, why did you want to be a police officer?”


Fang Xiaoqian didn’t tell him about the situation with her family. However, during this period, the police office weren’t recruiting, but she actually could join the Criminal Police Team, and was invited to the Special Victims Unit by Xu Feng personally, her family couldn’t be simple.


“Of course, if you don’t want to say it, I can understand…” Considering that perhaps there was a special situation, Xiao Zhengyi added that.


“No, it’s not some unspeakable secret…” Fang Xiaoqian kept silent for a while, then said, “As you said, my family background is very good… I can’t tell you more, sorry.”


Xiao Zhengyi nodded to show his understanding and made a “keep going” gesture.


“When I was a child, I thought I was special. Well, you can call it ‘narcissistic’ or ‘self-centered’. At that time, I was studying in a high class school. Every student’s parents wanted to flatter my parents, and they also let their children do it to me, which deepened my illusion of ‘I’m special’.”


“Till I went to middle school, due to some reason I didn’t go to a high class school but went to a common middle school. Nobody knew my parents there, and there were far more students than the high class school. They were from different families, but no one looked down at others. The children of the rich didn’t mind to play with the children of the poor… in there, for the first time I found I wasn’t special. I’m just an ordinary person.”


“After that, I’ve seen too many people during my high school life and university life. I thought I had a wonderful life experience, but amongst all the people in the world, I’m still normal… So, you can say I’m stubborn or wayward, but I want a distinctive life, I want to have special experiences, I want to be distinguished from others… Therefore, I rejected my parents’ arrangement and came to here to be a police officer…”


“Ah, incidentally, I also wanted to be a super star. However, my family did invite a famous music teacher for me, but after hearing me sing, the teacher covered her ears with tears in her eyes, then directly ran away…”


Perhaps he hit on Fang Xiaoqian’s itchy point, the girl just kept talking.


“Excuse me, but… do know know a girl named Suzumiya Haruhi?”, As he heard her words, Xiao Zhengyi felt weird. Finally he asked.


“Who is she? Her name sounds like a Japanese.”


“No, nothing. You can continue…”


“…Though the whole event is so embarrassing, but to be honest…”, Fang Xiaoqian smiled and said, “I don’t regret joining the Special Victims Unit. I had never expected that ghost would exist, and we can switch our souls. Everything sounds like a movie… it has made my heart beat like crazy. It’s near exploding! ”


“No, please. You’re using my body…”


“What will we meet in the future? Just imagine it has made my curiosity ready to start wriggling!”


“How can you think this is an exciting thing…” Xiao Zhengyi sighed.


However, he also slightly imagined it. If he hadn’t been saved by Xu Shenxing and involved in the vortex of paranormal events, what would he be doing now?


Probably he would be an ordinary police officer with a common life. His most splendid achievement would be catching criminals and being praised by his superior… almost that.


Xiao Zhengyi thought that he already couldn’t keep living that kind of boring life.


“Indeed. This kind of exciting life makes me get addicted.”


“I think so, too.”


They gazed at each other and smiled, then kept their chatting. After all, the night was still long…


The next day, because they were awake all night, the two stupidly had to brace themselves up with dark eye circles as they went back to the haunted room.


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>.> I expect for bath scene >.>
well toilet scene still ok


*flicks forehead* Bad!

Besides in this case it would be a shower scene seeing as Zhengyi seems to like taking showers (though cause of culture he probably enjoys a good bath too but he seems pressed for time more often than not, so showers).

Also, did Zhengyi just not care if she went and stroked him while she had to take a piss? Just kinda curious how it was handled on that side. Did they go together and he just held his d**k with her bodies hand?

Things we will never know, sigh.

Jigoku Shounen

“Ah, incidentally, I also wanted to be a super star. However, my family did invite a famous music teacher for me, but after hearing me sing, the teacher covered her ears with tears in her eyes, then directly ran away…”

Perhaps he hit on Fang Xiaoqian’s itchy point, the girl just kept talking.

“Excuse me, but… do know know a girl named Suzumiya Haruhi?”, As he heard her words, Xiao Zhengyi felt weird. Finally he asked.

^ I don’t understand the reference here. Why did he suddenly ask her about Haruhi? If it was about singing then Haruhi was never bad, just from that School Festival episode prove everything.

Thanks for the chapter.

Khang Tran Minh

It’s just that she’s the one who wished to have a special life on her own (+ omnipotence power, so she get her wished anyway)

Ru Hayate

The author used the same lines of her there she also speaks something similar.

Who cares

The reality bending. You know to have an interesting life, so she just happens to show up at the one spot where she can have one.
Just like a certain someones club.

Khang Tran Minh

thank for the update

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