It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 65

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Translator: WuWang

Editor: bollockz

Chapter 65: The Etiquette of the Young Girl Who Serves the God (2)


The Name of the God was the most important method to distinguish whether a being was a god or not.


For example, the full name of The Name of the God was “The God Lord of Green Spirits, Nine Heavens, and Evil Slayers”. Some people said it was an incarnation of “The Five God Emperors of Taoism”, but also, some people said it was an incarnation of “The God Emperor of the Big Dipper, the Supreme Purple Star, and Demon Hunters”. However, because Xu Shenxing’s body bounced off the god’s right, which recorded the core information of Godhood, so he didn’t know which god his Godhood was from exactly.


Besides, though the Name of the God sounded very majestic, in fact, it was just the most useless part Godhood attached.


This was like if you were an ancient general, no matter how long and scary your name was, if you couldn’t really control your army, you would just be a beautiful “vase”.


Xu Shenxing had discarded the main components of Godhood – the Rights of the God, the Divine Favor of the God, and the Scourge of the God. So now, the Name of the God was completely of no use to Xu Shenxing…


“What’s the matter? Is anything wrong with this name?” Xu Shenxing confusedly asked after he returned to reality from his memories.


Xu Feng threw up his hands and signalled the witch to explain it.


The witch girl stood up and bowed to Xu Shenxing. She said “Sorry (失礼します)” in Japanese, then drew out a yellow thing from her culottes… Well, it should be a bronze mirror.


The mirror was decorated with a red ribbon and jade handle. The girl held the handle in her hand, then carefully moved the mirror close to Xu Shenxing.


The bronze mirror glowed with a faint white light.


Immediately, the witch girl joyfully nodded to Xu Feng.


After receiving the girl’s positive answer, Xu Feng explained, “Actually, here’s what happened…”


As he recounted what happened, Xu Shenxing quickly understood their purpose in coming.


Firstly, the witch girl’s name was Sakurakoji Asahi. She was a witch from White Bell Shrine in Japan.


There was a dried up well at that shrine, of which it was said that there was a legendary monster sealed in this well.


In order to prevent the destruction of the world and protect the peace of the world, generally, the White Bell Shine would appoint a god to watch the dried up well.


However, due to some reason, the previous god had left the shrine, but the incoming god hadn’t been born yet…


Even worse, the dried up well had some weird changes recently – people could hear water splashing in the well, but they couldn’t find any trace of water inside it.


The previous witch thought that it was a sign that the sealed monster was going to break the seal. She had no idea but had to ask the Bureau of Onmyō for help.


By using some method, the Bureau of Onmyō found out that a new god had recently been born in China – that was Xu Shenxing, who was confusedly hearing their words.  Then, they simply let the current witch of White Bell Shrine go to invite this newborn god to White Bell Shrine to stop the legendary monster from getting out of the seal.


“Let me just ask, how big is the monster?”


After hearing the story, Xu Shenxing touched his chin, then asked curiously.


“Do you know the three great monsters in Japan?” Xu Feng seriously said. He held his chin in his hands, gazing at Xu Shenxing.


“Well, I know these,” Xu Shenxing proudly replied, “Mothra, Gamera, and Godzilla.”


“…No. They are Shuten-dōji, Tamamo-no-Mae, and Yamata no Orochi.”


Xu Feng ignored Xu Shenxing’s nonsense and kept saying, “We don’t know the true identity of the sealed monster in White Bell Shrine, but we know that the monster has a certain relationship with the “White Mountain”, where the Great Heavenly Dog race live. The Heavenly Dog race generally take orders from the Oni race, so we guess that this monster is Shuten-dōji.”


“If it jumps out, can I hit it?”


“Don’t hesitate, aim at its face,” Xu Feng said and thumbed up at Xu Shenxing.


“Sounds good, but I decline,” Xu Shenxing put his chin on Moli’s head, then said with a feeble look, “I don’t want to go to Japan.”


“Why? I didn’t know you’re a racist,” Xu Feng asked curiously, “Besides, this is a good opportunity to take a government-paid junket!”


“Japan is surrounded by sea…” Xu Shenxing said seriously, “I’m allergic to seafood.”


“…I’m sorry, but I think there is something wrong with my ears,” Xu Feng picked his ears, “What did you say?”


