It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 63

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Translator: WuWang

Editor: SpongeDot27

Chapter 63: We Don’t Have to be very Tired and Troublesome to Become God (2)


“Then? What happened?”


The God of the Land, who was dragged to the Sakura Apartment by Moli, wearily lay on the sofa and asked. However, her face didn’t seem very interested.


“My body evaluated godhood as ‘bad stuff’, then bounced it off…”


Said Xu Shenxing, although he felt a little awkward.


“Cough cough…” The God of the Land choked on her saliva.


“Well, it didn’t bounce off everything. Anyway, I accepted the Name of the God…” Xu Shenxing added.


Incidentally, godhood was composed of three powers: “The Right of the God”, “The Divine Favor of the God”, and “The Scourge of the God”. If comparing godhood to clothing, then “The Right of the God”, “The Divine Favor of the God” and “The Scourge of the God” were like jackets, pants, and sports shoes respectively, and the Name of the God was equal to the brand on those clothes…


Therefore, what Xu Shenxing did was like throwing the whole outfit into the trash bin, then picking up the brand into his hand and giggling, “The clothes are too ugly. All I need is this.”


“Hence, you could even call me ‘Xu Shenxing, the God of Martial Arts’ now, it wouldn’t be wrong…”


“It’s really a miracle that still, no one beats you to death.”


The God of the Land rolled her eyes.


Beside them, Qin Xingyan added, “Because neither my master nor my master uncles were matches for fighting him.”


She knew when the masters of the temple found that Xu Shenxing wasted their Tablet of God Lord, they almost wanted to cry to death.


“So, why did you call me over here? What do you want me to do?” The God of the Land kept asking, and didn’t reply to Qin Xingyan as revenge because she was the accomplice who helped Moli drag her here.


“I want to know the current condition of the spirit qi of Jiangjin City.”


Xu Shenxing had left the city for half a month. He didn’t know the current condition very well.


“The two guys, Xu Feng and Antares were quite experienced. Where the spirit qi leaked, they directed the flow to a home and sealed those spirit qi in there.”


“Excuse me, but I’m curious… is the name of the homeowner Xiao Zhengyi?” Xu Shenxing interrupted the girl’s words.


“Eh? Have you been there?”


“…” Xu Shenxing stayed silent.


That explained why Xiao Zhengyi not only complained he became a girl, but also told him that his house was occupied by a family of youkai.


All the leaked spirit qi were concentrated in the room. Immersed in that kind of thick spirit qi, it wasn’t surprising that the things in the room transformed into youkai.


“I know gods can instinctively restore broken streams of spirit qi. Can’t you do anything to the spirit qi in Jiangjin City?” Xu Shenxing thought it was inappropriate to tell her Xiao Zhengyi’s problem, so he changed the topic.


“The problem of the stream of spirit qi of Jiangjin City could be regarded as ‘having existed from the ancient times to the present’,” The God of the Land sighed, “You know, Jiangjin City is very close to the netherworld. After I became the God of the Land about three hundred years ago, a hole between reality and the netherworld appeared… If not for a noble girl who used her body as a sacrifice, plugging the crack by repeating the ceremony of ‘Goddess Nu Wa Patches up the Sky’, the ghosts of the netherworld would have entered reality- if that happened, it would really have been a calamity.”


“However, after that, in the ground of Jiangjin City appeared a crack. I tried to repair it, but could only keep it from breaking… Then, a hundred years ago, a lunatic appeared. He opened the road leading to the netherworld, but before he did anything, he was sealed in the crack of the netherworld by Master Yun Guanyu. Due to this seal, the stream of spirit qi could barely run… as for what happened after that, you have experienced it. ”


Speaking of which, the God of the Land didn’t look too happy. Maybe the past memories made her feel dispirited, so she just lay on the armrest of the sofa with a sad look.


Xu Shenxing crossed his hands in front of his chest and started thinking.


Though he didn’t realize it at the time he returned to earth, combined with his experience in this period, he was probably the strongest being on earth, or in other words, the strongest being in the whole solar system. However, even though he was the “strongest”, that didn’t mean he could deal with everything.


When faced with these kinds of problems, maybe a wizard who was an expert in seal magics could be more useful than himself.


Should I cut off the entire netherworld?


If he took it seriously and used his holy sword, that wasn’t an impossible feat.


The problem was that he didn’t know whether the stream of spirit qi in Jiangjin City would restore itself after that, and if the world and netherworld were lost, he didn’t know if it would cause a more serious after-effect…


“It’s a pity that Moli is poor at seal magics…”


He thought and thought but still found no way to solve the problem. He sighed with helplessness.


As the ex-overlord, most of Moli’s magics were leaned toward battle and damage, and she also knew many aid magics. However, none of them could be used to seal.


In Olaria, the other world Xu Shenxing once saved, there were people who were experts in seal magics. Even the seal on Moli’s body was invented by referring to the magics on his holy sword. However, Xu Shenxing couldn’t go to that other world now – he could cleave the world to open a crack leading to some other worlds, but he didn’t know if it would be Olaria or simply another, unrelated world.


Also, he knew a country in Centaurus that had some miraculous technologies, however, he didn’t have a way to contact them.


“The White-Hart Taoist Temple has some taoist seal spells, but they require high taoist knowledge and talent to learn. Aside from the ex-master of the temple, no one knows how to use those spells now,” Qin Xingyan added.


“Anyway, I can still hold on for a period of time… you can think of a way during this time.”


The God of the Land seemed to have bucked herself up. She jumped up on the sofa and said, “Sorry, but I have to finish today’s daily quests in Kantai Collection, so I’m going to leave now!”


“Are you sure it doesn’t matter?” Xu Shenxing ignored the girl’s wisecrack. He frowned as he looked at the God of the Land.


It wasn’t very obvious, however if you looked at her carefully, you would find that the girl’s body was already slightly transparent.


“Oh, no, it’s not a big problem, it’ll just waste a bit more of my divine power…” The girl smiled softly, looking very mature, which was pretty unlike her normal appearance. She yawned and stretched her arms up. “The land has been giving me benefits for thousands of years, now it’s time to repay its kindness…”


After a few seconds, she stopped her smile and murmured with sorrow, “No. Maybe seven years ago, I should have replaced her to do this…”


Although they didn’t know when, Moli had come out of the room. She stood on her toes and patted the God of the Land’s head.


“You’re a God of the Land with a story.”


“…Can I beat her?” The God of the Land twitched the corner of her mouth and turned her head to Xu Shenxing. Her remaining sense of aloof from the world immediately disappeared.


“Please,” Xu Shenxing shrugged his shoulders, “I mean, if you think you can beat her without her fighting back.”


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Khang Tran Minh

thank for the update

Really Anymous Person

Hahah. Thanks for the chapter


Thanks for the chapter!
so, god of the land might disapear, probably going to recive contact from another world some point in the future, MC is saitama with hair, a sword and some girls, and is allredy stronger than god… anything i missed?


“My body evaluated godhood as ‘bad stuff’, then bounced it off…”

When you’re too OP and becoming a god would degrade you, hahahaha. 😀

“The land has been giving me benefits for thousands of years, now it’s time to repay its kindness…”

I thought she was born 300 years ago?

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