It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 62

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Translator: WuWang

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Chapter 62: We Don’t Have to be Very Tired and Troublesome To Become God (1)


It was about three days ago, before Xiao Zhengyi’s love comedy.


Eventually, the main hall of the White-hart Taoist Temple was rebuilt.


Xu Shenxing awkwardly crossed his legs at he sat on the cattail hassock, and Qin Xingyan respectfully sat beside him. As for Moli, because she didn’t like sitting like a pretzel, she was playing outside.


“Xingyan has told me the event about the youkai below the mountain. In my own name, I express my thanks.”


The current master of the White-hart Taoist Temple acknowledged Xu Shenxing again.


Xu Shenxing didn’t know how to respond him, therefore, he felt more nervous.


He felt that if he asked them when they would pay him, Qin Xingyan would beat him to death.


Hence, he decided to muddle through by forcing a false smile onto his face.


“I have heard the reason for your visit from Xingyan,” Looking at Xu Shenxing’s ‘genial’ smile, the master of the temple thought it was the time to give him an actual reward and stop talking nonsense. “To be honest, we don’t know too much about the stream of spirit qi… After all, in the past, the spirit qi in the air was abundant, so we didn’t need to rely on the stream of spirit qi. However, in this era, the spirit qi has been exhausted. Even though we want to research it, we don’t have the method or conditions.”


It was like running a laboratory. When they were flush with funds, they lacked the motivation needed to commercialize the experimental product. However, when they faced a shortage of capital and remembered that product, they had no initial capital to commercialize it…


At present, the cultivation world was facing such an awkward situation.


“Although ordinary cultivators can’t sense and maintain the stream of spirit qi, another being can naturally sense and maintain it.”


“Oh, oh, I see!” Xu Shenxing held his arms across his chest, then nodded, pretending to be serious.


As the tenant of the Sakura Apartment, Qin Xingyan knew Xu Shenxing quite well. Looking at his expression, she had realized that he didn’t understand a word, but pretended to know in order to maintain his image of an expert.


And indeed, that was he truth.


“Yes, the being is known as…”


The master of the temple paused for a while, then said the name together with Xu Shenxing.






Xu Shenxing and the old man stared at each other. After a while, he pretended nothing happened and corrected his word, “Eh, god.”


“No, it’s already too late to withdraw your word!”


Qin Xingyan half opened her eyes and retorted.


Xu Shenxing pretended he didn’t hear it.


He just stroked his chin and asked, “However, isn’t the God of the Land a god? Since there is a god in Jiangjin City, why didn’t the conditions get better?”


At any rate, the master of the temple was old and mature. Unlike Qin Xingyan who was so candid, he had experienced many ups and downs, therefore he was more tactful. He acted as if he didn’t notice Xu Shenxing’s affected behavior, but kept saying with his unique, slow tone of an old man, “Perhaps that’s because that god is too weak, or its godhood isn’t stable.”


“Humm, that guy does seem very weak…”


Xu Shenxing thought back for a while, then remembered the God of the Land couldn’t even hold on ten seconds when she fought against him. From this point, she could be regarded as weak.


Then, he carefully checked his memories and found that after he returned to earth, with the exception of the old master of the temple who stopped him thirty seconds with the help of the entire taoist temple and the power of the ley line of Dan Xiao Mountain, nothing could survive for ten seconds when faced with his attack…


“That explains it. After all, most of the temples of the God of the Land have been abandoned. This kind of god is doomed to lose most of its power.” The old master sighed. His voice sounded very sad.


Xu Shenxing understood. When he first met the God of the Land, she certainly said that her temple had been pull down and had never been rebuilt.


“All in all, if you want to restore the stream of spirit qi, perhaps you can only ask for help from other gods.”


The old master of the temple said.


“Let me just ask… what will happen if the spirit qi keeps leaking?”


Xu Shenxing thought for a second, then added, “Just the abnormal events will increase to the frequency in ancient?”


“Of course not… If we can make the spirit qi content return to the degree in ancient by using this method, we would already have done it.” The old man smiled bitterly and said, “Every stream of spirit qi contains a certain number of spirit qi. Once it leaks too much, the vital force of the area will vanish… no plants will grow, the ground will collapse, the air will become stale or even deleterious, and the water will be polluted… Briefly, it will become a wasteland in which no people can survive.”


“That’s really bad.” Xu Shenxing frowned. He didn’t expect it to have such a bad result. “So, do you know any gods? Oh, don’t worry, I will go to invite (physical means) them, so you don’t need to do anything…”


“No, I don’t know. In this era, the gods have all gone. In fact, it’s already very incredible that you can find a God of the Land in Jiangjin City… You should know, even though Dan Xiao Mountain still contains a lot of spirit qi, there aren’t any Gods of the Land,” The old man shook his head. However, before Xu Shenxing showed his disappointment, the old man swayed his horsetail whisk and kept saying slowly, “but I do have a method to solve the problem – if you trust me.”


“What’s the method?” Xu Shenxing’s eyes brightened as he immediately asked.


“If we can’t find other gods… how about becoming a god yourself?”


In the surprised eyes of Xu Shenxing and Qin Xingyan, the old master of the temple gave a wee smile. He told them his thought.


During the Second World War, the current master of the White-hart Taoist Temple, Yun Guanyu, rescued a strange person on the battlefield. After recovering from his wounds, the person gave Yun Guanyu a Tablet of God Lord. It was hard to trust, but actually, there was a Godhood of Martial Arts depositing in it!


However, the White-hart Taoist Temple was a cultivation sect, so they didn’t know too much about martial arts. Some of their disciples were good at fighting, but that didn’t mean they could inherit the Godhood of Martial Arts. In fact, after the masters of the temple collectively researched it, they drew a conclusion that in this lacking-of-spirit-qi era, no one could take part in Taoism by practicing martial arts, which also meant no one could inherit the Godhood of Martial Arts.


That was only until Xu Shenxing suddenly appeared and threw the entire temple to the sky. At this, those old men felt surprised and bewildered, but also realized that perhaps he was the only person in the world that could inherit the Godhood of Martial Arts.


After that, the old master of the temple actively invited Xu Shenxing to help them persuade the youkai to move their houses, because he wanted to test him. If Xu Shenxing forced those youkai to move their houses by violence, then they wouldn’t let him know the Tablet of God Lord.


However, Xu Shenxing didn’t do that (though in a way, his behavior was more hostile). He just scared the youkai, and then did the White-hart Taoist Temple a special favor for personal consideration. Compared to the Tablet of God Lord, which was really useless to them, Xu Shenxing’s companionship was more important.


After that, the masters of the temple unanimously decided to present the Tablet of God Lord to Xu Shenxing.


Anyway, their proudest disciple, Qin Xingyan, was living in Xu Shenxing’s apartment. They wished and were willing to see that someday, the Tablet of God Lord would return to their temple by another method – wedding.


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Jigoku Shounen

I’m sure the MC is already a God, with his power alone anyway.
Thanks for the chapter.


those old geezers acting like doting grandpas… offering one of their own for marriage

Chairman TripleY

Don’t get fooled Shengxing!! That tablet is a dowry for marriage!!


Hahahaha harem member++

Really Anymous Person

Hahahahah. Thanks for the chapter


bad that’s truly bad idea~
ehem that’s a hero that can keep cute demon lord you know~


As long as it only makes him stronger and don’t have any crappy effects like needing believers to exert his power… I’m not even sure if something like becoming a god would actually help him in any way… him becoming even more powerful might even be a bit scary 😛 I’m all for the becoming more powerful idea though.

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