This guy, who could treat curses as toys, black magic as a breeze, and noxious insects as beans, was allergic to seafood?!


“Anyway, other things can be discussed, but I won’t go to Japan,” Xu Shenxing yawned and was ready to let Moli send them away.


Xu Feng was still going to say something, but Xiao Zhengyi took hold of him and said, “Boss, you can’t convince him by ordinary words.”


“But…” Xu Feng frowned. Apparently, he was unwilling to give up.


“Therefore, we need to use another method.” Xiao Zhengyi coughed, then said to Xu Shenxing, who didn’t look interested in their persuasion, “500 RMB per day!”


Xu Shenxing cocked his ears, but he still tried to resist the lure of money.


“Hum, just 500 per day…”


“Besides, you don’t need to pay for board and lodging expenses.”


“To the friendship between the two countries, even if I can not eat seafood, I don’t fear sacrificing myself!”


Xu Shenxing said very righteously and patted his chest.


“Deal. Boss, give him the contract!” Xiao Zhengyi looked at Xu Feng.


What? That was the method you persuaded him with? And you succeeded! Xu Feng looked at them. His expression looked as if he was asking, “Are you kidding me?”


He opened his mouth trying to say something, but felt that language was too insufficient to express his feelings. It looked like nothing could be used to describe Xu Shenxing’s moral integrity…


“By the way, what should I say to the university?” Xu Shenxing casually asked as he took the contract.


“You just say that you’re going to Japan to join an International University Interchange Activity. Don’t worry, we have notified your university. In any case, White Bell Shrine will have a new god after a month, you just need to bear the inconvenience before that…” Xu Feng immediately explained, “Speaking of Japan, we will arrange a professional Japanese teacher to give you an emergency tutorial. We promise you can pass the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test after studying for a month.”


“No, I don’t need to study. Language is not an obstacle for me.”


As a hero, Xu Shenxing had “The Divine Protection of All Races”. He naturally understood all languages of intelligent species. He often failed the math exam, but never worried about English and other languages.


He waved his hand, then glanced over the contract. It seemed nothing special. “Oh, it’s quite formal…”


“After all, it’s an international affair. We need to be formal,” Xu Feng explained.


Xu Shenxing didn’t say anything. He just nodded and signed his name on the contract.


“Very well.” Xu Feng folded the contract with satisfaction. He made it a paper plane and enchanted a spell on it, then threw it out of the window.


It was estimated that the contract would be received by his superior soon after.


Afterwards, he smiled and took out the copy of the contract, pointing at one of the contents.


“Then, my dear god, according to our contract, put on this woman’s dress first.”



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Ru Hayate

Traped ! LOL sign the contract after reading it

Khang Tran Minh

thank for the update

Khang Tran Minh

…I don’t know Shuten-douji is a l*****n? (for touhou fan outthere)

Jigoku Shounen

“Then, my dear god, according to our contract, put on this woman’s dress first.”

^ Always need to check the contract 1st for any hidden “trap” or anything, and in this case, the MC got himself inside a “trap”(LOL)
Thanks for the chapter.


Lmao, this is why you read contracts carefully before you sign it.
He’s gonna have to embrace the trap life now.


he’s an otaku, right? so he should had made the connection that those who protect the seal usually are females…… thus shrine maidens……

so it will go like this: Shuten escapes from the seal, screams out “WHERE’S MY VIRGIN MAIDEN SACRIFICE!?, then MC shows up as a shrine maiden and then punches Shuten to death….

Victor Diaz

This is why you read the fine print

Really Anymous Person

This is why i love this novel


It’s a trap!

… Xu Shenxing is.


As always, read the contract carefully before signing…
Actually I think the term about the girl fits better as shrine maiden or miko… just a suggestion.

Many thanks for the translations!!


Im dying lol “Mothra, Gamera, and Godzilla.” and the ending too. It must be Antares doing.


Do you know the three great monsters in Japan?” Xu Feng seriously said. He held his chin in his hands, gazing at Xu Shenxing.
“Well, I know these,” Xu Shenxing proudly replied, “Mothra, Gamera, and Godzilla.”
“…No. They are Shuten-dōji, Tamamo-no-Mae, and Yamata no Orochi.”

I’m dying from laughter. What the hell man 😀

Seems he will crossdress. Should’ve asked for more money. At least 5000/day and he’ll also speak like a woman.

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