It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 64

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Translator: WuWang

Editor: SpongeDot27

Chapter 64: The Etiquette of the Young Girl Who Serves the God (1)


“I claim that the red hakama is absolutely the most adorable dress! The dreamy matching of red and white is similar to the color scheme of a kimono, giving people infinite space to have a daydream. Meanwhile, the culottes are certainly different from common skirts, not to mention the two moe points: it’s sleeveless and bares the armpits. The hakama has quite a lot of accessories, such as the gohei, shimenawa, rope, and cuff…”


At the end of summer, on the second day of Xu Shenxing’s return to Jiangjin University, he had to face Monkey’s missionary brainwash as soon as he stepped in the classroom.


He carefully avoided Monkey’s splashing spit, then asked the four-eyes monitor, who was also suffering the same brainwash at the same time, “What’s wrong with this guy?”


“I don’t know. It seems that while he was helping his father sell food on the street, he saw a girl wearing a hakama, then fell in love…”


The monitor answered him in a feeble tone. Xu Shenxing observed his haggard appearance, guessing that he had been brainwashed by “Monkey” in the dormitory.


“I don’t think ordinary people would wear hakama on weekdays… is it a kind of cosplay?” Xu Shenxing asked curiously.


“Don’t ask me,” The monitor shrugged his shoulders and said, “I don’t know anything about it.”


Even Monkey stopped talking nonsense, and instead gazed at him together with Xu Shenxing. Their appearances looked as if they were asking, “Hum? We all know your true self, why do you think you can still hide it?”


Although in front of girls, the four-eyes monitor always pretended that he was a “sports boy”, he was in fact a 100% nerd.


Of course, he wasn’t a pure otaku. Although he often investigated if there were Comic-Cons being held in the city, he never claimed that any anime girl was his “waifu”, and was also very interested in real girls’s bosoms (limited to B cup). He was a guy who was looking forward to a girlfriend in real life – therefore, he often joined or organized social clubs.


Because of this, he always pretended that he didn’t watch anime while in the university.


However, not only his roommates, but even Xu Shenxing also knew his true nature…


“Well, well, at least I don’t know if there was a Comic-Con held in Jiangjin City recently.”


The monitor said awkwardly, pushing his glasses onto the bridge of his nose.


“That’s strange… I don’t think ordinary people would wear this kind of clothing in daily life,” Xu Shenxing said with a confused tone.


Even the God of the Land, when she walked out of her room (most of the time, it was for buying new games), would dress like a common girl (though it was rather questionable whether her white T-shirt on which was printed “You lose once you go to work” would be counted as “common”). No matter how he considered it, he still felt it was weird to wear a hakama in daily life.


“‘That kind of clothing?’ What do you mean?! Are you looking down on the hakama?!” Monkey yelled immediately.


“Sorry, but I’m not a fan of hakama. I’m a lolicon!” Xu Shenxing put his textbooks on the table as he sat in his seat, then said without hesitation, “Clothing is just an external item. I don’t mind what it looks like…”


“What? How dare you say that?! Apologize! Immediately! Apologize to hakama, nurse uniforms, maid uniforms, singer uniforms, pony costumes, bubble dresses, working uniforms, gothic lolita dresses, swimsuits, bikinis, leather corsets, sailor suits, bunny girls, cat ears, glasses, ball gags, love eggs, vibrators… and so on!”


“Wait a minute. Aren’t those strange things?”


“That only means your love isn’t enough!”


Monkey clenched his hand and pointed at Xu Shenxing, who was sitting straight now. Monkey made a pose that conveyed a message like “The only reason you failed is because you annoyed me!”.


“My dear student, it’s time for class. Please go stand in the corner with your love, okay?” Said the teacher in an angry tone as she stood behind Monkey.


“Xu Shenxing, you’re setting me up!”


——Split Line——


Because the new term just began, they didn’t have to take too many classes. In the afternoon, they didn’t even need to go to the classrooms.


The four-eyes monitor and Monkey were going to watch the military training of the freshmen, in order to find if there were any beautiful girls like Chang Xiaoxian. They also invited Xu Shenxing, but he still had to do his part time job, so he declined them.


In September, the weather in Jiangjin City was still hot. After working for a few hours, the owner of the snack shop considerately let Xu Shenxing leave work early.


Therefore, while carrying a box of braised pork, Xu Shenxing walked back to the Sakura apartment.


Unfortunately, after he opened the door, he found Xu Feng sitting there and drinking tea. He instantly decided to pretend that he saw nothing and ran away immediately – after he returned from the White-Hart Taoist Temple, this guy came to see him several times, but each time Xu Feng came here was to deal with the problems that happened due to the mutation of the spirit qi in Jiangjin City.


How to describe it… he behaved like he was placing all the troublesome and difficult work on Xu Shenxing with reasons that contained a strong sense of righteousness – like love and peace.


In Xu Shenxing’s mind, he thought the most unbearable truth was that Xu Feng never paid him. Every time Xu Shenxing helped him solve a problem, Xu Feng just invited Xu Shenxing and Moli to go out for a meal – till yesterday, the beginning of the new term at Jiangjin University, they had eaten out at three cafeterias in the city.


Unfortunately, his escape plan was foiled – the door was blocked by a loli called Antares. She wore a rather gorgeous white princess dress today. The ruffles and translucent tassels were just perfect, and her white-silver ribbon matched her gray hair very well, which made Xu Shenxing unable to stop his desire to observe them – and as a result, he was caught by the premeditation of Xu Feng.


When Xu Shenxing walked back to the living room, he found that the members of the Special Victims Unit were all there. In addition to them, there was also a new person.


It was a black-haired girl wearing a hakama, who looked quiet, gentle, and soft.


Was she the girl Monkey saw?


Xu Shenxing vaguely thought, in his heart, that this was the truth.


Now, Xu Feng had his arm around Cu Shenxing’s neck. The girl in the hakama looked at them, up and down, then inexplicably showed them a bright smile.


Somehow, Xu Shenxing smelled the odor of fujoshi.


Incidentally, Moli was kicking his shin bone with the tip of her small leather shoe. Apparently, she wasn’t happy at all, and was instead at odds with him.


“Well, can anyone explain this situation to me?” Xu Shenxing asked with a helpless look, after he pulled Xu Feng’s hand away, lifted Moli into his arms, and sat down on the creaking cheap sofa.


At the same time, he noticed that the witch girl showed a nearly unnoticeable disappointed look.


“Everything began half a month ago,” Xu Feng contentedly sat on the other side of the sofa, then explained, “I remember you obtained a ‘God’s Name’ from the White-Hart Taoist Temple, am I right?”



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Xu shenxing… you don’t know how wonderful a loli with a sleeveless hakama is… .

Don’t look down on hakama damn it !

Really Anymous Person

Hahaahahah. Thanks for the chapter

Jigoku Shounen

Thanks for the chapter.


he got a Miko?

loli fujo Miko?


Thanks for the chapter!


“Sorry, but I’m not a fan of hakama. I’m a lolicon!” Xu Shenxing put his textbooks on the table as he sat in his seat, then said without hesitation,

Wow, he actually said he was a lolicon. Most mcs preach ignorance even if everyone knows they’re lolicons.

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